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Blank 77

Party Train

I barely make it home by 5a.m. I'm at work at 8 no sleep again boss says you got work to do if it ain't done, then you're thru I can't take this constant pressure tonight's gonna be a whole lot better

party train is on the loose party train, gonna get some booze party train, party train party train starts in the caboose Room is spinnin' round, it's outta control what i need right now is alcohol money's gone and I got no friends but my party never ends think i'll take a walk downtown say who's gonna buy the next round?

Chelsea Girls

Chelsea girls have short hair oxblood docs and jeans of blue watch out boys, she's after you with a Fred Perry shirt and a green flight jacket that funny girl, she's causin' a racket listening to blitz and the four skins vespa scooters not safety pins always with a drink in hand or else she pogos with the band

Chelsea girls are everywhere chelsea girls say Oi! Oi! chelsea girls like skinhead boys She's not a hippie spreadin' peace and love don't give a fuck about the heaven above she's just a skin shoutin' Oi! Oi! can't even play makin' lots of noise listening to blitz and the four skins vespa scooters not safety pins always with a drink in hand or else she pogos with the band.

Punks And Skins

They say our glory years have come and gone but what do they know, them fuckin' cunts things will never be like they were before that's what they say as they walk out the door but the young ones, we shoot straight from the heart we're gonna finish what we start we're gonna unify punks and skins never say die

punks and skins wear boots and braces punks and skins wear angry faces punks and skins ain't gonna fight punks and skins never say die The time to have fun has come at last no more fightin', what a fuckin' blast if you don't hate me, I won't hate you cuz we're both the same, me and you when the nazis come, we're gonna fight you and me, standing side by side we're gonna unify punks and skins never say die

Search And Destroy

Just another casualty, layin' on the line killin' one another until the end of time hear their screams, feel their pain look into their eyes they say that war's a bitch its just a pack of lies.

search and destroy (x4) politicians choice corporations they fuck the fuckin' country to uphold their fucking name future is unwritten but the lies remain the truth we praise all of the heroes then we take their abuse.

I wanna live to see tomorrow with my own eyes cuz i'll be there when your day comes propaganda lies and when your marching shooting your guns i'll know the truth peace ain't something that you die for in the glory of youth

Get Out Alive

Pleased to meet a, sez the man in the suit contract in hand what ya gonna do your image will sell if it's just done right just sign on the line, dont put up a fight Piranha in the ocean eatin' you alive they've taken control can you survive Look in the mirror, now what do you see who's the fool looking back at me? money's gone and so's the fame don't look far to see who's to blame.

Jehovahs Witness

Here they come knocking at my door don't wanna hear it, can't take it no more i'm still sleeping, can't you see jehovahs witness, bothering me We don't want no pamphlets no donation from me, you brainwashed tons o' people but you'll never fool me Get your hand outta the collection plate! save that for the god you create! chapels are made of silver and gold your teaching is a scam for the money you hold Why can't people just think for themselves organized religion's a joke believe what they say, don't question the word I can't take it no more! You drink his blood and eat his flesh sounds pretty sick to me why don't you just shut your mouth why don't you just let me be!

Next GenerationThere's a place not far away where we can go to get away there's no rules and there's no laws there's no fighting you can't go wrong

cuz we're the next generation destroy your generation. Help me up when i'm down and out hear me scream and hear me shout time to blow their generation away let 'em that we're here and we're here to stay

my freedom's been takin' away don't wanna hear what i gotta say lock me up and throw away the key is my destiny.

Final Solution

Parents raging on and on don't know what the fuck is going on kids are runnin' all over town can't sit still they're gonna bring you down

fuck you, shut up, fuck off, its the only solution you don't remember being young you can't remember having fun don't sit and try to relate to us its too late to help our cause

now you lost your teens kiss them good-bye but you're still young at heart looking for another try i won't grow up to be like you a miserable life, the shit you do


“Tattle-Tale” is what you are always have friends to help you go far people you don't know, treat 'em all the same bring up shit to ruin their names

Had to fuck 'em over couldn't let 'em win you're gonna burn for this unforgivable sin born into money your family's filthy rich your powerful friends got you into the government now it's time to fuck the people and the state using all the lies and stories you create

just like the lawyers are the politicians and the cops using their power to do what they want screw the poor cuz they can't fight back who'd believe a man in a cardboard shack?

