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Agnostic Front


You have no right to tell us what to do you have no balls to tell us what to do you got no right to tell us what to do you got not balls to tell us what to do there ain't no joke and there's no fuckin' break


Better look out you've gotta move quick they're coming to get you uncle sam this is it this is the final war! this is the final war (x4) … and there will be no one left


Then i try to the right you always put me down you're always on my back why do you hang around? you can't see beyond your nose what's making you so blind the rules you make, those you break this is your last warning it isn't just a threat choose to disregard it wind up with regret


When you're with me you're my best friend then when you leave you're a fucking hypocrite traitor (x4) you're a fucking two faced traitor (x4)


Hang out with me then you come and stab my back are you friend or foe? see me on the streets you walk right by me are you friend or foe? then you tell me on the phone i'm a fucking clone are you friend or foe? when you need help you come back to me are you friend or foe? friend! foe! are you friend or foe?


Talk about unity talk abour conformity you don't want to support the scene why don't you get the fuck away from me i'm a skin, you're a skin who's gonna suffer live in sin, where you been you're all gonna go under i'm a skin, you're a skin you're gonna suffer


Push around and stab each other fight around and kill each other fight fight fight riot riot beat him hard, beat him dead beat him harder, beat him down break their legs we're gonna break their legs. let's go.


Freedom of my life, give it back to me i wanna live can't you see discriminat me, call me a bum but i'll survive, it's your fault freedom of my life, why make it a mess? give me a job, i've got to survive discriminate me, why can't you help? everybody thinks i'm a scum freedom of my life, give it back to me!


See that girl now, turn your head now eat it right here or go now in control, in control are you really in control? sex over there sleep over there fight over there pressure builds up in my head don't see how in control in control don't see how people wanna know i wanna know are you really in control?


Now is the time to show what to do crucial change, it all starts with you you're not here to make this a better place you're not happy i see it in your face


Anger as sharp as the broken glass burning cars and tear gas every race riot–is the last one a dying culture's final gasp every decade–yet no one learns and it's always their own homes they burn crushed by a quorum-driven-state machine a nation's will, cannot be turned memories lost in a nation's sleep in the dreams of contented sheep can we ever hope to find solutions when our country has sold the constitution all too wrong to be right the answer's there, we just lack the sight race wars fed by prejudice and fright the love of a nation for its people burned through the night monochrome blood sport–we never tire so many things feed the fires to repeat history–a world conspires so many years have fed the desires


So many people will come and go past their time before they know swear they were there from the start never had it in their hearts things you do–come back to you things you've said–echo on inside your head figureheads come cheap these days no one listens to what they say in their faces i see the fear a crucial moment drawing near you pay the price–take bad advice what they said–echoes on in your head


Day after day see a world grow cold and grey did you see it today youth that rage while their idols age need some new start see ideals for what they really are what does it take? eyes for the blind what does it take? strength of the mind that's what it has to be to cast everything aside for me it takes sacrifice to find the heart and set it free you better find the drive while you're young and still alive no one hands you the truth no one can say what's right for you don't wait for the call strength above all don't just wait in vain for everything to change don't wait for the call strength above all


The birth of man was the birth of hell the wrathful flames dance around my head falling figures, burning dead a well once filled with flowing water now an endless tunnel of hate and squalor covered, once, with locks of hair all burned off, to leave me bare a hand that once reached out to feel now gropes about for something real i try to hold onto what i've found but the heat of the touch melts all to the ground pulling back, inside my head i watch for hours, the listless dead from my hear flows the tears giving no life to that which is seared i wait for the day when only ashes appear nothing gained–and no more fear and once again i will be pure


Changes that were hardly noticed until time itself became a chain once hot blood began to cool my ever slowing heart–beat in vain from the nightmare i wake in another dream and stare at an unbroken sky try to distill a cure for the plague that's put to rest everything–i once felt inside to never again be bound by united blood a sense of purpose lost forever more is this the way i'll die? no! i'll find the sense of honor–that i held once before the blood–the honor–the truth thought it would never end the blood–the honor–the truth can be part of our lives again


