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 +====== Paroles ======
 +===== The Addict =====
 +==== 4 3 2 1 ====
 +Over the hill
 +Into the sun
 +There's a man shouting
 +About things to come
 +We need a change
 +Don't be afraid
 +Don't be afraid to follow fashion
 +4321 here we all come
 +Now make a move
 +Now make a stance
 +Join the crusade
 +Hear the romance
 +Another voice says
 +Says 'come with me'
 +Come with me
 +and I'll make you happy
 +==== 7:27 ====
 +I found another 
 +she wore metal boots
 +I found another baby
 +she was kinda cute
 +Thought she was only away for a day
 +It was a one way ticket
 +now she's gone to stay
 +Choo choo choo choo
 +My baby got knocked off her feet
 +Choo choo choo choo
 +It was the 7:27 to Liverpool Street
 +==== A man's gotta do ====
 +I heard her scream
 +From the tower above
 +My heart it wanted to help
 +But the soldiers' who guard
 +Would surely stop my attempt
 +Well, a man's gotta do
 +What a man's gotta do
 +I scaled the wall
 +At night after dark
 +The coast was o' so clear
 +When i reached
 +the young maiden's cell
 +My heart was o' so near
 +As we made off
 +Into the night
 +My maiden in my arms
 +I thought it was just like the movies
 +Eat your heart out Errol Flynn!
 +==== Angel ====
 +You are an angel
 +that money couldn't buy
 +You are an angel
 +Oh lord don't ask why
 +You are a lover
 +seductive from the start
 +You are a lover
 +that mends my broken heart 
 +And when you bang your gong
 +I will surely run to you, my angel
 +You are an angel
 +a messenger of peace
 +You are the beauty
 +that soothes the savage beast
 +Or something
 +==== Bad Boy  ====
 +My mama told me 
 +She said 'd done her wrong
 +She said 'd been a bad bad boy
 +She said I make her sad
 +She said I drive her mad
 +and now she's takin' all my toys
 +O-o I've been a bad bad boy
 +O-o I've been bad
 +And now she keeps me in
 +I'm paying for my sin
 +The door is locked I can't go out
 +I've apologized O how I've really tried
 +Not to be a bad boy
 +You try to help me out
 +But all we do is shout
 +Why should we act this way
 +M love for you is strong
 +But I keep doing wrong
 +I'll always be that bad bad boy
 +==== Beauty Sleep  ====
 +There you go 
 +weeping like a willow
 +Lay your head down on my pillow
 +Come one stop your poses
 +Come on it's a bed of roses
 +We can dream all night together
 +Or my nightmare could last forever
 +So sad the way cry
 +You've made your bed
 +Now you've got to lay in it
 +It's not so late around midnight
 +Blow out the candlelight
 +Let me rake you
 +Close your eyes
 +Let it make heave a sigh
 +Let's go to the land of darkness
 +Feel the sandman's
 +soft and sweet caress
 +When we wake
 +and raise our sleep heads
 +Will we remember
 +the dream things we said
 +There you go weeping like a willow
 +Lay your head down by my side
 +Come on come on baby
 +Come on girl you drive me crazy 
 +==== Breakdown ====
 +Judy Jackie Johnny 
 +Danny Dave Ricardo
 +Jesus George Herman Hans
 +Paulo Sergei Jean-Claude Franz
 +Having fun?
