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The Right To Reply

The house, Looks for an answer to end all the violence. The ungovernable finally break silence, There's endless white papers, and new institutions. That still won't stop us, it's no solution.

The right and the left wing continue to bore, With pre-dated policies all heard before. This is mankind now see how mankind kills, We're hitting back hard now you see how it feels.

They preach and teach examinational tests, So the political privileged can order the rest Of the young parasites, who live in a world without hope, To get back in line, and stay there, then assure us they'll cope.

In the new violent britain they pledge to invest, In skills and communities with renewed interest. To build schools of education, not colleges of crime A manifesto so perfectly timed. Providing help for the helpless, their new commissions strive, For a stable re-educated society by nineteen-ninety-five.

Meanwhile, we fight on in desperation trying to break through. Their barriers of insanity and even now they know it's true, That to eradicate violence effectively, injustice has to unfold. But instead they choose to compensate, To lie and then collaborate, No interest in any true debate, Their courts set up the offenders fate, The new secure units for the old custodial sentence.

Well we have listened to you for long enough, Taken all your threats, and you ain't so tough. You intimidate, then punish the persistent hard-core offender. You condemn more and understand less, you'll get no apologies ever. In an atmosphere of moral panic, you blame us for fighting back. But it's us that's been dragged through your streets backwards, battered, shell-shocked and attacked.

The pressure's building on law and order, But we ain't even started. They may think that they have been tested, But no way for we still stand divided. More and more we're turning against our own, How come? How have we forgot? That this is the one thing they want us to do, To compensate For the freedom that we ain't got. Some mug old folks and these are scum It's the one main thing that just ain't done. We can deal perfectly with our own problems, By taking the law in to our own hands. We can protect our own, young, the weak, and Elderly, and therefore smash their callous plans.

I shall not work to build my death Nor have decisions made by fools, For my or your behalf. As though I can't see or hear Of that which surrounds me, As though I'm quite content With all that, that disgusts me. I will not build for another's gain, Although it always ends up the same, It's as though I can't see or hear, As though I'm content, With everything that disgusts me.

How can they talk about low life, whilst they're destroying the earth? How can they take away someone's freedom, when they don't know what it's worth?

To the people with feelings, to those not totally succeeding, Those, shattered, torn, ripped right in half, and whose broken hearts are bleeding.

Yet still they bash and batter, To them, man onslaught, does not matter. They create society's whitewashed picture, That everything is alright. Then when people voice opinion and object, They show disgust, confusion and then demonstrate their might.

Don't you dare think for a moment, that it's only in a riot that we show we're discontent. It's in every so called criminal act, that we demonstrate our contempt. You shove your outstanding promises, your respect. I only have respect for the life That you destroy time and time and time again, then dismiss in your stride.

I'm still hoping for the hopeless, And making excuses for the lawless.

Someday Soon

Someday soon we'll take vacations on the moon. Someday soon we'll build great cities under water. And someday soon we'll create the ultimate human being. And someday soon you won't believe just what you're seeing.

Yet they can't find a cure for a common cold, But they can reconstruct a face, back to the young from the old. The cancer spreads, the A.I.D.S. develops in it's victims, Science counts the cost in lives, the cause and not the cure succeeds.

A child fights for life, in a state of confusion. Dragged up in a cesspit full of class 'A' illusions. The progress chart monitors, brilliant achievements. It's a world where technology easily outweighs bereavement. The market remains flooded with drugs that only suppress, Twenty types that all do the same thing, profit and screw all the rest. Who drop dead in the queue, to receive operations, As the government reveal their new million pound sensation.

Dancing at the policemen's ball again, We sing our songs of disgust, but they don't hear a thing With heads held up high they raise a toast to progression, And a record breaking turnover tenth year in succession.

There stands a woman she has no face, Her baby cries out dying arms outstretched for embrace. They have no stake in the society that demands their respect. A world with any hope is all they can expect.

Someday soon we'll take vacations on the moon. And someday soon we'll build great cities under water, yeah! Someday soon we'll create the ultimate human being. And someday soon.