Awash on the tides of city rain i flow through the streets and into the drains numbed by the gaze of uncaring faces try to offer my truth–but they drift away until the streets and myself have no name no longer human–no longer the same lost all hope–lose all dreams–no more pain awake–i choke on human steam and the stench of animal fear tonight i'm going to light a match and let the sewer burn–until my soul is clear each night a thousand hearts are wasted on those who don't care if they live or die each day i wade through vacant stares and wonder are they looking for the same things as i i see the people turn away and still hear every word they say hope someday i'll have the nerve to put a bullet through my brain and not a needle in my vein ==== HAPPENED YESTERDAY ==== You–you raised your fist you were some real anarchist made a lot of promises to your friends you'd never let it end now–you just sit and stare like old men now–you talk about how it was then now it's a few years later your scene isn't looking so good everything you had, the lives you led dead or misunderstood so–you'll rise from the dead you'll show everyone but you're running, running scared from ghosts of the past you can't run too fast no–you'll never get back what you had no–well…that's just too bad gone–where did it go, it happened yesterday no–where did it go, it happened yesterday


Yahweh promised a conquered land, domination over life–man against man mother earth came to conflict with patriarchal powers and eyes lit up with hierarchy fed desires the spirit within–quickly became lost in search of glory and power the rules of war were taught the dogs, run wild, parting souls from lives bombs fragment, the earth, leaving wounds in her side the roots of perversion–so deeply planted man has become evil–peace and freedom tainted leaders ask their people to dig their graves deeper no spirit of their own–they took heed of their keepers man finds himself trapped in aggression he knows no other life but that of oppression


So you hate your mom, you hate your dad you hate "the state" because it's bad but look at you, how do you rate? you're just as bad as those you hate you're telling me–you keep telling lies but deep down inside–you're not true to your mind all fucked up, king of the show flail at your friends, you don't know fight before and afterward but it don't do you any good so live your life in ignorance close your mind, your defiant stance isolate and isolate until you're gone and it's too late to wake up and live you're just a victim of your fate


They ask why do we dress this way live for now–don't understand today see the kids–but don't hear what they say close your eyes and look the other way say the end justifies the means gonna lock us up and throw away the keys crucified–crucified for your sins crucified–crucified for your sins they don't know our feelings–only desperate cries they see reflections through distorted eyes we don't care because it breaks their views got to learn to fight to live before they grind us under heel we're the targets so easy to find and we're the ones that won't stay in line i find myself nailed to a cross for something that i didn't do it's your fault you've ruined our lives and we're the ones you crucify you're the ones who commit the crimes but it's always us who do the time


Listen up here said a wise man to a fool. here unlike there there are no set rules. remember one thing you came here alone. thats how youll do this bid, thats how youll go home. learn how to do time, dont let time do you. now that youve entered your humanity is withdrawn. known only as a din number, your life is at pawn. i bet you never imagined to be beaten and caged with no one to pity your prayers nor your pains. and you thought in the streets that your life was so unfair and cruel. make one careless mistake here boy and youll drown in your own pool. so take this advice stay alert and on cue. keep only to yourself and your ears in hsarp tune.


Stood strong through right or wrong. fought pain with time and hate. here i stand alone and on fire in a room with a view, a fence with barbwire. today my world ends and so theirs begins. slowly trying to justify comparible sins. i stand here alone and unafraid. ive known in my past ive done worse days. mayy be apart from my dreams and desires yet no man can withhold me from what i most admire. stood strong through right or wrong. fought pain with time and hate. i'll fight when they try to strip me of my rights and wont, i wont accept defeat. i may be down but i will not be beat. one voice. with pride i'll keep on striving till i die and never, never will i black out. the streets remain in heart without a doubt. one voice.


Face society and its bias laws. roam through endless courts and its corruptive jaws. they say a man is innocent till proven guilty. for sure they meant the opposite in reality. forced to a plea, forced to give in. refused to seek justice, chosen to turn their chins. now youve got their offers. he say you cant refuse. they choose your public defender to be sure youll give in and lose. dont get caught dont give in and lose. nothing beats the truth to be set free. minute turn to hours, hours to days. days into nightmares with therapy pain. forced into a plea to withdraw your rights. fell into its contents refusing to continue the fight. now the truth is sought, costly in its length. time to be set free, regain your natural strength. dont fall into-broken rules-dont be fooled. hold strong, stay free.


