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Voodoo Glow Skulls


There's a man going around taking names. there's a man going around taking names. he's taking my father's name and he left my heart in vein, there's a man going around taking names. there's a man going around tapping my phone. there's a man going around tapping my phone. he's tapping my phone and he won't leave me alone. there's a man going around looking through my trash. there's a man going around looking through my trash. he's looking through my trash looking for a plot to hatch. there's a man going around looking through my files. there's a man going around looking through my files. he's looking through my files, he's going to put me on trial. there's a man going around he's telling lies. there's a man going around he's telling lies. he's telling all kinds of lies and he's setting me up to die. there's a man going around he wants me dead. there's a man going around he wants me dead. yeah he wants me dead, gonna put a bullet in my head.


The bible is crap, jerry falwell's a rat. the christian coalition is a bunch of claptrap. the bible is crap, pat robertson needs a slap, i hate their world, gonna destroy that. i stole my copy from a motel room. read about cain and abel and all their doom. how the walls of jericho came tumbling down. they smote and lied in every town. how jesus turned water into wine, so the 12 apostles could have a drunken time. how god said to abraham, “kill me a son”. melrose place was never this much fun. chorus: i got dropped off at the bible camp. the preacher there was reading mein kampf. they said i could stay, but i slept in the snow. i'd be safe from hell at 20 below. the bible is crap, jerry falwell's a rat. those pious liars i'd like to slap. they tried to get me into bible class, but I got up there and kicked them in the ass'.


Are you cold forlorn, and hungry. are there lots of things you lack. if your life's made up of misery, then dump the bosses off your back. are your clothes all torn and tattered. are you livin' in a shack. would you have your troubles scattered then dump the bosses off your back. are you almost split asunder, loaded like a donkey's back. why don't you buck like thunder and dump the bosses off your back. all the agonies you suffer, you could end with one good Whack. stand up brothers and sisters and dump the bosses off your back.


Apec says it's a friend to all, but if you're poor you'll take the fall. apec says child labour is fine, 2 bucks a day on the production line. they're a friendly bunch like ziang zemin. he likes to play tanks at tiannamen. with apec at your side, it's okay to pracitse genocide. chorus: this apec it really sucks. if you're poor they don't give a fuck. you ain't a millionaire you're out of luck. this globalization turns my guts. this apec it really sucks. it really sucks – it sucks. apec says it's for you and me but it's just big money opportunity. apec says it's the way of tomorrow but in east timor it's only sorrow. and if you say that this shit sucks you'll get a rifle butt in your guts. the prime minister turns a blind eye we can't let those profits die.


Yeah there's time, but not much time. to get prepared, for the end of the line. there's armies ready and survivalist. there's plutonium stolen, that ain't been missed. there's terrorists, some are wanted. some of them are publicly funded. there's misinformation and censorship. there's endless lies and power trips. chorus: it's armageddon time. it's way too much. it's armageddon time, better grab your lover. it's armageddon time, every life it will touch. i was drivin' home. turned on news radio. but the reception was bad. they didn't quite know. they'd bombed some targets just near my town. i thought i heard it was burning down. my family, they were there. they were trapped and i was nowhere near. all i could do, was keep on drivin'. all i could do was feel like dyin'. chorus: i hit a road block. the army was there. there were lines of cars everywhere. there were people crying, and mass confusion. there were new refugees, on the spot conscription. one soldier said when i tried to get thru. there was nothin' left, to go back to. just burned emotions and dreams in smoke. dead whispers and little hope. chorus: armageddon time, can't turn back the clock. armageddon time, don't be so shocked. armageddon time, it's a glass of hemlock.


This train's bound for glory, this train. this train's bound for glory, this train. this train is bound for glory. this train is bound for glory. this train is bound for glory. this train don't need no tv preachers. this train don't need no tv preachers. it don't need no tv preachers they're lust a bunch of leeches. this train don't need no TV preachers. this train don't need no god in school. this train don't need no God in school. it don't need no god in school and it don't need rush limbaugh too. it don't need no god in school and it don't need rush limbaugh too. this train don't need no god in school help me now! this train don't need the hate you sell. this train don't need the hate you sell. it don't need the hate you sell and it don't need jesse helms. this train don't need the hate you sell. this train you don't need no ticket, this train. this train you don't need no ticket, this train. just be kind, fair + patient, show your neighbor, no discrimination. this train you don't need no ticket, this train. this train you don't need no ticket, this train. this train is bound for glory. hallelujah brothers + sisters yeah!