No More Excuses

Safe as sound (x13)

What am I talking about? Of course, it's not safe. Look at what corporate gain is doing to our children, and our sanity? Insanity! Sanitary, insanitary Am I left fit to believe? Am I left fit? Fit for what? What for? For who? Who gains? Weight gains? Weight watchers? Watching what? Watching who? Who's watching? No more questions.

Wanting existence, wanting a distance. Wanting existence, wanting to exist.

Before the thinking, The sun kills alone, After the thought.

If this is how you see it, You have to make it known. If this is how you free it, You have to make it known. This is how you see it, you just have to make it known. This is not too serious, to have to make it known.

Sick After Choosing Carelessly Health Aids Replacement Instead of Nothing

Children's Addictions Understand Sensless Exit Selling

Cheap Affordable Nonsense Climate Effect Reversed

Wanting a distance. Wanting existence. I want my distance, I want to exist As safe as sound (x5)

A Declaration Of Independence

A declaration of independence, the other person has cleared, Understand the perspective, get the directive, and realise our fears. We're simply trying to connect nowadays, but does anybody want to know? I'm finding it hard putting feelings into words, another chapter remains unwrote.

They say, we're standing firmly in the rain simply waiting for it to stop. They said, that we should build new umbrellas because we're stuck in our own rut. I say, blow away the rain clouds, for the new horizon is crystal clear. It's took sometime, but we're on the right track. Now where do we go from here?

Sick and tired of worthless statements, pissed off with the same old songs. You stuff your moral rule book of what's allowed, what's right and wrong. Oh yeah! There's those who only criticise yet offer nothing new. Solutions? Ideas? Just raked up shit! What a clever thing to do.

We must strive on for what we know is right, we know all too well there's no end in sight But human nature is still on our side as the politicians fall into landslide.

We're out on the street, feeling the beat of the heart's in anger at the upper crust elite Who don't hear us scream or beg for a halt or when we weep over what their society aborts

1981 President Reagan and the pope face assassinations' bullets and escape with their lives But in Cairo Sadat dies in a hail of automatic fire From Brixton to Belfast riots rage and fires burn The royal wedding of Prince Charles is celebrated In America the skies roar as Columbia the first space shuttle blasts off But as winter descends, so does the chilling news of martial law in Poland

1982 Argentina invades Falklands And Spielberg captures our imaginations Unemployment rises above three million And with threat of cruise missiles twenty thousand women go to war to safe guard peace Britain gets it's fourth T.V. station Princess Diana gives us a royal heir The I.R.A. bring horror to Hyde Park Breshnev dies in Russia And Israel invades Lebanon

1983 As protesters get into their stride at Greenham Ronald Reagan promises to make Star Wars a frightening reality Back on earth the Soviets admit to shooting down a Korean airliner Maggie Thatcher triumphs again And America's first woman astronaut is in space For Grenada its an American invasion

1984 After twelve weeks the striking miners still battle on And in Brighton the P.M. and cabinet narrowly escape death as an I.R.A. bomb rips through the Grand Hotel. Yvonne Thatcher is gunned down and her murderer flies away a free man Rajiv Gandhi fights to save his country after the assassination of his mother

Millions face starvation in Ethiopia

1985 Mikhail Gorbachev is Soviet leader, while shouts of “scab” greet miners. Unions vote to end the national strike. The rainbow warrior of Greenpeace is damaged in new Zealand by two bombs Live aid rocks the world for the hungry A policeman is hacked to death in London Reagan in Geneva said the world is now a safe place

1986 Space shuttle explodes on take off Swedish P.M. is shot dead in the street, the pickets cash in wapping, Reagan bombs Libya (Keep your head down) Russian nuclear reactor is ablaze

1987 Beirut gun man attack U.N., Argentinean president ends arms revolt Gorbachev makes new offer on arms cuts Iraqi Exocet blasts U.S. frigate Thatcher is elected for a third term In Britain 'spycatcher' is banned, but anyone can buy it in America A storm hits the stock market on black Monday

1988 S.A.S. gun man gun down I.R.A. unit in Gibraltar Mitterand returns as French president U.S. war ships shoot down an Iranian airliner Bush is elected as U.S. president Thatcher speaks for Polish freedom Britain is shocked by two disasters in nine days And Edwina resigns over a storm in an egg cup

