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Alive Or Dead (Fuck you)

You ain´t like us but you try to be …you´re a fake you´re a joke, you are nothing like me see no spirit behind the sound you play …you´re a fake… It´s still our music you abuse …you´re a fake… it´s our way of life that you misuse …you´re a fake…

On the dole, on parole - but not selling out, alive or dead we won´t sell our soul for a faggy rock´n´roll career

This is the way we feel this band´s for now and real

We´re seeing you through and your intentions ain´t true so fuck you, fuck you if I was in your way you would bury me alive or dead You could hear our vows if you came to our shows singing fuck you, fuck you there´s too many of you yet and you´re full of shit

The bandwagon´s jumped on – there´s one ahead …you´re a fake… yoú´ll be gone as fast as your name was spread …you´re a fake…

You´d play jazz tomorrow if that was hip …you´re a fake… five minute fashion´s stardom trip …you´re a fake… there´s no place among us if you wanna get …you´re a fake.. just a famous rockstar, alive or dead …you´re a fake…


There's too much pressure braking down on me But I'm fed up, full of disdain Law and Order - just an empty phrase I'm antisocial cause I have it my own way

No survival if you ignore their dictates I've got no idol and my god is me All this mess-up has blown my fuse So call me a rebell or a living abuse

I'm Anti - fashion Anti - religion Anti - police And Anti - system Anti - commercial Anti - prison Anti - everything

Armageddon Now

The day has come which was foretold in the revelation What have you done? You've brought on the annihilation With bombs and warmachines, with gas and reactor beams Your time is - up wake up and die

The case occured you never thought to ever happen So we'll all die for your all greedy acts and creations It´s been a grave mistake to take yourself for great Now you have to face the judgement day

Chaos reigns, the mass freak out Come on, it's the final hour called the armageddon Horror scenes you see around Witness now the vast breakdown - Armageddon now

The world is dying, it was proclaimed and now it's present The seven sings get obvious but you never listened We've all made up our minds to what will come someday Now watch your seed and wave good-bye

You didn't pay attention to this admonition The end is near, you've brought on the annihilation With greed and reckless games you've caused the world's decay …wake up and die

Beware, Poisonous!

A glaring plague warned of peril. The city's lying in exhalation. All people killed by dioxine. Radioactive contamination, poisonous crap wherever you glance. You can't afford to be affected, poisonous crap inside of their heads. Drives 'em into fucked up actions.

Poison all yourselves you body. Beware, beware, there's poison in the air. Beware, beware, it's gonna be a state affair. Beware, beware, there's poison everywhere. Beware, beware, beware, poisonous outside.

A punky band is prodding uproar. Beware of their poisonous slogans. They spill their hatred, just look out there. The youth gets spoiled by vandalism. Every page another lie. It's propaganda and deception. To poison- poison- poison your brain. And let them keep on pulling the strings.

Big Brother

he's the ghost behind the scenes a nightmare born by modern times different faces, various places you're never really sure if he's around he's so insidious watch your steps wings familiar though surreal he's made of ice they're made of steel the brave new world you warned us of turned out to be right in front of our doors stomping boots watch out droogs

watch out what you do our big brother keeps you in view watch out what you do our big brother keeps his eyes on you the terrorists are sharpened up ike lurid visions in the dark they're marauding, raping, running wild while watchful eyes observe the file they're so insidious watch out droogs


Your cult is dead, that´s what I believe but I have got no words of grief it´s gonna show now of what you´re made When the going gets tough the tough get going while the rest keep on dick-blowing cause any arsehole can pose a night

I´ve got an aim - honest and true o.k. I´ve got a cause - pushing me on all day No hippie fuck mentality cause in the real world dog eats dog anyway

Mouth so big and ass so tight but no ounce of balls behind it´s a shame you walk upright Words don´t hide hypocrisy your true colours I can see a real nightmare scenery

show time – that´s all you are to me show time - heroes in fantasy

Get down… All your fuss won´t help succeed cos it cuts no ice with me if something bothers you just turn away You´re just a fool… You lack the punch and backbone needed bending things if you can´t beat them Yeah, just a boaster who´s playing tough guy

I´ve got a faith - but not in what you say I´ve got a feel - stronger than dynamite I gotta choose the other way cause your weird shit doesn´t work out anyway

Black Cats

Shadowlike they haunt me at night Horrible dreams to grab my sleep Whatever I do, wherever I go They're always near beside

If these turn up there ain't no joy All I can's detroy If these turn up there ain't no joy Nothing works to scare 'em away

Black cats, black cats Always getting in my vision Black cats,black cats An evil omen - Black cats

Stumbling through the streets at night I was overcome again by this bothersome plague It didn't come off it's over now This was the final show If these turn up there ain't no joy All I can's detroy If these turn up there ain't no joy Nothing works to scare 'em away


Once the king you bro'jght on your decline You tried to make it on the borderline Now I can't help you treating you with deep disgust Cause too much set me wondering in past

You don't stick to what you say at all But now your lies are catching up with you I can't see no friendship beneath your facade Your true intentions are to feed your pride

Bleed you're a liar go away you're a shame to me

Your game is slyly played, but at what a stake Friends ain't toys to play with as you like Spin'em around with flatteries, then suck'em out Will it ever get stuck in your throat?