Time to make a stand time to have our say don't buckle under get in the way 'cause there's many ears to listen and many hands to help time to wake them up and give the liars hell chorus: when your face the storm you won't stand alone we'll all fight back with every stone not just for yourdelf we do it for all reach out for our help you won't stand alone they'll line you up to listen in front of tv and make you feel lucky 'cause you've something to eat and you'll pee in a jar just to keep your job unless you're downsized like another useless cog chorus: they climb the corporate ladder they take the kickback they'd sell out their memories they can go to hell


Ginger goodwin was a worker's friend. he helped people to stand up strong. so they had a hitman shoot him in the back. 'cause ginger goodwin he wouldn't crack. he came rom yorkshire in 1906, to the coal mines of cumberland, bc. in 1913 he helped the big strike. that's something the bosses they didn't like. the strike was broken when the war started. ginger went mining up in trail. and kept working or the union and during the war they made it harder than hell. ginger, ginger. the days were long and the work was hard. black lung and tb. the company goons used an iron fist. the miners struck for an 8 hour day. they had seen too many drop exhausted. it was bitter, but 8 hours were won. he helped it happen, ginger was the one. ginger was too sick for conscription. he coughed every time he spoke. but after the trouble he caused in the pit, the mining bosses pronounced him fit. ginger, ginger. he ran from the army to cumberland. and hid in the woods by comox lake. the whole town knew he was a wanted man. but to them he was a hero who had made a stand. now dan campbell was a special constable. he was paid by the bosses to get his man. he ambushed ginger and shot him in the back. they carried him out in a sack. they buried ginger in august 1918. vancouver held a general strike. but soldiers and goond beat workers in the street. ginger got cold buried down 6 feet. ginger, ginger. ginger goodwin he stood up strong. yeah he knew right from wrong. he's buried up cumberland way. we could sure use him, use him today. ginger goodwin was a worker's friend, he helped people to stand up strong. so they had a hit man shoot him in the back 'cause ginger goodwin he wouldn't crack. we could sure use him, use him today.


Here's a story sad and low. about a yuppie that i know. he never stopped to look in the mirror. he tried to buy a broken dream, he would be in control. but the dream had a large appetite. he clawed here, and gouged there, up the ladder he went. but each rung was slicker than the last. his conscience deserted him and his friends did too. is it blood or money in his veins. chorus: he was a yuppie to the end, he was terrorized. he only had one truth, that was consume or die. and all his money, his lies and his nerve couldn't stop his victims from screaming out these words. the yuppie has to die. he never had enough, 'cause he got too greedy. he never learned to put any back. he stocked up and stockpiled, he thought he was ready. but now he's the one that's getting stalked and his friends that he used, that got him where he's going to. have not forgotten where he is. and all the pieces of his life are inside his laptop. even all the pieces that want out. (chorus) now we know bu this point, that he's going to ie. it's just a matter of how and when, i sure as hell won't cry. 'cause the wages of sin, well they are death. so i'm going to tell you, how we put him to rest. punk took his laptop. i grabbed his cellphone. we emptied his back account, then he just shrivelled up and died.


I've travelled around the country from shore to shining shore and it really made me wonder at the things i heard and see. i was the weary farmer plowing his sod and loam. ii heard the auction hammer just a-knockin' down his home. chorus: but the banks are made of marble with a guard at every door. and the vaults are stuffed with silver that the farmer/miner/fisher sweated for. i saw the weary miner scrubbin' coal dust from his back. and i heard his children crying got no coal to heat this shack. (chorus) i saw the fisher standing idly by the shore. an' i heard the owner sayin' got no work for you no more. (chorus) i see other people working throughout this mighty land and i pray we get together. and together make a stand. and we'll take those banks of marble with a guard at every door. and we'll share those vaults of silver that we have sweated for.


