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Cock Sparrer

Argy Bargy

It started off like any other show Sunday nights on the radio Terry played the songs we wanted to hear And Terry said things no one else would dare He gave it all that he had to give They said it was his only reason to live But we just listened to the rock n roll Terry the DJ's radio show

He gave it some of that Argy Bargy Giving it all the chat He gave it some of that Argy Bargy Now what do you think of that

Then came the evening of the Mile End row The Ol' Bill found out, I don't know how We know they tried to lock us up that night We were ready for a fight Terry came onto the air at ten He said the filth were waiting for us then Down at the Black Boy they were there in force And he was right of course

They told him that he'd better change the song They said to tell us that the kids were wrong They gave him one more Sunday night to get it right That was the night when the girls all cried That was the night that he said goodbye 'Cos no matter who paid him, Terry never told us a lie

Because You're Young

Because you're young, sharp as a knife You need that buzz to come alive Out on the edge, out on the town You ain't got time to settle down You're always sure, you're always right You see it all in black and white You never listen to anyone Because you're young

Because you're young, you're torn between A world of hate and a world of dreams So much to lose, so much to gain So much to fight for, so much to change You don't look back, you don't look down You gotta turn everything around You live your life like a loaded gun Because you're young

Stop talking back, get off the phone You're late again, you missed the last bus home This ain't the way you wanna live I know something's got to give You're always sure, you're always right You see it all in black and white You never listen to anyone Because you're young

Droogs don't run

Droogs don't run

If you're in any trouble You know we'll be right there Don't take no shit from no one We'll fight 'em anywhere So remember who your friends are If you wanna keep breathing air

Your droogie is your brother Someone you can trust He comes before your mother He comes before your lust We gotta stick together This town belongs to us

Out On An Island

Everybody's got a number tattooed on their soul And the time's gonna come boy, when your number's called Everybody gets a uniform and a hut to live in They give you your rank, you tell 'em your next of kin And there's no escape for the likes of you, my friend

*But I'm gonna be out on an island In the middle of the bright blue sea Out on an island Where nobody's gonna bother looking for me

Everybody gets the training in the wind and the rain Ten miles cross country, driving you insane Everybody gets to jump the hoop and march in time You just gotta remember you gotta toe the line So don't go looking over your shoulder for me

Every number's a hero and every hero's a son But every son's just a number when the battle's begun So don't go waiting on the corner for me

And I'm gonna be out on an island, out on an island…

Riot Squad

When we were at school I thought he had it sussed Fighting the law with the rest of us Smoking, drinking, acting cool 'Til they started treating him like a fool Then he stayed on his own for most of the time Dreaming dreams of a life of crime In and out of trouble, he cheated and lied But who'd have thought he'd join the other side

He's in the riot squad The wanna fight squad The shoot on sight squad For law and right

Down to Hendon with the boys in blue It's amazing what a few weeks can do Out in the car, out on the street South of the river on the frontline beat

Cracking heads, it was all a game A finger was pointed and he got the blame Now he's back where he started, he ain't got a pound Queing with the sorts he used to kick around

Secret Army

Collecting funds for the holy fight Like a door to door salesman in the dead of night Russian guns help him on his way Bought with money from the U.S.A.

*And the ordinary people say "what's it for" And the ordinary people say "we want no more" But the man at the top knows how to do the most harm He's in the secret army

And this man with a gun says "not a sound" "I want this aeroplane turned around" He spent his life learning how to fill a man with lead He'll probably spend the rest of it dead

When a bomb goes off in a city street When a man gets killed for his beliefs When a mother cries for the son she had That's when the world's gone mad

We're Coming Back

We're coming back, we're coming back We're coming back to you We're never gonna go away again Hold on a little longer, try a little harder 'Til we're arm in arm together to the end

*So remember out there somewhere you've got a friend And you'll never walk alone again

Don't get worried, don't get scared We're fighting to get there Never doubt we're gonna get through We're gonna run, we're gonna crawl Kick down every wall It won't be long, we're coming back to you