 +Shaun Briggita Mario
 +Carlo Kevin Julio
 +Keiko Kikki Marilyn
 +Bob Ted Rin-Tin-Tin
 +Donald Mickey Little Bo
 +Juliet Romeo
 +Florence Dougal Zebedee
 +Gonna breakdown Just like me
 +California ====
 +California sun
 +Shining through the window
 +Beating up and down
 +Like a yellow yo-yo
 +It's just the sun
 +Annie's got a gun
 +She knows how to use it
 +Points it at the sun
 +It's a California shoot out
 +She's got a gun
 +California Sunset
 +Orange skies by day
 +California dreaming
 +The California way
 +S.... another stranger
 +Lying by the pool
 +Dying to be near you
 +O' we look so cool
 +Yes we do
 +==== Calling Calling ====
 +Calling calling 
 +all the world
 +Why do you have to be this way
 +Calling calling all the world
 +Why do you have to be afraid
 +I know things are bad
 +We can make them good
 +You might think its crazy
 +but I know we could
 +Change life and make it better
 +Think about the future
 +Calling calling all the world
 +I know we're not a pretty sight
 +Calling calling all the world
 +It's up to us to make it right
 +Calling calling all the world
 +Why can't wars just cease
 +Calling calling all the world
 +Live together in love and peace
 +==== Change ====
 +Talking about you
 +Down at Gino's
 +He said he'd seen you
 +Fooling around with John
 +Well what do you think
 +That you're doing with that loser
 +He's never one for hanging around too long
 +Something has gone wrong
 +And I can see the change in you
 +I was thinking maybe I should call you
 +We need to talk about the way you act
 +We've got to sit down
 +And work it out together
 +Cause you've changed and,
 +baby, that's a fact
 +Why do you seem so amused
 +You never used to be so cruel
 +Why am I confused
 +I can't believe it
 +==== Chinese Takeaway ====
 +Went to the fish 
 +Went to the chip shop
 +Went to the burger shop
 +Didn't have a long stop
 +Went to these places
 +Didn't like their faces
 +No Television
 +No Competition
 +I Want A Chinese Takeaway
 +Now I'm in the right shop
 +To stop my hunger
 +Can't make my mind up
 +I'll just pick a number
 +==== Come Out to Play ====
 +Here we go again
 +Happy as can be
 +Same old silly games
 +Same old repartee
 +It's a hard old life
 +It's a sad old place
 +So why not put a smile back on your face
 +Hey, hey come out to play 
 +==== Crazy ====
 +It would be good
 +If we could get out tonight
 +It would be great if we could make
 +Something happen
 +We could run a race
 +Or stand our ground
 +We could find a place to hang around
 +But no one's mad enough no
 +No one's bad enough no
 +No one's crazy anymore
 +It would be wild
 +If we could find a lonely car
 +It would seem strange
 +If we could change the regular
 +We could drive all night
 +On full headlights
 +We could speed until the day was bright 
 +==== Daggers ====
 +Well I just found 
 +Looks can kill
 +There's no doubt
 +Looks can kill
 +She didn't have to break my heart
 +She didn't have to tear my emotions apart
 +I thought that I turned to stone
 +I felt my blood run so cold
 +She did it but I don't know why
 +Why did she give me the evil eye
 +Well I just found out
 +Looks can kill
 +There's no doubt
 +Looks can kill
 +She cut me down to size
 +Cut me with her steely eyes
 +==== Distortion ====
 +Turn on the radio
 +Can't quite hear
 +Outside Interference
 +Fills your ears
 +Have to be careful what you say
 +Might get distorted
 +in much the same way
 +Read the stories of your deeds
 +It's not quite right
 +you're not too pleased
 +Just a small voice in a big crowd
 +Gets distorted when you shout loud
 +==== Do It ====
 +I can't think
 +I can't sleep
 +Can't stay steady on my feet
 +I can't talk
 +Can't say shit
 +Can't do anything about it
 +Don't know what I wanna do
 +But I wanna do it with you
 +The clock is wrong
 +The face don't fit
 +Should I fight or should I quit
 +O my o my
 +A crying shame
 +You don't wanna play the game
 +==== Don't Let Go ====
 +Baby talk baby 
 +talk to me
 +Baby walk baby walk with me
 +If you're gonna hide away from everyone
 +By the way, can I come
 +Don't let go
 +Keep a hold of me
 +Don't let go
 +Get a grip of me
 +Baby baby let's have a little fun
 +Come on baby take a walk in the sun
 +If I wander will you tie me down
 +Don't want to play around
 +It's the way that I want it to be
 +You won't find another fool like me
 +Baby baby can you understand
 +Girl you've got me in your hand
 +==== Easy Way Out ====
 +We've all been 
 +so live out lives in security
 +How do we know if we'll die
 +or if we will recover-
 +From day to day
 +We live our lives the same way
 +No money to hold in out hands
 +and no to spend it.
 +So I chose the easy way out
 +To do my body some harm
 +Cut my throat and slashed my wrist
 +I even tried electricity
 +Cut my throat
 +Slashed my wrist
 +It was the easy way out.