The world falls apart, falls apart there's a mean streak in the air there's a heartlessness that's being taught you read and hear about it and the safety net that's being dropped there's an old man rotting in a wheelchair there's a single mom with two starving kids there's an abused girl who ran away and they have all hit the skids our world falls apart in vancouver ain't no compassion, just pawns in the game we all fall apart on the eastside our world falls apart, falls apart you can sleep in a dumpster and eat from a garbage can they're used to be jobs now there's a food bank man i never met anybody who wanted nothin' i never met anybody who wanted to be a victim i never met anybody who wanted to be kicked but i sure know a lot of scapegoats our world falls apart in toronto ain't no compassion, just pawns in the game we all fall apart on the eastside our world falls apart, falls apart they call this justice it's a phony war that nobody wins you can't throw a bandaid at poverty's kin it's a phony war that nobody wins that nobody wins. there's a bureaucrat who's trying to save his ass there's a politician who wants to look tough there's a tv station that helps to spin the lies and dying people who got it too rough our world falls apart in montreal ain't no compassion, just pawns in the game in montreal we all fall apart on the eastside our world falls apart, falls apart


I made it through amchitka testing. john wayne and nuclear bombs. year i made it to the general strike but jack munro he sold us out. yeah i made it through the corporate greed and expo 86 that made us bleed. chorus: there was more to it than meets the eye. growin' up in b.c. i was hit by the greed and lies. it's our tradition. that's what i got from b.c. yeah yeah, yeah yeah. i made it through too many billys. vander zalm and the bennett's too. i made it through high school hatred. they kicked the strangers and spit on them too. nothing's changed, for 200 years, nothing's changed. i made it through the smilin' buddha. police boots and chokeholds. i made it through landlord arson. i ran from the house with my guitar. (chorus) nothing's changed, for 200 years, nothings changed. i made it through stein valley. the loggers there they wanted to kill us. i made it through the squamish 5. cruise missile guidance and porno store bombs. i got a ride in the police elevator they wanted to beat me, they wanted to beat me. but i crawled through, i made it through. i ran the gauntlet, i got through.


I've been having some hard travelling, i thought you'd knowed. i've been having some hard travelling, way down the road. i've been having some hard travelling, hard rambling, hard gambling. i've been having some hard travelling, oh yeah. i've been riding in beat up vans, i thought you'd knowed. i've been riding that life line, way down the road. i've been beat and i've been nabbed, and i just missed getting stabbed. i've been having some hard travelling, oh yeah. i've been hitting some hard rock mining, i thought you'd knowed. i've been leaning on a pressure drill, way down below. hammer flying, air hose sucking, 6 foot of mud and sure been muckin'. i've been hitting some hard travelling, oh yeah. i've been hitting some hard picking, i thought you'd knowed. wenatchee to abbotsford, way down the road. picking that fruit, barely gettin' paid, the sun gets hotter every day. and i've been having some hard travelling, oh yeah. i've been working in trail, bc. i thought you'd knowed. i've been dumping that white hot zinc way down the road. i've been sweatin' til i'm almost dead, i been pouring that silvery lead. i've been having some hard travelling, oh yeah. i've been locked up in jail, i thought you'd knowed. i've been laying out 90 days, way down the road. i got hit by the boys in blue, they said i had it comin' too. i've been having some hard travelling, oh yeah.


The nootka nation met captain cook. he didn't stay long, he sailed away. but many more, heard about our coast. and then the next time the white man stayed. the organized a colony. they traded here and there. they crushed spirits and tried to bury souls. the native traditions got smashed. the queen's tongue it ruled the land. they tried to kill their history. but a brave few just had to… chorus: refuse and resist, they kept the potlatch. they didn't quite. they got beaten, they got hanged. they just had to refuse and resist. there was a tradition on the coast. where the visitors were bestowed with gifts. a huge feast was held in their honour. they celebrated with dance and music. but the white man's church thought it was too pagan. and england's men thought it was too dangerous. the potlatch was just too vital. the potlatch was strong and free. but they kept it going in secret. but the police they figured that. but brave hearts they didn't collapse. they know they got, the got to… (chorus) they outlawed the potlatch. but just feast your mind. on those jailed and killed. they couldn't kill their spirit.


Out in the moonlight, i go a-walkin'. out in the moonlight, i go a-walkin'. out in the moonlight, i was tired of talkin'. some clear still light, out in the night, oh yeah. a still cool night to clear my mind, oh yeah. i was down, by the riverside. i was down, by the riverside. i was down, by the riverside. the water rushes by, no matter what we try. the water rushes by and it leaves no lie. out in the moonlight, by the riverside. out in the moonlight, by the riverside.


