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The Unseen

Children of the revolution

Father looks down to his son says “I was like you when I was young” Son looks up to father's plans Works in the factory with is hands

Says “I wanna be just like you, organize the work for the collective few” But as he grows up he sees no change Systems won't let you rearrange!

Some day people will say “Do we have to live this way?” “Is this how we have to exist?” And the people will rise up, and resist!

A majority class dominates A world that the lower class creats media confusion hides the fact that we work with the rich man's knife in our back we're killing ourselves for a profit gain a profit off life what a fucking shame we burn that flag for the values sworn some day we'll burn it to keep warm

What we have done will not be lost to all eternity everything ripens at its time and becomes fruit eventually!


Too young to know... too reckless to care

too young to know, we're too reckless to care too young to know, you were never even there too young to know, we're too reckless to care too young to know, now i just dont fucking care!

hello dear father you did a hell of a job i sit and ponder wondering what the fuck is wrong heres some toys, give this check to your mom cause if i dont pay, the judge wont let daddy come

too young to know, we're too reckless to care too young to know, you were never even there too young to know, we're too reckless to care too young to know, now i just dont fucking care!

the marriage vows are such a fucking joke how many times can one person have and hold sickness and health means nothing to me we are the future of this dysfunctional society

too young to know, we're too reckless to care too young to know, you were never even there too young to know, we're too reckless to care too young to know, now i just dont fucking care!

pack your bags and leave the family you built i hope youre feeling lots of lonliness and guilt so many fuck and knock there girlfriends up desert your family and let your kids raise themselves



not gonna explain myself to the likes of you tired of feeling sorry for feeling the way i do ive heard that you cant please everybody on this earth so from now on im putting myself first

doing what you know to be right, fuck everybody else doing what you feel to be right, you only got yourself

never turn your back on friends that are true sooner or later it comes down to you stand up for yourself and what you believe as long as you're true to yourself, theres nothing you cant achieve!

there comes a time when you may find yourself down and beaten NO HOPE, NO FUTURE, total utter abandon but you gotta take control, rise up outta nothing only you can help yourself, your strength comes from within

have pride in nothing, cause nothing is sacred.

Social security

I'm a punk get off my ass because I'm fucking working classs I get up everyday and go to work I'm treated like a fucking jerk They suck my money every week now my future's looking bleak they say the money's almost gone but what will I do when my time comes

hey! hey! hey!

Blue collar job you and I kiss your hard-earned dough goodbye Soon you'll be old you'll be gray And how will you earn your pay For over 40 years you broke your back But they gave your money to some bum on crack they say we won't get it but fucking the govt's leeches are still money sucking

hey! hey! hey!

Did you hear what they want to do to you and me they wanna take away our social security

Goodbye america

yeah everything bothers me just about everything that i see no need for a flag or a country raise your finger if you agree

the problems won't go away if we keep our rage at bay the filth and slime will always stay if we choose to ignore and play

goodbye america! fuck you america! goodbye america! fuck you!

the stars and strips are prison bars they won't let you get too far the rule over many by the few you cant police my mind because i won't let you

Goodbye america, fuck you america goodbye america, fuck you!

pledge allegence to your self not greed, power, war, and wealth remember you were born a human being not a part of their machine

Good bye america, fuck you america Goodbye america, fuck you!


New world fodder

When you're lying on your back under the foot of brutality and gagging on the stockpile of junk left by past generations and apathetic mentality you can't help feel like you got the short end of the stick when will we ever walk without a crutch and live to exist and finally put away our fists be a thief or a pauper, the choice is up to you if the cause is sincere we're already halfway through

Thieve back! what they've stolen from you Give back! the shit they've given to you Attack! confront the problems they make Don't react! cause we're lost if we wait

Cold war? No war? it's all the fucking same It's done a little bit quieter so no one will complain their structure has nothing to do with matter, time and space so to live within a system is such a fucking waste If you look inside yourself, at everything that's real you see systems are two dimentional, they soon lose their appeal Systems are incorperal they don't really exist They're unnatural constructions that are natural to resist!

