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Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards

10 Plagues Of Egypt

Strictly academic no doubt about it Like the 10 plagues of Egypt total epidemic Israelites demand it freedom demanded Waiting in the sand is how they planned it Enter a series of calamites All things considered humanities All the days of biotech will witness All the days of darkness Well the river turned to blood and the fish diedThe lice arrived and so did the flies Sickness to the animals sickness to the humans And hunger hit and the land was stripped Hail storm the locust swarm Civic unrest total annihilation while the evil armies march across the barren wastelands Starvation did come Great valleys did flood earthquakes erupt volcanoes


Anti, Anti-social An heir apparent to a heathen nation Oblivion here I come A nomad walking I'm the son of Satan Anti, Anti-social Introverted only by introspection Hellion what I've become Invade your lives with evil and murder Brace your life among the light's fluorescent shine I operate right through your spine Blast in your foundation with chaos and aggression You just might like what you will find Just give it time, just give it time Anti, anti-social I bring famine Death and annihilation Mideon a soul-less one I'll greet you with fire and blasphemy

Army Of Zombies

It's the end of Camelot And if you're ready or not You can smell the rot of an army off zombies The whole world's shakin and the bones are breakin So don't you be mistaken 'cause we're setting the whole thing off It's you it's me Against an army of zombies The temperature's risin And the rhythm hypnotizing The beat is uniting A million people as one The bomb is detonating We're through delegating No more commiserating So shut your mouth and fight

Campbell, CA

Well the light from the alleys brings warmth to the night We're meager disciples they gather in rite It's time for the indignant paupers to speak This town belongs to me The gravel lines archways The perilous streets were desperate deeds Find buyers in heaps God bless the concrete and chaos it keeps This town belongs to me The wind from the ocean it whistles in trees My mouth stagnated by the cold that is brings The end of the world is closer than it seems This town belongs to me.

Dead American

Trench warfare dug in deep brutal bloody No retreat American dead better than red another politician with a debt on his head Bodies ripped covered in shit Napalm blitz the City is lit Bombs blast mustard gas throat slash truncheon smash Another story about another dead American… One more story about a dead American. Blitzkrieg flames buildings ablaze killings fields where the bodies decay Torture racks machine gun racks never surrender it's an all-out attack Money whores open soars plan quiet wars behind closed doors Clandestine games human remains cyanide genocide One more story about a dead American.

Six Foot Five

Coco March morning northern California back in 1973 He grew up quick and told that he was nothing till the day he turned 16 Broke outta town though he left a trail of violence a mile wide No one knew little Jay Woods would end up Six Foot Five. Five days a week he's working late shift at the C.B.S. Lumberyard On the weekend he plays a little Rock And Roll on his 100 dollar bass guitar How do you survive on those nickels and dimes his mother once did say Put down your guitar get a good job cause Rock and Roll doesn't pay no it don't Skinhead Roots Reggae Rock & Roll on parole He said I don't wanna be more no fucking more Big Jay's got no problem unless you wanna start one I suggest that you don't Stay if you wanna make trouble he's quick to bust your bubble and send you on your way Bustin our jaws his friends are outlaws From their boots to their mutton chops Most hated crew you know that they are true to the punx in the bastards

Leavin' Here

Hey, fellows, have you heard the news? The girls on the town are being misused. I seen it all in a dream last night. Girls leaving this town 'cause you don't treat 'em right.

I'm leaving, leaving here, (x2) Hey, you fellows, better change your ways Or they'll be leaving this town in a matter of days. The girls say, and it rings so true, We fellows run around with someone new. I'm leaving, leaving here, (x2) Yeah, one by one Yeah, two by two Yeah, three by three Yeah, four by four.

Loving woman is a wonderful thing But the way that we treat 'em is a crying shame. One day, one day, and it won't belong. And all them fine chicks be gone.

I'm leaving, leaving here, (x2) Hey, you fellows, better change your ways Or they'll be leaving this town in a matter of days. The girls say, and it rings so true, We fellows run around with someone new. I'm leaving, leaving here, (x2) Yeah, one by one Yeah, two by two Yeah, three by three Yeah, four by four, Oh yeah, Oh, yeah hah, I'm leaving here.