I can't stand all this common shit- life's too fast for me- everyone's trying so hard to impress- what is the real meaning of humanity- morals and values are based upon- your style of dress- money in your pocket will become chump change- if we don't make any progress- success and fitness are the trend of today- infomercials keep us all in touch with modern technology- let's shoot the moon! soon you will be shopping- without leaving your front fucking door- the cost of living is never going away- jobs are fading and poverty is on the rise


Hey mom, hey dad! where's your kid- she's studying in the library like she said- she did, she always wore a pretty smile- sitting in the classroom without denial- do you remember telling her what to do- what you told her she would always do- blushing, hiding from the truth- i know i should have told you about her- but now it's too late what will you do- your daughter's fat. disgusting too- she has twelve kids, there's something even better- every time the drinks get better- you swore that you had her life planned- go to college understand- well, miss candy prom queen won't use her hands- i know i should have told you about her- at highschool she was like a saint- like pre-school children and finger-paints blushing, hiding, feeling shame- i know the story ends the same- at the parties she would say- i wish i never felt this way- if i could start my life again- i wouldn't be a closet monster


I'm a member of the drunk tank- sometimes three days a week- i'm a member of the drunk tank- there's room reserved for me- happy hour is every hour seven days a week- drinking is my game and i do it sociably- every night the same old thing- i get behind the wheel- i'm gonna stop at every bar until i get my fill- something's wrong i'm waking up out on the concrete floor- hey, excuse me officer will you show me to the door- i'll pay a fine and promise never again- and if i lose my job- i'll be drinking by profession- lose my license for a year is part of the consequence- then enroll in a.a. with all my drinking friends- it doesn't matter, it's o.k.- there's no need for regrets- because i know in no time that i'll be there again


There is something i gotta say- i don't know why they act that way- they come inside disrupt the fun- i really wish i had a gun- the terrorize my neighborhood- they tied my brother to their hood- i know i'll get my way- when jocks from hell get blown away- they don't smoke grass, or even drink- but after a game they really stink- jocks from hell get big real fast- i really wanna kick their ass- jocks from hell get big real fast- jocks from hell can kiss my ass


Had too many cold ones to my head- the party's just begun the world's already spinning- i must be out of my mind- because i'm scamming on a girl- who looks like a guy- just give me another drink- it'll make my day, and give me satisfaction- i said, just give me another drink- it will make my day and give me satisfaction- another walk to the keg- my limit's passed, my eyes are turning blood red- all these people make me lose my head- hopefully all the stupid things i said will be forgotten- i don't want to end up sleeping on someone else's couch- wake up with your dog licking my face- embarrassing shit i said- i don't want to have trouble walking- i can remember having trouble walking


Back in the days of my adolescence- i never heard what my parents had to say- don't do this and do that well- in one ear and out the other- give me someone i can trust several opportunities have passed me by- you can say i'm a jack of all trades- i didn't take any of them seriously- what is gonna become of me- yesterday is gone, and soon tomorrow will be today- and it seems like only yesterday, i was sitting here with you- i'm not very socialistic- and don't get out very much- i've never had anyone to turn to- let alone someone i can trust- everything is dangerous- so watch your every move- put away those negative thoughts- because your clock is ticking too


I thing its time i sit this last one out- before i fall and make an ass of myself- we'll never learn until we see the other side- an open mind, we'll try to keep on holding out- your at a party the other day- and all your friends are there- no one's holding back- is life that good or fair?- by two a.m. you're foaming at the mouth search the whole house what did you find out? when we're together it's electric lunacy- then the keg runs dry- the beer was free- five minutes later there's and immediate reaction- there's no more alcohol so we must leave- empty bottles…… no one like to find!- empty bottles…… drunks can't cope with!- empty bottles….. oh no! it's two a.m.!- empty bottles….. a drunk man's hell!


He's big, fat, ugly, and mean- too many beers and he's a shitting machine- once he's drunk he likes to fight- any fifteen year old in sight- don't try to run, don't try to hide- he'll steal your car without thinking twice- stop the party, hide your shit- because fat randy's in the house tonight- high school parties are his thing- he drives up in his orange machine- he'll start fighting with his friends- fat randy gets you in the end- fat randy snuck in my house- fat randy shit on my couch- fat randy quiet as a mouse- fat randy!, fat randy!- i see fat randy now and then- driving around with a carload of friends- i see fat randy now and then- driving around with a carload of friends


Everyday when i go to school people say i look like a fool- they don't like the way i dress- hey!, i don't wear pants made my guess- plaid pants aren't too funny- i bought them with yesterday's lunch money- don't laugh at my pointed shoes- they only cost $1.92- i don't care i'll be back there tomorrow- i won't drown in your sorrow- maybe, i'll have enough for two- maybe, i'll buy a pair for you!- go ahead laugh- i won't get mad- this shirt used to be your dads


