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 +====== Paroles ======
 +===== Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards =====
 +==== 10 Plagues Of Egypt ====
 +Strictly academic no doubt about it
 +Like the 10 plagues of Egypt total epidemic
 +Israelites demand it freedom demanded
 +Waiting in the sand is how they planned it
 +Enter a series of calamites
 +All things considered humanities
 +All the days of biotech will witness
 +All the days of darkness
 +Well the river turned to blood and the fish diedThe lice arrived and so did the flies
 +Sickness to the animals sickness to the humans
 +And hunger hit and the land was stripped
 +Hail storm the locust swarm
 +Civic unrest total annihilation while the evil armies march across the barren wastelands
 +Starvation did come
 +Great valleys did flood earthquakes erupt volcanoes
 +==== Anti-Social ====
 +Anti, Anti-social
 +An heir apparent to a heathen nation
 +Oblivion here I come
 +A nomad walking I'm the son of Satan
 +Anti, Anti-social
 +Introverted only by introspection
 +Hellion what I've become
 +Invade your lives with evil and murder
 +Brace your life among the light's fluorescent shine I operate right through your spine
 +Blast in your foundation with chaos and aggression
 +You just might like what you will find
 +Just give it time, just give it time
 +Anti, anti-social I bring famine
 +Death and annihilation
 +Mideon a soul-less one
 +I'll greet you with fire and blasphemy
 +==== Army Of Zombies ====
 +It's the end of Camelot
 +And if you're ready or not
 +You can smell the rot of an army off zombies
 +The whole world's shakin and the bones are breakin
 +So don't you be mistaken 'cause we're setting the whole thing off
 +It's you it's me
 +Against an army of zombies
 +The temperature's risin
 +And the rhythm hypnotizing
 +The beat is uniting
 +A million people as one
 +The bomb is detonating
 +We're through delegating
 +No more commiserating
 +So shut your mouth and fight
 +==== Campbell, CA ====
 +Well the light from the alleys brings warmth to the night
 +We're meager disciples they gather in rite
 +It's time for the indignant paupers to speak
 +This town belongs to me
 +The gravel lines archways
 +The perilous streets were desperate deeds
 +Find buyers in heaps
 +God bless the concrete and chaos it keeps
 +This town belongs to me
 +The wind from the ocean it whistles in trees
 +My mouth stagnated by the cold that is brings
 +The end of the world is closer than it seems
 +This town belongs to me.
 +==== Dead American ====
 +Trench warfare dug in deep brutal bloody No retreat
 +American dead better than red another politician with a debt on his head
 +Bodies ripped covered in shit Napalm blitz the City is lit
 +Bombs blast mustard gas throat slash truncheon smash
 +Another story about another dead American...
 +One more story about a dead American.
 +Blitzkrieg flames buildings ablaze killings fields where the bodies decay
 +Torture racks machine gun racks never surrender it's an all-out attack
 +Money whores open soars plan quiet wars behind closed doors
 +Clandestine games human remains cyanide genocide
 +One more story about a dead American.
 +==== Six Foot Five ====
 +Coco March morning northern California back in 1973
 +He grew up quick and told that he was nothing till the day he turned 16
 +Broke outta town though he left a trail of violence a mile wide
 +No one knew little Jay Woods would end up Six Foot Five.
 +Five days a week he's working late shift at the C.B.S. Lumberyard
 +On the weekend he plays a little Rock And Roll on his 100 dollar bass guitar
 +How do you survive on those nickels and dimes his mother once did say
 +Put down your guitar get a good job cause Rock and Roll doesn't pay no it don't
 +Skinhead Roots Reggae Rock & Roll on parole
 +He said I don't wanna be more no fucking more
 +Big Jay's got no problem unless you wanna start one I suggest that you don't
 +Stay if you wanna make trouble he's quick to bust your bubble and send you on your way
 +Bustin our jaws his friends are outlaws
 +From their boots to their mutton chops
 +Most hated crew you know that they are true to the punx in the bastards
 +==== Leavin' Here ====
 +Hey, fellows, have you heard the news?
 +The girls on the town are being misused.
 +I seen it all in a dream last night.
 +Girls leaving this town 'cause you don't treat 'em right.
 +I'm leaving, leaving here, (x2)
 +Hey, you fellows, better change your ways
 +Or they'll be leaving this town in a matter of days.
 +The girls say, and it rings so true,
 +We fellows run around with someone new.
 +I'm leaving, leaving here, (x2)
 +Yeah, one by one
 +Yeah, two by two
 +Yeah, three by three
 +Yeah, four by four.
 +Loving woman is a wonderful thing
 +But the way that we treat 'em is a crying shame.
 +One day, one day, and it won't belong.
 +And all them fine chicks be gone.
 +I'm leaving, leaving here, (x2)
 +Hey, you fellows, better change your ways
 +Or they'll be leaving this town in a matter of days.
 +The girls say, and it rings so true,
 +We fellows run around with someone new.
 +I'm leaving, leaving here, (x2)
 +Yeah, one by one
 +Yeah, two by two
 +Yeah, three by three
 +Yeah, four by four,
 +Oh yeah, Oh, yeah hah,
 +I'm leaving here.
 +==== Skunx ====
 +In '82 I was the young one in the bunch
 +Initiation started and ended with a punch
 +As I got older I got scars to prove my worth
 +More times than others I fell face first in the dirt
 +Wo ho ho can't you see, you'll never take the gang outta me.