Thieve back! what they've stolen from you Give back! the shit they've given to you Let's fight! let's fight with our hearts Unite! we shoudln't be apart

It's up to us, anarchists belive in a higher order and a non-coercive way of life. To litter our over crowded decaying cities with our literature to heckel and drown out the speeches of corrupt leaders that come to our towns and spew forth their wretched de-evolutionary bullshit. And hold demonstrations, as small as they may be, to let the state know we're still here in 1996 and we're not going to sit back and watch them destroy what little we have left to grasp onto. LET THEM KNOW WE'RE HERE! Some nights I dream of mutilated politicians on poles headless officers of the almighty law bloated bankers choking on money the hungry feeding off pigs' corpses the wonderful smell of racist's rotten flesh on fire OPPRESSORS BE WARNED: ALL DREAMS COME TRUE SOMEDAY

Police brutality

No Authority! I've spoke my mind a thousand times You can resist peacefully 'till the end of time There's a point where you reach an end of thought And the thought turns to action, emotion takes control!

Authority! No Authority! Fuck Authority! Police Brutality!

Politicians are pigs in business suits Triangle of power, the good are few If terrors what you represent TERRORS WHAT YOU'RE GONNA GET!

Authority! No Authority! Fuck Authority! Police Brutality!

First word learned was the word no!

What are we waiting for

Been a while since I've seen any constructive ideas. Nothig new, “smash the state! smash the hate! smash the fear!” alright now, how about coming off that cloud. put in prespective. Let's start small If we're not going to come together and be a sizeable force, we're going to have to start out small and build it more and more. let's use an old idea & start our own comunity. we must work TOGETHER. if we are to work towards living free.

They must think it's all a joke. We laugh at them and they laugh right back. We talk and talk and talk and yell. But is there any chance of attack?

This is not a selfish act of “fuck the rest of the world” think about it for a second, if our commune could he heard, production would be high since everything'd be free. we could feed and cloth the starving of the poorest countries. development would rocket, setting examples for the world! stateswould loose suport when they see what we've unfurled. our sectionalist anarchy could overcome the factions. the masses will not try it unless they see it put to action! IS THERE ANY YOUTH LEFT IN THE CULTURE? IS THERE ANY CULTURE LEFT IN THE YOUTH? WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? THEM?

Unseen class

We do this for ourselves and we do this for all of you it's just the four of us doin what we do

oi! oi! oi!

you don't like what we're doing you can fuck off if you don't like what you're hearing then you don't applaud

oi! oi! oi!

so fuck all of you, fuck your callous ways society doesn't care what we have to say so fuck all of them, fuck their careless ways the lower class is unseen, & its time we had our say

oi! oi! oi!

lower class fights to survive make just enough to get by don't let system bring you down some day our time will come

oi! oi! oi!

Coincidence or consequence?

you have a job but you can't afford the rent why is life always just dollars and cents? if you can't get a job then you can't get a home the vicious cycle spawns and turns your soul to bone

kill, kill, die, die, death, death, suicide why do you think those rates are so high? do you think it's just a coincidence that the black male is the highest statistic trapped on welfare?

landlord system, life for rent capitalism doesn't make any sense don't join the system, it's suicide! coincidence or consequence: you decide!

kill, kill, die, die, death, death, suicide

welfare is warfare


down here we walk a little faster down here we grow up real tight down here we stick together because down here you've gotta fight

can live off this country's waste we consume so much in this rat race (the city is a) human breeding ground of exploitation but I won't become jaded


it's capitalism at its best people living neck to neck their glass buildings won't fall on their own so we should be throwing stones!


some of us were born here some of us were brought here some of us have moved here but none of us can leave here


==== Add ==== ADD Disorder ADD Bored To Death ADD Disorder ADD Bored to death

I cant sit still for a minute Most impatient kid on the planet got ADD and i aint kiddin' gonna overdose on my ritalin

ADD Disorder ADD Bored to death ADD disorder ADD bored to death

High is fucking Unreal Six hours of sitting still always having a teacher tell you what to do (Insert your high schools name here)…Fuck you

ADD Disorder ADD Bored to death ADD disorder ADD bored to death

Sitting out in the rain where the fuck is the train? can never do anything for too long now im sick of this song

ADD Disorder ADD Bored to death ADD disorder ADD bored to death

What Are You Gonna Do?

What are you gonna do, when they tell you what to do?