People are always thinking too much- they make the rules- ignorance ain't pretty in this cold, hard world- what if you don't have the answer to every question- well, we're not spreading knowledge like a social infection- we're not the ones- that want to change you or make you think- we're not the ones- to pressure you to change your ways- you go to school six hours a day- you got a job that doesn't pay- go out friday night- you don't expect a lecture tonight- we got a radio vibe for fun- if you listen you'll be the one- go home be skankin' tonight- hoping it will make things right


No matter what color, we're all guilty of prejudice- no one cares about the children- no one cares about the future- we better realize our differences- because deep inside we're all the same- (the time for change is now before we all self-destruct!) if the place where you came from is so superior- how would you know if you've never been there- there's nothing wrong with pride of heritage- just remember your kind is not the only one- ignorance and hatred going hand in hand- making you believe that you're the greater number tension all around you, staring you in the face- turn the fire down before the pot boils over


Wake up in the morning- tossing and turning all night- your mind is shaking, feeling nothing went right- your mind is pulsing and your eyes are blood red- there's one thing that i know can cure your aching head- if you need a quarter- then you'll start pinching for change- and if you can't find a ride- you'll get there any way- when you were just a little kid- you thought that you'd be sneaky- hiding with your friends- sneaking a smoke as your parent's drove away- you know they say crime pays- act like an asshole- until there's smoke in your veins- you need a smoke before the end of the day- nicotine fit your on the rage you can't quit- nicotine fit you haven't had a cigarette yet


There's an s.o.s. from the land of the misfit toys- it seems the king's turning his army into no. 2 pencils- the other toys are really getting pissed- someone better stop him before there's total anarchy- there was a time, a day not long ago- when everyone was happy and the sun used to shine- but now those days are gone they're ready to revolt- because he took their pieces and he stole their batteries- the toy gun's pissed because he can't find a job- off the market due to stupid fucking cops- we all need a hero in the land of misfit toys


Bruised and abused, but still easily amused can't figure why he still comes around nobody hates him, they just like to humiliate him then he'll take the shirt off his back for you sticks and stones can't break his bones he'll come back swinging at you sticks and stones can't break his bones because he's the human piñata everyone's a character in his dreams nothing else can bring him down he'll be the player on the other team just to make the game complete he does things his way, not like anyone else a strong believer in himself the laugh's on him, and it doesn't matter he'll leave the attitude on the shelf


There's something in the air something that i can't place a taste that i can't smell a smell that i can't taste i'm walking in circles trying to find the way the path that i've chosen has stops along the way (chorus) i'm out of line…. i'm out of place… i can't control my mind…….. loss of power and all the time……. when your actions have no bind……… suffocate and try to find…….. who took my convenience that i have everyday someone give me a slogan because i deserve a break today i'll stay in my position just keep living on borrowed time take that train to nowhere so i can be with my own kind i feel like i've been cheated like an animal from it's skin who do i complain to who am i to blame i'll jeopardize my karma in order to fit in somehow i manage to flush the fashion and follow my own trend


My girl she supports me and that's not supposed to be when she starts to fight with me she knows that i can't win sometimes she believes in me and gives me a big kiss then, sometimes she doesn't i start to get real pissed i wrote her this love letter but she don't know how to read it happens once a month we get into a fight arguing in circles and not knowing who's wrong or right tempers start flaring and articles start to fly she has all her friends convinced that i'm a crazy guy when it's time to walk alone- the feeling hits me in the place that place that only she can touch not just any pretty face she's a queen and doesn't even know this ruling that kingdom in my heart when i'm gone and running with the devil she'll be at home waiting patiently


He's jumped on the one way track and there ain't no coming back should have thought before you leapt now you're on a crusade to avoid your death the second time through you've gotta go feet first just remember to hold your breath they always come back after the storm you'd better hold on tight because you never know when you'll have to fight get on the good foot and stay in check because in the end they always come back they always come back he's jumped on the one way track and there ain't no coming back should have thought before you leapt because in the end they always come back


No i can't seem to cope with all that's in front of me i wish i had some time to catch up with myself living check to check i've got nothing to call my own i'm overdrawn and my credit is all spent i've got walkin' frustration……and i've got no medication!!! everyday the same routine in my programmed life i don't know what my social status is early to bed early to rise, i never see the sun a creature of habit is what i've become my girlfriend left me yesterday she says that she's gay she took all her things and my private joy my brother owes me fifty bucks and now i'm unemployed the rituals of life lead to my condition the doctor says to take it easy because this isn't healthy but i need things a doctor can't prescribe i'm running the race on a treadmill going nowhere fast i need an outlet in my so-called life