 +England ====
 +I hate this war
 +Can't take any more
 +It's a real gas
 +How long does it last
 +I don't wanna die for England
 +I don't wanna die at all
 +I got my uniform
 +Now it's battle torn
 +I'm wet and I'm cold
 +What a way to grow old
 +I don't wanna die for England
 +England will survive
 +I don't wanna die for England
 +I don't wanna die at all
 +I don't wanna die for England
 +Didn't hear the bugle call
 +==== Eyes in the back of your head ====
 +Everything is 
 +alright, everything is fine
 +All you got is money and all I got is time
 +Everybody's happy
 +Everyone's relaxed
 +Everybody's charming
 +but someone's gotta attack
 +You better be alert
 +cause you're gonna hurt
 +and you better beware
 +'cause no one will care
 +so you better beware
 +Eyes front eyes left
 +Eyes front eyes right
 +You need eyes in the back of your head 
 +==== Football Fairy Story ====
 +Playing world cup 
 +in the street
 +Making magic with my feet
 +I'm spotted by a scout
 +˜Bring your boots, you'll turn out"
 +Put on the shirt for my first game
 +And scored a hat-trick won the fame
 +Local boy is hero gets a contract,
 +lots of zeros 
 +Glory Glory Football Fairy Story
 +I'm captain I am class
 +I am the genius of the grass
 +Showing style and skill and grace
 +Wonder goals and lightning pace
 +10 to go at Wembley
 +all the crowd are calling me
 +To lead the team and win the cup
 +1-0 down, 2-1 up
 +==== Fuck It Up ====
 +Kicked out on the 
 +Poor kid got no sweets
 +Box boy corner girl
 +Gremlins in the machine world
 +We want you to fuck it up
 +Bohemians Hedonists
 +People with a psycho twist
 +Renegades Reprobates
 +Anyone outside the gates
 +We want you to fuck it up
 +==== Get Adicted ====
 +Nobody gonna kick 
 +us out
 +We are here to stay
 +Bang your head against the wall
 +We won't go away
 +Get adicted in '79
 +Get adicted while you've still got time
 +Get adicted in '79
 +Get adicted
 +We won't cause a revolution
 +We just wanna tell
 +This is 1979
 +We're gonna give it hell
 +==== G.I.R.L ====
 +What a doll
 +What a charm
 +Little demon to do you harm
 +Fiendish fetish
 +Cast a spell
 +Make a curse
 +Go to hell
 +Wo-wo. Hey-hey
 +My baby left me for a G.I.R.L.
 +Juliet, you're the
 +weirdest girl I ever met
 +Queen bitch
 +That's mean
 +That's rich, obscene
 +Heartbreaker bring me down
 +I'm a dog
 +Kicked around
 +==== Give Me More ====
 +I've played games
 +watched the weather change
 +Been around the world
 +and rode the range
 +I've been educated
 +Don't know what about
 +Been back in time
 +Seen the yanks cry out
 +Give me more
 +I've been shot down in the street
 +Beep to the moon never off my feet
 +I've been intoxicated
 +I've got culture shock
 +It's X-rated I've been to bedrock
 +==== Going Home ====
 +It's so late now
 +Where's that spark?