There's a jock living in my head The fault is you - I'm embarressed left for dead Feel like a heeler, I lie down put in chains I was to start but you got it in my way

'cause I don't need you I'm living on a cruel dope

There is a jock living in my head I can't get rid off ot and it drives me mad It all began when I first saw your face I couldn't restrain and bondage was the price The whole affair turns into a suicide squad Obscenity attracts me, extremely odd As slave you can't decide what's wrong or right The lacc whips on - Pervert for a day

Anti Bondage, Anti Bondage

Bored And Violent

There's violence coming up, trouble on the streets. Gangs are taking over, but where will this lead? Do you care for their frustration, no you don't! The kids have no relation to your mode.

The same like back in '76, bored and full of violence, can't you see in fact what's going on. It started off in '77, when the kids got up together. Discipline gets nowhere but to hatred.

Yellow press rack their brains over who's to blame. Ain't the message obvious, what do you mean? Or is all the increasing outrage just a joke? But how come your prisons are packed, ain't this odd?

There's writings on the wall and broken panes. The youth don't put up with your silly games. Do you care for their frustrations, no you don't! The kids have no relation to your mode.


Now you're in a jam, hold your head between your hands. Clench your fist to keep your ground, in a war that can't be won.

Banned to the borstal, now you're cornered. Banned to the borstal, you're disordered. Banned to the borstal, now you're locked away… like buried.

Cry, you have no choice. Punishment at any price. You submit to what the wankers say, just to live another day.

Open you're eyes and you'll see. You're just a toy of their schemes. Open your eyes and you'll see. They try to prevent that you're free. Now they let you down, and you feel you're all alone. Just the dreams of yesterday, help you stand another day.


Tribal war, panic on their faces Guns ring out, bullets leave their traces the crowd´s in shock, what´s happened here a bloodshed caused by a young sick killer Carnivore - slaughter as a kind of game

There´s panic in the streets tonight and terror rules There´s panic in the streets tonight while (the) death incarnate roams There´s pamic in the streets tonight the killer from the Graveyard High There´s panic in the streets tonight and terror terror terror rules

Leaden air, real guns are the right kick massacre - this time without joystick The blood, the shock - just temporary signs and soon forgotten till the next freak strikes Streets of gore - corpses are a wonted sight

The kids, the guns, the shocking truth: this town´s no longer BULLET-PROOF Final score - coppers 0, killers 8 and nobody´s safe from murder…

21st Century

Let´s gratify your inmost desires click it on – that´s all you must do and right on your screen there´s porno queens, all the rest you´ve dreamed of, too. Or check (out) the ultimative site where your need´s satisfied is this a brave new world for you while there´s the KKK and a(nother) fascist regime lurking out there still next door

In their factory of lies (Luck´s for sale) luck´s for sale low price (Luck´s for sale) trouble-free and multi-coloured your chance, you wannabe … this is the 21st CENTURY

(Now) you can run free all fantasies no more boundaries left for you Get off on all kinds of perverties and a death cell web cam, too. What a glorious life, it´s so easy and safe as anonymous voyeur but it´s all bollocks to me I´d like to smash my TV let alone the ads they show

In their factory of lies everything´s so multi-coloured A consumer´s paradise who thinks of poverty 21st CENTURY

In their factory of lies future´s bright and nice harmless, clean and multi-coloured if you wanna pay the price

Concrete Jungle

In the shadow of the concrete giants Got to live there from day to day Grey cold houses have been there for too long Hear the voices of the kids'sad song

In our city grows a bomb

In this wasteland they've bred a new age Crammed together like rats in a cage They've built a time bomb that is running fast Use their fucking coencrete to plug up their arses

It's the place where you're at home Have grown and where you roam Hell, how you hate this town - this Concrete jungle

Got nowhere else to go Looks like this anyhow Has transformed in a ghetto - this concrete jungle

The streets look desolate And decay has set in there yet Oh what a dreary sight - this concrete jungle

Their dreams of progress But the empty shells remained Where the now lodge our kind - this concrete jungle

It's a wastland of our days Where crime and aggro rise That's a fact they face - this concrete jungle

Crazy World

Your life's so weird you doubt it's real and reject it all Cause years ago when you were a child no one told you so Well , I know about your problem, there's loads loke us around So don't make no secret of what you found out

