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I was walking down the street with my eyes half-shut,Completely unaware of things to come,When I noticed a big crowd,Heading towards our direction, One reaches for his pocket and pulls out a knife, All my friends had split, There was nothing they could´ve done, My sobby and mumbled words, Didn´t get my message through, They had chosen their victim, To target their rage, They knocked me down, A flashing knife, I woke up on a stitching board

It´s just another hatecrime, In the streets every fucking day, No one´s gonna hear you scream, And I doubt that anyone cares

Racism in the streets like a spreading disease, Brother kills brother for the color of his skin, Something that they won´t accept, An idea, A pin, Or just a crowd you´re in, The police is part of the conspiracy , Racist, Homophobes roaming with their Billy Clubs, Brutality condoned by the massmedia, And the government, More lies and more cover-ups, Bury the files of the racist hatecrimes, To protect and to serve, But tell me fucking who

Here, Now and Always

What´s the point of getting up now, ´Cause the train I was supposed to get on, That train, It is long gone, Some things are meant to be, No matter how hard you tried to, Wake me up from my daydream, You told me how you could build me up and pull my strings, I didn´t fall into your trap, Didn´t get tangled on your web, I set myself free from all your chains, It’s a chance I didn´t take, Some things come and some things go, All I know is how I feel

Something to believe in, Here, Now and always, Don´t trade your soul for their phony excuses (for life)

I know where things are heading , So I won´t give in, Hell no, Won´t throw my life away, You see those days are long gone, The days I´d listen to you, ´Cause it makes me so fucking pissed off, You say you´re always right,

I guess it´s better to shape up, And fade away than to stay strong, And have something to believe, It´s something that´s gonna stay with me, Like a tattoo, It ain´t going off, Gotta be proud of what you are

Let It Go (As Far As It Goes)

People has brought me in this situation, I´m sick and tired watching their way of living, Which humiliates the whole nature´s order, I have lost my hope, Too many disappointments, For fuck´s sake I´ve tried, But don´t get what I need, To keep the flame alive inside of me

Just let it go, Just let it go, As far as it goes Lead me out of here, I’ve fucking had enough, Lead me out of here, Just keep the pieces, Get me out of here, Gonna choose the path of intoxication, And let it go as far as it goes

I see people around me, They´ve got what I need, They give me time to breathe for a little while, But when the night is over, It´s all piling up again, I hope there´d be more than this minority, It´s not enough for me not to lose my sanity, But there´s no way to make them understand

Forbidden Zone

A man from the gutter with a cheap-wine breath, Under the bridge, Alone in the park, Traveller of an abandoned kind, Didn´t wanna be like the rest of them, A man from the gutter who´s got a soul, Unlike the ones never been out in the cold, Rejected and left alone, No money, Still richer than the most

Forbidden Zone, No room for people from the lower class, Grab those dirty bags and take your friends with you, Don´t step on to the forbidden zone, Get out,´cause you´ve been rejected

Kicked out from the stationhall, Kicked out from society, Everyone thinks that he´s a joke, I guess they can´t see above their own lies, No place to stay , No place to go, No way in, There´s no way out, They just wanna erase your name, Your existence from their world

He´s everywhere, Just look around, People want him out, Out of sight, If you live your life being true to yourself, Could you have done wrong, Just follow the chosen path

Barrel Of A Loaded Gun

Woke up in my vomit, What the mess I´m in, The times are getting rough, Better keep your heart in it, Thought it was just yesterdays´ headrush, But the pain is still there, Things aren´t what they used to be, So get used to it, This town´s getting smaller, ´Cause there´s no place to be, A lot of fucked up shit I´ve done, Yet nothing to boast about

(It´s like) Looking down a barrel of a loaded gun, Is it gonna go off, When I roll the dice, Didn´t get along, I´m leaving this town, When it´s getting sicker, I pull the trigger, And shoot it up to the sky

I´ve been beat up, I´ve been shut down, So many times dragged down to the ground,

I´m not gonna deal with it a single day more, The bouncer kicked me out, I´m out in the street, The streetlight´s getting dim, A feeling of defeat, I need someone I can trust, Instead of lies&confusion


