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The Opressed


Born to fight, born to win We were all born to be skin Born with Martens on our feet Facing truth there is no retreat

People fear us, think we are strange Boots and braces we wont change We will never be second best You know us we are The Oppressed

We are skinheads we are proud Playing music for the crowd Music for the working class Stick your disco up your arse


There is a burning sky overhead Kids on the street are seeing red They are gonna set the city alight All this boredom makes em wanna fight

Riot riot on the street tonight Riot riot gonna do it right Riot riot gonna scream and shout Riot riot thats what lifes about

Whos to blame the rich or the poor Fight the enemy fight the law We all stick together, we all see it thru We are gonna riot, me and you Streets can burn, governments too We are gonna riot we are gonna see it thru We are gonna smash your thin blue line We are doing OK, we are doing fine


See him walking down the street Doctor Martens on his feet Levi jeans Ben Sherman shirt Fuck with him and you will get hurt

Hes a skinhead, he dont care Marten boots and short cropped hair Hes a skinhead, he dont care about you

Walking down on the Brighton pier Long haired hippies filled with fear Cruch of bone as the boot goes in Joes so proud to be a skin

Prison couldnt change his ways Skinheads back hes here to stay So if you think you have got the suss Be a skinhead, be like us

He is the king, king of skins Whats his name, Joe Hawkins



Violence everywhere i go, in everyone i meet Down the club, In the disco, Violence on the street The way you stand alone and proud, the way you crop your hair Violence in your boots and braces, Violence in your stare

We've got Violence Violence Violence

Ultra Violence, Blood on the Streets Violence down the football, Violence in the pub Violence is a way of life, violence you love And your friends, kids of Britain til you run amok Violence is in your mind you don't give a fuck

We've got Violence Violence Violence

Violent Society

Violent Society, what we got today Violent Society, just won't go away Violent Society, tell me what you find Violent Society, violence in your mind

Violent Society, won't go away

Violent Society, violence from the police Violent Society, locked up no release Violent Society, kicking down the door Violent Society, 1984

Violent Society, friend fighting friend Violent Society, where;s it all gonna end Violent Society, black fighting white Violent Society, this can't be right

Government Out

You listen to the stories, you listen to their lies You listen to the propaganda, they're the bastards you despise

Hear the people scream and shout We want government, government out!!!

Labour cut the dole queue's, THe Tories cut your throat Neither party give a shit. All they're after is your vote

To who will government answer, when the police rule the state Will they answer to Big Brother, in the year of '88

So don't listen to their stories, don't listen to their lies Don't listen to their propaganda, they know one we will rise

Don't Look Back

All your life you've been fucked around Ain't had the chance to get off the ground Job opportunity you never see You got to fight of you wanna be free, be free

Put the boot in, get off the shelf Put the boot in, fight for yourself Put the boot in, it's time to attack Put the boot in, and don't look back, oh no

Governtment policies made for the rich Passed by tories led by a bitch Out of school, straight on the dole But there's no way to save your soul, oh yeah

Put the boot in, prepare for the threat Put the boot in, there's blood on the street Put the boot in, you don't have to run Put the boot in, the war has just begun


who gave you the right to choose if we win or if we lose what gives you the right to say if we're free or locked away

magistrate, magistrate you're the cunt we all hate

fining people here and there they got no money but you don't care all they need is time to pay you say no and have 'em locked away

magistrate, magistrate you're the cunt we all hate

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