1989 Berlin wall is torn down freedom sweeps the East In China a light of hope in Tiannamen square is extinguished In Romania the people fight against the dictator Ceaucescu and with his death they win For once it seems a hope and good can prevail

1990 Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait U.N. troops leave to face the unknown horrors of modern warfare Mandela is freed The Soviet pulls out of Czechoslovakia And Maggie Thatcher resigns

1991 The waiting is over, the Gulf explodes Never has such a powerful force been unleashed against one Nation The bombardment against Iraq is relentless The end comes quickly, as the victorious survivors celebrate For some the battle against grief is only just beginning Yellow ribbons are everywhere With the release of John McCarthy, it seems at last the world is changing for the better. Terrywaite's smile inspires millions And in Russia Yeltsin replaces Gorbachev In Yugoslavia civil war rages Robert Maxwell makes the biggest splash And the I.R.A. bomb Downing Street (Conflict after conflict. Now it's just the bare bones of what we are. A vicious circle in an open ended struggle. Life goes on as if all around is not relevant, As we look through closed eyes we try and understand.)

If we had a view what would it show? We're stuck in a room that has no view, And so are you, Or are you? Well are you?

The Institution Of Dreams

Human nature beams for all to see, the story now unfolds. As they wonder into wonderland, their lives, the starring role. He makes his move so carefully, as he takes her by the hand. He whispers that he loves her, so she fails to understand. Strolling lives, angelic passages, with visions crystal clear. He demonstrates his love for her. She hides away her fears. He showers her with prizes, she's the first in his love life! He piles on the emotions. But she don't want to be his wife.

“You and I will build a dream together, Give me your heart I'll love forever. When I hold your hand, I start to understand, What they mean when they say love, What we mean when we say love.”

“Well now you really better love me so or I will hate your guts??? Your mine all mine no ifs or buts, no one else must ever touch, And to you I now give all my heart, As I knew I would right from the start. Our gold band now engages us within the institute of dreams.”

They ride the path towards married bliss, but something's just not right. Those visions now seem so distorted, they disagree and fight. Both now miss their freedom. But this contract they've created. In acceptance with society's morals, a tradition that's so dated. Looking back in time she thinks what's life got in store from here? Confused, twisted, sick inside he drowns in another beer. With tears in eyes he walks away he's convinced that, that is that! But absences makes the heart grow fonder, and now he begs her to come back.

She finds a man to compensate. He wins at home, she plays away. It's been going on a while now? All seems lost, is it too late? But meanwhile he's out there finding solace with another, He holds sweet truth, she keeps dark secrets. She looks, he knows he loves her.

But he also dreams up images of all the thoughts of her he's missed, They patch it up for the umpteenth time as this tale takes another twist. Loves a never ending question always asking why is it wrong To hold love and feelings for more than one, and well that's another song.

Climbimg The Stairs

Standing alone in a mystery. Standing alone in misery. I'm standing alone, it's a mystery? The start of the war, it's the first to die So on my own, in not the place to be

First, I see a visions of insane men Unaware on the stairs, caught by the same gang Pure hatred on young and aged faces One, two, three, they ain't leaving traces

As someone pushes past, I'm track right in their path I try to respond, but this just raises a laugh A clenched fist punches hard, smashing the face I try to turn and run, but they're all over the place Pulling hard on the stair rail, but this ain't my night My shirt rips in two, as they hold me so tight I feel a terrible blow, as something collides with skull I fight back so hard, but the blades take their toll So many shots on target, on the floor curled up tight The crazed just won't stop, is this finally goodnight? Now a feeling so strange, something won't let it die And can't let them screw up the rest of our lives.