 +Help us out we're in the dark
 +Institute of correction
 +Point us in the right direction
 +I lost in a foreign land
 +Burning on the desert sand
 +We hitched a lift
 +On a camel train
 +Now we're heading for the rain
 +Wherever you go
 +We go a stray
 +Won't somebody show us the way
 +When the right road has been found
 +We will be homeward bound
 +==== How Sad ====
 +A boy loved a girl 
 +but the girl said No
 +She ran away with a handsome Gigolo
 +He loved her but they were through
 +So he fed himself to the lions at the zoo
 +Romeo and Juliet, a wierdo couple that I met
 +They had a little drink with a strange effect
 +Some mistakes you can't correct
 +Ain't it sad about the boys' and the girls'
 +Ain't it sad about the whole damn world
 +Love is a thing you can't control
 +When you're young or when you're old
 +And I don't play sympathetic parts
 +So you can keep your broken heart
 +==== Hurt ====
 +The girl that I 
 +Doesn't love me too
 +I'm singing oh I'm hurt
 +Drown my sorrows in a bar
 +A man came from the dark and hit me
 +Oh, I'm hurt
 +Everything's wrong, everything's bad
 +Everything happens to me
 +Everything's down
 +since I came to this town
 +I used to be so happy
 +Home wasn't far
 +but someone stole my car
 +I'm singing oh I'm hurt
 +By now I was getting bugged
 +And soon I was getting mugged
 +Singing oh I'm hurt
 +==== I am Yours ====
 +Catch me if you 
 +When I come your way
 +Catch me if you can
 +I'm falling like the rain
 +Everyday I see you
 +But you're so far away
 +Every way I love you
 +Don't you know I love you so
 +I would never ever let you go
 +I am yours
 +Whenever you want me
 +I am yours whenever you need me
 +All I do is dream of you
 +All through the night
 +Will I ever hold you
 +Don't you know I love you so
 +I would never ever let you go
 +==== In the Background ====
 +It's peaceful here
 +No one to interfere
 +With quiet observations
 +Just watching and waiting
 +And not getting involved
 +With physical solutions
 +That never get
 +The problem solved
 +In the background
 +Out of the limelight
 +It's out of order
 +Not being a part
 +Of the scenic route
 +An impartial art
 +Of avoiding dispute
 +==== Jellybabies ====
 +You don't like the 
 +That mummy made
 +You wouldn't join in
 +The games we played
 +Why do you have to be
 +Such a party pooper
 +You wouldn't even dance
 +To Alice Cooper
 +So small and sweet
 +So lovely and soft
 +Come sit with me
 +I won't bite your head off
 +I know your name
 +Sugar and spice
 +They call you candy
 +And all things nice
 +==== Johnny was a Soldier ====
 +Johnny joined the 
 +The cause he didn't know
 +He served three years
 +In the Middle East
 +You know it doesn't show
 +Johnny was a soldier
 +He can't dance anymore
 +When he came out
 +He tried to form a band
 +But he's only got one leg
 +And he can hardly stand
 +Now he drinks alone
 +He gets sentimental
 +He watches girls dance
 +And he's thrown away his medals
 +==== Joker in the Pack ====
 +Oh my boots they 
 +And my bowler looks fine
 +Take some time and care
 +Take a look at my hair
 +We hit the dance hall
 +So smart and so chic
 +I make them laught a lot
 +I make them accept me
 +Secrets are spoken
 +Plans are drawn in the dust
 +With a gay bravado
 +I'm taken into their trust
 +Oh my boots they shine
 +And my bowler looks fine
 +But don't confide in my smile
 +Because jokers are wild
 +==== Just like me ====
 +You say what you 
 +want to say
 +You do what you want to do
 +You be what you want to be
 +You go where you want to go
 +You say that you want to say
 +You have what you want to have
 +You live your own life just like me
 +==== Let's Dance ====
 +Girls in blue 
 +jeans boys looking mean
 +Sinister dudes, got an eye on you
 +Men in pink suits ladies in jack boots
 +Guns running blues
 +don't know what to do
 +Let's dance Let's shake it up
 +Let's dance Let's move it up
 +==== Love Sucks ====
 +All I want is to 
 +be with you
 +All I need is the need for you
 +All I need in my mind
 +Is a little girl who's hard to find
 +Love is blind Love sucks
 +Love is blind I've had enough
 +Love is cool That sucks
 +I'm not a fool I've had enough
 +Love Sucks 
 +==== Lullaby ====
 +You don't look so 
 +You don't look so fine
 +Do you think that you've
 +Gone too far this time
 +O' I'll sing you a lullaby
 +Is your head aching
 +Is your body weak
 +Is the floor moving
 +Can't you speak
 +How do you feel
 +How do you know
 +Do you wish you were at home
 +But it's a long way to go
 +Find a corner
 +Go right down
 +Go to sleep
 +You won't hear a sound
 +==== Mary Whitehouse ====
 +She don't like 
 +When it's on the BBC
 +She won't even look at me
 +Oh no no no she don't love me
 +I love Mary Whitehouse
 +She don't love me
 +I love Mary Whitehouse
 +She don't love me
 +I know she ain't that wonderful
 +She's only trying to be helpful
 +When she sees all those nudes
 +She'll speak out and say
 +That's very rude
 +Mary Mary they think you're crazy
 +How does your mind work
 +With silver bells
 +And ..... shells
 +You're digging up the dirt
 +==== Maybe, Maybe Not ====
 +Don't bother about 
 +Why worry about bothering
 +If it happens you know where you stand
 +If it comes like somebody planned
 +We're hoping for enough time
 +Go to jail if it's a crime
 +Another time we are wishing
 +We can earn enough to make a living
 +==== Na Na Na ====
 +Remember you in 
 +Ultra Marine
 +We take a drink sing Judy Teen
 +Now it seems so long ago
 +Here I am down on skid row
 +Can't find my way out of this maze
 +Pushed all the buttons
 +but the screen don't erase
 +Can't find my station on the radio
 +Want to tune in to the good news show
 +Didn't we move we slip and we slide
 +No downtown hustler
 +could take us for a ride
 +Yeah we could show them how
 +Won't you tell me where we are now
 +I read the writing sprayed on the wall
 +But the message doesn't reach me at all
 +I'm running in circles round and around
 +Spiral staircases taking me down
 +I think of you in colorful moods
 +Oh how we cried to All the Young Dudes
 +I just here I need T.V.