Taught at a young age, to respect the men in blue And due their fucking state control, your forced to go into their schools Where they teach us twisted history and make us pledge allegiance to their flag

It’s time that the next generation learned to think for them-fucking-selves

What are you gonna do When they tell you what to do? (X4)

Taught at a young age, what was wrong and what was right And as they impose their rules of suspension they hope we won’t put up a fight

Well they teach us twisted history and make us pledge allegiance to their flag

You don’t need a paper to say you’re smart if you can think for yourself

What are you gonna do When they tell you what to do (X4)

Don’t let them tell to you what to do The teachers in your class or the bullies in your school Don’t let them tell you how to think Your parents or some fucking shrink Don’t let the, tell you how to act Wait till they see that you’re dropping out of class Don’t let the school district tell you what to do Tell everybody…FUCK YOU

Are We Dead Yet?

there's a heat down on the street and it's radiating through my feet there will be trouble in allston tonight there's a kid with a silent shout 'cause he's livin' off of hand to mouth hey generation. i'm talkin' to YOU.

are we did yet? NO!

street lamps flicker and the young wolves wail as the vultures drag another off to jail if they had their way you know we would've been dead 20 years ago do you think they really care about you? NO WAY.

how's this for an answer? FUCK YOU.

Stand Up And Fight

the 90's are almost over and hatred still runs deep ignorant fucks in police suits still rule the fucking streets the poor getting poorer while the rich stay fucking rich equality is no where in sight if you wanna win you gotta fight

stand up and fight

what the hell are we supposed to do? violence and despair are threating to destory the youth everyday on the news more murder more rape we're living in a dying world from which there's no escape

what the hell are we supposed to do? what the fuck are we gonna do? living in a violent world with no hope for the youth

Punks Attack

they all claimed we'd go away we grow in numbers everyday rebellion can't be quelled for long someday we'll come back twice as strong while your pockets are getting thick you're gonna get a brick when it's time for you to die i'll look you right in the eye

when the punks attack we'll have your back 20 years ago and we ain't done shit when the punks attack you better watch your back 'cause there's a brick with your name on it

this isn't just an idle threat i swear you ain't seen nothing yet lets keep the feeling on the street where it belongs, it's where we meet the youth are selling drugs, commiting crime but that will only get you time direct your anger towards their hate i'm pro-violent against the state

you're gonna get yours too you'll get whats coming to you

Dead And Gone

you were a violent drunk but now your dead and gone you were ruining my life the damage had been caused on the day of your funeral my life was reborn

the first time i saw you i could sense bad luck it was eleven a.m. as you were drinking on my couch and then you moved in like a terrential rain storm you had nowhere to go but i knew where you were goin'

you smiled when i was home but you abused when i was gone you hit my younger brothers and then you'd taunt me and when i would confront you you'd say it was a lie well i was at your funeral happy that you died

dead and gone

that night in the kitchen i trashed my house there was a fist fight and i threw you out and you were loaded with no place to go so you passed out and blacked out in the snow we got a phone call saying that you were dead all the shit you put me through raced through my head you died on a dirty motel floor now you can't make me suffer anymore

do you see what i see you were a violent drunk you were ruining my life the damage you have caused on the day of your funeral my life was reborn

There's Still Hope

mistreated due to color of skin how did this injustice fucking begin? this terror's ensued for thousands of years this terror's created millions of tears

all is not lost there's still hope

we're throwing bricks and making noise but the target's so big the bricks feel like toys and when we shout they don't hear a word we say but i'll never shutup and i'll never behave

revolution beings when you look within so let not a word slip from your little white lip

my dreams got shattered when i finally came to learn that people are so cruel and the power is so firm mass organization has to be the key but is there hope of unity?

Greed Is A Disease

if you're sick and disease stricken the system's got a cure that you're not getting getting unless you're one of the elite and that's the only way that your illness can be beat with a nice insurance policy their eyes will light up these rich bastard doctors are shady and corrupt

to make a million dollars off of someone's pain those heartless fuckin' bastards have no fuckin' shame medicines and treatments they should all be free but that will never happen in our society

if your broke, unhappy they take you in if your heavily insured you should see their fuckin' grin as you pop your pills, they pop their champaigne as your paying off your debt, they're boarding a plane your misfortune pays for their vacation and the million dollar homes they resign in they don't care about your health, only their wallets their greed is a disease and we gotta stop it

greed is a disease

Piss Off

to be such a coward is a fucking disgrace if you got a problem with me say it to my face punk rock gossip reminds me of high school cliques well i remember high school being full of dicks

scandalous lies gotta stop show some proof or just shutup show some proof or just fuck off

having that much free must fucking suck piss off you worthless lying fuck got a lot of nerve calling yourself punk

we don't need you, the scene don't need you

Don't Be Fooled

resist, rebel, stand up for yourself they will try to bring you down one day those tables will be turned around we'll spit back in their face screaming “fuck the human race” their oppression has fucked us for so long then they say to rebel is wrong don't believe them our rebellion ain't wrong no!

