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Anti Heroes


Born and raised from immigrant blood made a hardworking man out of me the code i live by is the honor and honesty what i learned was passed down from the ghosts of my family lessons learned long before they came from accross the sea (chorus) friendship in struggle, courage in battle, wisdom in rage ardor in labor, piety in love, knowledge is sage (x2) sacrafice don't always have a reward courage is something you can't afford pittsburgh steel in my fathers eye gave me the will to win and the guts to try he showed no weakness not even a trace 'til he broke his fist on my face he went from us steel to mit i cherish what my parents taught to me: (chorus) when im older ill raise a family i'll give them the substance that tempered me they taught me the meaning of being the best i can they raised me to be a true american (chorus)


In every city in every backstreet theres a brand of people who dance to the beat swilling beer at hockey games the fans of oi! oi! music and that's the name the evening has only just begun as they crack open the 12th one (chorus) carte blanche for chaos carte blanche for fun when they're coming you better run down at gelatos on a saturday night drinking pbr and watching eugene fight spied a man in a port-a-potty len and gary decided to be naughty flipped it over on to its back the man jumped out covered in crap pam decided to throw a birthday party said bring your friends around 8:30 20 of them and one punched jen used a stereo to bash his head in tv throught the window long hair on the wall


For all the wealth and all the waste of our rich americans and their good taste who elected reagan and they were so pleased when he mortgaged our country to the japanese our taxes are money that was so long ago spent the defecit has put our government up for rent there's millions out of work and that's nothing new no one will take notice, not people like you (chorus)heroes & zeros which one are you gonna be america is sinking, and you're asleep infront of your tv its not a matter of diction being politically correct is a contradiction truman, jfk, great leaders of old bush and clinton, crucified on a cross of gold the american people are so tied down and bloated complain and complain and they never even voted when the ship is sinking, the rats wonder why we got the best leaders money can buy (chorus) and that's the meaning of the new world order once there were acres of factories, now its rusted metal and dirt once there worked proud families, now they nurture only hurt you could climb the ladder make your dreams come true when the bottom rungs are gone there's no future left for you no ones got a plan and no one gives a damn for the working man, the american: (chorus)


Fuck hollywood, fuck 'em today fuck the million dollar movies with nothing to say fuck the sixties, fuck oliver stone fuck rambo and sylvester stallone fuck jane fonda and shirley maclaine wish they were fucking john wayne fuck capt. stubing and fuck tattoo and if you don't like this song then….fuck you! fuck, fuck hollywood(3x) fuck sonny bono and buttfuck cher someone hit geraldo with another chair fuck michael jackson and child molesters fuck rock hudson and schwartzenegger fuck the actors at the presidential ball fuck oprah and arsenio hall fuck the beachboys those stupid pricks they sing about girls when they're sucking dick (chorus) fuck hollywood, warped sense of reality where the truth is always the first casualty fuck the causes and the coalitions the excercises they get is jumping to conclusions fuck the sex, fuck the smut fuck the guys who take it up the butt fuck hollywood 'cause they make me sick its like sticking my head in a bucket of shit


Like most kids from my generation she was born and raised in out broken home nation autumns brilliant hue of orange and gold her embrace cut us from the same fold from the granite face of a red georgia mountain to the sun grazed grace of a springtime fountain came the warm radiance of her lovers smile gave me the emotion of a man and the love of a child i saw the moonlight caress the cleft of her chin i fel her eyelashes brush against my skin stood bye me and i stood bye her, jennifer, jennifer actions speak louder than words, jennifer, jennifer in a jaded age of indulgance and sin lives stan still and the earth still spins possession burns from the same token my love stands rooted in natures emotion when jet airplane destroys the pristine night sky the eagle turns his head and spits out a sigh he longs for her and will accept no other way he would wait forever and then a day with vision to span his lows and highs he knows true love will never die


Up in the morning splash water on my face i'm not a winner im a disgrace the mirror shows no image of perfection i see myself and its a negative reflection im not another kid filled with empty dreams who's got it all and don't know what it means im the reason and that makes me a threat i remember what you forget (chorus)i won't spend my life on the edge of reality im not gonna die in a rock & roll fantasy straight off the streets on to your stereo is how true rock is supposed to flow we got the me generations decades of decadence heavy metal rocking to comic book cadence disco, high fashion, vanareal disease abba, u2, and shawn cassidy the cash registers are open, they're never shut they're selling madonna, the 20th century slut (chorus) pretty boy music on your mtv bullshit rap music running off with your money todays youth follow the prophets of wealth they'd rather worship an idol than think for themselves you got to be labeled and have a gimmick to make it when you're worthless you have to fake it the drugged out crowd just follows the herd they're singing along and they don't know the words