Here we come to demolish the wall. weve waited years to witness this fall. today we see the truth among curious lies. weve come to seek justice with our own eyes. brick by brick we slave for a life and mortar mix for dimes. we wont allow ourselves to be beat. we wont level this wall of dirty deeds. our rise will be your fall. with force we'll crush your wall. yet it is true how weve been kept in the dark. for our life lacks the beauty of yours. and while the poorer get poorer you could care less because youre set for life with riches. brick after brick weve slaved for your life and mortar mix for nothing but dimes. never again will we ever be beat. nor will we level this wall full of dirty deeds.


Pure hatred burns deep in my soul because our bond has cracked in time. its taken months for my cool to explode. now whats been damaged remains in my mind. i should have listened to those you called fools for the fool was i to be led blind. youve played your final game, the odds have failed you again. my faith was all to blame. i thought you were a friend id trust till end. these days you learn to trust no one. you must include those closest friends. for what has many of thier promises done? but left you betrayed in the end. i should have listened to those you called fools for the fool was i to be led blind.


Yesterday, my wourld crashed with a blast. that period i chose to bury my past. it tells of time-my back against the wall. back then, a victim of society to maul. spend your life pushing and shoving to climb to the top but youre held by a thread. all the work youve dont goes to waste because in this life you just cant get ahead. again myy world came tumbling hard upon my back. life sifted through my hands like sand through an hourglass. it tells of time i'll never recapture. the grains controlling my life scarred me forever. so this is how it goes-you give with no return. youre always underotwed-cant get ahead.


You see it was drawn easy, my services for a rewarding fee. never thinking then of the hundreds ive hurt. their morals and family so deserted, you see, back then my mind was conned, caught in a pipe dream. understand my path set forth from a struggling background. mom always worked her hardest maintaining her four hounds. scared and afraid that my own child's future was at stake quickly reacting was where i made my biggest mistake. filled with dillusions i fell, i fell deep in my grave carried by deceits devouring waves. i can still remember her nights in tears of rage never giving up even with her life in a ruthless maze. took a harsh lesson for me to understand life. what once was taken granted stabbed with a knife. ive towed along loved ones throughout my experiences, placed them in torturous wars when it all was needless. now and then i failed to think deep clear inside. now and then i rather maintain a modest existence. now and then never again will i barter my freedom. ==== CRIME WITHOUT SIN ==== Bless me father for i have sinned. those crimes that i commited, well, i did em again. empty my soul to empower yours. lead me blindly down the path to salvations doors. god in your vanity laws you decree. will give eternal freedom with murder first degree.. look in the mirrir, what would you see. a reflection of your people struck by power and greed. bless me father, for i have sinned. the guidlines for my behavior from above, not within. they say man is his own hell. man created in gods image, that goes for you as well.


Clenching my fist, holding it in. cant keep up the gaurd, i must break within. ive kept to myself, obeyed my script. now ive violated into a boiling fit. ive givin fair warning, best known to enforce you. you wish to challenge my anger, i wish to prove you untrue. ive set no room for lost untrue memories of how it was then from those who lived. step back new jack. it would have been wiser to have kept you in check. destroying the cahnce of you crossing the line. retaliate, step back new jack. take this advice, retreat off my tracks. build your own life, dont live off my past. for in this future i'll play a new role. excluding freeloaders, ive set a new goal. ive given fair warning, best known to enforce you. you wish to challenge my anger, i wish to prove you untrue. youll never know the load of shit you dug throughout time. i could never ever sleep at night with you in my mind. i dont live a life full of lies. you built your own wall to break. i always had a lot to give and all you did was take. i wont live a life full of lies.


Four hundred years ago as enforced today, the barriers built then to reform undesirable prey. removed from civilization, reduced to depraved moles. once freedom is withdrawn the levels of hatred soar. for in this house you call our home, your righteous land, your torturous tombs. lust in our future to strengthen our eyes overlook instigations made of immoral lies. force fed lies. keep our lives in colors, animosity you feed. create a need of power, when men wear shades of green. now pit us, bait us and place us on your board. come arm us, force us, and use us in your war. again in our valley where the buffalo roamed your sociopathic battle mourned 7 new souls. the mission a success, divide and conquer technique. the creator not a myth, just an injurious elite.