C'mon, the world is crazy An open loony bin No walls fix the species Of psychopaths within … and we're all part of it

The white coats simply draw the line for their own defense Say, who defines normality and where it ends ? If those they call lunatics are mental home inmates Then we're just the ones in disguise

Just look around, what do you see? The world is crazy, but so are we You can't find out what's going wrong Cause you're as well out of control

Lurking out there on the streets and wherever you go A morbid world's awaiting you with stange thing to show

Crisis Identity

you know my mind is twisted i'm struggling for control a discrepant identity but fused into a whole an hour one half takes hold of me the other it is gone and suddenly i'm turning crazed i'm an incalculable man

wrong or right? black or white?

you see.. i lost my identity i'm getting schizophrenic i lost my identity

two voices ride me over but both are part of me i dance in daydreams on the verge of my insanity inside i'm getting nervous around me i cast a glance and have to watch my limbs behave as the dominant one wants

strong or weak? sane or sick?

my changeable behavior withdraws from my control a discrepant identity but fused into a whole i'm running round in circles i'm trapped within my mind each time it rises in my gut i try to oppress it but i can't

Dawn Patrol

We're standing in a pub, got nothing else to do. A bottle in the hand, we knocked back yet a few. When everyone was pissed, there wasn't left a dime. The blame was on the beer, that's flowing really fine.

Now now now, out of order. Now now now, beyond the border. Now now now, now we're on the way. Dawn patrol, fuckin' wasted. Dawn patrol, we don't please them. Dawn patrol, we roam 'til the dawn is gonna come.

Then everything went wrong, we blame it on the beer. The bouncers caught us up to throw us out of here. A member of the gang was crashing on the floor. Because he tried to kick the bouncer in the balls.

When on the city's border the night is coming on. And all the people do withdraw into their secure homes. Then on the city's border we're going on patrol. We're setting out, go underground, to the avoided zone.

They really beat us up, but we were kicking back. And in the end I said 'You're rotten in the head. We made off fast but not for a long time yet back home. Because there were a lot of places left to roam.

The Day After

Your hangover fades and the fog gives way again … you shun the light, your limbs so heavy sweet memories of the previous night return … out on the piss you spent your last money You´ve had a great time, a good laugh until late but still there´s an urge to put something straight

The previous night some decent hours were spent … there is a face behind your blurred remains and you almost hoped the height you felt would never end … the morning only spoils the memory of all the feel now there´s only left a bit and commonplace slowly takes the rest of it

Done some brain cells … endless barroom nights … I´m used to the old headaches … yeah, it was fine so why this bitter smack that you cannot name ? The day after… there´s no laughter (again this time)

Well, nothing you have done was to regret what is it that makes you forget the fun you had? you wish you could turn back the wheel of time although as far as you can see you´d act the same

After all one thing remained - this bitter smack you can´t explain

Dead End Generation

It's the same old game, but you can't keep up. You mouth is gonna cry, but they wanna keep it shut. What do you expect in this break down age? Spit out mate and give vent to your rage.

The course you're trying is a vacant lot. One day soon you'll end up with a shot. As a member of the dead-end youth. You're sick of the games they're gonna play on you.

Dead end generation - oh wake up. You're just another faction - oh wake up. Dead end generation - oh wake up. Sick of the situation - oh wake up.

The scene is set for a marching up. There's no way back and forward is a concrete gap. You won't get out if you smash your head against the wall. So stand your ground and you aint gonna fall.

Don't let them kick in your head, or grind you down. Spit out, give vent to your rage, and trust nobody.

Dirty Punk

Down in the town in the stinky clubs. I'm pissed near a collapse, but I won't stop. My hair is died, I'm a complete flop. But I can't take it, man!

I was raised as a son who should get on. But what has become of me, their son? I'm Oi-possessed and like my way. What has become of me?

I wanna be a dirty punk! Studs & chains and leather braces. You wanna be a dirty punk! Do live fast and sod their phrases. - Dirty Punk!

Now heading for the welfare. Run down is what you say. Just watch me when I run amok, and try to hide from me. I never really cared 'bout what they thought. I won't give in 'til I peg out. 'cause I won't end up like my dad, it's sheer conformity.

Down in the town in the stinky clubs. I'm pissed near a collapse, but I won't stop. My hair is died, I'm a complete flop. But I can take it, man! Was raised as a son who should get on. But I rather do it on my own. I'm Oi-possessed and won't conform. What has become of me?

Drug Shock

The dealer said I looked sad and bored. And I should taste of his novel drug. He gave me a small free sample then. And I blew up the powder in my veins.

There's no way back, there's no way out. I've got to hear these voices shout.