She's Gone

Hey you, walking across the floor now hey you, runnin' out the door now don't you wanna dance with me don't you wanna romance with me come on wont 'ya come close now come on, I wanna see your face now don't you wanna dance with me don't you wanna romance with me

She's gone, done forever she's gone, droppin' like a feather she's gone, gone forever never again will you see her Then I noticed all the slits in her wrists then I felt her loneliness don't you wanna dance with me, No! don't you wanna romance with me so i saw her standing on the ledge and she's asking me to take that pledge don't you wanna dance with me, No! don't you wanna romance with me

Don't you wanna share what you're feeling what you're feeling inside don't you wanna let some anger let some anger outside.

Let's Riot

Pictures falling off the walls parents scared shit of this youthful call we're sick and tired of the same old shit gotta get away before you're hit

I'm so bored….let's riot I'm so fucking bored….let's riot rebellious young rockers in high school halls sick of shopping in the fucking malls hot shit punks breakin' all the rules gonna make you look like fools. i'm so sick of watching t.v. there's nothing new for me to see kick in teh set, tear down the town gotta get ready for a brand new sound!

Police Attack

No use fighting, you ain't gonna win 5 against 1, they got all the guns you weren't doin' nothing they don't care fists start swinging, bodies start bleeding

police attack you're gonna lose it don't matter what you do cuz their badge will fuck you up police attack you fucking cunts cops come in take over the town kids having fun have nowhere to run get arrested they take you downtown fists start swinging, bodies start bleeding

We're The Ones

Gotta make it happen, gotta go for the gold gotta make a change before you get too old express yourself but don't expose show yourself thru your hair and clothes

we're the ones that are gonna make it we're the ones that ain't gonna take it no more you're bangin your head against the wall can't you see the writing it's on the hall we've seen it all, it's happened before now it't time to make you roar

gotta get away get me outta here futures looking hazy, step back and see it clear what cha gonna do, i'm givin' you a clue take your time, decide before you say you're thru

Spirit Of 77

I'm caught in a fuckin' time warp the styles never changing the music all sounds the same what ever happened to the punk rock of the past well now here we are to bring it back at last

here's to the spirit of ' 77 and havin' fun in a punk rock band here's to the spirit of ' 77 and the punk rock of the past everyone concerned about the fashion trends but not me I don't ear those threads the time for change has finally arrived and now I know punk will survive the old timers, they won't come around but we don't need them to keep punk around they don't remember the fun they used to have they just don't care, well that's too bad


I need some new excitement I need some thrills divine gonna get what I want i'm gonna make it mine don't wanna go where you're goin' don't wanna do what you do it's not there so i gotta create it gotta play my next move

and i'm sick i'm so sick and tired so tell me what I can do when it's all been done before these pills and thrills aren't working they're not workin' anymore but the kids out on the street don't really give a fuck they're bitchin' all the time but they won't lend a helpin' hand

my future is uncertain don't know which path to take yesterday is just a day away tomorrow never comes my way i'm gonna stop thinking about it actions speak louder then words I won't just sit back I won't sit back anymore and be sick


They're mounting on the front lines stuggles going on between black and white don't blame me for enslavery it's time to choose your enemy

tensions tensions are you the exception tensions tensions they don't pay attention I've got the freedom doin' what I choose but it's only guaranteed when it's not in use two wrongs do make a right it's time to put up a fight

I work all day slavin' for the few you get off tellin' me what you do these chains are pullin' me down gotta get out before I drown

