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...And You Wear Too Much Make-Up

As empty words poured from her lips - as the vanity suffocates may I never breathe your name may I never suffer your presence may you never need to feel the same and I'd like to, I'd like to wish it away burn it to ash Erasing shadows that you've cast

At the Wake

How does it feel? How does it feel? all of your dreams - well did they ever come true? and did you get what you want? how does it feel to be alive? stare into the eyes of all your dead friends you're the one that did this to them stare into the eyes of all your dead friends all these ghosts no longer children stare into the eyes of all your dead friends you were met with resistance you fought hard, you persisted now look back on your transgressions head in hands this is your punishment - and this is your penance this is your reward - trophies and tombstones How does it feel to be alive?


I BELIEVE… in eternal life, in myself, live forever, in immortality I believe in a world free of excessive desire a world filled with compassion and sensitivity not senseless murder, hate and material obsession one life that condescends upon the importance of possession I believe in myself, I believe we are more than just simply bodies I believe in a million tomorrows and a life after death I've never asked for anything from life I'd rather give than take from it I've never turned my back, I never will This life is what we make of it I believe that dreams destroy - that we are more than just bodies in myself - in a million tomorrows - in human nature - in equality I believe


Millions are enslaved at the hands of intangible gods They submit their souls to the merciful unknown Faith is not a savior - don't give in your grace You're drowning in your holy water you know theres no escape You've been seized - by the greed known as faith Your false prophecy - sacrificed lies clenched so tight - Do not believe the myths. I will not fall victim to their lies. Burning Saints (lyrics by Artie) Where is the center of the world? arrogance is ignorance, arrogance is blinding Empires are temporary - every government is temporary no standard prevails - nothing lasts forever your assimilation is at hand shield your eyes from the sun and kneel and pray waiting for the destruction of the new roman empire waiting for the end of televised war and plastic culture reaching across the world and spreading like a fucking cancer Amputate it, sterilize it and start all over


Selfishness fuels the need to satisfy their greed Rape and take this flesh- take them for what they're worth Eye for an eye in punishment for their sins- and now I act in defense of the defenseless Cowards! - human liberation- for the dying civilization- Selfishness fuels the need to satisfy their greed- animal liberation- for the dying civilization cowards lead this genocide innocent life objectified “Unseen they suffer unheard they cry in loneliness they linger in agony they die.”


You're running away from your enemies you submit to every attack everybody gets their chance to wrap their hands around your neck this is how life imitates death nothing changes - nothing moves spend your final hours hearing roaches crawl across your casket lid hear the soil falling over your head it buries you - weakness crawling on floors and trying to hide yourself in dirt and in cracks disaster follows you so cross your filthy fingers behind your back circumstance makes you the victim that's what you want to believe But you become the vermin that you hate when you let weakness keep you safe Let's just say that I went back inside to pull you out Then you said that you'd much rather crawl Let's just say that I left you there to rot away you're so determined - chest dragging… CRAWL - you're crawling while I live, I may fail - but I will never be weak

Crucifix Escapist

Dead souls rising to the jailers of the dying Hear our crying as we cast thy sinners down An angel fell from hell with its wings aflame Having served my time in your paradise of torture and despair To play the harps of sin Crucifix escapist


Every day is another nail in your coffin sealed inside and forgetting all light take as much as you can -shove it down and coke on the best years of your life this is life - so welcome to it this is life - it's the way it is this is life - so get used to it this is life - it doesn't get any better than this sacrifice every part of yourself and each day you will never get back and no matter how much you give they will still take it - take it all away take it - take it all away you will never survive this life you gave too much of yourself away you can't survive this life - you're dead you've sealed yourself away sealed away from the rest of the world


indivisible - we are sworn a pledge, a vow, a promise - we are sworn| indivisible- we are sworn a pledge, a vow, a promise in times of need of consolation you're there like my conscience giving me strength like no one else I can feel you teaching me about myself I can feel you letting me know you are there you're my security- I bleed for no one else my destiny lies in your eyes - I can feel it, I can see it your security keeps me alive- I can feel it, I can see it


in complete disregard for innocent human life in complete disregard for the welfare of mankind destroy your surroundings and let others deal with your mistakes “I'll die for my freedom” I don't think freedom is what's at stake we'll burn the bias - break the chains shun the blame and take the blame for the final time to shun the persecution of a lifetime