I'm losing all, all track of time I feel the pain of a real life crime Boy they roar, let's open up his head Hey you, see how far you've pushed this I'm now praying that someone will turn up soon I'm unaware they're creeping down the backstairs I shout, “Hey, what am I getting this for? I weren't even there, I didn't go past the door”. But the baton rains down, the boots pile in Why don't they leave it, look at the state that I'm in The choppers chops hard, the blade cuts deep Flesh hangs off in slices and I start to weep The baton rains down, the boots pile in I feel a strange peacefulness building up within The choppers chops hard, the blood runs red I feel total release, I think I must be dead

Back alive in the shadow of a dead man I'm not alone? I'm reaching for the stair rails Instead I grab the hand of the father I see a face, it's the face of my mother There's someone else, it's the mother of my mother Whose strong man is helping me Climb up the stairs from the misery Climb and climb, the stairs from the misery Climbing the stairs For the unaware? To see

A Question Of Priorities

The winds of change are now blowing again, I can sense it, I can feel it, like a breath of fresh air. Thousands upon thousands of words, is our right to reply. A question of priorities, in a universal role.

Memories surround of bitter times, so don't expect too much, as all seems lost, when the world finally says give up. From the dark wind wept streets, I see a glimmer of light, of hope, a presence of defiance. I wonder, and I realise, that while some wait for miracles, others may help create them.

From a room that has no view, I gaze from the window; I consider our purpose, the cold stars look down, and there's a feeling that someone, or something, is always looking, strange, cos it's, it's like, it's like careful observation, the sweetest manipulation, those smiling images of love, a confused pattern of trust, a feeble structure fleeing, responsibility and feelings, and I wonder who, what, why where and when and if in fact I'm still believing? In all those moments we've shared. Of all the things that we have been through. I feel happiness, sadness, remember the places that we have been to push our views and ideas home. Of meeting people who feel alone. Of seeing anguished faces smile again, An achievement? Well I hope.

As we swim from the shore, I can feel the undercurrent. I hear songs of hope and glory, but how deep is their ocean? We turn and face obsession, a painful reminder from tomorrow. The seas a funny shade of blue now, do we drown in mistakes sorrow? A nation remains silent, burnt out skulls, blank expressions. An image of convenience, in reality's succession. Blind in the one-eyed kingdom, following those who followed last, Who follow those, who followed before them. Is there a future in the past?

Is Never To Die

I have slept so long, for so long. There lies my regret, sighing and grieving. Had I known I could tremble so, what now I know. I would never have shown my soul.

Leaping, like an eager flame. After all who is to blame? There lies my regret, shining and grieving.

And as this evening falls, To close, for closed eyes. Take that backward glance, And see, see what lies behind.

Recall the time when all the world, Just seemed to recline, Within our hands and was washed away, Like the fleeting summer rain. Gentle memories of our finest day, Can we ever hope to regain?

The innocence of youth. The sordid truth. Our visions turn sour. All colours change to grey. Goodbye my tender dreams. Is there a better day?


To live on in hearts, is never to die.

These Colours Don't Run

The factories still churning out Of that there's not a single doubt There's more snide shit from their flea pits They could couldn't give a fucking shit. It's true, overdue, and plain to see, The plight of those in misery A dead necked vision, product of subsidence Fucked up, and held in screaming silence

Another police force investigation Blatant lies, false fucked suggestions Is it all down to communications? Or does the grass need cutting? Has it change direction?

The chants that only serve to divide The police link with the revenue, the royalties slide Now as poor old joy gardener bites the dust Why should I give a fucking fuck? But the lefties scream outside the courts Looking to lay the blame, it's no ones fault They show sincerity, Oh! how much they care Yeah! In their sick, twisted cause, in their affairs

A black coy has just missed his bus A racist attack? Or blood thirsty lust? Again the left jump on the back of the weeks attack And force feed, socialist shit militant crap. They blatantly try and whip up violence Keep their arseholes shut? Keep it silent. Another black person has died, that is true But are you suprised? I ain't, because I already knew

By promoting political deaths, they could not give a fucking toss

The sexism reign in green mans world The A.L.F. proves yet again that they won't be told That what they do (or don't) is totally wrong So fuck off you insane cunts, it still remains… our song!

