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Value Driven


Positive & true it’s no bullshit I JUST TRY BEEING BETTER So much hard times , fists to fists I CAN TAKE ALL RISKS Don’t want to look back & regret what I’ve missed Don’t want to sit back, pretendin’ how life is I want to live it it’s time to change it Me & my crew we gonna make it !! COME ON, LET’S GO HARDCORE A WAY OF LIFE COME ON LET’S GO DRUG FREE IN NO TIME Positive & true it’s no bullshit YOU CAN TRY BEEING BETTER And in hard times you will resist YOU CAN TAKE ALL RISKS


What’s wrong with you You know all you’re doing I’ts killing yourself slowly It seems you don’t listen to me Coz that’s not what you want to hear But I don’t see a reason 4 selfinflected torture & I won’t shut up to please you I have enough of your pretext you’re not in control of your life you’re just a slave of this poison one day, one day soon you’ll regret when all your friends and family will surround you on your death bed FREE YOUR MIND Live is to short to enjoy all the good thing So stop with your shit


So much years waiting 4 that time Everyday wonder how it would be like Feeling the same passion, for the same music Old school it’s being authentic In defense we claim it high BRINGING IT BACK (x2) No lies true till we die BRINGING IT BACK (x 2) And again we fucking say OLD SCHOOL IS THE ONLY WAY OLD SCHOOL THE ONLY WAY mush it up ! We share something so important We will never be blind We dare and make the difference We are here to speak our minds No threat we can’t be taking away We fight and we live for today


I got the feeling you don’t want to know, Better hiding and take your way home I got that sure thought deep inside me That friendship 4 you it’s fake & unreal BUT IT’S TIME 4 me to choose FACE TO FACE just me & U GOT’ NO CHOICE We have to fight CAN’T BELIEVE IT don’t keep me out of sight LOOK AT ME you never try at least TALK TO ME I need to know & see YOUR LIES you talk in so much way STOP NOW Don’t want to see your face…anymore BETRAYAL & LIES (x3) BETRAYAL & FUCKING LIES Now I see your game you turn your back you’re so a shame I can’t believe that’s we were friends your hit me hard, that’s the end We’re not the same ANYMORE Don’t need to prove SO MUCH MORE You got nothing’s right TO FIGHT FOR Open your eyes YOU’RE OT HARDCORE You play your game you fucking loose , I’m just full of hate it’s not a good news stab us in the back you fool, time to fight back, no more rules …no more rules…

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