 +And it all comes back to me
 +==== Numbers ====
 +I don't wanna be a 
 +Just like being a prisoner
 +I just wanna stay free
 +Don't wanna be a number three
 +O I don't wanna be a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
 +Signing on the dot
 +Got my name on a form
 +Thought I had it made
 +They treat you just insane
 +You are just a number
 +And I ain't got a name
 +You are just a number
 +And I ain't got a name
 +Sitting in a prison cell
 +Numbers on my chest
 +Age is just a number
 +Mummy does know best
 +==== Odd Couple ====
 +She came from France,
 +wah wah oo.
 +She taught me how to dance,
 +wah wah oo.
 +She started with the Tango
 +and then it was the Pogo.
 +OOH she wore all black,
 +Me in a white suit, and bowler hat.
 +We didn't look the same,
 +But they all knew our names.
 +Odd couple thats you and me
 +Odd couple we're different,
 +you and me.
 +We watch the fashion trends,
 +We laugh and joke with friends,
 +You never see us pose,
 +this everybody knows.
 +Me and my girl from France.
 +We started to romance,
 +It started with the tango
 +and finished with the Pogo.
 +Odd couple thats you and me
 +Odd couple we're different,
 +you and me.
 +Odd couple thats you and me
 +Odd couple we're different,
 +you and me.
 +That's you and me.
 +==== Peculiar Music ====
 +Isn't it strange
 +But it makes a change
 +From the usual mediocraty
 +Sing about big brother
 +Or sing about some other
 +Brave new world
 +Medieval factions
 +With nuclear reactions
 +Make interesting subjects
 +This is civilization
 +Or imagination
 +Or some old melodrama
 +The future enslaves us
 +Will something ever save us
 +From a fate worse than life
 +We don't understand
 +But we should demand
 +To know the reason
 +Odd couple thats you and me
 +Odd couple we're different,
 +you and me.
 +Odd couple thats you and me
 +Odd couple we're different,
 +you and me.
 +That's you and me.
 +==== Put Yourself in My Hands ====
 +There is nothing 
 +to be scared of
 +In my trap, frightened of love
 +Don't try to fight me
 +You might even like me
 +Sends a shiver down your spine
 +Told you that you would be mine
 +Hush baby now don't you cry
 +Don't you wanna die
 +Put yourself in my hands
 +I'll hold you tenderly
 +Put yourself in my hands
 +You'll be safe with me
 +Sometimes it's hard to bear
 +You can only stop and stare
 +When your life unfolds
 +And your soul is sold
 +If you should walk the world alone
 +You may never find a home
 +Come on take my hand
 +There is no promised land
 +==== Rockers in Rags ====
 +Hustle the money 
 +to get in tonight
 +We don't work no we got that right
 +Dedicated to our sounds that's how we get around
 +Dedicated to our sounds that's how we get around
 +Saturday comes and I get my dole cheque
 +I'm straight downtown I'm getting wrecked
 +I bought 5 LP's I'm totally skint
 +My mum's gotta go without again
 +==== Rocking Wreaker ====
 +Late at night hear 
 +the call
 +Of the danger to us all
 +In the dark he hangs around
 +In the dark he'll drag you down
 +Rocking wrecker Rocking man
 +Rocking wrecker he's wrecking man
 +Man the lifeboat don't go under
 +Hear him laugh hear the thunder
 +You can cry you can weep
 +He wants to send you to the deep
 +Wrecking rocker Wrecking man
 +Wrecking rocker he's wrecking man
 +End the storm can you save
 +Your body from a watery grave
 +On the rocks he hangs around
 +He just wants to watch you drown
 +==== Rossini ====
 +I got a girl she 
 +likes classical
 +She likes Beethoven and don't we all
 +I've tried to tell her to teach her
 +to turn her on to Rossini
