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Vanilla Muffins

3 Comrades

Friday was a special day Friday you met your new best friend he stood alone in a club just as drunk as you

He smelt of sweat and he was bored he had lots of mone, cause his girl had gone he said “ Ihate ska music but I like football”

Well so let me think what shall I say because all trouvle's gone away You can sing about that, but you need the luck to find the right moment and the right place, oh comrade you don't know who and why was sending you that special guy and all bad things come right, oh comrade

The music's loud and the dancefloor's packed I said “have you seen that bird in black” His eyes were only staring at a blonde one

I had no luck I chose the wrong girl the bouncer threw me out the door my comrade smashed a bottle on his nose

The nex morning I've got a call last night I paid for one round more he made a joke about beating you at darts

The friendship now has last since years the friendship's strong cos we all agree Vanilla Muffins is the best band in the world

All roads lead to Rome

She looks great she's a big deal her nails are polished perfectly she smells like a perfume shop Cleopatra's nose and lots of gloss

But does she know the football scene ? does she listen to Oi music ? no she works to become someone and her childhood dreams are gone

Does she treat you like a dog ? Did se stand you up again ? All roads lead to Rome Don't worry

When you listen to the old saings keep the fait and you'll move mountains “Girls through gold” is a better one you need some cash and you'll rise again

Tomorrow you'll start working hard promotion to the management she's gonna be your secretary She'll be making coffee

Well she thinks you're gonna sta the rest of your life the office junior She could never believe that soon she'll have to sa “I am very pleased to meet you sir”

An Old Flame

In the class 8a she was a beast In the class 9a she was my ream Black fishnet stockings, I didn't know what to do I'm not dear god, I was just her fool

I walked straight to her, thought the moment had come She only asked how many stouts I'd drunk I tried to crack the joke about the perverse penguin She punched me hard and teardrops fell of me

The whole night was rubbish, my nose is bleeding The whole night was rubbish with you But I saw the ups and downs of life still wet behind the ears All in all a bloody dream about you

My confidence went to hell I felt like kicking myself And this shame hurts, cause it's jut a triumph for you Bu I know one day, you'll find another fool

The whole night was rubbish, my nose is bleeding The whole night was rubbih with you The worst of all was not the disgrace The worst of all was the smile on your face


Sometimes you said what I should do or that I'm not not ready for my life A couple of days you tried to change a fool But my daydream keeps alive

Step on my face, it's slappe by everyone I won't kick against your jail anymore

You're falling down with your gracious world You were too silly to remark my anger Another town where we could start to live Don't panic now ! We would like to leave

A special kin of confused state of mind Some people are born that way You may still say that I have a black soul Blast you, it's all said and done

Exterminate what you tried once to do Not a penny would I bet on you If you have ever seen that we're on the run Well done! We are everlasting dumbs!

Bamm and the battle cries

Walking on the street, they are ma and fierce Baking hot day and dried up tears You want to go back home, but you're lonely now

The anger in your face is the marking You have to run again the gauntlet Since you were born it is quite well known

Bamm, and the battle cries. Bamm, o you want anymore ? Bamm, and the battle cries. Bamm, c'mon smash my pride again

They stab in your pride an burst out laughing Imagine the storms would gathering Now I can see, the chance bleeds away

A lovely daybreak and you will see It's not in vain if you resist The hide an seek is all over now Nowadas it's nothing out of common

Bamm, and the battle cries. Bamm, do you want anymore ? Bamm, and the battle cries. Bamm, c'mon smash my pride again

Brigade Loco

Hey we live in a perfect world where everything's bought and sold but ther's a country in the South where kids can't be controlled

They speed with cars and motorbikes frightening the sheep non stop parties all night long Juan Carlos gets no sleep

Friday's beginning mad Saturday's ending bad Brigade Loco Sunday a waste of time Monday what a boring life Brigade Loco

Let's take some gas and cans of beer without paing that's for sure the hotels on the tour were smashed we left through the back doors The kids in Spain don't drink and drive theu're taking ecstasy Alcopops and lines of coke as the sun sets in the sea