Beware, Beware, The modern day is here, It moves on to your home, No matter how you resist, It slowly sucks the life out of things you used to care for, It slowly kills the need for you as an individual, We´re struggling, We´re battling, We´re doing all we can, But they´re using all means to try and stop us, No one wants to believe that they´re wrong, The disease is spreading international, Disconnected from the earth, Get connected to artificial happiness

Foundation we´ve built our lives on, Progress that goes on&on, False feeling of security, We´re all disconnected, Foundation we´ve built our lives on, And no one believes that they´re wrong, Pursuit of happiness, Through consuming, We´re all disconnected

Beware, Beware, America is here, Commercializing your feelings and your thoughts, Buy what you can´t afford and what you don´t need, To make an impact on your neighbors, Homelessness rising, The poor made outlaws, Protect the rich from the horrors of poverty, Computers took over, So start selling yourself, To strive through the days of mental emptiness, Disconnected from the earth, Get connected to artificial happiness

Pacified (By War)

Flag in a pole`s got nothing to do with freedom, Like a gun in your hand for pacification, So many fools are made to believe, That they´re in for something good, The primary goal is peace, Doesn´t matter if we gotta kill for it

Dropping bombs for peace to stop the killing, Pacified by war, More bombs is what we need to make the killing stop

The armies´got nothing to do with human rights,The money spent on arms could save the ones who starve, Mankind´s quest for dominance and power to control, It´s a needle in their arm, A drug with no cure

It´s rooted deep in the conservative minds, The love for country and nationality, The faith in god´s keeping your eyes shut, From the madness you´re in, From the blood in your hands, “Just stay away, This country is ours, This is the soil that we possess”, These borders you made, These walls you built, With the blood of the innocent and the weak

Tell Me Something New

Boredom and depression, They’re burning me up, The welfare checks ain’t enough to pay the bills and rent, Insanity is here, Gotta drink the days away, Staring at the bottles, Where is this world coming to, I don’t fit into the description of a model citizen, I might have choices, some would call insane, But I’m not causing pain and suffering, To this world by my choices

Tell me something new, Tell me something I can use, It’s time to tear it down, And build it up again

Looking good on TV, Same shit, Different day, Human rights and equality, A lotta pretty words, But when you lack respect and don’t have no trust, People’re gonna come at you and then you’re outta luck, Rich fucking hypocrites, The few who hold the power, Wiping out the ones who they don’t need, They’re gonna laugh, Behind your backs, When the rest of us cry

Tell me something new,Tell something I can use, It’s time to tear it down, And build it up again

If that’s what it takes, To make them understand

Jaded Eyes

Can´t see, What you´re thinking, Only know what you´ll be missing, Fear ,Hate, Or something bigger, Your life´s going down the sewer, Get a hold of dignity or it´ll be too far away, Hey, Pull yourself together, Or you will lose again

Everyday, You´ll be hard-up, Self-respect has lost the meaning, The path, You have chosen, Will lead to destruction, You´ll be the victim here, Your mind has split apart, Hey, Pull yourself together, Or you will lose again

Behind those jaded eyes, You don´t even wanna feel alive, Behind those jaded eyes, Your heart is gone, There´s no relief

Can´t see, You´re blindfolded, Won’t know where you´ll be heading, Things change, You´re a goner, Bound to the most feared ending, Just waste away in pain, Don´t wanna hear you whine, Hey, Pull yourself together or you will lose again

You´ll be the first to go, I see no hope, Your life´s taken all you were living for, “The failed” in row, Saw no hope, For somebody else they were living for

Behind those jaded eyes, Struggling to feel alive, Behind those jaded eyes, Your heart is gone, There´s no relief

Root Of All Evil

From the very first day, You were fed the words, That wealth´s gonna bring you power and glory, The reason for living is dehumanized, Money is your god and you´re desensitized, To see the murdered millions and the third world decay, People with no rights, You just slowly turn away, You´re just a prick in the wall of capitalism, “Foundation to a high-standard of living”

It´s a force that we can´t control, It´s the root of all evil, You´ve crossed the line, And there´s no turning back

