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Last Resort


One day they will get you from behind Empty your pockets see you out of your mind You think itŽs funny when they ask for more YouŽll be sorry you never freed them before

All the kids stand on the streets Holes in the shoes on their feet Those skinny kids got nothing to eat But some day youŽll free em oh yeah

Your blind to what goes on today All the poverties on display You wonŽt see Žcos your so far away Until soon theyŽll be knocking on your door

All the kids will rule the streets Making our plans for us to meet We will fight Žtil the end For our right to our country men

Skinheads in sta press

Run amok and have fight Get pissed up cause a riot Smash windows and burn beach huts Tell the government to stuff the cuts

Cut the taxes one by one Cut them Žtil the job is done Show them how to be a pest Be a skinhead in Sta Press

They got more money then I got sense TheyŽre just after your last few pence Shine up your boots pour a pint LetŽs go protest tonight

The old bill try to take us down Bring us before The Crown Lock us up when we have fights Keep us of the street at night

Rebels With a Cause

Another day another night Another drink another fight Its a shame we get the blame Always wrong and never right

We're the new generation Searching for an explanation Football matches and Rock n Roll Makes us a little out of control

We're rebels with a cause (x2) We ain't simple, we aint fools We're rebels with a cause

On the streets it's still the same Another dawn, another day They want homes to call their own The rules are different, the games the same

People don't understand me 'Cause i play in a rock & roll band It's the only way i can make a stand We run in different games But we all feel just the same You know our name and you know our name (x2)

Born to win, born to lose

The right is ours which way we choose It don't matter what clothes you wear It's how you feel that makes you real

King Of The Jungle He watches the other beasts Quiet and dignified Claws like flicknifes He don't have to hide Waiting until the time is right Pouncing like a thief in the night But they keep on coming through the jungle track When they feel the power on the hour Wish they had turned back The air is fill with a mighty roar They stand there as always as before

The warrior's strong, the warrior's proud The warrior stands at the edge of the crowd The warrior's brave, the warrior's cool Even when he's got his back against the wall He's the king of the jungle

They stand by each other like a brother Like a lions pride They won't turn away or stray To the other side Even though they're few and far between They'll stand by you no matter where you've been

We Rule OK

The government policies are out of hand They ain't got a clue how to run this land Margaret Thatcher the stupid old bitch Takes from the poor and gives to the rich She thinks we can't see her plan To kill the spirit of the working class man Make us redundant, put us on the dole Put us in prisons without parole

They're a bunch of stuck up snobs They think kids are mindless yobs But we'll stop them in the end And they'll find out who are their friends

Maggies boys don't give a shit If you ain't a Tory then your face don't fit You can't get nothing for your pound These days you have to shop around

Be a rebel with a cause Fight against the stupid laws Stop ol' maggie once and for all Cos on the streets its us who rule


Smashing everything up in sight Making old ladies die with fright Wait until we reach our height Cos they bow down before us

Skinhead running along the street Looking looking hard Causing mayhem wherever we go Just for a laugh we let you know who rules

We're not gonna be dragged down In your sea of new fashions We will last, we will stay We will never change our ways

All the punks and romantics Will soon make a change They will always follow the times We will keep our ways

Rose Of England

I was feeling really sad Life was looking really bad Then you came onto the scene Crimson Rose so serene

English rose will never die

English rose will always stand Why we'll fight for English land Where you come from we don't care We're just glad that you are there

English rose is sweet and strong To this country you belong It will never wilt or cease To exist in war and peace.

Violence In Our Minds

I was walking down the road with a dozen pals of mine Looking for some aggro, just to pass the time We met this stupid hippy and he tried to run away But i punched him in the nose just to pass the time of day

Great big boots, great long laces Our jeans held up with scarlet braces Get out of our way or get took for a ride We've just got violence in our minds

Wake up in the morning, have me ready brek Drink me cup of Bovril and wring my mothers neck Strollinto town, beat a Soul Boy black and blue Put a fruit gum in the meter cos there's fuck all else to do

We go to football matches, we always have a laugh Always get some bovver in, before the second half We have our selve a smashing time, we really have some fun Especially when the odds are ours 25 to 1, to 1

Resort Bootboys

We wake up a 10 o'clock Put your boots on and go round the block We have a few beers and we joke around We make our way to the football ground We hate all the junkies, we hate all the grease We're only here to disturb the peace Wear Dr. Martens and wear levi's We are the resort bootboys We know its gonna be a hell of a game One - nil down its always the same But we don't really give a fuck Believe it or not, we're here for the ruck After the game we count all the scarves We jum all over some geezers car We lost the game but we won the fight I hope its on the box tonight

Red, White, & Blue

All thats true is the red, white, & Blue

England, England is my land It's the only life i understand From Carlisle down to the Dover Straights Our forefathers made us great

You took us in europe, it wasn't our choice We the people must have our voice No other flag will hold us back Cos our flag is the Union Jack

Call us hooligans, call us yobs In the war it's us who do the job No other country will make us slaves Britannia will rule the waves

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