Capucine (sans elle)

Moi, je sais, un amoureux apporte des fleurs et il sait quelle bague elle veut Il respecte le moindre de ses désirsLa sangsue néanmoins s'emmerde Oh, quand même

Capucine tell me or you'll die alone Capucine feel me or you'll die alone

Dimanche dernier la coupe était pleine J'aurai du prendre le large L'avenir s'annonce très ombrageux mais je ne peux pas vivre sans heurts Oh, sans elle

Capucine kiss me or you'll die alone Capucine hug me or you'll die alone

Alors chaque jour je me sens plus condamné Pas de logique mais la garder Mais les jeux de l'amour sont vicieux Je me fais bouffer ma cervelle, oh mon dieu!

Capucine reach me or you'll die alone Capucine call me or you'll die alone

Cause you ain't got an alert

It makes me sick, cause you are naive and sweet You're little girl in an intact world “Hqve a heart” and justic comes by itself You're a hopeless pinhead You're a hopeless pinhead

In case of that, you would never fight, cause you ain't got an alert In case of this, you would never say something, cause ou ain't got an alert

No shock treatment would ever change your ways If you don't accept the unpopular answer Maybe you're the dumbe generation at any time And thinks that's not your business

In case of that you would never fight, cause you ain't got an alert In case of this it's calling from the streets, cause you ain't got an alert

Chelsea : West Ham

Not a soul is interested to dance to someone's tune Mommy I'm in poor health, flu or something else You know I'm highly sensitive, OK it's the biggest lie But I'm not to blame for i, cause the final is this afternoon

Don't you have a sense of humor

Chelsea : West Ham United. I missed nothing. Soccer all day

The choice is up to you. Give you a day off The party has just begun. You're always on time

Didn't see you. I hate again

She worked on a state educational grant She wanted erase my bad ways, I said her : I've got happy news No one has the right to break me, I won't be quite one day and spirits should be free. Now may I ask : what did you study ?

Didn't see you, I will hate again ? Didn't see you, I'm inflamed again ? I'm good for nothing !

Cause of one riiculous joke She thought it's allowed to attack my brain But no, I know my will. Am I not young to be messed up ? Now I told all at home. You're the one of the deepest dye You can screw up now your face, cause the best of all we tick together Didn't see you, I will hate again ? Didn't see you, I'm inflamed again ? I'm good for nothing !

For what I fight with you ?

Oh Monday I know it's my turn What you gonna say You're in a mess and the world is bullshit you're going down each other day All alone and you're never happy All alone and you can't chase this dream You don't want to have a change but for the scene you never fight It's the fault of the city You have decided we've got a different way

I stopped to support your depression hours I stopped to listen to what you colorless brain means

I don't know what I'm feeling I don't know why I'm burning Killjoy for what I fight with you ?

What can I see my lonely bastard There's nothing up with you You would like to call of your own birthday party And I don't know what to do

You will never fight for power You will never smash this grey system

I don't know what I'm feeling I don't know why I'm burning Killjoy for what I fight with you ?

The nights will be hot. But I have to search them Our time is just beginning Seize the day, seize the moment. All my dreams will come

Not alone and completely happy Not alone and I've done the best for me!!

Good Night Elvis

Highly esteemed, I don't know why A boring man so dull and slimy His face was never on my toilet door You've got his whole collection the same fashion and you were in Graceland You would pa millions for his jacket crown

Oh good nigh old star, your time has come Oh good night old star the whole glamour's gone

Have you seen the fat Elvis, have you seen his pig pelvis Make your last will the Oi-sters are here

The “Hound dog” is “In the Ghetto” His “Teddy Bear” doesn't “Love me tender” He has no idea of the “Jailhouse rock”

Tomorrow you will read that someone saw your King on a railway platform and you believe this shit at the first go

I'm nearly evil

The bus door opens. The weekend comes You run out the back door into the sum On the streets you can feel it, that you all forget It's jut your mistake that you can't correct

Streettimes - I'm nearly evil Streettimes - I'm nearly evil Streettimes - I'm nearly evil Streettimes - I'm nearly evil

