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The Addict

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Over the hill Into the sun There's a man shouting About things to come We need a change Don't be afraid Don't be afraid to follow fashion 4321 here we all come Now make a move Now make a stance Join the crusade Hear the romance Another voice says Says 'come with me' Come with me and I'll make you happy


I found another baby she wore metal boots I found another baby she was kinda cute Thought she was only away for a day It was a one way ticket now she's gone to stay Choo choo choo choo My baby got knocked off her feet Choo choo choo choo It was the 7:27 to Liverpool Street

A man's gotta do

I heard her scream From the tower above My heart it wanted to help But the soldiers' who guard Would surely stop my attempt Well, a man's gotta do What a man's gotta do I scaled the wall At night after dark The coast was o' so clear When i reached the young maiden's cell My heart was o' so near As we made off Into the night My maiden in my arms I thought it was just like the movies Eat your heart out Errol Flynn!


You are an angel that money couldn't buy You are an angel Oh lord don't ask why You are a lover seductive from the start You are a lover that mends my broken heart And when you bang your gong I will surely run to you, my angel You are an angel a messenger of peace You are the beauty that soothes the savage beast Or something

Bad Boy

My mama told me off She said 'd done her wrong She said 'd been a bad bad boy She said I make her sad She said I drive her mad and now she's takin' all my toys O-o I've been a bad bad boy O-o I've been bad And now she keeps me in I'm paying for my sin The door is locked I can't go out I've apologized O how I've really tried Not to be a bad boy You try to help me out But all we do is shout Why should we act this way M love for you is strong But I keep doing wrong I'll always be that bad bad boy

Beauty Sleep

There you go weeping like a willow Lay your head down on my pillow Come one stop your poses Come on it's a bed of roses We can dream all night together Or my nightmare could last forever So sad the way cry You've made your bed Now you've got to lay in it It's not so late around midnight Blow out the candlelight Let me rake you Close your eyes Let it make heave a sigh Let's go to the land of darkness Feel the sandman's soft and sweet caress When we wake and raise our sleep heads Will we remember the dream things we said There you go weeping like a willow Lay your head down by my side Come on come on baby Come on girl you drive me crazy


Judy Jackie Johnny Joe Danny Dave Ricardo Jesus George Herman Hans Paulo Sergei Jean-Claude Franz Having fun? Shaun Briggita Mario Carlo Kevin Julio Keiko Kikki Marilyn Bob Ted Rin-Tin-Tin Donald Mickey Little Bo Juliet Romeo Florence Dougal Zebedee Gonna breakdown Just like me ==== California ==== California sun Shining through the window Beating up and down Like a yellow yo-yo It's just the sun Annie's got a gun She knows how to use it Points it at the sun It's a California shoot out She's got a gun California Sunset Orange skies by day California dreaming The California way S…. another stranger Lying by the pool Dying to be near you O' we look so cool Yes we do

Calling Calling

Calling calling all the world Why do you have to be this way Calling calling all the world Why do you have to be afraid I know things are bad We can make them good You might think its crazy but I know we could Change life and make it better Think about the future Calling calling all the world I know we're not a pretty sight Calling calling all the world It's up to us to make it right Calling calling all the world Why can't wars just cease Calling calling all the world Live together in love and peace


Talking about you Down at Gino's He said he'd seen you Fooling around with John Well what do you think That you're doing with that loser He's never one for hanging around too long Something has gone wrong And I can see the change in you I was thinking maybe I should call you We need to talk about the way you act We've got to sit down And work it out together Cause you've changed and, baby, that's a fact Why do you seem so amused You never used to be so cruel Why am I confused I can't believe it

Chinese Takeaway

Went to the fish shop Went to the chip shop Went to the burger shop Didn't have a long stop Went to these places Didn't like their faces No Television No Competition I Want A Chinese Takeaway Now I'm in the right shop To stop my hunger Can't make my mind up I'll just pick a number

Come Out to Play

Here we go again Happy as can be Same old silly games Same old repartee It's a hard old life It's a sad old place So why not put a smile back on your face Hey, hey come out to play


It would be good If we could get out tonight It would be great if we could make Something happen We could run a race Or stand our ground We could find a place to hang around But no one's mad enough no No one's bad enough no No one's crazy anymore It would be wild If we could find a lonely car It would seem strange If we could change the regular We could drive all night On full headlights We could speed until the day was bright


Well I just found out Looks can kill There's no doubt Looks can kill She didn't have to break my heart She didn't have to tear my emotions apart I thought that I turned to stone I felt my blood run so cold She did it but I don't know why Why did she give me the evil eye Well I just found out Looks can kill There's no doubt Looks can kill She cut me down to size Cut me with her steely eyes


Turn on the radio Can't quite hear Outside Interference Fills your ears Have to be careful what you say Might get distorted in much the same way Read the stories of your deeds It's not quite right you're not too pleased Just a small voice in a big crowd Gets distorted when you shout loud

Do It

I can't think I can't sleep Can't stay steady on my feet I can't talk Can't say shit Can't do anything about it Don't know what I wanna do But I wanna do it with you The clock is wrong The face don't fit Should I fight or should I quit O my o my A crying shame You don't wanna play the game