10 years after, his guts still churned He packed his bag and he returned To people like horses they were well bred Beauty in the flesh but empty in the head They talked of money and trains so fast Manicured smiles for the lower class From a city on a hill where greed is sacred They sneered at the world their parents created (chorus)all their cocaine and credit cards Didn't get them very far All of their money and fancy cars Didn't drive them far from manzanar Black and white like a photograph All that was good was in the past The ground was amber waves of green The future looked so serene The people were cold, their edges sharp Plastic mouths open out came the bark You're the under class, not like the rest All your life you'll be second best (chorus) A jury of peers or was it fate? That turned all his love into hate A snarling dog spitting out broken teeth He fought every inch but the grade was steep Backed in a corner, they beat him down A wreath of thorns for his boyhood crown Not gonna live an eternity of shame He killed himself and stole my name


Bubba dodged the draft in vietnam if hitler was alive today hed say, “peace man” but the 60's came and the 60's went and now bubba is part of the establishment got elected by 42% he became the quota president packed the car and went to washington d.c. he brought al & tipper & hillary (chorus)hes a taxraiser, promise breaker, adulterer he's a draft dodger, liberal dictator, potsmoker made a lot of promises for which he is famous wants a gay man up the army's anus knows you've got money and he want's it if air wasn't free he'd put a tax on it says the countries problems are ones you made i never burned a cross or owned a slave he's even got a man for a spouse people are crashing planes into his house (chorus) hes got a dirty sock for a knob jennifer flowers did the cleaning job tried to bag ms. paula jones should have let ted kennedy drive her home other women just come naturally bubbas got'em and so does hillary he thinks hes every womans best better get that guy a kevlar vest (chorus)


He's the old hippie that made us sick he wrote muzak for drug adicts he's the fat geezer who talked too much he used drugs as a crutch he ate granola and he hugged trees looked like a dog bit by fleas had a beer belly and a tye died shirt said he'd live forever but now he sleeps in dirt (chorus)jerry was a piece of shit, shit, shit, shit, shit im grateful that he's dead, dead, dead, dead, dead like jim baker he went far turned stadiums into singles bars did all of the drugs in san francisco wrote 20 albums of long haired disco then he sang i will survive look who is no longer alive so all you fuckers in your vw vans preppy, dink, hackysack clan wallstreet twats with ponytail hair your bmw's with dancing bears he was an icon, he was a god he racked in your cash in wads you were conned by a useless slob the tours are over so get a job


Heres the story of three punks with a burning desire to be gangsters to be guns for hire moreland ave. on a hot summer night pete wanted to kill someone and do it tonight he's the boy that did the ultimate sin got the blood of christ dripping from his skin with his silver spoon and his beady eyes he decided who should live and who should die murderer, pete is a murder dressed in suits, dressed for the kill walking to the bridge at the bottom of the hill looked for a passed out bum and they found one pete slit his throat just for fun the bum went running through the bushes and weeds they held his arms and made him bleed headlights flashing and the world spun around the man was screaming when he hit the ground murderer, paul is a murder i wept and wondered what should i say about the children who threw a mans life away were you men or were you gods or suburban brats whose lives were a fraud scum like you don't deserve to live free i think you'd look good hangin' from a tree no remorse when you dealt all of the spades i hope you get raped in jail and die of aids murderer, francois is a murder who should live and who should die (3x)


Baby was a black sheep baby was a whore baby got big and he's gonna get bigger baby's got a gun, got his finger on the trigger baby, baby, baby im a rock n roll nigger do you like the world around you? are you ready to behave do you like the world around you? are you ready to be a slave (chorus) outside of society that's where im gonna be


Like a chicken running without its head our country's debt is to it's dead under a sky so cold and grey the youth of our country died before their day not more than kids, they stood for the flag the government sent them home in bags those young americans will never see their homes now they sleep under gardens of stone (chorus)they died fighting a country that wasn't a threat and now this is our national debt commies in the east, money in the west put another bullet in a soldiers chest who pays for the lines in his fathers face not the politicians who breached their faith the men who fight for our nation shouldn't be sent to war by a corporation democracy means one man one vote money has turned our government into a joke (chorus) so when its time to start another pointless war the first ones drafted are the poor with no money to buy a political voice they're sent to die without a choice im an american, proud and free im an american i believe in equality don't tell me what to do or what to be im an american, don't tread on me (chorus) national debt, national debt, national debt, national debt national debt, national debt,national debt, national debt whos gonna pay off the debt? national debt, national debt etc., etc.