Everywhere in the city, in all subways You can't cry out of you lose your face This sweet eptember night has just begun Almost in tears are you on the run

Streettimes - I'm nearly evil Streettimes - I'm nearly evil Streettimes - I'm nearly evil Streettimes - I'm nearly evil

Can you imagine how I feel ? Can you imagine what I mean ? Without your help it's too dangerous for me Or maye the time has come to leave the streets

Ladies choice

Gauloise et une bière anglaise Sur le quai de Vavin La nuit arrive à temps Mon désir ne fait qu'augmenter Crois moi, nana, je me bats pour toi Comme Delon avec Bardot Mais putain, c'est Ladies Choice

At one stroke are the boys away We combat, are you read ? Close your eyes this is not our ay We go down, are you ready ?

Chesty girls, I'm enveloped in flames The dancefloor's red but my hands are tight The slowdance is on and I am in a tricky age Which lovers story shall I lie ?

But why the hell I don't exist for you ? Did you see through m propose ? My strawberry rubber will stay Packed tight cause it's Ladies Choice

At one stroke are the boys away We combat, are you ready ? Close your eyes this is not our day We go down, are you ready

Stick it out, you're left on a shelf You're not the crack are you ready ? The first years youth are a lonely way So try to smile Are you ready ?

Long long wrong way

I konw they used to need a face that they can trust were knocked down and leaved in pain couldn't help themselves

maybe I understand old people who believe but I don't understand your sanctmoniousness

It's jsut to cry when will they stop to preach blindly ? I don't know when will they learn stop to manipulate They creep around with blinkers on and stir up you child I wonder now how quiet we were, this mess has to change

Long long wrong way, my bright son you're free Long long wrong way, forget what they need this ship is on the wrong way, come back an let they lie turn round on the wrong way the sandbank is coming now

Another mad to dog says the way you should crawl It's such a shame when he laughs and they bleed to deat No comment on their own Rogues Gallery Talking sense is out of hope, there is nothing to explain…

Long long wrong way, my brigh son you're free Long long wrong way, forget what they need

Mexican Radio

I feel a hot wind on my shoulder and the touch of a world that is older turn the switch and check the number

I hear the rythms of the music I buy the product and never use it I hear the talking of the DJ can't understan wha does he say ?

I'm on a mexican radio

I wish I was in Tijuana eating barbecued iguana I'd take requests on the telephone I'm on a wavelength far from home

I dial it in and tune the station they talk about the US initiation I understand just a little no comprendre - it's a riddle

No punkrock in my car

was a cloudy Saturday for a gig in Zurich I was the fool who organised the car the belts were fasten and you started to mix Vodka Redbull but you went to far

I'm a Sunday morning dreamer I hate to wash my car why don't you believe me no punkrock in my car

I got this car to bring in foxy ladies eating tuna really takes the piss you didn't care that in my new Mercedes it's not allowed to smoke your cannabis

You're an antisocial psychopath you didn't pay for the gas like Lemmy says you've got no class you trashed my car it's true you fiddled with the radio sou're spitting out of my window a ticket home is a lot of ough it's a long way back for you

No, We were alone

It's a deadstreet in your mind What you gonna say ? You're looking surprised The boys were lead away The next day awoke You ended up in jail You're looking so fine Look at your last night

No, we were alone. You've to watch the brickbat No, we were alone !

Somedays you were arrested What you wanna say ? Things can sometimes get a bit outside A careless streak is a violation against the rules They're stupid and blind So you will deny it

No, we were alone You've to watch the brickbat No, we were alone !

Out of Hope

Oh my American doll I love the Cockney Rejects and my first Jim Beam The Bass drum was a dustpin, black boots an flea market jeans The stolen amps from hippies the string's always the same Bridge-jumping in dirty water We've looked for our scene

I remember the times were bright before We are loaded the time is out of hope!

We believed in faith an glory We were always thinking wrong Basil Fawit was our hero The TV the whole day on

I remember the times were bright before We are loaded the times is out of hope!