On parole since the age of eighteen made his mark on society found him in the wrong territory he was left for dead used to be such a precious young thing but got caught up in some mixed up things took a bullet to the head now he's left for dead dreams were set for momma's pride and joy don't forget daddy's little boy now, look and see know what you've done now, you're left for dead she was raised on a country farm not with needles in her arms she lived to fast and died too young she was left for dead


The band with glasses and hard looks has got you down in their black book computerized, the crust elite don't need the smell of mission street have your cake and eat it too with fellow scum that worship you when you choke on our black smoke no one will be there for your rescue your fake representation shows right through your rotting skin the only ones you're fooling are the imbeciles ones you're fooling are the imbeciles who think like you you probe us with your jealousy your anger gives us the defeat we'll keep walking separate ways until someday, again we meet the band geek mafia all unite as we watch you fade away and on your gravestone we will write a naked cult of hypocrites


Hey!!!…it's time to dance with danger hey!!!…put on your best wrinkled suit. it's time to set the night on fire the night is looking young and so am i hey!!!…we're going to defy the law hey!!!…going to paint this time tonight i've got all the special motions that make all the willing pretty ladies wild no, won't take that for an answer no, i can't wait all night for you hey!!!….out on the crowed dance floor hey!!!…i'm always on cloud 9 no one wants to step to this muchacho some call me the bastard's son hey!!!…let's crash my big black caddy hey!!!…let's drive thru your backyard i've got the pedal to the medal don't give me attitude cuz i was born to be wild


That was just you now who's telling who with every step you take do you feel yourself falling? grasping for that handrail that's leading you nowhere parental guidance gone well, it's just another delinquent song how many times… do you have to be told when you're crossing someone else's line just because you don't see things the same as the next guy it ain't your job to try!! thickheaded, yeah some might say pathetic i think we're gonna say it's apathetic what are you striving for is it simple satisfaction if you make the wrong decision you might hurt someone else we've all got equal opportunities we're all standing on this common ground and if we try to walk the same path together sooner or later someone will fall astray


Born in the middle of an urban war staying out later than the street lights in the days of ancient man they had to fight to survive, because they had no plan (chorus) the hieroglyphics on the walls…..they tell it all (x3 times) everyday waking up in the same room with six younger siblings who look up to you not knowing where this day will take you where are you going to run to, you don't know treating everyday like it were you're last one having nothing in common with the outside world the only way to reach them is to spray it on the walls because no listens to your calls from the part of town where no one wants to go surrounded by a border that isn't even there living in a place where there's no regards for the law read the story it's tagged up on the walls


There's a riot in the street and no one seems to care the kids are all at home they're glued to their tv's revolution now now i don't got time i've got to meet my friends they're at the bar waiting for me try run me out of my neighborhood if i don't comply i'm just no good i'll just spend my whole life misunderstood there's a war outside my head and it wants to get inside life could be so easy i always try to let things slide i can't decide if i should join the team or watch the world run dry try to keep my head up problems, you have yours and i got mine


My blood is really boiling and i've got fire in my eyes there is no compromising once we get outside the buttons have been pushed and all systems are go he's going to pay the price with all four of his eyes (chorus) i just hit a guy with glasses!! would you hit a guy with glasses?!! will someone please explain to me who made that wacky rule if you hit a guy with glasses you won't look very cool the science club is pissed and they are after me they want compensation for the optometry


What do you mean i have a bad attitude. don't get me wrong but my nature is rude. i know when i'm getting taken advantage of. people are people i know you make mistakes too. call my bluff, use your power. everyone knows you're the man of the hour. write me up, send me home early. in the end you're giving me what i asked for. everyone knows i'm a rebel. not a troublemaker, can't you tell. i just speak up for myself. at the same time i'm losing my dignity. ska…ska…ska…insubordination what did you gain. well, not my respect or trust. go ahead make a fool of yourself. go ahead write me up.