Passers-by frown, but I piss on that. My face distorts to a masquerade. There's no way back, there's no way out. I've got to hear piercing voices shout…

Drug shock, I have to bleed. Drug shock, I can't escape. Drug shock, it's getting me down. Drug shock, ain't good for you. Drug shock, what can I do. Drug shock, it's fagging me out.

The glassy stare's fading in my eyes. But I never could get rid of the vice. There's no way back, I can't break out. I've got to hear piercing voices shout.

Don't Call Me Cunt

Now it´s time to pull you in You´re annoying me and cause some bad emotions Your whole life´s a sin You´re a reason why I justify abortion No guts, no pride only slander of a miserable mind Your gossip makes you a git and I see what´s at the bottom of it

Deride me, backbite me Mister Twister, do you have fun in that ? but finally I´ve had enough

Cunt – don't call me cunt You fucker, you don´t call me a cunt

Oh-oh - you make a mistake, mister, if you call me that oh-oh - you can call me sucker but don´t call me a cunt

Stop prying into things and affairs of which you got no slightest notion What drives your intrigues - is it jealousy or just a pile of bullshit ? It´s an advice you get it would be better if you don´t call me that My tale means nothing to you you never got there´s a double-edged truth

You fault me, insult me Mister Twister, you better hold your tongue now Take care what you call me You can call me sucker but don´t call me a cunt

Oh-oh - you make a mistake, mister, if you call me that oh-oh - Mister Twister I disgust you

Now it´s time I made clear You´re annoying me and cause some bad emotions I can´t abide your jeer You´re a reason why I justify abortion Shut up, rein in You´re the kind of bloke who needs some beating keep going and I see red you don´t know me but you´re spreading all shit

You´re warned now, beware now So listen Mister Twister you´re better fucking off now Stay out of this, you know damn all

You fault me, insult me Mister Twister, you better watch your back now To say this is all I want: You can call me sucker but don´t call me a cunt

Down The Drain

Can you hear the sound on the street? Voices carry far if there is a need People staring, getting hectic Boys in blue are turning active When the time has come for the breed

Cause they don't fucking want To wonder if they're safe Cause they don't fucking want To wonder if they see next day No, they don't fucking want To lose there dignity No, they don't fucking want To go down the drain

You're told you have a say, are you sure That justice is done the sarne for the rich and poor I never saw them chase their own Nor a bigwig beaten down So why do you rack your brains about their score?

Faces From Below

The higher the peak, the deeper the fall His ambition has prooved not being worth it at all But damage is done and there is no return And he's consumed with the fires that burn The weaker the will, the stronger the vice Addiction has come and charged a price He's pershing slowly, dying on rates Fell victim to what he actually hates

Hey man - these are the faces that you refuse to see But they're below the surface of society

The tamer the mind, the heavier the blows A final offence has blown his fuse So he went off his head and murdered them all The faces of those he killed haunt his soul The slower the trot, the faster the life He left all behind, is made a depraved Outside of the rules he chose to belong But once down below you'll never get on

The more you've tried, all the less you've achived You fear he end but the pain is brief the easy way out you finally choose Another face to Join the rows …Another face that nobody knows

The Factory

Down in the oxyfactory. Mould and shattered glass you see. Safety- dresses ain't of use. The air is tense of blaring noise.

Down in the oxyfactory. Sound is made for you and me. Down in the oxyfactory. Howlong sound and ecstasy.

Won't close it down or cut off power, due to public nuisance prattle.


a brick stone wall blocks up your escape can't hide or run away a shiver running down your neck reminds you of your fright he's behind you, he's the foe and you don't know his face despite these years among us he's been living in disguise

the foe - the foe is hunting after you the foe - and time is running out for you

spider lines are set on you, your tongue is getting dry the sound of footsteps getting close, you collapse on the pave in the end he tracked you down, he's been lying in wait not sure if he's inside your head you're waiting for the strike

==== Fuckers Everywhere ==== There's fuckers everywhere. It's them who make me sneer.

I got no money so I went begging, they told me to go away. 'cause lazy dogs like me should all be gased, was all they said.

But once when I was out looking for a job, they eyed me mockingly. I was not the one they were out for the guy excused. Sent home again.

In the streets you meet them everyday. You need your own defense. But people still are worrying why I sneer, they'll never understand.

At school and work they pulled you down with fucked up politics. The same bunch constitutes out government, i hope they'll pay.