On the road to ruin, rotting in the cell nothing all around you, but an anticeptic smell searching for something better, hoping for the best waiting for the answer, looking for the test (chorus)escape to the city, runaway escape to the city, it's the only way day time in the city and the traffic's moving fast made it in by selling out, can you make it last? night time in the jungle the streets become deranged looking up and holding out untill the seasons change (chorus) city streets are hard and rough and city streets are mean where did you learn about the world? from the tv screen? you are just a stranger in a foreign land you've just found something, you don't understand


If i ever get arrested again i've just got to make it big my friend cause talk is ceap and violence is funny go to a party in a ritzy high rise knock on the door, what a suprise smashing tables, breaking chairs tim threw a cat down the stairs when they throw me in the back of the car i know what it'll be for (chorus)criminal mischief, they called the law criminal mischief, kick a hole in the wall criminal mischief, i don't give a shit about all you stupid pricks go to a party in a ritzy high rise knock on the door, what a suprise smashing tables, breaking chairs tim threw a cat down the stairs hate art fags and the new wave face put a basket ball in the microwave here comes a cop with a gun in his hand i just pissed in the fresh fruit stand when they throw me in the back of the car i know what it'll be for (chorus)


You never remember where you're from you got no idea what you done you came to me with your problems in your hands and i promised to do everything i can you're a living reaction with a brain got no feelings cause they cause you pain pain spelled out is the title of guilt it burns out the rotten core of the life you built (chorus)you bastard, you bastard you don't do nothing that's not for you you bastard, you bastard you're a catch 22 you been wondering whether im alive or dead and i've been living with your hole in my head its the rhythm of the way we live born to destroy all we give and i promised to do everything i can you're a living reaction with a brain got no feelings cause they cause you pain pain spelled out is the title of guilt it burns out the rotten core of the life you built (chorus)


Poor mans got a hard life to live rich man's got nothing to give feel your life going down the drain nothing but failure and pain you say you were born to lose but i say you got the right to choose it's all in the way you play the cards (chorus)it's in the cards its in the cards know when to fold, know when to bluff just play it smart don't tell me that you don't care you don't work, you'll go nowhere its all in the way you play the cards some people get the ace of spades some people piss their lives away greed makes some unable to wait they miss the boat but that's their fate you think someone stacked the deck i think your life is just a wreck it's all in the way you play the cards


They planned every detail, nothing could go wrong conntrol the youth to keep the country strong an assigned occupation and a place to stay 1 brushstroke paints the whole world grey with no individual, no room for dissent the police came and off to jail he went no grudges though he had no hate for the ones who made a god their state (chorus)you can take what you want from me but you'll never rob me of my dignity, dignity dignity is a matter of self respect gotta be what you are not what others expect his spirit was strong, he had no shame for the political slime that was to blame they beat him no matter what he said couldn't destroy what was in his head he was the object of hate and anger what didn't destroy him made him stronger (chorus) summertime for the kids on the street they're laughing, learning and running from the police they won't accept mediocrity they won't let others control their destiny where ever it is you go from here you'r fault if you are controlled by fear you're lucky as hell to live so free so stand and fight for your dignity


On top of the world with a gun in his hand rules the world with his master plan late at night and all through the city santa brings toy guns to your kiddies spent your credit in a department store santa stock piles for a total war (chorus)ho ho ho, seig heil to santa ho ho ho, north pole front ho ho ho, seig heil to santa the fight has just begun santa's got the face you'll learn to fear shaved his head but he kept his beard fighting the battle for your hearts and minds himmler's skills rank far behind when the sleigh comes santa won't be late every day is christmas for the police state (chorus) well jack jumped over the candle stick and all the toy soldiers do their tricks santa's wife can't light his wick he gets an elf to suck his dick he's coming for your kids and he's no jester santa clause is a child molester