You might wanna sell your soul, On your endless search, An endless search of prosperity and power, What we used to call life, We hardly ever see, It´s not who you are, It’s how much you make, Money brings greed and greed brings war, At least you wore a happy face, When you dropped the bomb, It really doesn´t matter how many got killed, At least you got the profits and your duty is fulfilled, Lie for money, Lie for nothing, Cheat for money, Cheat for nothing, Kill for money, Kill for nothing, All `cause, If you got it, You could be something, Pray for money, Pray for nothing, Kiss ass for money,Kiss ass for nothing, Live for money, Live for nothing, “I´d sell my soul, I just wanna be something”

Conscious Choice

Won´t you give me something, That´s not brain-numbing, Or give me an escape from this humiliation, I´ve got no choice, And there´s no compromise, I don´t give a fuck, Gonna leave it far behind, I´m just a prisoner and this is self-afflicted pain, I´ve got better things to do, I just ain´t part of your game

It´s a way of life, A conscious choice, But you make plans, That I destroy, I won´t do, What you expect, `Cause I know my way out (around)

In this situation, I know what to do, I´m not the one you can use as your tool, I´m not doing anything to make your wallet thick, Your dream is far from mine, Yours just makes me sick, You´re just a prisoner, Is it too hard to admit, It supports your wife and kids, But does it support your mental health? I won`t be taken for granted, I´m not your tool, I won`t be taken for granted, I´m not your fucking fool


Operation teenage suicide, Starting from the day you found your way, They made the codes to follow, Disqualify the ones who cannot fit in your mold

Who the fuck are you to tell what`s right or wrong, Teenage suicide

Harassment and discrimination, Discourage their true identity, Depression and isolation, They`re wrapped in a cloth of quilt, Make a change

Victims of straight society

Suppress & Restrain

Living in a world of unquestioned competition, Play the role you were given, And you get complete satisfaction, Why oppose, `Cause the role gets you anywhere you wanna go, “A civilized man” has money on his mind, A shortcut to success, Only the strong will survive, Don´t waste no more time or the opportunities will slip away

Life is just a game, Playing the Suppress&Restrain, Show no fear, No despair, Just a happy smile, Life is just a game, Playing the Compete&The Gain, Show no love, Show no hate, Just a happy smile

You´re sailing on shallow waters, `Cause you don´t wanna drown, Just play it by the rules and you´re on a winning path, Just keep a straight face, Shake hands and be discreet, Your emotions aren´t needed, You´re miscasting your role, No sympathy, No care, You gotta always beware, Not to feel, ´Cause feelings` got nothing to do with the number one, I wonder what´s happening, What´s going on, ´Cause you´re afraid of dying, Even if you´ve never lived

Passing Phase

You´ve been running too fast, You´ve been running too long, Do you really know what´s happening or what´s going on, Sure you have a cause, You just change it everyday, You sway like the leaves of a tree, You never look the same, Always fight a different war, From a spiky-hair anarchist to a nazi-skinhead, Swing your hips at the nightclub, Like a rock star, Never had a clue of where you are

What the fuck are you fighting for? Once you had a cause, Now you forgot it all, Did it come from your heart, Did it come from your soul, (Or just a) Passing phase of growing up?

What will happen next week, You never can tell, Depends on the magazines or so called friends, One thing´s for sure, “I´m thinking for myself”, With a stable mind, It may not be trendy to refuse and resist, So you find another path, And cease to exist, I wish you good luck on your journey to hell, Someone´s screaming, Is it just my mind, That wants to get out and be someone else, It´s something out of my grasp, Something I can´t understand, You scratch the surface of all the ideologies, You can´t stay true to yourself, Hey, Are you really sincere

They Don´t Give A Fuck About You

No matter what the destination, No matter what the situation, They´ll come and start bombing anyway, Another broken home, And there´s bodies on the ground, The most are civil casualties, Do you really think that you can rule the world, “God bless America”

They don´t give a fuck about you, You´re born without a face, With no identity, Died under a bomb that the U.S.A. dropped

Born with no dignity, You´re born without a face, Your life means nothing to them, And they pledge allegiance to their bloodstained flag, Which reeks of corruption, Lies and genocide, Do you really think that you can rule the world, “God bless the Genocide”

They don´t give a fuck about you, You´re born without a face, With no identity, Died under a bomb that the U.S.A. dropped, “One nation, Under god, God bless the genocide

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