stand defiant, don't be fooled don't let anyone tell you what you do rebellion is natural

when you're born they're telling you what to do schools force their beliefs on you say our ideals are just a phase, you'll grow out of it and cat your age but i don't want you society, fuck a culture that rejects me still i don't want the american dream, this “teen angst” don't die at 19

Cultural Genocide

you family's lived here for generations but you can't afford it no more we're making room for the corporations got no room for the poor rent is up, so you are out, we fall deaf to all your cries this use to be your neighborhood now you've been gentrified

what's really at the stake ain't real estate you're talking about people's lives rip the heart from a community their culture surely dies

they call it progress but who moves ahead? the people who control the wealth 'cause of their actions people end up dead they only care about themselves playing god, who goes? who stays? who the fuck are you to decide? they call it progress but it is a cultural genocide

gentrified, genocide

Sent To Die

i'm never gonna fight for this corrupt country i never have, i never will it's never done fucking anything for me never! i won't fight a war to power your wealth fuck your power and your wealth 'cause everyday i'm at war with myself a never ending fucking war

war! sent to die are you free? you murder, you're brainwashed destroy their enemy destroy, shoot, kill the enemy

i don't care about your senseless war war! or the fucked up shit your fighting for i never had, i never will millions die but the war will pass do you really wanna die fighting senseless wars for the upper class your pain and torture is their gain

do you wanna die?


you cling to an old world, of morals of a long past age why is it hard to accept that things have changed?

you swallowed every word without and question followed all you heard for the sake of tradition

say that your religious but your faith just ain't true you salute a flag without asking what it did for you

you've been spoon feed your every thought always did just as your taught you have a right to think that way but i question you integrity alwasy forcing your views on me but they're just slogans it's plain to see

fuck tradition

So This Is Freedom

when a black man can't walk certain streets without being hassaled by the pigs when the youth are forced into the school system designed to break the will of the kids when you don't feel safe walking the streets of your own fucking hometown just cause you look different people always try to push you around

so this is freedom

live in a capatalist system that says you gotta work just to survive but when you're stuck in a dead end job are you really alive? then they tax us on what we earn to pay for their fucking wars the cold war, war on drugs the secret war out on the poor

go to school, learn to trade, do as i say you better behave if this is freedom how come i feel like a fucking slave?

Live In Fear

dead end generation you should live in fear mass destruction, corruption and no one cares white is the color of thos ein power red is the color of the millions slaughtered blue is the color of the flesh that rots ,urderers go free while some are never caught it's been said before it's time to listen tune into the news you don't know what you're missing

lies, decite, injustice this is how our culture lives

six year olds with fucking guns run away youth on the fucking run parents who abuse their kids yet we're told be proud where we fucking live proud for crime, proud for death proud for the fucking poor who tried their best told to vote, cast your ballot but the vote only counts if you're the few in power.

Something To Say

I've got something to say and I just can't fucking hold it anymore it means more to me today then it ever fucking did before I'm a punk and I've finally learned what it means to me it doesn't dictate who I am I define what the word means

I ain't ever scared to say I'm proud to be where I am today always follow your dreams if I ever cared what people say I wouldn't be who I am today be yourself to be free

use destruction it's the only way to pave salvation but don't forget creation it's the REAL history of this nation hate and fear your government because what they steal is your onlycovenant love your land, your nation but don't forget theres a whole world out there waiting

be yourself to be free

Give In To Hate

violence surround me violence in society violence in our eyes violence in their cries violence it's our fate? violence it's too late? violence no escape? violence give in to hate?

is it human nature to act like animals? we're all guilty, we're all criminals selfish species headed for a self destruction violent product of a moral corruption

violence for love violence because of hate violence revoultion violence of the state violence you will find violence it grips your mind violence it's too late? violence give in to hate?