I'm Genuine (trendy Wankers)

What do you wanna hear? Well I haven't fucking changed Some progress has been made but my attitude's remained the same You'd better expect fuck all, I owe you no excuse I don't need to justify my affairs nor explain the way I chose

I haven't been around to feed a new breed I haven't been in for it all to satisfy some need And never have I done it out of greed

Cos I'm no trendy prick - I'm genuine Just the way I am - no trendy scheme No, I'm no trendy prick - I'm genuine I'm genuine, no trendy scheme Slag off your bands, destroy your scene…

You're easily led astray to spread out what rumours say But the image that you have in mind is as false as what you read

We're just another bunch of everyday's yobbos We've got a common aim and share the same troubles And all the trendy wankers make us sick

We live off the nation's garbage can Trying to make do as best as we can We live off the nation's garbage can We ain't no trendy Wankers ma

Get A Gun

What's the matter? Could it be that you wanna prove you're keen And a man who's man enough to fight?

I'm not sorry for your lot It's your job if you get shot But you tell me that you not afraid

What does a hero feel about When the rest of his fellows is lying on the ground?

Hurry up - Get a Gun today Hurry up - meet your destiny Hurry up - Get a gun today Join them on their raid

Is your cause worth fighting for? Or a country worth a war? Hurry up and join the force tonight

What's the matter? Could it be that you wanna prove you're keen And a man who's mad about his pride?

Here We Go

Here we go - another attempt to rise up still biting and inciting, but showing no compromise now Once again this movement´s bound for glory united we´ve made it, reporting back with fury

Some years now we´ve come to count and we´re here to stay, we´re still around (… and there´s no end in sight, no…)

Hate us or don´t – we´ll carry on, so get it We know these times need songs about reality Gutterman - get your fist up proud Gutterman - join in, sing it loud Gutterman – it´s time to rise again

Different times require other measures Strain doubles – it´s old troubles as well as the new pressures Honesty pays, even if you don´t make friends only Streetlevel rock rebel - what counts is straight out music

The nineties couldn´t stop our raid we´re best before the next decade (…another round is calling…)

Straight-out real punk is what we want, so share it We know we gotta finish what we´ve started Gutterman stand up – it´s time to rise again

Hey You

There's boiling masses on the dole. The same came off some years ago. What a prospect for my country. So give up and hope and let us be.

Join the queue, you know the rest… I'm fed up with this want something else. Give the finger to this country. And listen well to what I say.

Hey, hey, I wanna have some fun. Hey, hey, cause I've been bored too long. Hey, hey, I'm gonna feel so great. When I'm skint and out tonight.

Pretty worn out, waiting for the bus. That's departing straight down to the pubs. But I'm out of place where I stay. Nowhere to go 'cause I'm skint.

Hit The Road

Daily other places and we´re still going on Plenty of new faces cos the nights are long Tearing down the highway, full speed ahead miles uncounted, the van´s become our bed …I really missed all that

All bottles empty so we gotta stop hey what a country – we´re not sold a drop heading for the venue for another kill out and up now because we´re on the bill …and play we will

Chaos across the nation - we hit the road again Chaos and fun and booze for free – that´s how life´s to be Chaos across the nation – let´s go to hit the road again (…up the next decade)

Living like a rover, troubles where we get getting pulled over - oh, how we´re used to that One room at a motel for the six of us the rest too short cos our next show´s away some hours …and we stuck in bars


You're posy styled to impress somebody You're out for fame and loads of money But selling out is nothing new You've hit the charts with a boring tune

Idols are out today They pose a single night

A polished heap and birds so pretty You sold your soul but you deserve no pity You'll climb the steps if you're of use If not you're dropped like all the others

I won't sign with their major companies Enslaved to contracts, what a piss I won't beg them on my knees For we still play mohican melodies


You drive me insane, my back's to the wall I can't make headway with this pressure at all My mind's upset I gotta get away And jam the gearing of the whole machine The people who suffer to get uniformed Are wimps who needn't complain anymore When they discover what's happened to their lives They're gonna pay the fucking price

You make me sick, you drive me insane You're gonna take my mind away But I'm not scared of what you do What the fuck is wrong with you?

You drive me insane, my back's to the wall I can't make headway with this pressure at all You declare me a yob but don't figure out That I ain't gonna end up being so fooled It seems that your mission is to blind-fold the crowd As brainless masses can't complain anymore And you create a new hoax everyday While human brains keep rucking dying

Insane - go away, I gotta get out better get away with you


Living in a shell had never been a thing for me Safe in private places you just ponder what's to be I'm in need of action but you rather fade away Living in your own world where you keep to things you can take

You slogged all day and get your pay And lock yourself away

Are you sure You're living? Just going through the motions Ordered life and slaving I'm fed up with this bullshit

Are you sure you're living? Headlong into my fate I'm better off without it and live on straight ahead

All the time you're abusing those you claim who go astray Still don't dare to break out of the boring life you lead

Legion 82

Listen, here's some further noise Yes, mohican tunes - sharp as razors We ain't gonna rest until we bite the dust

The crew from '82, they mourn the good old days Once you've been one of them, or so at least you say But now you've grown older and got your normal lifes What's left of your ideals, rebllion and spikes?