In '82 I was the young one in the bunch Initiation started and ended with a punch As I got older I got scars to prove my worth More times than others I fell face first in the dirt Wo ho ho can't you see, you'll never take the gang outta me. Runt in a pack of wolves I was nosed up to the front I preyed on the weekend soldiers who couldn't take the hunt Like Julius Caesar waited for the knife stuck in his bike I stood so proud and tall and I won't go out like that. Wo ho ho can't you see – you'll never take the gang outta me. Well all the kings before I cut down with my axe I stoop atop this world alone without a scratch With another victory I basked right under the sun My war was over but a new one has begun Wo ho ho can't you see – you'll never take the gang outta me!


Gordy's lightin fires smoking dope slashing tires Brian Giffens lyin about the girls he's pullin in Rabbit's smoking crack sayin I got a problem Drinking too much and doin heroin Skinhead Lori got the glory Pasta's bass a different story Benny stole the sign right off the club caravan Becker got a job Erin went out on the nod Knucklehead went to jail again A subterranean perfume come a creepin round my nose I know I'm with the cretins and deceitful lyin whores I walk along these avenues for all of them I own A destitute hopeless man with barely any clothes Packs of lies like animals keep me runnin the night Well I've withstood a decade in the vulture's line of sight When the rivers of the innocent begin to overflow I wait there for the spirits and I eat them to the bone Well there's a carnival of souls in the factory cells Where the false prophets promise you Heaven and Hell I scourge the underbelly of the city's seedy side I monopolize in lawlessness deceitfulness and bribes I'm the Anti-Christ a Poltergeist I demand a sacrifice I ain't so nice so be advised pure instinct I've survived Mocking screams with laughter after you I'm comin after I'm the pariah that brings the rapture and the seals I've opened wide Robert showed up loaded got pissed and exploded Yellin at Wes the skin for spillin beer Terry Root came on in to calm it all down Said, c'mon man we all gotta be in here Dibble fought in his own war joined the Provo Marine corps Alicia's got a problem with her man again Gabe and Burl and some girl went to the end of the world Looking for weed from Joe Lenihan

…Hey! This is Lars over here… and I tell you what, I'm just as fucked up as all those guys. But you know, that's just the way I remembered it. The Skunx. Yeah, the crew, the Skunx. That song's for all you guys. You know, past, the present, the dead, the alive. I'll always remember you…


When I came back from Saigon Everyone turned their head No one put their hand out No one shared their bread I lost my wife, I lost my job, I lost my brother too Blue collar kids got nothing to do with it Nightmares of jungles and M-16's Hippies give me shit in my army greens Now I'm running the streets of Birmingham 25 years since Vietnam Some pull jobs some pull scams But I'm just doing the best I can Well it's very hard to realize that there's no love no more The day I got on the plane was the day that I left the war Arrived in Heatheron on a red eye flight Down Kellet road I scored for the night I took the tube through London town When I woke up I was on mid land ground Running the streets of Birmingham 25 years since Vietnam Some pull jobs and some pull scams But I'm just doing the best I can. Vietnam… Vietnam… Vietnam

To Have And To Have Not

Up in the morning and out to school Mother says there be no work next year Quantifications once the Golden Rule are now just pieces of paper Just because you're better than me doesn't mean I'm lazy. Just because you're going forwards doesn't mean I'm going backwards. Well if you look the part well then you'll get the job in last year's trousers and your old school shoes The truth is son it's a buyer's market they can afford to pick and choose Just because you're better than me doesn't mean I'm lazy Just because I dress like this doesn't mean I'm a Communist. Well the factory's are closing and the army's full I don't know what I'm going to do But I've come to see in the land of the free There's only room or a dozen few Well at 21 you're atop of the scrap heap At 16 you were top of your class Well I dropped outta high school in Cambell, CA Got a guitar and I never looked back

Wine And Roses

Bring on the days of wine and roses Riot squads and fire hoses Two leaders try to speak but they don't make a sound Autocrats run but they don't move around Big money mergers but does that move ya X-Ray vision I see right through ya Do you remember when it was all bleak and black When the old man move forwards and he never look back But no one has a job no it's crime and torture Cocaine epidemic and steel vultures stuck inside a fire That is a cleanin super power contenders No one is daring one super power left Psychotic killer world wide assault ya it's a thriller you don't want to be the one who's got to go to jail If you're lucky I.M.F. will hook you up and you'll make bail The menace of success oppress rebellion The men who play chess with the human weapons The rally of ideas is the question The city awaits total annihilation Living under the muzzle of a gun this is no holiday in the sun It's disturbing it's subversion “V” is not for victory but for vacant homes

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