From dawn to dusk i pound the earth looking for meaning to give live its worth but what i love justs tastes like shit and i wonder how stupid can you get the more i see the less i get my life smoulders out like a cigarette the more i need, the less i want i want to live but i know i won't roses are red and violets are blue money is green and i hate you humans are humans but their blood is so red im gonna put a bullet through my head (chorus)hate edge, hate edge, i hate you hate edge hate edge i hate you too hate edge no one understands anything till its dead under the human lampshade they'll never shed you'll never know what its like not to be shunned i think you're all fucking scum watching dead bodies on the news watching my friends burned up like jews split my soul for what it would bring but now i hate everything ashes are ashes and dust is dust fuck each other with your power lust humans are humans but their blood is so red im gonna put a bullet through my head (chorus)


This ones for the kids who are still in school and you wanna be tough so you break the rules life is boring, your family's a mess get out of the house you think its best get new boots and you crop your hair pretty soon, you'll be nowhere feels alright when you live for now and a buck buys a stiff drink anyhow feel like a pebble on the beach when you see things out side your reach people come and people go too many times you're left alone job to job and drink to drink there aint enough time left to think ssmoke to smoke and lay to lay one hangover for everyday (chorus)alocholics anonymous (3x) alcoholics are anonymous youre older now and you look real mean and your face is creased and not too clean wanna be young make it last forever but clockwork thrills won't make it better the ocean you swim has gotten too deep your bllod is cold, you can't get no sleep mouth is dry when you feel the hate this is a nightmare you'll never escape


Out on the streets on a saturday night no problems on my mind but around the corner with some steel in his hand is an end that's most unkind poor robert bell with a bullet in his gut did they ask his permission first? the bullet goes in, and blood flows out life is at its worst (chorus)take the guns off the streets for us and for the ones who have eaten lead take them all and melt them down before the streets are dead the roads are dark and the streets are narrow and everyones driving fast no matter who or what you are any word could be your last your heart is warm and your blood is cold and your head is screwed on tight its too dark to see and its too dark to know and that's why it always happens ant night


You're fat and ugly and you don't care you got a beer back and greasy hair you always talk and you never shut up and worst of all you always beat me up you're ingnorant, you're ignorant you're a piece of shit you're ingnorant, you're ignorant you're a middle class twit you're ingnorant, you're ignorant we treat you like a joke you're ingnorant, you're ignorant and worst of all you're broke you never had the girl that you always brag you fuck little boys you stupid fag you once had a friend but you stabbed him in the back and worst of all, you smoke crack (chorus) you got taffy duck tatooed on your ass you see the world through the bottom of a beer glass the 8 foot tires on your pick up truck show you're still in 8th grade you stupid schmuck!


Chaingang in the georgia sun just trudging down the road warden with his shotgun and a double buckshot load one of the inmates was a skin with a clean shaven head he raised his fist into the air and this is what he said (chorus)oi! oi! oi! from the dead end of the street oi! oi! oi! we'll never see defeat a victim of a circumstance or the doer of a crime he made a mistake, crossed the line and now he's doing time he just wouldn't listen, he wouldn't play their game but behind prison bars, oi! music remains the same (chorus) its the sound of the streets for the rebels who won't be tamed its for the ones who stand up proud and the ones who bare no shame whatever it is that you done or what you're gonna do when we're walking down the street, i'll remember you


Well who could believe in a living cartoon when its pumped into your living room? they won't admit to you what the problem is with loads of smoke and trickery they hide the facts so you can't see you think they could do better than this (chorus) so come on you fat old men don't compromise your countrymen the red tape is wrapping slowly around your necks and listen all you beauracrats give us meat & cut the fat we're tired of paying off your rubber checks i'm not the only one who knows that politics are just a pose one thousand points of light are not enough admit that you don't have the answer the country's sick and you're the cancer you haven't helped at all by acting tough (chorus) the election is a running joke the candidates are a fucking hoax the sad thing about it is the joke's on us the only way it all makes sense is don't vote foe, vote against even if it made a difference


