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Fast Times

Riot Act

Start a riot? I don't buy it! (x3) I've spent all of this time Erasing the gender line And you draw it right back Twice as dark I'm all for sisterhood But not if it means my brother's no good I won't participate in a fight based On reverse discrimination That's all it is Reverse discrimination It's the nineties And the nineties is a time to find The strength within yourself

New Blood

Hey little punk girl you're just like me Blood red lipstick and braces on your teeth Lying to your parents to go to that show out of state Getting grounded cuz you came home to late Got your first stage dive high not too long ago Showing off the bruises you got dancing at a show Hardcore isn't going to die Because the new generation has arrived Hardcore ain't gonna die Cuz the new generation's gonna keep it alive New Blood flowing through to keep the scene alive New Blood (x3) Hey little punk girl you're just like me I see you it's like looking in a mirror That reflects the time when I was fifteen


Aggravation builds up inside Pent up frustration we need to hide I need to scream to let my anger show I need to vent to let it go Demons inside I don't want to keep Music is my release got to let it out Cause when I play it takes me away To another place got to let it out Anxiety tied up in knots frustrated I just can't take it anymore The same old shit as before Demons inside I don't want to keep Music is my release got to let it out Cause when I play it takes me away To another place got to let it out Music is my escape my chance to get away When I just can't take it To set my soul at ease now I can totally be free

Where Were You

It was summer 1988 club music ruled that shit's for fools I was tired of hearing bass beats out of every car that drove by So I was flipping the dial on the radio when those power chords Grabbed my heart The song was 'No Reason Why', the show was Radio Riot and I fuckin' fell in love with what I heard Where were you when you fell in love with hardcore? Was it at a show? On pirate radio? In your big brother's room? When you got your Docs, suited up punk rock Beat up by jocks one afternoon? When did you first dive off the stage? Were you serenaded by Ian McKaye? When that stranger in the pit picked you up off the floor Was it getting your hand stamped at City Garden's door? Paid admission had lots of fun Woah where were you when you first found the underground Woah where were you when your ears first kissed that punk rock sound Woah where were you when you said mainstream kiss my ass Woah where were you when you threw Mtv to the trash

Good Stuff

I need that fix, I need it quick I am a fiend I'm an adrenaline junkie The strength of ten men cannot stop me When I am hopped up on my own adrenaline Adrenaline is what I need, pumping, pumping, through my veins Adrenaline is what I need, can't you hear my heart racing? Adrenaline is what I need, pure chemical energy Adrenaline is what I need, you can't buy that stuff on the street Don't need to shoot up don't need to pop a pill I don't need to sniff it up I don't need to chug it down Don't need to take a trip don't need to take a hit don't need to make a deal the real thing is inside me

The Tread

No one's perfect I know I don't claim to be So why do you insist on constantly judging me? Just trying to live out life without getting too many scars But every little thing I do you make sure to tear apart Aiming to please you is not what I'm about Even when I do everything right you will search Something wrong out I struggle not to sink that would be too easy I tread the water I tread the water And keeping my head up only makes me stronger What did I do now? Just let me know You don't hesitate to tell everyone else so


Ya know I got this job this job just gets in the way Of what I really want for me I'll do it tomorrow I'm too tired from working No I can't go out tonight I gotta get up early Time passes by so quickly each day So busy working forgot to play! Live it up now kid live it up hard Never mind what they say follow what you're told by your heart Cuz you've only got one shot (x4) It would be nice to live a life that is free It would be nice to lay on grass that is green Instead of working for the queen bee Who spends all day enjoying his own honey Surrender to the colony can't escape the cost of living So I put aside my dreams in order to make those ends meet Punch in punch out punch in overtime Punch in punch out punch in punch out punch in punch out overtime I want to be where the grass is green, is there even such a thing? I see a light at the end of the tunnel and that's the day I can say I QUIT! When did this become a time when dreams are built on an assembly line Not mine! The day just started and my mind's already on quitting time

Garbage Day

Sunrise I open my eyes I knew that it was garbage day I heard the truck coming down the block It's almost here to haul me away I got canned when I tried to make you my man Tried to make you my man that's when I got canned

Fast Times

Racing by on this road Hypnotized by the lines I put the pedal to the metal Because these are fast times I'm the driver behind the wheel I'm aggressive made of steel The end of the road is where I want to be There's no limit to my speed Full tank, music, lots of room to take Whoever I want Come on be my co-pilot All the lights are green Fast Times (x3) Full speed ahead Fast Times (x3) Don't let these good times end Pack a bag, strap yourself in, Hold onto your seats This is where the trip begins Fast times, fast times, full speed ahead go!

We Don't Care

We're not supposed to be here but we don't care We should be doing homework but that's too square They say that punk is junk Our T-shirts are all stunk Our teachers say we'll flunk But we don't care NO we don't care We shaved off all our hair so people stop and stare But we don't care NO we don't care They laugh at all the bands we know, but we don't care They told us that we can't go home, but we don't care Cuz' we are into something that can't compare And we don't care NO we don't care We like to dress in glam make all the noise we can And if we get into a jam we don't care NO WE DON'T CARE!

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