 +Runt in a pack of wolves
 +I was nosed up to the front
 +I preyed on the weekend soldiers who couldn't take the hunt
 +Like Julius Caesar waited for the knife stuck in his bike
 +I stood so proud and tall and I won't go out like that.
 +Wo ho ho can't you see -- you'll never take the gang outta me.
 +Well all the kings before I cut down with my axe
 +I stoop atop this world alone without a scratch
 +With another victory I basked right under the sun
 +My war was over but a new one has begun
 +Wo ho ho can't you see -- you'll never take the gang outta me!
 +==== Subterranean ====
 +Gordy's lightin fires smoking dope slashing tires
 +Brian Giffens lyin about the girls he's pullin in
 +Rabbit's smoking crack sayin I got a problem
 +Drinking too much and doin heroin
 +Skinhead Lori got the glory Pasta's bass a different story
 +Benny stole the sign right off the club caravan
 +Becker got a job
 +Erin went out on the nod
 +Knucklehead went to jail again
 +A subterranean perfume come a creepin round my nose
 +I know I'm with the cretins and deceitful lyin whores
 +I walk along these avenues for all of them I own
 +A destitute hopeless man with barely any clothes
 +Packs of lies like animals keep me runnin the night
 +Well I've withstood a decade in the vulture's line of sight
 +When the rivers of the innocent begin to overflow
 +I wait there for the spirits and I eat them to the bone
 +Well there's a carnival of souls in the factory cells
 +Where the false prophets promise you Heaven and Hell
 +I scourge the underbelly of the city's seedy side
 +I monopolize in lawlessness deceitfulness and bribes
 +I'm the Anti-Christ a Poltergeist
 +I demand a sacrifice
 +I ain't so nice so be advised pure instinct I've survived
 +Mocking screams with laughter after you I'm comin after
 +I'm the pariah that brings the rapture and the seals I've opened wide
 +Robert showed up loaded got pissed and exploded
 +Yellin at Wes the skin for spillin beer
 +Terry Root came on in to calm it all down
 +Said, c'mon man we all gotta be in here
 +Dibble fought in his own war joined the Provo Marine corps
 +Alicia's got a problem with her man again
 +Gabe and Burl and some girl went to the end of the world Looking for weed from Joe Lenihan
 +...Hey! This is Lars over here... and I tell you what, I'm just as fucked up as all those guys. But you know, that's just the way I remembered it. The Skunx. Yeah, the crew, the Skunx. That song's for all you guys. You know, past, the present, the dead, the alive. I'll always remember you...
 +==== Vietnam ====
 +When I came back from Saigon
 +Everyone turned their head
 +No one put their hand out
 +No one shared their bread
 +I lost my wife, I lost my job, I lost my brother too
 +Blue collar kids got nothing to do with it
 +Nightmares of jungles and M-16's
 +Hippies give me shit in my army greens
 +Now I'm running the streets of Birmingham
 +25 years since Vietnam
 +Some pull jobs some pull scams
 +But I'm just doing the best I can
 +Well it's very hard to realize that there's no love no more
 +The day I got on the plane was the day that I left the war
 +Arrived in Heatheron on a red eye flight
 +Down Kellet road I scored for the night
 +I took the tube through London town
 +When I woke up I was on mid land ground
 +Running the streets of Birmingham
 +25 years since Vietnam
 +Some pull jobs and some pull scams
 +But I'm just doing the best I can.
 +Vietnam... Vietnam... Vietnam
 +==== To Have And To Have Not ====
 +Up in the morning and out to school
 +Mother says there be no work next year
 +Quantifications once the Golden Rule are now just pieces of paper
 +Just because you're better than me doesn't mean I'm lazy.
 +Just because you're going forwards doesn't mean I'm going backwards.
 +Well if you look the part well then you'll get the job in last year's trousers and your old school shoes
 +The truth is son it's a buyer's market they can afford to pick and choose
 +Just because you're better than me doesn't mean I'm lazy
 +Just because I dress like this doesn't mean I'm a Communist.
 +Well the factory's are closing and the army's full
 +I don't know what I'm going to do
 +But I've come to see in the land of the free
 +There's only room or a dozen few
 +Well at 21 you're atop of the scrap heap
 +At 16 you were top of your class
 +Well I dropped outta high school in Cambell, CA
 +Got a guitar and I never looked back
 +==== Wine And Roses ====
 +Bring on the days of wine and roses
 +Riot squads and fire hoses
 +Two leaders try to speak but they don't make a sound
 +Autocrats run but they don't move around
 +Big money mergers but does that move ya
 +X-Ray vision I see right through ya
 +Do you remember when it was all bleak and black
 +When the old man move forwards and he never look back
 +But no one has a job no it's crime and torture
 +Cocaine epidemic and steel vultures stuck inside a fire
 +That is a cleanin super power contenders
 +No one is daring one super power left
 +Psychotic killer world wide assault ya it's a thriller
 +you don't want to be the one who's got to go to jail
 +If you're lucky I.M.F. will hook you up and you'll make bail
 +The menace of success oppress rebellion
 +The men who play chess with the human weapons
 +The rally of ideas is the question
 +The city awaits total annihilation
 +Living under the muzzle of a gun this is no holiday in the sun
 +It's disturbing it's subversion
 +"V" is not for victory but for vacant homes
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