Dream Come True

You build up all that hope, all that faith to watch it all disappear Dreams fulfilled are as good as dead worse than a dream that never came true dreams die when they come true dreams die when there?s no hope nothing to live for nothing to hope for nothing to dream of nothing to wish for nothing to believe in nothing to dream of nothing to hope for nothing to die for dreams die when they come true dreams die when there's no hope

End of a Short Rope

Waking up suicidal penniless, broken and a wasted getting used to the desperation - the sweat, the panic can't find a reason to maintain this charade why the fuck should I keep going when every day gets more meaningless? what do you want me to say? everything is not ok I used to think that I was good enough but now the easiest decisions are just too much you have your status and all of your money so don't presume to understand so don't patronize me privileged fucker you could never know what it's like to feel so starved at the end of a short rope at the end of every night - ask yourself what is left of your life? it's a disease

False Prophet Preaching

preach common sense and call it religion tell me not to kill and now I must worship you? you're invisible - I can't see you you're inaudible - I can't hear you feed the hungry - clothe the naked starve the hungry - choke the thirsty let them all bleed dry in my grasp no angels stalk - stalk, stalk, stalk I am reborn - I know apocalypse (and no one fucking tells me) what is wrong and what is right


for 1200 days and nights I remained sleepless only seemed to lie recounting in a dream that disappeared long ago as hours grew to days grew to months grew to years regretfully it appears that this dream was nothing but a foregone conclusion left to spend my waking days refuting the illusion put my mind to rest and strengthen my will display to me your fidelity and put my mind to rest transparent walls that enclose (fracture) separating us from the words of those words untold never cease to repeat nothing superior could I aspire to create


no one is born a bigot there is no mind more open than a child's but teach a child prejudice, hatred and that mind begins to close until a racist is born evil is not innate, no child knows color teaching their children to lie, prejudge and be close-minded sometimes what we don't teach our children is more important than what we do it's relentless this ignorance that infects us all it has come to be what we expect perpetuated by years of ignorance passed on through the generations but we won't be deceived why are we born with blood on our hands and sin on our minds? why are we born with guilt and a blade hanging over our heads? evil seems instinctual, what's right must be pursued why are the tools no longer given to us? why have we rights to abuse? we refuse to be guilty

Hallowed Be Thy Name

I question the sin systemized beliefs organized identity in honor in fear at the mercy so we worship the lies are not the host Stockholm syndrome - passed down, let down promise me salvation, promise me deliverance Who should I fall for? Who should I fall to? Who should I die for? Who will collapse me? FOR THOSE I LOVE I WILL SACRIFICE NOT FOR THOSE I'VE NEVER SEEN Hallowed be thy name

Hello Cruel World

Your popularity contest veiled as a revolution wallow in misery, suffer your celebrity hold your status above me hold it high above me wallow in your misery, suffer your celebrity you hold a special place in my heart with handshakes and smiling faces… …and all your actions, they have a reason premeditated compliments your life - contorted, contrived - and you play the part so well in their lives I've seen compromise but I will not compromise your game, your rules, you win I am their slave I'm just a pawn in their game Labels make the best the best targets persecution is its own reward so still you carry your cross for all to see why live without an audience? in their lives I've seen compromise but I will not compromise complacent slave!

The Higher Side of Low

swallowing an ocean of absence soaking in the tortured admissions and passionate denials the absent friends and enemies, the manufactured threats the crushing weight of memories are all that I have left the absence of feeling - no love, no pity, no hate and the absence of anything as what's left of me drowns in waves of mindless apathy, submerged in total despair dilute the venom of misery see the world through the bottom of a glass as all sensation separates from a numbing heart another dosage of the antidote suffocates emotion before it starts the same depression the same fear…constant frustration at the same reflected stares …but cold flesh protects my mind like a clear, smooth, hard bottle-glass skull from crushing volumes of nothing

How Far the Mighty Have Fallen

never trust in a mortal a pale symbol of your integrity aiding your quest to magnify your name take my place - I had plans to leave somewhere far from this triviality (insanity) pedestals that are self made tend to crumble as the spotlight fades something's got to give and quick your ego conquered your soul something's got to give and quick extremists are always the first to go the world doesn't need another hero

Last Beat Of My Heart

in a wave of forgiveness on angels wings we dare to breathe reach out your hands don't turn your back, don't walk away How in the world could i wish for this? never to be torn apart close to you until the last beat of my heart at the close of day these words in shadow play here and now - here and now my heart cries out the naked bone of an echo says “don't walk away” reach out your hands reach our your hands - i'm just a step away


you're always pointing fingers you're too blind to be to proud to blame yourself and too afraid to see you're always pointing fingers they should be pointed inward you're the one at fault you're too blind to see the truth no more of your - no more lies waste my - time with your lies - your lies excuses are what failures are made of but I'm no failure I point the finger inward I'm not looking for a scapegoat I am…I am…I am.. the truth!