 +With a bang and a boom
 +and catchy little tune by Rossini
 +We're music lovers well that's what they say
 +But we're different in many ways
 +Now there's Nigel, he likes classical
 +He plays the fiddle and don't we all
 +I've tried to tell him to teach him
 +to turn him on to Rossini
 +==== Runaway ====
 +I hear people talk
 +I see people walk
 +They seem so out of touch
 +I wanna get away so much
 +All the clockwork toys
 +Are making too much noise
 +It's the machinery
 +It's breaking down O' can't you see
 +Run runaway with me
 +The picture doesn't change
 +It's just a frozen frame
 +I wanna break the ice
 +I wanna go to paradise
 +There is nowhere to hide
 +I'll take you for a ride
 +But not if you kiss and tell
 +I don't mean on a carousel
 +One day I'm
 +To say my
 +Three wishes come true
 +Till then I pretend I'm
 +Escaping with you
 +==== Saturday Night ====
 +Well the ravers 
 +and the groovers,
 +just stood and stared.
 +The Bohemians said they didn't
 +but they cared.
 +The lords and the ladies,
 +felt they're gonna drag em down.
 +The armagedon dance,
 +that could never make a sound.
 +Don't you know, its saturday.
 +don't you know its saturday night.
 +Don't you know, its saturday.
 +don't you know its allright
 +The heavy weight candidate,
 +moved to one side.
 +be a Mama gotta hunger,
 +just lay down and die.
 +Friends and lovers fall to the floor.
 +Mr. Personality, suddenly a bore.
 +Don't you know, its saturday.
 +don't you know its saturday night.
 +Don't you know, its saturday.
 +don't you know its allright.
 +Late nite kid, said my oh my.
 +A mystery & Dennis walked by.
 +Every head talked and every head turned.
 +He was so hot that he burned.
 +Don't you know, its saturday.
 +don't you know its saturday night.
 +Don't you know, its saturday.
 +don't you know its allright
 +==== Sensitive ====
 +If I phone you up, 
 +and you feeling down.
 +and nothing's going right tonight,
 +Your sinking in the ground.
 +Your so sensitive.
 +If I say some thing wrong, you might start to cry
 +I don't wanna get you down, don't want you to cry.
 +Your so sensitive sensitive sensitive sensitive.
 +==== Shagri-La ====
 +Last night last 
 +A million years ago
 +Today or tomorrow
 +Freaky future show
 +Someone Somewhere
 +People near and far
 +All men all mankind
 +Look for Shangri-la
 +Looking for Shangri-la
 +Old man young girl little
 +baby child
 +Can you remember the words
 +of Oscar Wilde
 +Down in the gutter,
 +looking at the stars
 +All men all mankind
 +look for Shangri-la
 +==== She's a Rocker ====
 +If you go down to 
 +that basement
 +Where the rhythm creeps
 +You may see a girl
 +Bopping to the beat
 +Swings her hips
 +And swings her hair
 +Sparkle in her eye
 +Somewhere in the darkness
 +She gets high
 +She's a rocker
 +And she likes to rock-n-roll
 +Tenderly she holds you
 +In her soft embrace
 +All she wants
 +All she says
 +Is dig that dig that bass
 +If you go down to that basement
 +Where the lights are low
 +You know she'll be there
 +Stealing the show
 +Like a fire burning
 +She's hot she's hot
 +Don't you hold back, baby
 +Give it what you got
 +==== Shiney Shiney ====
 +Being Girls Being 
 +You Got Nitro Nitrogen
 +Rock & Roll Rocking Horse
 +Kicking round the Killer Course
 +Party Politics Erotic Egos
 +Getting Kicks Shiney Shiney
 +Gasoline Gasoline Sucking
 +Honey Turpentine 
 +Broken Backs Fixed with Nails
 +A Dieing Banshee Wails
 +Kanine Kenny's Kennel
 +Shiney Shiney Tick Tock Tick
 +I Don't Know What I'm Talking
 +I am SIck of Myself
 +I don't Know what I ' M Talking About 
 +Wanna be some one Else.