At first you have to think now What you say or wanna do The worl is too uneasy The politics split of youth

I remember the times were bright before We are loaded the time is out of hope!

Scoring Goals

I stnad on the lane, there's a football match today The new year has began, tonight I'm not alone But that's quite normally, here comes a special fight In Basel nothing's wrong, in Basel something's on

Scoring goals, goals, goals,! It's just my soccer - my religion !

On the terraces where we stand, I don't wanna ay all again It's like the used slip of girl, and that is my own prayer The mob vibrates again, you feel the end of the day I'm revenged for the weekly annoyance

Don't say what you can stand, I'm stark raving mad I respected all your faults. I can't change my saturday world

Scoring goals, goals, goals! It's just soccer - my religion !

==== Smash all your feelings The look in your face, today you're really pale and all mates of you don't know what's fucking wrong You never cry out

After a few years but how should you know she started to wreck your dream of “marry for love” C'mon spit it out, or strain your ears man

Smash all your feelings, stand your man or you gonna kiss her ass in the best early years

You can't breathe anymore the passion is gone You shouldn't start to draw a lesson from it ? What a torture

You're sick and tired of her daily terror Can't remember the last day without rowes anymore It's up to you, you better believe it

Smash all your feelings, stand your man or you gonna kiss her ass in the best early years

You walk along the lanes you have sweaty palms There's no lat resort you have to go to court You pay to be free

Tomorrow belongs to you the suffering ends You really can try to write this story again Step on the gas, don't say it with flowers

Smash all your feelings, stand your man or you gonna kiss her ass in the best early years

Storm over England

You were the one who could not agree. Maybe your knowledge from the streets was wrong You have waited for so long. Didn't know when it will come in you After a cloudy day you felt, from an Island faraway, a gust Some people bright and free. You inhaled the power of this scene at once

There was a stomr over England, this storm saved my life. There came a storm from England, took me on that rie. There was a stom over England, this stomr saved my life

No one expected it. The beginning was on the backstreets of the glamour world The spirit alive an loud. It's like a bad dream for all crawlers. Beware or suddenly you feel this creaming pain in you anymore

There was a storm over England, this storm saved my life There came a torm from England, took me on that ride

Streetrock rules the world

here we are, here we are and here we go with a treetrock sound that we all know here we go, Streetrock rules the world

From the gutter to the ghetto you can hear the beat a soundtrack te the life on the street here we go, Streetrock rules the world

I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it

I la-la-la-like it, I la-la-la-like

Here we go, Streetrock rules the world

It's the speed that makes it racy it's the dirt that makes it tasty here we go, Streetrock rules the world

All you popstars kiss my arse coz streetrock's in a different class Here we go, we're gonna rule the world

Sugar Oi! Come on

Helen of Oi had the first release Converse sweat, guitar's japanese Skinhead girls have fun, Sugar Oi C'mon !!!!

David Beckham is squeaky clean Vicky's gonna buy this double LP She said the lads can't go wrong Sugar Oi C'mon !!!

Metallica's manager says to the band We got to get some louder amps Vanilla Muffins have a masterplan Sugar Oi C'mon !!!

Liam Gallagher and Robbie Williams Suddenly wanna be best friends We got them on the run Sugar Oi C'mon !!!

Nancy Reagan sleeps in her bed Ronnie's got nothing left in his head Megalomaniacs love this song Sugar Oi C'mon !!!

The Mars attack will not take place The Mars commander got egg on his face And planet Earth is gonna take them on Sugar Oi C'mon !!!