Making People Apologize For Accusing You of Things You Actually Did

extinction of existence pending close behind burning through the wake - the desire to seize the day extinction of existence pending close behind burning through the wake I escape Into the light through fire and nails at our backs and thorns at my side and friends on fire will you quench my thirst with this holy dirt? living at the hour of our deaths yet I strive still with god against my will and thorns against my face set aflame the human race Ashes in my eyes Set fire to your lies

May Be Monitored to Assure Quality Control

Our teeth break on nails yet we chew on them still as moths to a flame no one is saved no one still lives driven by guilt and greed and numb to all extremes and you want everything in arms reach gorge yourself on images and promises but what do you have? what do you feel? what do you want besides more? what is your definition of what is real? who uses you and what for? sculpted, written in stone: the myth of “satisfaction” reach out for the intangible chase your fantasy in to the wasteland shit breeding shit - this what is left of us shit breeding shit - what has become of us? “give me convenience or give me death” this is what rapes us, makes us and breaks us every fucking day

Most Precious Blood

Count me out of your aspirations as I tear down your ambitions no devotion, no obligation as contagions fill the air you've exhausted every option it's time to tear you down I will not surrender my soul tighten the noose around our necks tighten the noose around my soul…

Never Again

swallowed again I fell in too deep I reach out my hand only to fall witness to my shadows blood these eyes have never betrayed next time I'll know better this wrong will make me right this wrong will make you right I burn these memories your tears feed the fire my veins flood with regret I can see right through you I was so blind - never again a bleed like a leech because I was so attached obsessed, a parasite to your promises you broke me in two because I wouldn?t bend I held on too tight lost my grasp in the end - (you were never there) here I am where you promised that I'd never be The vacancy of my soul- tearing itself never say goodbye! Never again I was so blind


no racism no respect no regret no religion (no rest) NO.

No Place Like Home

bound by inability and left to suffer the absence words have failed me once again attempts at completion have again left me empty fate's design has forced me to live without and when I close my eyes I envision one so undeserving of your presence one who does not appreciate you as I one who needs not struggle with your absence

One Last Time

cast me into darkness and rob me of all prosperity turn myself against myself try and recreate me are you obsessed with possession or possessed by obsession? drained absolute - still I bleed screaming silent - still I bleed take me for what I'm worth and let me disintegrate in your arms, one last time let me die where I always wanted to die so I break this glass with such intent with hopes to erase all I never wanted to forget bleed me inside out with your eyes as I walk through your lies one last time (bleed me) you're gonna need more to destroy.


I refuse to relive my past live with no discretion in my head all the hours I was living inside I was dead I refuse to reflect upon a past that I now regret because living with the past is harder than it is to forget its your choice discard your final chance destined to die by your own hand I'll bleed for my faults and I'll die for my cause true in every breath to myself til my death for all of the time that you wasted away a year of life for every wasted day a constant reminder of what I used to be but you will never blind me with your negativity


we'll all suffer for what we've done we pay no mind but we're all guilty we were created and will be taken away just the same and we'll beg and plead and wish and fade away NO HEAVEN NO HELL NO HERE NO NOW false sense fooled by society we've been deceived betrayed once again I have taken part and for that I am at fault I've lent a hand in destroying humanity we'll be judged we'll be punished we'll take responsibility once and for all NO HEAVEN NO HELL NO HERE NO NOW!


believed to be a revolution but to most just a style superiority at others exclusion disdain for those defiled just another form of segregation - emboldened enforcing your ideals step back - reconsider your position step back and try to deal in something real i'm not turning back to the vow i made to my soul do it for yourself not to assume some role to shut out and segregate was not the original intent it seems we've lost sight of what it once meant what it once meant its not a question of worth but its worth questioning…