1000 Miles another show, another fight, another beer, another sleepless night no food or money it's all pay to play drive all night to work an eight hour day seven years of playin shows, where it ends no one knows there's confusion in my head, I wish I was in my bed driving in a beat up van, you wanna critisize the band you don't know what we go through, FUCK YOU

1000 miles away from home where we'll end up no one knows

another city, another town another transmisson run into the ground but you gotta keep going as fast as you can seeing the world from the back of a van how long will we sit at home, get me to the open road I can't pay my fucking rent, all my money has been spent homeless for the next few weeks, can we stay with you to sleep I'd rather make this my life, it's better than working nine to five

The Anger And The Truth

where's the anger?

there comes a day when you finally realize that everything you've been taught was a fucking lie they always said that you should always tell the truth do as I say, but don't do as I do

where's the anger? where's the fucking truth? did you lose it somewhere in your youth?

sometimes it's hard to see the enemy the left, the right, or the fence of apathy the sheep or the wolf, it's a thinly veiled disguise movements are worthless if they're plagued with lies

No Turning Back

I'm sick in the mind, body, and soul this way of living has taken it's toll i'm abusing myself, but I'll never learn I just want to watch this city burn

there's no turning back, once you've turned your back

I'm sick of the human race wanna see society laid to waste of the people who destroy more than they create live to kill, love to hate

I used to feel sympathy but now it's all just apathy I'll just turn my back as the world burns all around me am I dying for a change or just dead on the inside? maybe I don't look cause I'm not sure what I'll find so I point the finger at whose to blame but deep inside, we're all the same is this me, can it be? have I become… one of them?

What Happened?

they shut down another venue proving once again they're right we can't even police ourselves or see a show without a fight that's why

I'm so fucken sick of this scene but what you gonna do? condemn anything you think is different that's nothing new

what happened to intelligence in the scene? maybe there was never any all right

I ain't saying we can't have no fun but would it hurt to fucking think? what seperates you from the dumb jocks? when all you do is fucking drink

don't preach, learn, teach

No Master Race

fuck off to nazi idea worshipping ku klux klan preaching power for religion, church is getting rich again i say there's nothing wrong with hate, its something i embrace but dont hate a fucking person cause the color of his face your screaming in the suburbs a middle class brat sometimes i fucking wonder where your head is at the world is full of problems dont blame it on the jews i'd rather be friends with them than the fucking likes of you

race riot its past debate the war is on and fueled on hate (repeat)

there is no master race so open up your eyes fuck nazi religion kkk it's all a fucking lie (repeat)

Never Forget

its the dead of night and she wakes up screaming but her terror doesn’t end when she’s done dreaming she recloses her eyes and all she sees is your face bringing her back to that time and that place when you forced your way into her front door you took all her possessions, still you wanted more grabbed her by the arms, forced her to the bed you left her body but you’ll never leave her head

never forget, never walk away pain, regret, till her dying day

he was very young but he knew when to hide he didn’t recognize the smell booze but could see it in your eyes he swore when he was older he’d get his revenge but he never got the chance cause you left when he was ten now he walks the street with hatred in his eyes a needle in his veins, a head so full of lies all his wounds have healed, scars still mark the flesh drugs numb the pain but he’ll never forget

how do you sleep at night? what gave you the right destroying people’s lives only their pain will survive

never forget

Where Have You Gone?

I’ve seen so many kids over the years a few years come and go and they disappear punk rock is not a trend its a fucking life style yet so many fade out after a while when you grew up and deserted the scene found the american nightmare is the american dream your ideas changes as you matured and grew the system you despised now controls you

where have you gone? you faded away

you faded away, now you’re gone

so many scream the kids are united then they grow up and become divided don’t look down on us, cause we won’t change like you who gave you the right to write the rules work five days a week and you slave nine to five well half your life you lived a lie I thought I knew you, man I was fooled you have gone and let the system trap you

Fight For A Better Life

we are one and i refuse to believe that we have to live like this you slag off anyone who tries to rise above all it

you’re never gonna stop fighting for a better life so get used to it kid!

you’re jaded, over rated if you think you’ve seen it all then think again same story, you’re boring the day you die is the day you throw up your hands

stay pissed, stay young, stay pissed

No Evacuation

chaos chaos hear that sound

when the time comes what are you gonna do? when the sirens blow, 10 seconds of chaos is it your regret? does it matter anyway? when the poisons come from all around

no evacuations

for a split second we’re all the same nothing to lose, nothing to gain no classes, money, or politics just flesh and blood and eyes of fire all those years of fucking pain all those years of suffering are wasted away

when the bomb is dropped and the button is pushed there is no second chance your nations on fire you’re going down

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