Started out five years ago and we are still true blue but now after all the laughs, what happened to you? you talk about a new nation, say your the youth of today now you've got a gang of nazi's but you were punk rockers yesterday (chorus) you'll never out us down with all the bullshit that you said you'll never put us down with the lies that you spread we'll always be around, we're the true american skinheads we always hold our ground, always stand by what we said try to act like a real man but a gang is just a sham try to act like an american but you're sleeping with the klan their never was an individual living under our blue sky who would ever want to be the lord of the flies (chorus) when the city turns to black and we're all out on the street getting run off by the cops for the boots tied on our feet maybe then you'll realize your means don't see the end and someday you'll remember that i used to call you my friend


We're the anti heros and we're here to steal your women and drink your beer join us and you got nothing to fear….thats right they all run when we come in and we got in a fight again we don't care if we don't win…thats right all down at the club tonight to meet some people, that's allright all the boys are quite a sight…thats right (chorus)anti heros oi! oi! oi! (3x) after a while you stop to think your mind is cloudy from the drink we all know your breath don't stink…thats right


Disco club 688said they'd have a free beer night we all knew we had to go we didn't know that the bomb would blow all the regulars smelled like shit we got tanked up on the flowing draft queers all gave us hated stares we were drunk, we didn't care (chorus)it was black that night it was black as night of a disco fight of a disco riot club sent up a mouldy band friends went up to make a stand one cup of draft on the stage bouncers got in a pissed off rage beer was gone it was time to go the fun had only started though up the street we realized 3 of the boys been left behind (chorus) bill met a guy with a van and a wrench beat his head to a bloody mess they ran us down with the van chris took a broken leg like a man cops grabbed us we all went down tht can't run us out of this black old town face and name on the local news got us in court with their faithful screws


Monday morning cant open my eyes because everyone's looking at me my life's no longer a 7 day weekend becaus im still asleep on my feet wann stay on top of your life, you gotta try as hard as you can but all you got is another struggle, and no ones gonna lend you a hand (chorus) you can't kill the blues with a gun you've gotta find the strength to stand you just gotta keep your eyes straight ahead and walk on like a man chaos all around no one can stop us cause tonight we're back on the piss if it ends up in jail or it ends up in blood, that's the way life is im not the one who cleans up after, somehow its always done spend your life worrying about, you're not gonna have any fun (chorus) no ones gonna tell you when you're doing right they tell you when you're doing wrong as long as they keep themselves shut up, we'll keep carrying on the aching burning self is on my back again you better look for something good and enjoy it while you can


Not gonna say what im thinking about you and if you stay like that then we are through cause life is not a trial run i know i've just begun too find each answer from each day anew we cannot forget what we have learned we won't compromise what we have earned well most people i know are bores and giving up won't end our wars we'll never join the ones whose backs have turned (chorus)you got 2 sides to every story 2 sides to every lie you come looking for me that where ill be on the other side you'll never get the true story from the press on the streets is where we're at our best it's hard to read the changing times, but judging from obvious signs help you learn a bit more than the rest try to read the answer in my eyes might find yourself thinking about your lies cause i don't wear a plastic mask, i might tell you if you ask no one wins when no one ever tries


He's the one who stands out in the crowd he's the one who stands up straight and proud he's the one that feels out of place in society he's got a strange face (chorus)there was no one he could trust so a loner he became his friends all came and went and a loner he'll remain doesn't matter what he wears he don't feel right anywhere hasn't had friends in his growing years no one to talk about his hopes and fears (chorus) no one to talk to, he doesn't mind young loner knows he's one of a kind boots and braces he stands alone sad lifes the only one he's ever known


Right around the corner, up the street from harry may, there's a little house of horror where all the herberts stay polish on their sneakers, dax slime in their hair always acting crazy, but fuck it they don't care (chorus)h-e-r-b-e-r-t moon moon moon moon moonstomp everyday at zestos they're working at their jobs another 120 they hate their dead end yobs don't sleep on the weekends the gleam stays in their eyes don't you call it magic their brains are full of ice (chorus) always down at the clubs, on good terms with the skins acting like an angel wont pay for their sins after ever to do, when all of the wreckage clears the herberts are left standing, they'll have a few more beers