Where Are They Now

I believed in Julie when she said how easy it could be And I believed in Tommy and his written words of anarchy And I believed in Joe when he said we had to fight And I believed in Jimmy when he told us to unite

*Where are they now Where are they, six years on and they've all gone Now it's all turned sour Where are they now

Hollywood nights in SoHo Writing on the walls of the Roxy loo Rotten on the telly Showing what a few choice words can do Was it ever worth it Causing all the fuss You know I believed in them Don't you believe in us

No more kids are innocent We will get fooled again Only faces ever change The song remains the same</font></p> <p align=“center”><font style=“font-size: 8pt” face=“Verdana”>==== Battersea Bardot====

With your hair so white you could light up the night Burning out like a shooting star From the stage to The Squeeze, from T.V. to striptease I loved you in the back of my car Nobody’s gonna tell you what to do Nobody’s gonna mess around with you You’ll never give up the fight, not Carol White

Cathy come home, where have you been, it’s been so long since you went away From monochrome to the silver screen, the Battersea Bardot, that’s what they say

With that smile in your eyes you could tell me no lies Play it hard, take the smooth with the rough Just a pearl in world full of users of girls One jump ahead for a while, not long enough Nobody’s gonna tell you what to do Nobody’s gonna mess around with you You’ll never give up the fight, not Carol White


Just another tour, just another gig, just another sound and lighting rig A rock n’ roll show and a couple of beers but some of those boys had other ideas A sign on the wall made it perfectly clear: no guns, no bombs, no knives in here

Potsdam rocks but we should have been told of freedoms new and rivals old We played the set and we encored fast, then the dressing room door was locked at last In retrospect, the mistake was the fact that the sign didn’t say: no baseball bats

Bats out, get your bats out

There’s always dark before the dawn, there’s always still before the storm From calm to chaos in a flash, the bottles flew, the place got trashed Then, through the noise, we heard the shout: get your bats out, get your bats out

Bats out, get your bats out

And the ballroom now was a battlefield and we thought that someone might get killed We saw it all but we never knew what reasons lay behind that feud And we wondered if it was fate or not to destroy only thing you’ve got

Bats out, get your bats out


I see it in the women, the coldness in their eyes So shallow in their minds, so predictable in desire I see it in the bosses whose hands hold people’s lives So stupid in promotion of old boys, sycophants and liars

And I feel a death coming on

The job I do is boring, they all hate me anyway The days are long, the nights are just an alcoholic haze The weekends come and go, nothing different, nothing new I smoke because I need to and I drink because there’s nothing else to do

And I feel a death coming on

Somebody always fucks it up with a knife in the back or a bullet in the guts One door opens, another one shuts, somebody always fucks it up

People think I’m crazy but I’m gonna make ‘em pay Let ‘em laugh for now, the tears will soon be hear to stay A chance is all I asked but heads stay buried in the sand Going out in a blaze of glory, that’s the only thing they’ll understand

And I feel a death coming on


When she's hot it's the heat of a burning at the stake And when she's cold it's the chill of a frozen Moscow lake And when she smiles is it real or the smile an assassin makes Before he sends you to hell ? She's an east end girl

When she sighs it's the sigh of a sleeping tiger's stir And when she cries it's a storm like the world has never heard And when she lies you'll believe in every single word Coz you can never tell With an east end girl

And when they're kicking down the door she'll be there at your side They'll never take her alive coz she's an east end girl

She's dangerous and beautiful and proud With her feet on the ground and her head high in the clouds And all it takes is one look through a late night party crowd To put you under the spell Of an east end girl

And she may move to the country or the coast For the kids and the Volvo and the Sunday roast But there's one thing her posh neighbours can never boast Underneath her shell She's an east end girl.


People say that life ain't fair And then they say what you give comes round the same What can you believe ? I say if you want passion in your life You can't be afraid of pain You've got to get out and live Coz freedom's a curse but boredom's even worse There's a spirit inside that needs to fly.

