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(“When it's time to face the odds,friendship is not about talking the talk but walking the walk”)

Et je marche encore une fois Dans ces rues oubliées des dieux Toi tu m'emboîtes le pas Tu sais qu'l'avenir sera comme on le veut!

Tout tourne et je vois Mon futur se dessiner devant moi! Tout tourne encore une fois Peu importe ce qui arrivera J'sais qu'tu seras là!

Nous marchons encore toi et moi Et je peux lire dans tes yeux Cette force qui sommeille en toi Comme un désir d'être heureux!

Et je marche encore une fois Dans ces rues oubliées par des dieux! Nous marcherons encore toi et moi Même si la terre se dresse contre nous deux!


Naufragés de tous les excès, qu'on prétendait être succès, À la dérive d'une société, dont toutes les idées ont échoué Dites-moi c'que l'rêve américain, aura bien pu nous laisser Sinon un avenir incertain, et l'écume de nos rêves brisés… J'aimerais effacer toute notre histoire! J'aimerais crier pour vaincre le désespoir!

Exilés d'une culture, qui aura livré en pature Les faibles et les démunis, aux crocs de l'économie Honteux d'une humanité, au sourire carnassier Et qui n'a d'humain que le nom, de ceux laissés à l'abandon… J'aimerais venger l'honneur des parias! Et je garde la fierté d'être de ceux-là!

Pour nous le passé n'est plus rien, nous retournons au néant Usés,consumés comme un bien, vaincu,périmé par le temps C'est la tragédie colorée, du rouge de la destruction D'une planète condamnée, par notre civilisation…

Il nous faut refuser ce suicide quotidien! C'est la résignation qui tue nos lendemains!


You wish you could shut me up You'd like to bring me down But you can't make me stop I can swim I won't drown I did go down before Your justice ain't so blind But I'm still there for more And I damn well know your kind

Tell me again what is there to see Tell me again what golden road lies ahead of me Tell me again that your beautiful democracy is there for me,there for free!

You can't really deal with adversity But only people who don't kneel have their liberty So silence the silent if you will Keep peopleobedient be ready to kill

You fed me lies for the longest time And judged the cries like they were a crime My anger's loud and clear I'm one of those who bite And you can't cloud with fear my will to stand and fight!

It's time for a lesson of humility It's time you get your dose of reality I got stronger with what didn't kill me Know I won't go down so easily,quietly.

Your beautiful democracy is not for me,not for free!


If we had a voice to change things tonight If we had a choice to give in or to fight If anyone could hear it wouldn't be so hard And we wouldn't be here driking no holds barred Like a promise to go far One day we'll wage a brand new war!

If we had a voice to change things tonight If we had a choice to give in or to fight We'll have to hold ground and bring it down We'll have to take a stand and push it to an end Like a thousand boots on concrete Like a riot in the street!

If we had a voice If we had a choice We are the proud we are the few We are the ones that will stay true For far too long we held back Now we'll force a change and strike back!

And we want,and we take ,and we brake to change EVERYTHING!

Teenage Warhead

I'd like to understand how you mean well When things get out of hand and you raise hell A mind set to destroy what's in your way Thrill-crazy boy,young cat gone stray

You're just a teenage warhead!

Diplomacy to you is just a foreign notion You'd much rather get through with an explosion Ready to ignite,ready to spit fire Only a roll of dynamite could take you higher!

The Streets Are Mine

Dare you walk these street alone You better know how to hold your own No wone here will slow the pace Cause reality's a kick in the face.

You might think you're tought as hell You might think you do so well Your money your looks and your office car Well comin'at you is a brand new scar

I'm the spirit of the street This city's urban beat It feels to me like a birthright I've got the alleyways,I've got the night

Dare you my scared ground It might be your head I'm gonna pound Check me out cause I'll feel fine To show you that the streets are mine!

World Crusher

Modern democracy ofers no hope Builds tales of hypocrisy and hands the rope Obey and bow,just build the wall You'll be shown how to stage your fall!

Separate the rich from the poor Let the weak be thrown to the floor Screams for help to a closed door Cry if you will,but faith no more!

Another day,another death: keep your blank stare cause it seems to me like you just don't care!

Like an abandoned stray in a world of dismay Lost and left to pray for every victim you slay!

Like a sado-masochistic suicidal war-fanatic!

Here comes the age of the slashed wrists Kingdom of severed fists Time now commands to surrender And hail the World Crusher!

You're it

The tribe around me is getting agitated you might see only me, but we're more than a hundred…

You talk of pure evil,say the threat is real Unsmak the true devil, tell me how you feel Let me be your nightmare, let me be your curse Live with the fear,the scare, and it's getting worse!

Create an other monster, to forget your sins Make me the pointer, of where the end begins I am the past,I am the future I'm here to last,I'm part of your culture!

So I am the terror of your every day Split image in the mirror, what ever you may say I'm the demon you hide, the akuma in you Slowly burning inside,an soon shining through…You!

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