The drug is football

What's the reason for your life, it's a deadly poisened knife when you go into the town just to see what's down every day is like the other keep your fear undercover it's the only way to pay for your addiction

We live in one ghetto we're not better boys the drug is football we live in one ghetto we get deadly bored but our drug is football

You're nto the only one to think you had no fun but it ain't no really good cause just for you to end it it could be the start of love take today without a drug it's like the end of a beautiful friendship

The duke of Coventry

I see you move, you've been watching out In CoventryI had 3 weeks language school I know you buy robes for pleasure And you like sushi

I'm not the duke of Covenry

I can't climb your love, you're something better is collecting all you can do You father is the big boss of your house and your company

You're well connected at all levels C'mon maid, your end is looking bright Stay with your own class together Nobody will see why…

The gang from Kannenfeld Park

It's a lovely day, I don't wanna play minigolf or go to the zoo I don't wanna go to the swimmingpool, cause Dad would see my tattoo today I'm in the mood again for a party in the park playing football with the lads and singing to the stars

Remember years ago, we couldn't get in the disco do you like to go to Kannenfeld park ? we were just happy lads in the light of the street lamps baby do you like to go to Kannenfeld park

I've never been stupid like the rest watching “Neighbours” everyday we didn't see the new James Bond, we just went out to play we wanted to drink, wanted to fight wanted to live out under the trees just not taking everything a little too serious

Oh my god they looked away in disgust Oh my god they never talked to us

The Mob from Kannenfeld Park

Hey, it takes a load off my mind at work I haven't a single friend tonight, tonight it's looking good

Don't say I am not the one, who you used to know what's wrong my boss has put me in his mood

But there's a place where we have fun The way we are is nothing mad We just wanna have some fun let's gonna meet the mob from Kannenfeld Park the way they are is simply sad they will never understand let's gonna meet the mob from Kannenfeld Park

My boss has a charming way he called up my mum to sa your son won't turn the other cheek

It's good to know that they don't know where I get the energy to survive another week

The one and only

To be a champion isn't any pleasure If gaining second place is like losing treasure You have to fight with you ego when you look in the mirror now you envy me cos your future is clearer

This time you can't break my heart I'm still the underdog who had a little score Now I'm gonna make a start this victory's my own my own the one and only

It was a fantasy come true for us to play The champion's league even for a day it was better cos we never had to win FC Basel is my love it means everything

This time you can't break our hearts we're still the underdogs who had a little score no names gonna rule the world this club is my own my own the one and only

The Pride of the North

The feelings for your club are getting stronger but the players in the team don't feel the same today the season icket's cost too much the merchandise is crap snobs and bankers standing in our way

What we gonna see ? It's not worth being here Seppe Hugi can't play tonight what are we doing here ? call yourself a team Seppe Hugi can't play tonight

You were five years ol when you club had its best days the football ground was a holy place Seppe Hugi the perfect man the spirit of the team suh a hero he could be from outerspace

In the early days they had a better scene No stewards and no sign of the police The fans could smoke and fight on matchday The manager had never been to jail

Tribute song

You looked for a time so bright and free The days at work with all your mates You were too quick-witted for the psycho therapist Your protection was the breeding ground in my life Always the screwdriver in your hand I'm proud that I could be your son Look at us now, we're on the verge of tears Our unity was always without a doubt

If I could know that we will win. If I could know that we will win Whare are our glorious days, our vicory. We will win

What's your legacy who's on the right track I wonder if you could help me The time too short but it was high quality So we'll hope and wait that we can see us then

If I could know that we will win. If I could know that we will win Where are our glorious days, our vicory. We will win

Viva El Fulham

I took a language course a few years ago learning English would be so cool but at the host family was a panish girl that was the end of going o the school

She's a Flamenco girl and dancing is her life she said stay with me Viva El Fulham

Every day at five o'clock in the afternoon I was waiting in the Latino bar I knew my English won't improve so I bought a spanish book and a german car

The tube costs mucho, we can walk cause we're sportivo Let's go eating Hamburgesa in a cantina “Do you want a pint of cerveza” I still hear her voice now she's at home - I have to work

but I am bored

We're Disturbing you

Impudence is not an illness baby You have to try it You admire intellectual top performance, oh no Don't you wanna see the joys of life or you hit an all time low You are just an emotional know all 25 and completely senile

We're disturbing you, we fight our way through, but you are unhappy

Well read but far away from reality It turns me off completely In your vegetarian club with the other spastics, you said “For a rational person it's a big shame to get drunk, and soccer's bullshit” But our social critical babbling understands no one 25 and completely senile