Here they come one by one. no need to run and hide. everone of them has rudeness as their best friend. using madness and fun as an alibi. and when they leave all the girls start to cry. dirty rats……dirty rats….. see them at the party gathered in a crowd. making sure that all their friends. are feeling irie now. don't try to fight them because you will not win. unity is amongst them and everybody knows. dirty rats…..dirty rats…. if you see a dirty rat don't be afraid. they will treat you like one of them. even if you ain't the same. showing no remorse for what they have done. you can be a dirty rat just by having fun.


I don't want to be me anymore. everyone's chosen to ignore me. it seems they all know what's in store. so i let the public program me. if they don't like what you say. they'll shut you off like a tv. and if you do something wrong or write an intelligent song. they'll throw it all away. everyone just imitates eachother. and they think it's something true. but, i know i'm just waiting. for the money i make off my cd. jimmy cracked corn. and i don't give a fuck. i'll just take my chances. i'll just press my luck. everyone is looking at you now, so just give in. you know you're running out of time, you can't win.


Everything goes swell, this is a happy town. i hear the church bells ringing louder. shopping malls are fun for me and everyone. the air is oh so clear. well, can you stand it. then everyone looks at me. they've never seen individuality. it must be mom & dad. they must be oh so sad. they burden everyone. with such a twisted son. imagine living there. a world based on a state. “an individual dies” is passed to a jock with a car that's fast. you're the problem!


Sitting at home in front of a tv. wasting his dreams he's only seventeen. like a child in a grown up world. tomorrow's monday and he has to go to work. all of his friends they stay out late. but wife is home he can't be late. another step into the middle age. he feels irate what a shame. sometimes i wonder how he got there. in the first place, sometimes i wonder. what he must be feeling now. sometimes i wonder. the party is over. he can't be what he wants to be. growing up before his time. his time is now. he wants to party but he has a wife & kid. i bet he wishes that he never did. wife & kid he's too young for a ball & chain. wife & kid he'll never be seventeen again.


All the other famers want a hair do just like me. they blame my mom who used to roadie for mdc. and when i go to the hooten-nanny. everyone wants to dance with me. they want to lick my boots and sit on my studs. peel them taters, you suck! peel them taters, you country phuck! they'll all be listening to hardcore. when they be milking them cows. and when the sun comes up they start to slam. here comes uncle jessie with a shit eating grin. i wonder what he's doing in the sheeps pen. your sister's your wife, you suck! your sister's your wife, you country phuck!


Say you're at a party and everyone's having fun. all your friends are skanking all except for one. there's no need to ask him why he's in denial. just wait for the jumping beat then…. dogpile!! there's no need for violence. against your fellow man. we must live together in this corrupted land. let's try something new just for a while. instead of pistol-packing let's all dogpile!!


Well, you told me not to tell them. because i'm not supposed to know. the minute people find the stories will never end. facts given to me can be used like a weapon. no matter how old you get the secrets never die. i don't care what she did twenty years ago. tell me if it soothes your conscience. normal people, leading normal lives. leave their secrets locked in a closet. they never die! what ever happened to honesty. people make believe that they're something. that they want to be. that's where the secrets begin and end. i guess there is no meaning to the word friend. too many secrets


You say i'm your best friend. well, you're not mine. always complaining about money all the time. why don't you grow up and listen to me. money can't buy everything. everytime we go out i have to pay. you might as well call me dad. none of the girls will go out with you. because you make them ride the bus. some people say you squeak when you walk. penny pinching all the time. everything to you is one big price. that you're gonna have to pay. you don't have the money. according to you. when it's time to pay your way. someday at home you'll be alone. with no job and no friends.


Hurry up, punch in. you'd better not be late. the bossman is near and he's coming your way. don't try to smile cause he'll turn it into hatred. making you work overtime really makes his day. oh, mr. bossman. please, mr. bossman. mr. bossman. don't ask him any questions. you'll never get the answer. pucker up and kiss his butt. you might get promoted faster. when the smell of stale coffee fills the air. then you know the bossman is on the prowl. heavy confrontation is his game. if you don't play it you might get a permanent vacation.


They said you were the freaky kid. when you were in school. and that you never really. had friends that were cool. the teachers they sent letters. to your mom & dad. they said you'd better teach him. to be like the other kids. but, wait until they get a load of me. i'll take them on a killing spree. i'm gonna take some jocks out with my gun. then they'll see what i call fun. because you were the outcast people stayed away. never said the right thing so they made you pay. now it's time for paybacks and sweet smell of revange. when i steal your girlfriend you'll wish you were my friend.