Detention centres for the relentless Approved schools for the fools Abolish the jury, punish the fury But it's our power that you fuel So it is basically blatantly obvious And in fact fucking common sense That when people are forced to live in shit Under your conditions, crime will undoubtedly spread

You may be watching every move we make You even convince yourself that you're clever But I'm looking right back into your eyes, So don't you ever, never ever, Think that I mignt trip or slip Right down your stairs Into your cells, where unaware, You can beat and fuck me senseless, While the world spins around relentless

You may have people on your side That I consider the lowest form of life But don't you think of what you call respect Even enters into our minds aspect For I'm sick of respect, how about our causes instead? What made the maddened go to extreme lenghts Who simply couldn't take it Who knew they wouldn't make it Being ground down fine, By those who haven't got the time For they shall punish those who sin Toss the peasants into the bin Of those that won't beg for their pittance And that still remains our fucking difference Who will not beg to their Jesus, God Christ I've had enough of that! Christ I've had enough of this!

Increase The Pressure

Never mind the bullshit, here's the facts

The second album full of same old songs Fighting back against a system which is cruel and wrong Yet another battering ram against a wall of power A blasphemous attack to blow the leader’s cover It’s a message from those who won’t take no more Of seeing the privileged profit from the poor Of the scientist’s piss they call research Of being told we’re scum and should be birched

Well bollocks to them all, keep smashing at the wall Pile the pressure on and Government will fall But it takes more than music and more than words To recreate a nation that’s controlled by hoards Of police, army and fuck knows what else That they’ve got waiting for the backlash from the people who care To question their control, their dividing lines Power must be tested, it’s testing time

Power must be tested, we've heard that time and time again But no matter how much pain and protest, nothing seems to change The Government show forces and our movement cowers in fear Some still strive for freedom, while others simply sneer

It’s the same old racket with the same old songs Well it’s the same fucking system and it still stands strong The battle continues so bollocks to them Who mock our anarchy then bow their heads again You try working for something that a system can’t make Creating something that a law can’t take Back as a loss of privilege for stepping out of line Power ain't been tested, so now's the time to fuck them up again Fuck them up again (x2)

Law And Order

Punks! – The system maintains – Law and order

No more law and order. Those words they say it all Its just one human being denying another of self rule The police ain't authority, for all they do is serve The state they do their dirty work to make the people learn They interrogate, discriminate, smash demos and assault They sort out all the queers and keep the wogs locked in a vault And they're here for protection but protection for who? They all wear the same badge that says fuck you all

Oh yeah! They're here to maintain rights; they're here to keep the peace They’ve also got the right to lock up and not release Any form of rebel, they’ll even work against their own Because they bribe them, very well and they may also get a home Protect their privilege no matter what the cost Now you're the piggy in the middle and they couldn’t give a toss They sit back and laugh, yes they laugh at you too Cos they also wear a badge that says “we use you”

It’s just the same old story of a state going wrong Where possessions matter and people don’t Don’t be surprised that we've turned against you Because if you side with them, it’s fuck you too

From Protest To Resistance

No! No, there's no fucking way That anything’s going to change It depends on you and you know We can protest until death, they won’t listen Don’t sit back and think it will happen They won’t give up what they have robbed Stand up and resist

But while the leaders have caught on, we see that they’ve prepared for civil war

While on our side we squabble about who does what and who sells more There's women with just one reason, to fight for their equality Forgetting the system holds superiority

First, we've got to come together, so fuck the differences It doesn’t matter if its noise or music, to them we all talk piss To them we’re the sick farce, now lets not prove them right If we're to stand the slightest chance, we must unite and fight We must never give up, make sure our message ain't forgotten That’s if they won't fucking stop, then we’re gonna fucking stop them!

Though Shit Mickey

Mother Nature smiles and cracks a new days dawn Most people on the earth are sleeping comfortably and warm Out in the fields and pastures, it’s another new day too One without the war and hatred that is known by me and you A shriek disturbs the peacefulness; the cat’s just killed a mouse The mother says with feeling as she looks out from the house It’s breakfast time, the clock strikes nine, ham, bacon, one egg or two? What a shame about that mouse, what’s for tea tonight, lamb stew?