We're disturbing you, we fight our way through, but you are unhappy

I'm proud of my imbalance You're the kind of person who maybe stands around on New Year's Eve. Watch out Cause your biggest enemies are not we It suits me fine Your own stinginess will stab you in the back

We want some gas that's all

For half an hour we've been on the road Motorway direction North Karlsruhe has a traffic jam We have to stop again

The toilet's dire but you have to tip outside it's a howling gale we wanna pay for our gas and our chips but the cash girl's doing her nails

You're a sweetie, you work for BP we need some gas that's all you're a sweetie, you work for BP we want some gas that's all

WQe try to explain which car we have and we pay by credit card you're so unfriendly, the total is wrong we've been overcharged

Soon you'lle be in Hollywood gonna be the new Bond-Girl I hope they don't have gas stations in Hollywood and Disneyworld

Winter's keeping you warm

The autumn awaits the snow on the trees. Winter's keeping you warm The cold ays announce the turn of the year. Winter'skeeping you warm The filth on the streets is snow-covered, the sudden silence arrives You rejoice, in the park and let fly a kite. Winter's keeping you warm

I don't know why, Mommy knows why, that my snowman has to die I want know why, let me know why, all snowmen will die

I don't know why, Mommy knows that it won't last a long time Let me know why, I didn't see that some strange things arrived

The new morning came and the alley's cleared. Winter's keeping you warm I rub my eyes, I needn't show the tears. Winter's keeping you warm

I want know why, gangs in orange swept our snow away Someone know why, no one's to blame, that my snowman had to die

When the first snowfall comes it flares up again. Winter's keeping you warm I keep my head down and start to wait. Winter's keeping you warm

You comeback to Switzerland

I don't know how to say and if you can't go my way My blood is sparkling in my head and spit back and win the day

You shall never pretend. You come back to Switzerland Where the lights of my future are still at green Come and you feel what we need

The truth os that they lead you away Why is it the spirit of the times ? I fly into a rage in this societ and sometimes it hurts like hell

You shall never pretend. You comeback to Switzerland Where the lights of my future are still at green Come and you feel that what we need

6 o'clock in the evening on a south-sea island 8 o'clock in the morning on the motorway New year's eve and I don't know where I am No glass of champagne anymore. I'm homesick again !!

Young blooded rebel

You struggle around the east side You wanna climb up the wall even you have a bullshit time

Once upon a time you felt a sign and the conflict was bound to happen, maybe it was too early It's not a rubbish to be sincere Where did you lose your pride ? Cause suddenly you're on the way to die

I'm just another rebel. I'm just a young blooded rebel It's simply normal - just believe in me!

What liberty's worth it weights in gold ? The promises you have to keep in your daily life - without a break In spite of your destiny don't resign You've absolutely no intention to changing at all. You don't wanna change the world

You're just ugly

I roll my eyes and crane my neck my blood pressure's going down I have trembling hands, my eyes are red I feel like I'm gonna drown what have I done to deserve a massive heart attack I wanna die or at least I'm going to collapse

On an empty stomach I just heard we have a family meeting I don't think that we shoul talk at the same time we are eating between my uncle and my granny is a very dangerous place she dribbles in my beer, he spits chicken in my face

Let me be silly till my glass is empty Let me be silly till all the guests wanna leave Let me be silly it's Halloween Let me be silly acting the clown cause you're just ugly !

I call the doc and I take the pills I've been taking for many years he calms me down, my breath comes back as he takes away my fears in the end I remark that we all are getting old I think talking is silver, but laughing is pure gold

I'm not in good health but my mind at leqst is clear Why must we repeat this travesty every year ?

You're strong

You are damned to stay, that they went to the blooming California Away match, and you slurp a strangling gurot. Not Southern comfort

I stamp out the storms of today. You're strong Stand by! I'm boiling with rage. You're strong

We can not attach your stammering - No way to grow out You've gone astray and blame it on the others. With all your glory

what a state of affair still leaves you cold. It's quite normal Awake now or o you keep on lying ? Score that goal now

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