Release the Cure

Our pain is profit, health is poverty unveil the truth - we've swallowed lies they've stripped us clean - tied us to their machines one death is tragedy - billions the industry Epidemics equal revenue plugged in for life as you wear that caring disguise how many more lies am I insured for? we pay for research while we live in disease so sick and tired as we wait…(for you to) Release the cure How many more lies are you prepared to sell? I'll swallow another pill as I drown in my wishing well searching for something more by the light of a fading torch weeding us out, keeping us down - involuntary unnatural selection bleed out the money before we are dead force us to wait as the infection spreads all this time the clock is ticking this is not what you'd call living…


eternal life on earth - a resurrection my resurrection my blood still flows I have a purpose I have unfinished business I was taken to early I have a dream - it was a mistake I haven't kept my promise - I need more time bring me back if just for one day I have a purpose - I broke my promise my dream was killed - somebody took me away why? why? why? why? is there life after death? bring me back if just for one day born again betrayed again

Safe Haven

this time it's all over again - destroyed again and let down again built up again to be torn down again this time it's all over again built up again to be torn down again you became a memory awkward in your presence that state of mind separation from devotion I have no regrets except for everything if I offered eternity you'd still expect more run and run you'll never run far enough I know where you go when you're afraid


Just a man…imperfect…vulnerable why can't my words be seen for what they are an expression of my ongoing struggle I am not your culture I am not your shelter I am not your addiction I am not your solution running with my head down the blood fills my mouth - the sting fills my eyes dying to avoid the sight of the endless struggle to find an end to this passion play of which we?re all a part the depths we'll fall to…for the love of… don?t want to carry it anymore - the weight on my shoulders your hands around my neck not seen as an attempt to dig deeper with myself and now it's my cross to bear

Save Me

where did you go and where were you running to? how could you not know I would come after you? this comes and goes in waves and in spirals nothing is permanent - nothing is final Save me where did you go and where were you running to? and so you asked but why should I answer you? that's one thing I never told anyone because I'm saving that for when the end comes save me save me from the great white noise save me from the spirals and the tides save me from the passage of time and save me from what I've done to myself


your fighting yourself - against these same walls your own opposition - and you're at it again in the mirror your hands clenched - it's fists against flesh in the shadows in the mirrors it's deja vu again it's you once again the same walls your blood shatters - it's you against you what do you have to prove? - there's nothing I can do but watch yourself fight yourself - into a corner got yourself against the ropes fight against yourself and you will always win shadowboxing kill yourself fight yourself tear down the blood walls with shadowed swings and you've won once again fight yourself kill your self and you've won again exclusive adversary personal opposition but you don't realize fight yourself you'll always win

Sharpener / Falling in Love is like Setting Yourself on Fire and Hoping You Won?t Get Burned

I'm not a part of your life anymore your life is not a part of me anymore you're not a part of yourself anymore your puzzle has one too many pieces my veins are open awaiting incision my hands are open clutching at nothing and it burns me through what's become of you misunderstood I've done all I could cut me open - deeper still the more you say the more of me you kill words that cut me to the bone a constant reminder of all that you?ve done and it burns me through knowing that there is nothing I can do


a slave to impulse set your desire on fire can't take your eyes off the flame and all you dream of is fame bleed the eyes that victimize - a cannibal, an animal your feigned compassion slips with every word that passes your lips where then where will we be when there's nothing left to heed you are not your compassion - so much thought with such little action how does it feel to know that everything you can do has been done before so many times before how does it feel to know that everything you can say has been said before so many times before ==== Suspension of Disbelief ==== Authority is based on nothing but intimidation they live to instill fear to compensate for the courage that they lack their power is an illusion kept alive by those it abuses and by those who sit back and watch while others suffer the subjugation so I won't break and I won't bend no compromises - I'm not giving them another inch I won't break and I won't bend their power is a fucking lie it's false power - their power is nothing but a lie acknowledging the power structure is the first step towards allowing it to dominate you by living inside the system's confines you allow yourself to be controlled and supervised constantly under their surveillance isn't it time you recognized what it means to live above and outside their laws by obeying your very own moral code? hasn't too much time been wasted staying right where society placed you? aren't our lives far too short to waste even one more minute standing in line? Yes! when no one fears them no one respects them no one runs from them watch them as they disappear Their power is a lie

This Time Tomorrow

carve your name into my chest burn myself down till there's nothing left concrete rushes up to meet my fading heart death is the climax of all emotion tear me down - let me fall what we once held so dear disintegrates in our hands this time tomorrow - where will I be? this time tomorrow - where will you be? this time

Those Homophobic

i keep stupidity by my side i've got stupid masculine pride i use hatred to express fear there's a reason they're called queer love as! Some church defines it! Expressed! As we'd confine it suffers! the undeserving don't look for mercy in these eyes why can't they just do whats right? its not love that brought them here there's a reason they're called queer love is love!