We Don't Need You

Angry faces out in the crowd no one with the guts to shout it out doin' what you're told, little follower! fuck the scene, you can't be bothered

we don't need you, go away (x2) we don't need you, get away from me scared to break away from your little pack scared to death they won't take you back gonna work it out straight away gotta work it out before it's too late

it only we could work together then things would be so much better but you don't know what you're doing here so just get down, grab another beer

Just Another #

Johnny signed his name on the dotted line his daddy knew what was best for him he told him he'd be fine but he had his doubts what's life all about what have I dont sold his car for a gun He was taught to kill and how to be a man how to kill the commies out in Iran now your time has come, boy you have passed the test here's your tag and # go and kill the best he was just a statistic just another killing machine no one cared if he lived and died he was just part of the scheme Johnny was sent to fight a war he never came back they said he was M.I.A caught under attack.


When you see me walking down the street it's automatic when you see me we just hafta meet it's automatic but you know that I hate you what cha tryin' to put me through automatic transmission (x2) don't cha come cryin' to me it's automatic cuz you know i'm not no fool it's automatic don't cha stare at me that way cuz I know you're fucking crazy automatic transmission (x2) oh, I hate you!

Do Or Die

Rock n' roll is do or die and I wanna live and give what I can

no one's gonna stop me you'll see that it's true kick in the wall revolution make it thru people always tellin' me I should keep it down but if it's too loud then yer too old-you fuckin' fool!

unity thru rock n roll and all these I adore positive force thru me and you and we will rule the world

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Talkin' shit about unity you don't practice what you preach turn around, stab me in the back we'll see who has the last laugh

are we havin' fun yet? you're the ones who know how to pose as long as you're wearin' the right clothes always searchin' for the spotlight but you never got it right are we havin' fun yet? spread your rumors, spread your lies punk rockers learnin' how to die you're all talk, but where's the action you won't get no satisfaction Are we havin' fun yet?

Losing My Brain

I cant seem to remember and i cant seem to forget i cant remember day to day but my lifes not over yet i aint got no time and i aint got no will i aint got much of anything but i'm ready for my next big thrill

and it feels like im losing control when chaos has taken its toll and im goin insane……….today and im losin' my brain…..hurray

now i dont wanna leave here and i dont wanna stay my brain keeps telling me one thing but i go the other way i need something i can believe in i need me a bit of luck everybody wants to grow up but i dont give a fuck


ignorance is bliss at least thats what they say you must be in 7th heaven each & every day talkin to yourself cuz no one will listen i think you better check your brain i think theres something missing talking to you is like talking to the wall your thick as a brick you think you know it all when I see you coming I run the other way your always around I just cant get away

Your a disaster just waiting to happen taking all the time but theres never any action all the lights are on but nobodys home please go away–just leave me alone

No One Cares

Dont wanna be in your X Generation aint part of your new sensation theres a fire burnin' in my eyes teenage aggression no compromise theres a fire burnin' in my eyes

no one cares (no one cares) (x2) I dont care - and nobody understands

Im on a mission that i gotta complete im on a mission against the man on the street I got no money but it dont matter beauty in anger - anger is the power I got no money but it dont matter

searchin' for a place where I fit in runnin in the rat race i'm gonna win dont ever tell me theres no place like home when i'm home im all alone dont ever try and tell me theres no place like home


False prophet on the T.V screen 3 piece suit and eyes that gleam think that he will lead the way so listen to what I say

I dont need your god (x3) I take what I want

Preaches salvation for a soul thats clean takes your money, tells you what to see in this concrete city theres no god it all depends on the money you got

you hide behind your cross it seems in its shadows hides your deeds listen close and hear the cry but soon they'll follow your lies

Watch You Drown

Another shot another round another chance for you to drown (you figure it out) Another high i wont come down Im no stranger to rock and roll the price I pay will take its toll and when your down i'll watch you drown and bring you to your knees

you cant try to stop me its too late cuz your out of time and out of place Another day another night another round another fight another hit wont be your last into your grave for your last dance