Dying out legion - Legion '82

It's all been better when you used to be around You say it was genuine, but it ain't no fashion now It's still the same about cos nothing really changed Someone has to keep it going or it was a waste of time

It's just your former self that you don't recognize You tell me I'm out of place and time two odd decades Well I don't care about what all those people say It doesn't matter cos what counts is today

Join our legion - we're the legion me and you Join our legion - Legion of the nineties' youth

Life's a bitch

Just another day, and just another mess But if you resign you'll never know success

Chin up, get out now and try again my friend This life is your last, so enjoy it 'til the end

You stand in the heap of the ruins that your life used to be All the time you succumbed to a fake or a dangerous mistake You stand in the heap of the rubble of broken ideals It's true that life's a bitch

REsign to your fate, life's hard but I live to win …Life's a bitch Just keep on trying over and over again …Life's a bitch

Risk it - standing proud demands to give a bit No future to behold, so make the best of it

Face it, find out that it's worth to make a stand Nothing venture nothing have - it's true my friend

Mohican Tunes

In the tube a gang in black. Purple stubble and tiger strap. They make a stink, some get freaked out, by the volume of the mohican sound.

Mohican tunes, play the fuckin' mohican tunes!

And down the tunnel in a crew, a girl is dancing to mohican tunes. And at the gig the air is tense, cause mohican tunes blow up their brains.

And down the tunnel in a crew, a girl is dancing to mohican tunes. And at the gig the air is tense, a sheer fit hits the audience.

Switch it on and play it loud, listen to the wildest sound. A filthy mob hangs 'round the place. Filth and leather, pins and chains.

Nuclear War

Face this, the missile's on the way. Crisis, will the bomb be dropped today? Last war, to end this bloody mess. Danger, It's you the real menace.

With all their foes their doing away. We're all in this - hey hey hey. No one dares to talk aloud 'bout the real imminent crisis. The gruesome leaders are counting their bombs. Blow them straight up your arse. There's no cover in the case of war. Come on, drop it!

Sirens - sirens in the heat. Fighting - on your TV screen.

The secret bases are alarmed, the troops are on the alert. The counter attack is set on foot. Depends on a single word.

With all their foes their doing away. And all enclosed have to die. There's no cover in the case of war.

Nuclear war. That's the nuclear war.

Watch out - for the news today. Fallout - over israel.

The bomb has struck in morningtime. A shelter won't be of use. A few survived to waste away. But they'll never know the cause, of the nuclear war.

Obscene Army

The Obscene Army The crowd has gathered and we turn on the heat To put an end to this boring shit

With boots spikes and leathers, with bowlerhats and crops We're straying through the gutter as a pack of hounds

On The Outside

He was a gutterboy, dwelled in different places. Lost his parental home for he got the sack. He never got on well with their expectations. Found with an overdose in a public lav.

Blame our society that destroyed him.

He was a criminal in other people's eyes. And spent many hours alone staring in the dark. Though for him nothing made a sense at all. This ain't been his destination. He was a lonely boy and always on the run.

Petrol Bomb

They say it's time to crack down on what they call obscene But what they meant is blokes like me and the life I chose to lead OK let's have an uproar, their troops are marching in With determination in their eyes they've rallied all again

Come on, come on Give me a Petrol Bomb

The riotous assembly is finally marching off A few had luck and could escape the baton-slinging lot Some fellows are arrested, perhaps they're locked away You lift your bottle and set out to have your fun again

Pronouncement of the judgement, the youth is led away He wasn't even sixteen and had smashed an offie's pane Put in reformatories where other wankers wait Who try to force him in their frame - break out before it's too late

Come on, come on Give him a Petrol Bomb

Now you speak out against the youth's aggressions Scream and shout, but you taught them how to hate Now you speak out but the account is settled Praise your luck there ain't bullets through your head


Bluelight screaming, figures in the dark Shelter-seeking, but you've run so far They gonna get out if you're slow and put you in a cell You don't wanna be arrested so you run like hell

Here comes … the pigs They always nick the underdogs

There's no regret but nowhere to go Draw back, breathing, but you've run to slow They don't care if you're innocent, they don't care if you're right They're looking for a scapegoat and they found their prey

… hide or you're getting screwed


There is a side that I conceal that is beyond your imagination a wrong comment will set it free and I´ll undergo a grave mutation You can´t find out with whom you deal till it´s too late to restore the seal A potential threat for everyone who´s walking with me and beyond

There ain´t no simple guarantee I won´t break out to kill I´m breedin´ in a psychatry, I can´t control my will