Through the Wasteland Go Searching We

through the wasteland, forward to death closer to it with every step in stale air we draw a breath in the midst of life we are in debt and closer still with every step through the wasteland forward to death once we were so young and lived so carelessly now through the wasteland go searching we life feeds on life - as parasite to host dust returns to dust and in god we rust….slowly, in god we rust wastelands of regret like you could never imagine trying hard to forget defeated aspirations but each day your hands shake in fear of what comes next what comes next?

To Live and Die in New York City

they measure success by what I possess where once was a heart there's a hole in my chest are you satisfied? under filthy streets - subhuman screams in desperate times we live by desperate means are you satisfied? I said what I meant and I meant just what I said New York is in flames and the sidewalk cracks are shallow graves for this stolen city it's burning down - then sink manhattan and let them drown their hollow souls crumble against the best laid plans of rats and men I DARE YOU TO BE REAL to make your mark is to die face up on flaming asphalt your corpse will speak for itself

Tunnel Vision

self preservation - the end of ambition life is so long when you spend it waiting for all the things you'll never be getting everything you don't deserve is everything you want you think you deserve everything you want now you're getting older your whole life is over the glass stares right back - you watch yourself disappear in the bathroom mirror - like so many others in tunnel vision we see ourselves with eyes wide open lying awake at night hating ourselves for not living the life that we should have led life is so long when there?s nothing worth living for life is so long when there?s no one else

Under Siege

desparate and famished scourged and suicidal live and die by the sword fall victim to your idols tortured by despair smoldering in desparation suffer and burn alive in the flames of desolation under siege these truths are seen through the eyes of a dying world the die has been cast the final solution drawn end this fear we?ve lived in like societies pawns with negligent abandon I've watched with content eyes destroying their greed shatter their ambitious lies these truths are seen through the eyes of a dying world Victims of A Callous Society (lyrics by Justin) survivors of systematic persecution continue to suffer like cowards society turns away it doesn't involve us so we don?t care driven from their homes by ethnic cleansing to defend and set free we must prepare the innocent are the ones who suffer not the politicians who lead the debate the innocent die the politicians argue they send out more armies to maintain the hate abandon and ignore the feud begins anew rescue the victims of this holocaust who blindly fight for pseudo-martial rights.

What Culture?

say your prayers and count your blessings you all make me choke all your pleasures all my poisons talk yourself out of breath outside of the spectacle you are nothing a society of drones churning the rumor mill you've proven nothing - you've changed nothing you've done nothing - you ARE nothing in small circles you are the center enjoy your fame it doesn't last forever close your eyes and spread your lies what culture?

The World is Just Another Thing in My Way

in the name of all that?s sacred all that's left will be you and I faced with distress and disappointment we distanced ourselves from the world we both ran as far as we could but shelter was not anywhere we ran in opposite directions but destiny brought us here in the hours that remain speak no more of tortured days this world has failed us both - together we turn away in the name of all that's sacred - all that's left is you and I

Worlds Apart

no matter how hard I tried the words remained unspoken ineloquence has caused my someday to be broken uncertainty has forced me to the price ruined is the first day of the rest of my life overestimate your own relevance crushing is the weight of your insignificance selfishness is rooted in your heart so proving to me that we're world?s apart when I began to see with my eyes and not with my heart is when I first discovered that we were worlds apart Worlds apart

You Dissolve

watching you like this tears me apart you regress your feelings the guilt is all mine I can't forget a feeling like it meant nothing torn in two as you regress this frustration this walls are closing in on me - my wrists feel so weak this urge never overcame me so strong like thorns in my eyes I hear your voice still silent in my ears in dreams I smile - in consciousness I cry what happened to the promises? your lies and hatred you shut me out became what you despised magnified I know it would hurt you but I wish I could just wake you up you're not waking up this time set yourself up for self-destruction again you're not waking up

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