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Lower Class Brats

Who writes your rules...

They come in droves trying to look mean Fake blue dreads &; tey're wearing baggy jeans They thnk they're cool, they think they're tough But we know better, they're just pups

Who writes your rules for rebellion? You'll buy anything that they're sellin' Who writes your rules, who writes your rules? Who writes your rules for rebellion?

Standing on the streets begging for my loot I won't give you nothing except for my boot Scream “Fuck the system” your the systems tool Look at yourself man you're lookin' at a fool

You're trendy fucks, you're hippies with spikes You're everything I hate &; nothing I like You know everything &; you're only 16 Clame to be punks but you don't support the scene

Safety pinned &; sick

People come up to me every day They ask me why I dress this way They don't know what to say When I spit on them &; walk away

I wanna stay safety pinned Safety pinned &; sick Safety pinned &;…

Guess I've always lived on the run Lived my life like a loaded gun With a quest to have fun Guess I'm just a terminal Orphan

Riot in hyde park

43rd &; Speedway's goin' up in flames The kids are pissed, they're not playing games Lefty hippies in brand new cars Get in line, we're givin' out scars

You better lock your doors after dark The kid's are about to make their mark Wildfires burn from a spark Let's go start a riot in Hyde Park I'm lookin' for a riot in Hyde Park

Don't fight back or you will lose We're taking over the avenues Runnin' down Duval we all will meet Tonight's the night we take to the steets

They're lining the backstreets of Ridgetop Hiding in the shadows away from the cops Bats in their hands &; clenched fists They're getting pissed in West Campus

Do it again

Let's go out &; cause some troble You're among friends so don't be humble Let's go live life on the edge And not give a shit what anyone says

Smash it up Break it down Turn it on Spin it around Throw it sideways Pull it in Push it out Let's do it again

Let's go out &; speek our minds Let's lead the pack &; not fall behind We'll always stand up tall &; straight Feed off our pride &; not our hate

There's A difference

You're always talking at me I can't hear what your sayin' You say you know all the songs But you don't know what we're playin' You say that you “hear” me But you never listen You say you've seen it all But there's a lot your missing T.V. Punks you know all About Who prance around shout Picture perfect post card bums who know how to pout There's 20 years of music You'll never understand You just wanna be a singer in an alternative band You write your critiques about us But you never read You think it's dead &; dried up Cuz you weren't willing to bleed You want to be one of us But you never will You want to understand But deep waters are still

Background Music

Kids on the streets doin' what we do best Runnin' rampant &; lookin' sharp, leaving fuck all for the rest Killin' time with a bottle in each hand Don't you know it's us, we're gonna run this land Skins &; Punks, a runnin' riot on the streets Skins &; Punks, knowin' we can't be beat Skins &; Punks, we're always gettin' the blame Skins &; Punk, We're all in the same We're not playing background music for all your fuckin fights If we wanna go anywhere we gotta learn to unite We're all here for the same reason, Oi! Oi! havin' a laugh We've gotta start movin' forward, not be knocked back in the past

Orphans Don't Run

They laugh at us when we Walk down the streets Ten of them with weapons Man we're gonna get beat because Chorus: Orphans don't run from no one That's what we say Orphans don't run from no one We ain't going away When you come into our parts You better watch your step We just hang out &; get drunk Bur man we've got a rep. because Get into a rumble and Someone's gonna get hurt It might end up bein' us But we gotta protect our turf because

Start the Night

I just spent 8 hours in hell Just to attempt to pay my bills And I can't seem to take it anymore My feet hurt my back is bent Just to attempt to pay my rent But they'll never drag me to the floor Chorus: Come on down now Let's hang out now I feel alright Come on down now Let's hang out now Let's start the night I'll tell my boss to kiss my ass A middle finger from the working class Then tell him that I demand a raise We've all been down that road before For $5.00 and hour you're a whore But the day is done so let's go out and play

Ultra Violence

Four young strong Chelloveks Fighting hard for their kicks Come on down have a drink on us A nice tall glass of Moloko Plus Chorus: Now it's time for a bit of the old Ultra Violence Let's go out for a ride In my Durango 95 I know just the place to go Everything's gonna be a real horror show I think I need some ol' in-out I need to find a Devotchka now Before you know it your life is torn When you live in a Clockwork Orange

Addicted to Oi!

You know, everyone we know They all have their own drug Mine just happens to be punk music And drinkin' at the Pub Chorus: Cuz I, I, I, I'm addicted to Oi! I'm addicted to it With it I leave my troubles behind My problems are all gone I just scream &; shout with my mates And Pogo all night long If you think you can handle this Come with us you've made a friend Cuz we're the youth &; these are the streets And it will never end

The Process

When your boss wants to give you the boot Goddamn fucker that wear the suit There aint one that's good on this earth Cuz they never wanna pay you what you're worth Chorus: And it's called the process The process of weeding out It makes me wanna fuckin' scream And it makes me wanna shout Life's too short To be treated like shit So you stand up &; scream “Fuck you, I quit” Now looking for a job puts you in the wrong But that what the bastard wanted all along

Bite the Bullet

When your feelin' down For you I'll be around It's not hard to see To believe in solidarity Cuz you're my friend You are my family Sometimes life is strange And you get rearranged And when you're in the brink You gotta stop and think You better start swimmin' man Or your gonna sink Money ain't heaven sent When you can't pay your rent There's one thing you know is true There's one thing you gotta do That's bite the bullet And we'll see it through

Clockwork Fuse

Got my bowler on I feel so fine We've been waitin' for a long long time Steel-cap boots &; a smirk on my face Out of our way we're tearing down this place We aint' got a whole lot to lose Light us up &; that the abuse We're just another clockwork fuse Light us up &; take the abuse I'm with my friends I feel alright Gotta get ready to start the night If you look you'll find us here We'll be the ones with a wrench in the gear We ain't got a whole lot to lose Light us up and take the abuse

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