Don´t mess me around I´m nowhere-bound cos I´m a psycho I´m a PSYCHOPATH

I´ve learned to hide my mental state yet I´m still on a mad crusade You know this urge from deep inside is nagging me all day and night Underestimate the extent it´s got and you´ll awake in sudden shock when you come to know my soul is dark and I´m a psycho, a maniac

There ain´t no simple guarantee I won´t break out to kill I suffer from misanthropy, I can´t control my will

(Dance On A) Racors Blade

This time he's gambling at his very height As he's to move and pull the strings of fate He's aware of what his blunders cause He's turned it over in his mind for hours

That's like… A Dance on a razor blade

It rnakes no odds since now the chance is real Restraints are hard but wounds will never heal Can loose a lot but there's as much to gain It's kind of dancing on a razor's blade He's stepping on the edge of a chance he never had


Don´t wanna be a soldier - Rest in peace Don´t wanna fight no war in no border countries I ain´t gonna feed no vultures - Rest in peace I ain´t gonna slay the poor in the dollar sign´s name

They´re ready to strike with their highly trained force if oil is at stake or another ressource Securing their wealth with innocent life so what´s a few killings if the dollar is safe

Bloodstained money who bothers about this inhumanity Bloodstained money who profits but the arms race-industry … they can´t cheat me

The battle is won but it´s had a high price so rest in peace now in a desert of graves a cross without name but your badge with a code 6212-550

They´re ready to strike or incite a new war to show off their arms on a far-away shore Economy boosts, and that´s all that counts for all the greedy bosses who direct the Whitehouse You´re proud of a game they play on your back But where is your bragging when you´re under attack a cross on a grave is the final reward left, right, left right - off to the Lord!

You died just for money… money for some industry

Run from reality

Suddenly the things ain't what they used to be Now everything's changed and I wonder why Too scared to face the possibilities My life's so different I wanna close my eyes

Can't get rid of the gnawing fear inside me Denying it all is just the real insanity

I try to run, I try to flee …but you can't run from reality I try to run, to run away …no use to call 999

It's been my self-protection but now I've got the prove So far I've been to blind to accept the fucking truth Well now I've come to see which way the cat jumps And that's the reason why it's getting out of hand

Can't get it out, this gnawing fear inside me Denying it all is just sheer insecurity

Suddenly hte things ain't what they used to be The lie I've been living is catching up with me Yeah I quit my job cos I wanna be free But what a living do I get without a pay …no way

Repressed them all, these bothering things that annoyed me It ain't nothing new to turn your back on reality

Scream And Shout

They like to say that fortune sides with the brave You've done your best and have failed yet, so it can't be right Now you have turned the tables, and no trouble's in view You try to hold it tight but ifs slipping through

You turn it inside out You wanna scream and shout But someday you will see That nothing lasts for eternity

I'd say that life's a battle that is meant to do But if you're proving worthy you'll see it through Each lime the tide turns for you, you made it you believe But yet the other moment you're down again

Self Rule

Ruling class, we don't need you. All governments out, don't need no leader. We had a lot of systems, they all failed. All warlords have been wrecked by their own wargames.

Get up, get up, need no rules. To degrade me as a fool. I know best what I decide to choose. Sod it, sod it, what they say. I can't believe it anyway. You know best what's really good for you.

All parties promise a brighter future. Don't let them plant you on illusions. There's no future if they do remain strong. Your rule, selfrule, that's the way, come on!

Anarchy - Selfrule, can't you see it's up to you!


Join the ranks and gang up rather That's the only way it works Cos there's no need for struggle We've got to overcome discords Just spare some time to think about What their politics have done They've torn the youth to pieces And there will soon be none

Skins, Punks and all you scum There's a commom aim ahead Stand proud, together and strong Fight their rules, not your mates (Joint you're unruly troops)

Join the ranks and gang up rather That's the only way it works If you want to be unruly, Have a say and get a chance Stick your bloody banners red or blue All up where they belong If you cling to their solutions Then everything goes wrong

Stereotype (FUCK ´EM ALL)

You were a scar the day you made out and proclaimed your point of view You´re not a fool, just did it your way and didn´t give a damn what others might say

It´s so cheap what people concerns some believe their measures are firm In their eyes you´re second class, mate tarred with the same brush like people you hate

Look at me and not someone else cos we´re all individuals The way I dress doesn´t give you the right to judge about my self nor the feelings inside

There´s a lot who pretend to care and some cunts exist everywhere if you don´t fit into their narrow mind they make you feel a tosser everyday

I won´t stand the way I´m classified I ain´t no STEREOTYPE Views can change the more you get it all but there´s some people who don´t realize

Oh - FUCK ´EM ALL Telling me what is right I ain´t no fucking STEREOTYPE stick the views you got right where´s your fucking cock

Stigmatized unless submitting norms Otherwise you´re labelled as jerks Yes, I know what they want me to do keep to fucking rules of some know-it-all crew

It´s all just the same what our scene concerns some believe their measures are firm Won´t obey cos I´m using my pate 1 - 2 - FUCK ´EM ALL, those who dictate 1 - 2 - FUCK ´EM ALL, the people you hate

Oh - FUCK ´EM ALL Telling me what is right I ain´t no fucking STEREOTYPE Oh - FUCK ´EM ALL They never care to discern and I guess they´ll never learn Oh - FUCK ´EM ALL All you wimps and bollocks scribes We ain´t no fucking STEREOTYPES I´ll give no damn about that - up yours, so fucking what?

