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 +====== Paroles ======
 +===== Lower Class Brats =====
 +==== Who writes your rules... ====
 +They come in 
 +droves trying to look mean
 +Fake blue dreads &; tey're wearing baggy jeans
 +They thnk they're cool, they think they're tough
 +But we know better, they're just pups
 +Who writes your rules for rebellion?
 +You'll buy anything that they're sellin'
 +Who writes your rules, who writes your rules?
 +Who writes your rules for rebellion?
 +Standing on the streets begging for my loot
 +I won't give you nothing except for my boot
 +Scream "Fuck the system" your the systems tool
 +Look at yourself man you're lookin' at a fool
 +You're trendy fucks, you're hippies with spikes
 +You're everything I hate &; nothing I like
 +You know everything &; you're only 16
 +Clame to be punks but you don't support the scene
 +==== Safety pinned &; sick ====
 +People come up to 
 +me every day
 +They ask me why I dress this way
 +They don't know what to say
 +When I spit on them &; walk away
 +I wanna stay safety pinned
 +Safety pinned &; sick
 +Safety pinned &;...
 +Guess I've always lived on the run
 +Lived my life like a loaded gun
 +With a quest to have fun
 +Guess I'm just a terminal Orphan
 +==== Riot in hyde park ====
 +43rd &; Speedway'
 +goin' up in flames
 +The kids are pissed, they're not playing games
 +Lefty hippies in brand new cars
 +Get in line, we're givin' out scars
 +You better lock your doors after dark
 +The kid's are about to make their mark
 +Wildfires burn from a spark
 +Let's go start a riot in Hyde Park
 +I'm lookin' for a riot in Hyde Park
 +Don't fight back or you will lose
 +We're taking over the avenues
 +Runnin' down Duval we all will meet
 +Tonight's the night we take to the steets
 +They're lining the backstreets of Ridgetop
 +Hiding in the shadows away from the cops
 +Bats in their hands &; clenched fists
 +They're getting pissed in West Campus
 +==== Do it again ====
 +Let's go out &; 
 +cause some troble
 +You're among friends so don't be humble
 +Let's go live life on the edge
 +And not give a shit what anyone says
 +Smash it up
 +Break it down
 +Turn it on 
 +Spin it around
 +Throw it sideways 
 +Pull it in 
 +Push it out
 +Let's do it again
 +Let's go out &; speek our minds
 +Let's lead the pack &; not fall behind
 +We'll always stand up tall &; straight
 +Feed off our pride &; not our hate
 +==== There's A difference ====
 +You're always 
 +talking at me
 +I can't hear what your sayin'
 +You say you know all the songs
 +But you don't know what we're playin'
 +You say that you "hear" me
 +But you never listen
 +You say you've seen it all 
 +But there's a lot your missing
 +T.V. Punks you know all About
 +Who prance around shout
 +Picture perfect post card bums
 +who know how to pout
 +There's 20 years of music
 +You'll never understand
 +You just wanna be a singer in an alternative band
 +You write your critiques about us
 +But you never read
 +You think it's dead &; dried up
 +Cuz you weren't willing to bleed
 +You want to be one of us
 +But you never will
 +You want to understand
 +But deep waters are still
 +==== Background Music ====
 +Kids on the 
 +streets doin' what we do best
 +Runnin' rampant &; lookin' sharp, leaving fuck all for the rest
 +Killin' time with a bottle in each hand
 +Don't you know it's us, we're gonna run this land
 +Skins &; Punks, a runnin' riot on the streets
 +Skins &; Punks, knowin' we can't be beat
 +Skins &; Punks, we're always gettin' the blame
 +Skins &; Punk, We're all in the same
 +We're not playing background music for all your fuckin fights
 +If we wanna go anywhere we gotta learn to unite
 +We're all here for the same reason,
 +Oi! Oi! havin' a laugh
 +We've gotta start movin' forward,
 +not be knocked back in the past
 +==== Orphans Don't Run ====
 +They laugh at us 
 +when we
 +Walk down the streets
 +Ten of them with weapons
 +Man we're gonna get beat because
 +Orphans don't run from no one
 +That's what we say
 +Orphans don't run from no one
 +We ain't going away
 +When you come into our parts
 +You better watch your step
 +We just hang out &; get drunk
 +Bur man we've got a rep. because
 +Get into a rumble and
 +Someone's gonna get hurt
 +It might end up bein' us
 +But we gotta protect our turf because
 +==== Start the Night ====
 +I just spent 8 
 +hours in hell
 +Just to attempt to pay my bills
 +And I can't seem to take it anymore
 +My feet hurt my back is bent
 +Just to attempt to pay my rent
 +But they'll never drag me to the floor
 +Come on down now
 +Let's hang out now
 +I feel alright
 +Come on down now
 +Let's hang out now
 +Let's start the night
 +I'll tell my boss to kiss my ass
 +A middle finger from the working class
 +Then tell him that I demand a raise
 +We've all been down that road before
 +For $5.00 and hour you're a whore
 +But the day is done so let's go out and play
 +==== Ultra Violence ====
 +Four young strong 
 +Fighting hard for their kicks
 +Come on down have a drink on us
 +A nice tall glass of Moloko Plus
 +Now it's time for a bit of the old 
 +Ultra Violence
 +Let's go out for a ride
 +In my Durango 95
 +I know just the place to go 
 +Everything's gonna be a real horror show
 +I think I need some ol' in-out
 +I need to find a Devotchka now
 +Before you know it your life is torn
 +When you live in a Clockwork Orange
 +==== Addicted to Oi! ====
 +You know, everyone 
 +we know
 +They all have their own drug
 +Mine just happens to be punk music
 +And drinkin' at the Pub
 +Cuz I, I, I,
 +I'm addicted to Oi!
 +I'm addicted to it
 +With it I leave my troubles behind
 +My problems are all gone
 +I just scream &; shout with my mates
 +And Pogo all night long
 +If you think you can handle this
 +Come with us you've made a friend
 +Cuz we're the youth &; these are the streets
 +And it will never end
 +==== The Process ====
 +When your boss 
 +wants to give you the boot
 +Goddamn fucker that wear the suit
 +There aint one that's good on this earth
 +Cuz they never wanna pay you what you're worth
 +And it's called the process
 +The process of weeding out
 +It makes me wanna fuckin' scream
 +And it makes me wanna shout
 +Life's too short 
 +To be treated like shit
 +So you stand up &; scream "Fuck you, I quit"
 +Now looking for a job puts you in the wrong
 +But that what the bastard wanted all along
 +==== Bite the Bullet ====
 +When your feelin' 
 +For you I'll be around
 +It's not hard to see
 +To believe in solidarity
 +Cuz you're my friend 
 +You are my family
 +Sometimes life is strange
 +And you get rearranged
 +And when you're in the brink
 +You gotta stop and think
 +You better start swimmin' man
 +Or your gonna sink
 +Money ain't heaven sent
 +When you can't pay your rent
 +There's one thing you know is true
 +There's one thing you gotta do
 +That's bite the bullet
 +And we'll see it through
 +==== Clockwork Fuse ====
 +Got my bowler on I 
 +feel so fine
 +We've been waitin' for a long long time
 +Steel-cap boots &; a smirk on my face
 +Out of our way we're tearing down this place
 +We aint' got a whole lot to lose
 +Light us up &; that the abuse
 +We're just another clockwork fuse
 +Light us up &; take the abuse
 +I'm with my friends I feel alright
 +Gotta get ready to start the night
 +If you look you'll find us here
 +We'll be the ones with a wrench in the gear
 +We ain't got a whole lot to lose
 +Light us up and take the abuse
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