I remember just the best of you, like the beatings and bruises you gladly through. and when it came down for mental support a blatant strike was how you would resort. tell me what i have done wrong to deserve pain so strong. havent i proven your pride or just a loser in your eyes? so what in the truth is to expect from you after being so abused, so comfused? but thats alright because it only shows that all you had to offer were a few low blows. where did i do you wrong? when have i done you wrong? i know you wish i never existed. showing destain you never resisted. a real father figure you never showed. just emptiness is all i knew. tell me where did i go wrong? was i when i was first born? i could never be your son for all the damage that youve done. where did i do you wrong? when have i failed to show that i can only hold such wrong… sorry about the html but im too damn lazy to erase it.


People say that i'm insane a victim of society just in pain society's rules has made me cruel i'm just the opposite, ain't no fool the way i act or way i dress doesn't make me strong or make me best soon they'll find my reasons why i'm open minded and not blind but why am i going insane why am i the one to blame open your eyes, don't tell me lies i'll be the one to live and rise i'll think for myself and i'm sure to find that society's rules won't change my mind


They hate us, we'll hate them they deny us, we'll defy them they ignore us, we'll remind them they taught us to hate and lie to obey them and look in their selfish eyes reject the system and their games the games they play to rise above laws they make, rules they could shove ideals to take over our minds unjustified greed to rule our lives their desire to overpower and conquer to succeed for their own kind reject their authority, be aware of their schism we won't adjust to their society their capitalistic form of prison remind them they taught us to lie remind them they've corrupted our lives


So they say they'll set me free if i plead quilty and let it be but i'm not the one who did their crimes so why should i keep taking their jives i'm done playing all their games and being titled low life names when i'm innocent and concerned of who i'm and what i've learned i'm not the one who did their crimes there's no justice, there's just us blind justice srewed all of us there's no justice, there's just us we need justice for all of us


When i try, to do the right you always put me down you're always on my back why do you hang around? you can't see beyond your nose what's making you so blind the rules you make, those you break ==== UNITED AND STRONG ==== A scene all divided with no unity we gotta stick together and fight for what we believe there won't be a second chance we've got to have it soon got to stick together and fight 'em all now our friends are more important we gotta stick together support one another united and strong


Power anti-social being human discharge a fascist regime we're fighting in the streets trying to be free they say the regime will save us all it's anti-social and gonna fall


Hiding your feelings yourself inside because you're afraid to express them and lose your pride but why try to be someone you're just not why keep hiding, letting the real you rot yes, you're afraid to get caught off guard because you don't know how they'll think (is he "soft" or "hard") but does it really matter, does it really bother you? to try to be someone else, a fool leading yourself on to (a life that's not for you) can't you act and be yourself not another character in a hardcore hangbook well, we don't need anymore great american heroes but real people being themselves, not weirdos


Why should go around and bashing one other if they look or think different, why let it bother everyone's got their own style, their own thoughts don't let it bother you, don't let it get caught your fascist attitudes - we need the least with a scene that's fighting for unity's peace don't need no more anger; no more danger don't need to hate;stop before it's too late learning how to respect each otheris a must so why start a war of anger/danger among us it's time to grow out of your nazi-hypocrism when you really don't want part of a fucked up system


Spending your life dreaming of rich fantasies come back of your dreams and face reality you think you've got everything, but really have nothing it's just too much pressure and your mind is busting watch out don't make a mistake you'll lose your money, it's poverty's stake society sucker - you've earned your name society sucker - it's just a game


It's your mistake!! we're here to be and the one's to succeed no need for you to tell us how to be can't seem to find your reasons why you tell us lies and think you're wise why can't you think before you sink why can't you see, then come to me tell us lies and ask us why we hate society and we're here to fight i won't shake their hands 'cause they're not our friends won't talk to you 'cause you can't be true you've got problems, yet you keep hiding them you entered thieir gate , but now it's too late it's your mistake


What have i done, why am i hated everything has just begun to be updated have i been aware of my friends or just unfair of myself and of my pride should i change for my best or should i live my life in a mess i'm the one who's lost inside but you're the one i can't find feel confused and loneley at this moment but maybe with some time , everything will pile off my mind

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