==== Strike ==== Get on strike!

When the bastards take you up at the station. Questions hole into your head. They wanna name you detailed information. While they're treating you like shit.

When you got the boot at home, get dressed up. Give 'em bollocks, crop your hair. And when they try to rip you off in the classroom, just refuse it to go there.

Under Pressure

I guess you know this state of desperation when troubles get too much for you again the least you need is someone´s provocation they´d better fuck off back where they belong

Fun, fun - this ain´t no fun cos I am UNDER PRESSURE Done, done - I am so done I´m in a mess with everyone

Yes, I am UNDER PRESSURE cos I don´t get along with me nor anyone Yes, I am UNDER PRESSURE and filled up with aggression Leave me alone cos I´m UNDER PRESSURE

I usually mean no harm to anybody but driven to the wall is another case if you are bugging me you will be sorry yeah then you«ll come to know the other face

I guess you know this state of confusion when troubles are too much for you again you run around but find no solution and pressure´s slowly eating up your brain This ain´t no fun…

We Rule O.K.

Take'em all and take the piss It's time for a new riot Scream it at the nation That we ain''t gone so far

We're the best cause we're the ones If s not the class that you are from Yes, all minorities get oppress But we're the ones so fuck the rest … I don't think I will conform

Twenty years of struggle Left fragments on the floor But we're the generation To pick'em up once more


Imprisoned face to face in this strange artificial place with free-wheeled criminals who carry knives and loaded guns Aggravation's usual for the western world Radio stations send their warning - red alert

In the Westworld Concrete desert In the Westworld Endless strife to survive

The leaders lost control, now violence and corruption rule The fittest survive this zone, you wait untill it catches you Violation's common in the western world Radio stations send their warning - red alert

Imprisoned face to face in times all-out computerized gunslingers prowl in troops this animated danger zone Violation civilization Savage destert, this is Westworld Through the nation sounds the calling - red alert Destination still unknown, maybe WW III

In the Westworld Concrete desert In the Westworld On our own in a danger zone

What's Going On

More shitty venues shooting from the ground while the cool places all are closing down subculture´s wiped out systematically but we´re not gone if you drive us away

Anger´s rising, how surprising…

What the fuck is going on here Where to go, say, where to go ? You´ve scared us off but we´re still out there What´s up, man ? What the fuck is going on here Where to go, say, where to go ? This scheme of yours ain´t getting nowhere What´s up anyway ?

Punkrock´s banned, "skins don´t get in here"… It´s getting hard to set up gigs somewhere Our cities dying through the council´s hand where once we went to now there´s fallow land

Tidy nation operation

Your townscape suffers from the likes of us Did you expect us to be off so fast ? You can take away our clubs and tear them down but you ain´t rid of us – we´re still in town…

You´re gonna get your fucking doors kicked in

Wild And Dangerous

Things that are prohibited always had their own appeal but the likes of me aren´t disinclined to a thrill

Cast off your fear, scare them all Cause their rules are made for breaking or you´re just tame or blind

Can´t live without the kicks in my brain feeling the pulse, sometimes the pain Why not freak out, there´s so much you can do Hold on, let´s go now – don´t have no fear

Live WILD AND DANGEROUS Get out and kick some ass Live WILD AND DANGEROUS Be a threat to the upper class

What else could you be in a bourgeois country like this but a thorn in the ass of the authorities

Can´t live without the kicks in my brain feeling the pulse, sometimes the pain Why not break out of the established control Live wild… Hold out, let´s go now we don´t give a fuck cos we wanna …

You're A Bore (You Whore)

I know all your moods and faces You try a gaze that paralyses Stand back from nobody and none And drop your panties for a number one

You stick at nothing with the things you're running for But don't tread on those who've served your scheme once more

You're a bore, you whore

Let down friends are not to mention You pretend to relieve your tension I know that you can't love anyone But you say you get the bloke you want You feign like no other when you're out to reach a goal You give what you get, but nothing's free at all

I know all your moods and faces You try a gaze that paralyses You say you get the bloke you want But I know you're a sleazy cunt

But that's the way you are…

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