Well, there’s things to do, so the family divides in separate ways Father works to earn the keep, he’s a butcher and well paid The daughters go to riding school, mother washes up the crap One son plays with soldiers; the other aggravates the cat Back out in the fields a different story’s taking place Foxes cower with their cubs to escape the human race Rabbits run for life, deer take cover in the trees The mother sighs with disbelief, then prepares the meat

Liberate, liberate Liberate, liberate – Think what you’re doing – Liberate, liberate Liberate, liberate – The systems set to ruin – Liberate, liberate Liberate, liberate – The life, not the profit – Liberate, liberate Liberate, liberate– We’ve got to fucking stop it

Because before too long there will nothing left alive Not a creature on the land or sea, a bird in the sky They’ll be shot, harpooned, eaten and hunted too much Vivisected by the clever men who prove that there’s no such Thing as a fair world with live and let live The royal family go hunting what an example to give To the people they lead and that don’t include me I've seen enough pain and torture of those who can’t speak So I'm gonna speak for them in an all out attack And if someone tries to whip me, then I will fucking whip them back Because I have had enough of this madness in those theatres of hell Enough of them hounding the fox to the kill Of baby seals being clubbed, their mothers cut up They satisfy their greed, their wealth’s built on blood Of their slaughterhouse haunting the back of the mind The gas chamber of the farm life, the end of the line

It’s a shame about that mouse!

Punk Inn'It

Punk still means much more than fashion A movement made that no one can change It’s a form of rebellion; it comes from the street And it’s made by idiots like me! See!

We’re all caught in a web of power And we are all holding each other in place Forced into position by one another I see I'm ready to break free

But… I can’t move unless you fucking do I can’t move unless you fucking do (x2) I can’t move unless you don't do You can’t move unless I choose to (x3) How much longer are we gonna wait?

I never said it could I said it would It can It will (x7) It is… Happening

As Others See Us

The music press grins but did you think they would help us? No, it’s not in their interest; freedom’s not what they want The change in their life style would destroy the bank balance Much rather they would shit and watch the world collapse In their fairytale city, they poison the mind With rock ‘n’ roll for entertainment So, the nation won’t find out about Corruption, control, the distribution of wealth It’s a plan based on distraction, well see for yourself They make millions profit now who’s on what side? Do you see them lift a finger as the starving victims die? Some people tried to change things, tried to clear out all the shit Big bosses forced a clampdown, anarchy must not exist!

Fuck off if you don’t want to help, that’s the message loud and clear From the con men you once labelled, you bastards just don’t care Just who the fuck are you to talk? You even sell yourselves O.K. you’ve got your own opinions, well now have ours as well

Shut your mouth, because you don’t understand the way things are The way we live, the role we play is not a superstar For you to use, build up, smash down as you see fit You dozy jerks you write such shit

If we sound like a bad phone call then you’ve got a crossed line If we tell you the same as yesterday, well, did you think we would change our minds? You say we look too violent, say our message is forgotten Well, if you don’t like that tough, because that’s the only face I've got!

Shut your mouth, because you don’t understand the way things are The way we live, the role we play is not a superstar For you to use, build up, smash down as you see fit You don’t know shit… you make me sick


Cruise missiles have arrived, despite our protest and anger The fucked up fucking shits took no notice of our banners They ignored the nation’s pleas of a chance to work for peace They reinforced their laws and brought their servants to their knees

Maggie sits back in her province of power The nation’s scared shitless in fear of a shower Of the worst thing that would be possible The destruction of the world, the murder of us all God save the Queen, are you sure it ain't the banks? It’s the profit of all nations that makes the leaders wank From the Germans to the Russians and the Great British too The people are the same, it’s the Government who…

…Fuck, rape and destroy our world they treat as a toy The truth they abuse and hide with war, threats, system and lies Thirty million will die while the royals and Government hides So, the nation’s wealth can survive but the rest of us just fry

The man Hesletine sits and gloats at his warheads Thatcher observes, “Oh, there's a hundred thousand more dead” The missiles roar over, there's nothing they can do But there's still a chance to stop it and that relies on me and you Maggie sucks Andropov in her brothel of power While Reagan gives speeches of bullshit to cover The fact that its profit that brought the missile fear Well ram them up your own arse, because we don’t want them here

What are we going to be doing now it’s 1984? (x8)

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