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It's all about staying true when life is hard. Keep your integrity. It grows in my head, I tried to find a way, When all I've built was destroyed for a time. You can't feel what's in my heart when life bring me so down. End this pain. I keep the srtenght, I keep the faith, There is no way to fall again, No way, no place the pain. Rebirth. I raise my fist and face may acts You'll never understand, you'll never been so sad, You can't feel what's in my heart when life bring me so down, REBIRTH And I fight this day, I fight, I fight for what I've lost, And you see in my stare, you see there is something changed, And you don't know me, you don't know what it means, And i fight this day, I fight, I fight for what I've lost.

Claim the change

Where is the progress? I only see a waste. Ruled by weakness, hatred is what we search. Greedy for money, greedy for blood. Downfall is what we get. No more reason and no more reflection. Tell me who claim the change. Always the mask to hide. Tell me who Claim the change. We destroy whay belong to us. No fucking will to save what could be. We choose to break, to bring down the fate. Ignorance breeds wars and children starve to death. The lack of brightness don't stop to buy some weapons. Greedy for money, greedy for blood. Downfall is what we get. No more reason and no more reflection. Tell me who claim the change. Always the mask to hide. Tell me who claim the change. We destroy whay belong to us

Find the way

One breath and one more proof of life. When my efforts shattered in a short lenght of time. When the slackness of youth takes the right. To make us undergo the taste of suffer. And there is only place in our head for regrets. And there is only place in our hearts for pain. It's time to wake up. We just see that our lives are fading. Another friends is leaving earth. Another life won't give a birth. But we must cope across the years. To get over and wipe the tears.We can sometimes only cry. When what we ask is only why. There is a way to make it heal.There is something to make it real. We must find a way to revive. I think some better day will come. I think the bad ones are gone. Find the way.

The one we fight

Back to show you who is right. Proud to say who we fight. Let us live what we feel. Time to break the chains. That you always wanted me to put. You never knew what we're just about. We won't try to make you understand. So sick always giving my hand. Cause you always judged the way we choose to live. You blamed me, you cheated me, I won't forgive. You close your eyes, your mind to what we feel and say. We never sell what we spread. So just carve it in your head. And I don't care of what you say. You're not the only one. I'll never give you trust and respect. Cause all what I say, you don't accept. We won't change and never be slaves. We won't change cause you're The one we fight.

United struggle

Try your best ! Revive for 2002, fight the scums and speak your mind ! No more innocence in the eyes of my generation, it becomes worst and worst because no resistance has been done. Do we want to let the future go from our hands or will we be strong enough to raise the fist and just say no ! Violence becomes my enemy, tool of the cowards. And you, what do you do ? what do you say to save the country from the swines ? who fill the street, who fill your life with hatred. Be the one and the first to react. I cant’ wait until the day where the path and fate will not be mine, will not belong to me. That’s the thing i won’t believe. The tears of passivity won’t take my will, won’t take my will, united struggle.


Land of the rights of men, who still believe ? when you deal with the enemies, who still care ? who still resist ? your words do not mean anything to me ! Watch out from the past, did you forget all we’ve learnt ? cause now we just see that everything is falling down and you always talk about freedom but for a fist of dollars you’re smilling at the evil. And just to be PC you deny what you preach , And just to be PC integrity is lost. But now it’s time to say we refuse, we all can bring a real change, be aware of what they do, keep your eyes opened to resit. wIth your big mouth and your fake smile, you all spread empty words. We don’t give our voice ! what they do is what i fight and resistance is growing up.

Bring it back

I cant’ belive that so many times you choose to put our scene so down, the ones who try to make it alive are those you always criticize ‘cause you take the side of those who sing and pearch without conviction, with no clue you smash the kids and make you feel as (a) king. The time is passing by but nothing changes. Tough guy, scene down, go down, Bring it back, Tough guy, scene down, go down, bring it back. With no decision to hold the spirit down. We can’t approve the things you do. Day by day I see how you feel by this way. And lack of trust in yourself. That’s why you behave like this. But my words are stronger than your fists. You just have the need to proove. That you are a looser like the rest, another prig in this game, a prig who will lose this fucking game, but who still refuse to understand.

False Claim

Is it truly your feeling and is it how you run your life ? i’m not sure of it cause contradictions strike my mind. You just want to be seen as a man outside the game but do you really do it and fight against society ? you suck you lie. You’re the one that hold out your hand to you enemy. Yes : capitalism, the one you grow up with. And now it’s time to make it clear, you’re just a part of it like me. What’s the use of saying something you don’t do ? it is just a game you play. False Claim

What is your answer

We want to create a state, a fickin’ state, a land of freedom without oppression and with no hate. But still make mistakes when we think that we can do it, yes can make it with any rules, without repression, passivity result of fear. Society : violence, extremism, religious fanaticism, the things we cannot cope with. We can’t face with such a system based on a laxist view of like, we just pray for better days. The more we stay passive, the more we have to pay the due. And we don’t, we don’t feel concerned, we don’t react to achieve What we think it’s right. It is not enough to be aware to change and to make things better. Resist this day and give your answer, resist with me and together we’ll make it real.

The meaning

It’s not about a trend, it’s like we used to be. Claiming my own opinion no matter what you think about it. We live and learn and try to be the best we can. One aim, one goal to reach today with my friends. We know that we’re so far to have a perfect mind but it’s not what we search and now together let’s got to say hardcore ! a part of us, a pride a way to think, we’ve learnt to tolerate The others for the life they choose, we feel the need to say the things we wanna change, this meaning is more than words it’s what we call hardcore.

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