Oi, Oi, Oi is the call Oi, Oi, Oi, do it all Oi, Oi, Oi before the flame dies

Don't give in, don't compromise, That's what I'm told by everyone I know Don't sit on the fence While others say just take your time, don't rock the boat, Keep moving with the flow It's just not making sense Coz life is all you've got It's worth another shot Stand or fall, but give it one more try

Oi, Oi, Oi is the call Oi, Oi, Oi, do it all Oi, Oi, Oi before the flame dies

You can crawl on your belly for a lifetime Never reaching for the sky Just knocking at the door Or stand up for an hour, all guns blazing, Let 'em know you'd rather die Than take it anymore

When all around is going wrong And nothing seems to fall right into place Remember every word Don't believe everything that's said You must believe there's just too much to waste Be sure you're always heard Coz freedom's a curse but boredom's even worse There's a spirit inside that needs to fly.

Oi, Oi, Oi is the call Oi, Oi, Oi, do it all Oi, Oi, Oi before the flame dies


We were born by the Thames’ running water, sons of the social disorder Go to school, get a job, be a fool or a yob and prepare yourself for gaol But we tired of the constant surrender to those with a hidden agenda So we fought with the best, now it’s time for a rest as we say our last farewell

Goodbye, we’re calling it day, we’re having it away, we’re gonna say goodbye Goodbye, there’s nothing left to say, we’re getting in the way We’re gonna say goodbye

For the holidays in Devon, for the spirit of seventy-seven For the laughs and the ligs and the drinks and the gigs And the making of the fuss For the friends who knew just where to find us For the mates who were always behind us When you’re next in a pub or a bar or a club, have a drink on us

Goodbye, we’re calling it day, we’re having it away, we’re gonna say goodbye Goodbye, there’s nothing left to say, we’re getting in the way We’re gonna say goodbye


Cheats never prosper, crime don't pay, The meek shall inherit come judgement day, Peace in our time, no pain no gain, management decisions, insurance claims, The slow but sure will always win it, there's one born every minute

It's a lie

The cheque's in the post, you won't feel a thing, the power of prayer and the deadly sins, You're as young as you feel, your mother knows best, the truth will out, young man go west, The end can justify the means, God save the queen

It's a lie

Breeding counts, lambs to the slaughter, who dares wins, blood's thicker than water, Expense accounts, graduation days, a friend in need, a spade's a spade, The power and the glory, the country's burning, the lady's not for turning

It's a lie

Mega-buck deals, interest rates, fortune tellers and the hand of fate, Credit ratings, human rights, the seven wonders, another street fight, Global warming and cleaner seas, here come the cavalry

It's a lie

I LIVE IN MARBELLA (Working Part 3)

Well I worked on a site and I soldered up pipes And I still ended up with nothing left to show So I thought I’d give it one more go I met this bloke and I thought it was a joke When he asked if I had it in my heart to rob What he meant was a nice bank job So I thought I’d give it one more try, one final chance before I die I got me a gun and a ticket to the sun

And now I live in Marbella, the sun, the sand, I’ve got the lot And I live in Marbella coz I’d rather live there than not

I met with the mob and we set up a job The ugliest bunch of gits you’d wanna meet In a pub down in Denmark Street Then I take to the wheel and we rob and we steel Without a hitch we’re running out the door Coz the manager’s my brother-in-law Then we’re sharing out the dough, jump in a cab out to Heathrow Time for one more drink before I go

And now I live in Marbella, the sun, the sand, I’ve got the lot And I live in Marbella coz I’d rather live there than not

My apartment’s cool, it’s even got a pool Marble everywhere and a maid to change the sheets I make her come twice a week And I drink in the bars with T.V. stars Eastenders, Brookside, Coronation Street I’ve landed on my feet And my mates pop over from the Smoke For a swim and a sunbathe and some coke Money and friends, what a happy end


There's something we both know You're meant for me but even so If I offered you the chance You'd probably still say no I've got to get it through to you You know you really want me to You've ignored me from the start You stuck-up, two-faced tart.