 +Saccharin Sumertime
 +In Winters Lonely Line 
 +Get Me Out Get Me in 
 +Let This Fucking Life Begin
 +Petty Polictics Erotics Egos
 +Getting Kicks
 +Shiney Shiney
 +==== Smart Alex ====
 +I'm Jack, Jack the 
 +I'm a nasty habit
 +I'm the joker in the pack
 +I'm the prize exhibit
 +Alex they call him Alex
 +Smart boy Alex
 +They call him Alex
 +I'm a dreamer, I'm a dream
 +I'm a fantasy addict
 +I'm a ghost in a ghost town
 +I'm a derelict
 +I'm Jack, the giant killer
 +I'm your shocking filler
 +I'm black I'm white
 +I'm day and night
 +==== Songs of Praise ====
 +Sing to me
 +And I'll whistle along
 +Because I haven't learnt the language
 +And I might get it wrong
 +On Your face
 +Is a profile of you
 +I can see you know
 +The right things to do
 +Congregation words and music
 +==== Steamroller ====
 +She thought I had 
 +left her
 +But I could never do that
 +Now it's too late to tell her
 +She was my only baby
 +She used to drive me crazy
 +Now it's too late to save her
 +I didn't get the number
 +As she was going under
 +It was a case of hit and run.
 +==== Straight Jacket ====
 +Police pulled me 
 +in on a Saturday night
 +Accused me of thieving and starting a fight
 +Never did a job I swear,
 +cops come from everywhere
 +They're only picking on my generation
 +They don't need any provocation
 +Please the police please mister
 +Get down on your knees mister
 +You're going down for a long time Jack
 +Better put on that straightjacket
 +Caught me in a corner of a public lav
 +Empried my pockets took what I had
 +Waste of time all the pain
 +Wrong man again
 +They're only picking on my generation
 +They don't need any provocation
 +Chased me from here to the other side of there
 +Another night inside but I don't care
 +Beat me up in the rain
 +Wrong man again
 +They're only.....etc.
 +==== Sure Looks Pretty ====
 +Never had no luck
 +never had no dreams at all
 +Never had a reason
 +To feel the way I do
 +When a soul train man
 +Sings do do do do to me
 +My heart is aching, baby
 +And I know where I should be
 +Never had no love
 +For a thousand years or more
 +Sometimes its easy
 +Sometimes it really gets me down
 +When a mowtown girl
 +Cries a melody
 +I'll know for sure, oh baby
 +Somewhere someone waits for me 
 +Chased me from here to the other side of there
 +Another night inside but I don't care
 +Beat me up in the rain
 +Wrong man again
 +They're only.....etc.
 +==== Sympathy ====
 +What's the matter
 +Is it jealousy
 +Your silly games
 +Don't bother me
 +What's your problem
 +Are you really insecure
 +It it natural
 +I'm not so sure
 +See the doctor
 +For a cure
 +Keep your mind
 +So sweet and pure
 +One day maybe
 +You'll get wise
 +There's no good
 +In hate and lies
 +If you want sympathy, don't come to me
 +You're stagnant
 +No more changes
 +It's your outlook
 +You should re-arrange
 +What's your problem
 +Are you really insecure
 +Is it natural
 +I'm not so sure
 +==== Tango ====
 +Picked up umbrella
 +Put on my bowler
 +Looked in mirror
 +Ready for the tango
 +I phoned a taxi
 +For me and Maxine
 +She looked fantastic
 +We danced the tango
 +We drank champagne
 +We danced again
 +We had laughter
 +And then after
 +Face to face we danced
 +the tango
 +Cheek to cheek we danced
 +the tango
 +==== Telepathic People ====
 +Their open minds 
 +are doing time
 +Sucking on our space and time
 +Destitute they'll find their goal
 +Looking in an empty hole
 +Telepathic people
 +Looking in my mind
 +Telepathic people
 +I don't know what you'll find
 +Private thoughts they try to hide
 +When hopelessly they look inside
 +Searching through your every thought
 +To find something they haven't caught
 +==== That's Happiness ====
 +Drunks with drinks
 +Druggies with drugs
 +Sadists with whips
 +Secret agents with bugs
 +Politicians with lies
 +Squirrels with nuts
 +Jugglers with balls
 +Butchers with guts
 +That's happiness
 +==== This is Your Life ====
 +Unemployment life 
 +on the dole
 +No work for me no work at all
 +City and slums and poverty too
 +Hanging about with nothing to do
 +Go on back now nobody cares
 +Just carry on with their own affairs
 +And when someone else starts something bad
 +Remember the trouble they've always had
 +No red tape, no red book
 +Eamon Andrews don't give a -
 +Boredom boredom in your minds
 +Hey you punks this is your life
 +==== This Week ====
 +Monday morning got 
 +that feeling
 +Tuesday better be more revealing
 +Wednesday halfway there
 +Thursday we get paid
 +Friday, another boring day
 +Saturday no work, we play
 +Sunday we pray
 +Seven days a week, this week
 +==== Tokyo ====
 +There's a lot of 
 +sexy ladies
 +Millions who have babies
 +All that I've been looking for
 +Is one that's free
 +Got to go to Tokyo
 +It must be in their cooking
 +Or the way they bow to me
 +I find Japanese ladies irresistible
 +Take me on a fast train
 +Take me on a jet plane
 +Take me in a .......