Burn It Down

Futures ourse - the times at hand the walls wil fall at our command no surrender - no retreat destined to rule without defeat

smash it up burn it down bring it down to the ground tear it up break it down burn it to the fucking ground

I wanna get up and show 'em that they're wrong im gonna show em i dont belong never better - never worse our actions far outcry our words

how long have we waited for the day they tighten their grip we slip away is it wrong to have no future? dont you know we wont live forever

I Don't Wanna Be

no one cares when your in the city dreams are smashed and life aint pretty you think you live in a fucked up place another rat runnin' in the race

I don't wanna be no I dont wanna be Don't wanna be just another face

Get outta my way - no time for you thats the attitude on the avenue I push and shove just to get my way cause tomorrow's only a day away


Johnny was a junkie but his mommy didnt know couldnt see the track marks from his wrists to his elbows she was busy drinking martinis cuz life in the suburbs aint always that easy julie was perfect yea queen of the prom most likely to suceed by the age of 21 something funny happened to her along the way first she took a hit then she ran away Johnny was found with a needle in his arm mommy couldnt figure out what was wrong tears roll from her tranquilized eyes another pill will kill the pain inside

Julie was hangin' from the 12th street bridge her suicide note clenched in her fist it said sorry things turned out this way maybe tomorrow will be a better day

I Wanna Be A Punk

Im filled with aggravation filled with anticipation for a future that is mine im so filled up with hate i just cant concentrate am i running out of time

i wanna be a punk (x3) -DON'T YOU -FUCK YOU

You tried to sell me out thats not what im about come and get me if you dare you trashed my generation brainwashed by television images that arent really there

im good for nuthin' another washed up has been im a dirty piece of scum im just a teenage waste my brains in outer space and im having so much fun

Hit And Run

Another show another hundred bux with nowhere to go but this broken school bus shouts of sellout across the land reach in my pocket 50 cents in hand

hit and run there I go now you see me now you dont hit and run here I come on your feet you better run

another town another pretty face see ya later maybe in the next place shed a tear while I disappear dont you worry i'll be back next year

another city another night andother drink another fight checkin out - were checking out fast not our first it wont be our last

Up The System

Go to school waste of time end up workin 9 to 5 persecuted all your life cuz your collars blue not white

UP THE SYSTEM my lifes no joke FUCK THE SYSTEM our only hope

Its not our fault for bein this way its just the politicians way separation of church and state turn around & face the hate

system it wont ever change everything it stays the same I wont work until I die (x2)

Gimme Speed

palms are sweaty cant catch my breath my heart is pounding inside my chest im talking so fast ya cant understand ive fallen under its command


wake up from another crash landing i fall down when I try standing blood shot eyes that blur my vision dont you see what youve been missin

a pill a line do me fine I speed away all my time 48 hours still goin strong gonna crash out before too long


put on your lipstick it looks just right every night is like saturday night everybodys liking what they see sometimes looks are deceiving

your a drag

A pretty face in a magazine are you a lady or a closet queen another dream is laid to waste cuz your just not another pretty face

some think your easy just a little sleazy some even beg you to stop your teasing if they knew they wouldn't dare then there's some that just dont care


theres fighting in the air theres fighting on the street try to put us down wont accept defeat broken down kids come from broken down homes no place to hide no place to go

I dont need your rules i dont need your static dont you try to stop me cuz I fucking had it

We aint gonna die in a fucked up lie time is drawing near we will have no fear gonna break away I aint gonna stay gonna break apart i'll stab you in the heart

Crash & Burn

up town downtown been around all around nothing left to say take a ride suicide here i come step aside get out of my way Its okay i feel alright citys gonna crash and burn tonight its okay I feel alright crash & burn tonight

drag queens striptease anything that you please under the bright lights night clubs get drunk shootin junk lady luck i'll see you tonight

coulda been shoulda been washed up has been all around the town take a ride suicide here I come step aside tonight your goin down

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