You can't fight fate I should ask you for a date I know some day you'll come for me But I just can't wait You're really messing me about When I come in you're going out It should be tearing me apart You stuck-up, two-faced tart

You'll fall in love with me, I guarantee I've had enough of your lies and your abuses Me, I'm your destiny I don't want any more hair-wash excuses

It's oh, so sad It's driving me mad What's wrong with me I ain't that bad I can't take more I'm kicking down your door When you're alone in the dark You stuck-up, two-faced tart


So you think you’re gonna cause a splash You’re gonna make some cash You’re gonna open every door With the wind in your hair and the sun on your face Everything’s gonna fall into place You’re so sure And you take whatever you can while you sit at home making your plans And if you ever gave a damn, that was long ago, it’s over and done Now you think about number one

Now it’s time to be me, that’s all you ever shout But you never do anything about it Now it’s time to be me, I hear it every day, it’s easy to say But life gets in the way

You ring me up when you’ve had a smoke With your crazy ideas you’re just full of coke and hot air A winning smile is all you’ve got But you ain’t got a brain and you ain’t got a pot Don’t you care? You’re always home watching sky T.V. Or down the pub poncing drinks off me Telling everybody what you’re gonna be Well I’ve had enough you lazy sod Get off your arse and get a job

Now it’s time to be me, that’s all you ever shout But you never do anything about it Now it’s time to be me, I hear it every day, it’s easy to say But life gets in the way</font></p> <p align=“center”><font style=“font-size: 8pt” face=“Verdana”>


I been working all day for me mate on the site running around like a blue arsed fly (chorus) i been working, working all day for me mate every bleeding minute i been on the go up and down the ladder like a fiddler's elbow i been working, i been working all day for me mate wait for tomorrow at half past ten when i sign on, but until then i'll be working, working all day for me mate. aint' got no cards, don't pay no tax for a score in me hand i'll be breaking me back call me a crook, call me bent, but i need more than food and rent they try to follow me every day i give 'em the slip and i'm on my way none of the other blokes thinks it's wrong 'coz every one of 'em's signing on the benefit boys are out of touch what they don't know won't hurt 'em much if i'm caught i'll go down for a month or three but they'll still be paying out looking after me.


We worked our way up from east end pubs to gigs and back stage passes ex-boxing champs, west end clubs, americans in dark glasses driving ten grand cars, they drink in hotel bars they're even making money in bed. they wouldn't be no loss, they aint worth a toss it's about time they all dropped dead (chorus) take 'em all take 'em all put 'em up against a wall and shoot 'em short and tall, watch 'em fall, come on boys take 'em all well tough shit boys, it aint our fault your record didn't make it we made you dance, you had your chance, but you didn't take it well, i gotta go make another deal sign another group for the company i don't suppose we'll ever meet again you'd better get back to the factory


Years of being told you ain't as good as us join the line, sign your name and they all said that our country's going bust but no-one's fooling us again (chorus) england belong's to me a nation's pride the dirty water on the river no one can take away our memory england belong's to me we'll show the world that the boys are back to stay and you all know what we can do heads held high, fighting all the way, for the red, white, and blue.


Everybody's talking about revolution everybody's talking about smash the state sounds to me like the final solution left wing, right wing, full of hate (chorus) we don't wanna fight, because you tell us to so watch your back when you attack 'coz we might just turn on you things get worse with every hour, the future fades into the past all they want is total power, climbing on the backs of the working class we don't wanna be part of no new religion we don't wanna be part of a political dream we just wanna get on living our lives


It can't be right what i'm reading here no one believes in all this stuff no more our ideas don't see eye to eye you get your press with a pocketfull of lies telling everybody every word is true one day soon they're gonna see through you (chorus) i got your number, you can fool some people some part of the time i got your number i aint ever gonna toe that particular partyline there'll be some people gonna back you up but don't look here for moral support don't you ask no favours from me i don't believe in charity telling everybody you're wonderful what are you gonna do when there's no one left to tell it to you think you're so special, but you're only fooling tell your lies to anyone but me

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