 +Just take me there
 +==== Too Young ====
 +Too young to 
 +Too young to drink,
 +Too young to do most, anything.
 +Too young to laugh,
 +Too young to cry,
 +Too young to live and too,
 +Too young to die.
 +We're all too young
 +==== Troubadour ====
 +I wonder all over
 +I wonder alone
 +Adventure, romance
 +Many I've known
 +I'm just a troubadour
 +I'm in love with you
 +Traveled the world
 +Seen all the girls
 +I'm in love with me
 +I know that you know that
 +I'm looking at you
 +I'll sing you a story
 +And this one is true
 +I look at you
 +Look at me not a big star
 +Boys and girl
 +That's what we are
 +==== Two Timing Me ====
 +I heard it from a 
 +A friend of mine
 +Could it be the end
 +The end of time
 +Maybe it's just
 +Just pretend
 +I don't know
 +True love comes once in life
 +I used to think it was sugar and spice
 +Sugar and spice and all things nice
 +I'm not man enough for a girl like you
 +Is it her you love
 +Well ain't that cute
 +You left me for a lover of a different kind
 +==== Viva La Revolution ====
 +Into the Dungeon 
 +with evil men
 +The people has risen we're free again
 +Come out of the closet
 +Come out of the hole
 +Come out of the woodwork
 +Come into the fold
 +Rebels and fighters, a license to kill
 +Unite with the bandits down from the hills
 +Open your windows
 +Open your doors
 +Open your minds
 +To a freedom of thought
 +Raise our voices, raise our flag
 +Smash the symbols of the life never had
 +Long live the symbols
 +Long live the scheme
 +Long live our hopes
 +Long live the dream
 +Dance in the streets at the carnival
 +Celebrate the victory now
 +Drink the wine from the rich man's cask
 +This revolution won't be the last
 +==== What am I to Do ====
 +Deep dark eyes
 +That don't quite focus
 +Like it could be hocus pocus
 +Flowered clothes in unique style
 +Intriguing words that beguile
 +She is sexy in a way
 +But I don't know what to say
 +That voice is a mystery
 +Is he a her or is she a he
 +What am I to do is it really true
 +What am I to do
 +Should I take a chance on you
 +==== Who Spilt My Beer? ====
 +Walked in the Pub 
 +ordered a pint
 +Put it on the table
 +Oh oh oho.oh
 +Put it on the table
 +Stayed in there for an hour or more while
 +I talked to Mabel
 +Who spilt my beer, who spilt my beer?
 +I'm asking you to tell the truth
 +Who spilt my beer
 +Second and third came to an end
 +Its closing time again
 +==== Younger Generation ====
 +Start to moan when 
 +there's nothing to do
 +Scream and bawl when there's nothing to do at all
 +Wanna go out but there's nowhere to go
 +Live our lives before we get too old, you know
 +We're just the younger generation
 +We want to have a good time
 +We're just the younger generation
 +And it's on our mind
 +Think they're pretty think they're nice
 +Think they're living in Paradise, it's not true
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