Cuando la musica empieza a tocar y el cantante empieza cantar el sonido del bajo como teblor con trombone, trompeta y saxaphone aye viene el diablo y quiere jugar la vocina de guitarra lo ase bailar los tamborasos despiertan los muertos pura locura esta noche el baile de los locos….. el ritmo te va matar el baile de los locos….. no lo puedes escapar el cuarto se liena con muchas cabezas comienza sentir como un infierno todo el aire se esta acabando solamente los locos subreviven


Some people think they caught us slipping but we all know that it's not true everyone thinks that they're the expert always dissin' us and our crew just because we know what we want doesn't mean we aren't true you're the ones that put us here now isn't that the fucking truth here we are again…. and we'll be here till the end we've been climbing up that ladder and haven't fallen yet everyone thinks they know the answer it's just a matter of opinion


Teary-eyed and cannot cope the walls are tumbling down looking for a fix because older brother stole the dope waking up in desperation teh destination unknown try to fight the willpower ignore thevoices in your head another man fights, for what isn't his a woman cries, for all her kids take your position for the rat race cast in all your votes give the key to the individual that can lie and spend the most they say you have a voice and they say to let that voice be heard all these years of screaming haven't even struck a nerve children are having children the homeless rule the streets authority is out numbered soon blood will flow in the streets


I woke up with my nuts by my side so i brushed my tooth and i took them for a ride when i go driving it's the carpool lane all the way because i am beside myself my girl sits in the back cuz my nuts ride shotgun i've got elephantitis of the nuts public pussy places won't have me they think i'm an embarrassment of the human male society it's not a disease don't wan't a quarantine because these nuts are my personal property some say that i'm a hero to all my fellow mens i'm their token role model like alanis is to women


I can't see why your so upset what you see in front of you you'd wish you could forget the scenery isn't pretty to you so you change your ways to set you apart nazican…. now that you think you're someone else nazican…. standing up for something that doesn't make much sense nazican…. it's not something that's inherited nazican…. it's something that's planted inside your fucking head (repeat)


Everything depreciates when it's broken in in this case it's him wakes up with vomit in his chin he's a worthless piece of shit kick him in the ass turnin' down no proposition when he's not pissin' his pants all messed up nowhere to go because he's always broke everyday is like a punchline of a bad joke hard luck woman, hard luck man blame it on america hopped up on the stuff someone give him a jumpstart don't lead me to temptation because i can find it myself


Friday, we're bored because there's no place to play the promoters are fucked because we can't draw a crowd practice all week to play in my living room gigging once a month where no one likes what you do i'm drivin' down magnolia i see it's like a shrine drive up to the window, i won't waste any more time grab for the key, the key to the future pass out the fliers and clear the furniture we'll invite the manager if he don't pull the plug set up the equipment and the band we'll cut the rug if the cops come there's got to be a place that's suited right for us that has no tight wad owner who pays us 15 bucks i wanna kick him in the butt…. motel six…. room 29 motel six…. fun all the time motel six…. keep the money to ourselves motel six


I want to know your definition it seems you have a lot to say you come up with all those questions who made you the expert anyway and now they want to cut us off because they say we've changed from yesterday what ever happened to the good ole' days you'd go to a show, shut up and pay we admit we're ignorant but, do you think we give a shit if they want to see us play all the kids will have to pay we've been on tour since 1988 travel around from coast to coast friendly faces always come and go and all the purists don't participate way back when we started all this fuss no one cared or even gave a fuck and all these modern critics of today were in their pampers, we were getting paid


have no choice but to be confined stagnant like a fish in a bowl it's more of a stuggle just to survive life is too short just to sit around don't give up because of your past pick up all those stepping stones what's all this hype about everyone's talking like there is…. nowhere left to go some never see the desert some never see the woods all these people talking about there's no where left to go some never see the ocean some never see the snow we've got all these people talking about there's nowhere left to go trying to escape the concrete jungle is a life long task some take it for granted in the end they find there's nowhere left to go


We're illegal, street lethal do it like we can introducing your sould to the new glow of the voodoo glow skulls band we can't be wrong and we won't take no shit if you don't like it it goes like this……… neighbors pick up the phone and call the police because we'er too loud and we might scare their niece if we're too loud then leave the building run away to mommy like little children call the cops we're too loud oh run to mommy because there's a crowd look at his hair, it isn't punk hey man this ain't no disco we love to shake, rattle and roll but if the crowd is slow we'll just go home people understand and we come to play we break the rules so you will stay

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