Spend the day time in the sun spend night time at the club some fun! some fun! we always have a laugh we're never holding back, some fun! some fun! cars lights flashing by running all around i'm not gonna tell anybody, 'bout what i found someone gets in my way, there will be a fight but tonight i got my girl, and you know that's right another nazi's coming around, lets run him out of town some fun! some fun! my girl with another guy, i gave him a black eye some fun! some fun! roadtrip with 20 guys, to another show we got ther and it was cancelled, wouldn't you know all the people all of the beer, always worthwhile when you're having a good time, you're always in style sailing drunken through the town, run that old lady down, some fun! some fun! just when thought we'd won, she pulls out her gun, some fun! some fun! throwing bottles at cars, smash in their windows will i remember this tomorrow? who fucking knows all the girls that think they're great, they put on airs do they have any brains, who fucking cares


They call him a nazi, they call him a child cause he holds his head up high too proud, some times too wild hes the one who's full of hate the target of abuse won't try to explain himself because there is no use (chorus)he's a skin, hes a skin stick with you through thick and thin hes a skin and he'll be a skin when he's the only one you know that he's got his friends you know they stand tall each night maybe have some drinks and then they have ball don't you try to stop them don't get in their way no matter what you do we will have our say (chorus)


Im hungry, im hungry my limbs feel weak my voice is distorted when i speak im hungry, i'm hungry, my life has reached its peak it's so dull i feel the havoc i wreak (chorus)i eat i eat and drink and drink and you all know i never think im hungry im hungry im hungry hungry hungry hungry im hungry im hungry i never give my life is like a plastic seive i'm hungry, im hungry, i live to consume in my house, on the human moon (chorus) im hungry, im hungry, i hate myself in my package on the kitchen shelf im hungry, im hungry, i've got nothing to eat so now im gonna eat my meat


On the road with me and my frinds came to our first town chucked us out cause we were skinheads, that just let me down extra extra, get your monthly massacre, someones been killed today feel alone then shout it the loudest cause someone might hear you say (chorus)choose, choose, got nothing to lose your hopes and feelings gone choose, choose, got nothing to lose together right and strong second town found my kind of place and it seemed like we might stay security i let my secret drop and they told us to go away extra extra, get your monthly massacre, someones been killed today feel alone then shout it the loudest cause someone might hear you say


We'll never be another countries slaves and we're sure to live free for the rest of our days thanks, thanks to the bomb no one would dare do something rash cause we'd send them off with a mighty crash thanks thanks to the bomb (chorus)the bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb etc. etc. thank you, thank you for the bomb it's great living in the biggest country that's got the whole world on its knees thanks, thanks to the bomb in silos under the midwest plains, there lies the strength that ensures americas gains thanks, thanks to the bomb (chorus) no one will know the sacred day when we all go out in that special way thanks, thanks to the bomb so lets move to the city that's gonn get hit cause i don't want my guts coming out in my shit thanks, thanks to the bomb


Sitting on the porch of life they feel no problems or encounter any strife they're the people who all look the same stagnant lives that never change they're the members of the upper class gonna die living in the past (chorus)cause you're another person without a name a bumbling burecrat without a brain you're so happy to live in a dream you're a porch monkey so the freed the slaves in 1865 when money was green and the dream was alive from the mortgage banker to the divorce court they're propping up people and pulling out the cork they're members of the middle class gonna die sittin on their ass (chorus) you're so smart and you're so pretty and we fucking know you run our city spending your wages to look sheik you live off glory at the end of the week you're the members of the lowest class gonna die in a rich mans grasp


Skinheads there when things get rough and when he's needed he's always tough won't ever run, won't ever hide he aint scared that they'll lock him inside seems to stand above them all he'll be there when the low lifes fall you know what i say is true you know in your heart when i speak about you know in your heart when i speak about you (chorus)whats a skin, hes hard whats a skin, he's tough what's a skin, he's honorable do you think we won't live long? do you think that we're not strong? fire burns in all of our hearts be on top cause we got the smarts skinhead knows when he is right and he knows he don't have to fight but when he does he tends to win that's how they remember him that's how they remember him


Joined a school about last may thought i'd go, be on my way but i wasn't taught in anybody's class found that there's no place for me in the'85 society i belong on the streets living with my friends (chorus)smash a window, break a rule smash a window, not gonna be nobody's fool smash a window, break a face smash a window, not gonna lock me up in that place suprise my face don't fit, i live in a sea of shit but i should be happy, lest it decompose always keep priority 1 to stay clean and have fun nothing can keep me from my music and my friends

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