Don't Let Go

Baby talk baby talk to me Baby walk baby walk with me If you're gonna hide away from everyone By the way, can I come Don't let go Keep a hold of me Don't let go Get a grip of me Baby baby let's have a little fun Come on baby take a walk in the sun If I wander will you tie me down Don't want to play around It's the way that I want it to be You won't find another fool like me Baby baby can you understand Girl you've got me in your hand

Easy Way Out

We've all been there so live out lives in security How do we know if we'll die or if we will recover- From day to day We live our lives the same way No money to hold in out hands and no to spend it. So I chose the easy way out To do my body some harm Cut my throat and slashed my wrist I even tried electricity Cut my throat Slashed my wrist It was the easy way out. ==== England ==== I hate this war Can't take any more It's a real gas How long does it last I don't wanna die for England I don't wanna die at all I got my uniform Now it's battle torn I'm wet and I'm cold What a way to grow old I don't wanna die for England England will survive I don't wanna die for England I don't wanna die at all I don't wanna die for England Didn't hear the bugle call

Eyes in the back of your head

Everything is alright, everything is fine All you got is money and all I got is time Everybody's happy Everyone's relaxed Everybody's charming but someone's gotta attack You better be alert cause you're gonna hurt and you better beware 'cause no one will care so you better beware Eyes front eyes left Eyes front eyes right You need eyes in the back of your head

Football Fairy Story

Playing world cup in the street Making magic with my feet I'm spotted by a scout ˜Bring your boots, you'll turn out" Put on the shirt for my first game And scored a hat-trick won the fame Local boy is hero gets a contract, lots of zeros Glory Glory Football Fairy Story I'm captain I am class I am the genius of the grass Showing style and skill and grace Wonder goals and lightning pace 10 to go at Wembley all the crowd are calling me To lead the team and win the cup 1-0 down, 2-1 up

Fuck It Up

Kicked out on the street Poor kid got no sweets Box boy corner girl Gremlins in the machine world We want you to fuck it up Bohemians Hedonists People with a psycho twist Renegades Reprobates Anyone outside the gates We want you to fuck it up

Get Adicted

Nobody gonna kick us out We are here to stay Bang your head against the wall We won't go away Get adicted in '79 Get adicted while you've still got time Get adicted in '79 Get adicted We won't cause a revolution We just wanna tell This is 1979 We're gonna give it hell


What a doll What a charm Little demon to do you harm Fiendish fetish Cast a spell Make a curse Go to hell Wo-wo. Hey-hey My baby left me for a G.I.R.L. Juliet, you're the weirdest girl I ever met Queen bitch That's mean That's rich, obscene Heartbreaker bring me down I'm a dog Kicked around

Give Me More

I've played games watched the weather change Been around the world and rode the range I've been educated Don't know what about Been back in time Seen the yanks cry out Give me more I've been shot down in the street Beep to the moon never off my feet I've been intoxicated I've got culture shock It's X-rated I've been to bedrock

Going Home

It's so late now Where's that spark? Help us out we're in the dark Institute of correction Point us in the right direction I lost in a foreign land Burning on the desert sand We hitched a lift On a camel train Now we're heading for the rain Wherever you go We go a stray Won't somebody show us the way When the right road has been found We will be homeward bound

How Sad

A boy loved a girl but the girl said No She ran away with a handsome Gigolo He loved her but they were through So he fed himself to the lions at the zoo Romeo and Juliet, a wierdo couple that I met They had a little drink with a strange effect Some mistakes you can't correct Ain't it sad about the boys' and the girls' Ain't it sad about the whole damn world Love is a thing you can't control When you're young or when you're old And I don't play sympathetic parts So you can keep your broken heart


The girl that I love Doesn't love me too I'm singing oh I'm hurt Drown my sorrows in a bar A man came from the dark and hit me Oh, I'm hurt Everything's wrong, everything's bad Everything happens to me Everything's down since I came to this town I used to be so happy Home wasn't far but someone stole my car I'm singing oh I'm hurt By now I was getting bugged And soon I was getting mugged Singing oh I'm hurt

I am Yours

Catch me if you can When I come your way Catch me if you can I'm falling like the rain Everyday I see you But you're so far away Every way I love you Don't you know I love you so I would never ever let you go I am yours Whenever you want me I am yours whenever you need me All I do is dream of you All through the night Will I ever hold you Don't you know I love you so I would never ever let you go

In the Background

It's peaceful here No one to interfere With quiet observations Just watching and waiting And not getting involved With physical solutions That never get The problem solved In the background Out of the limelight It's out of order Not being a part Of the scenic route An impartial art Of avoiding dispute


You don't like the food That mummy made You wouldn't join in The games we played Why do you have to be Such a party pooper You wouldn't even dance To Alice Cooper So small and sweet So lovely and soft Come sit with me I won't bite your head off I know your name Sugar and spice They call you candy And all things nice

Johnny was a Soldier

Johnny joined the army The cause he didn't know He served three years In the Middle East You know it doesn't show Johnny was a soldier He can't dance anymore When he came out He tried to form a band But he's only got one leg And he can hardly stand Now he drinks alone He gets sentimental He watches girls dance And he's thrown away his medals

Joker in the Pack

Oh my boots they shine And my bowler looks fine Take some time and care Take a look at my hair We hit the dance hall So smart and so chic I make them laught a lot I make them accept me Secrets are spoken Plans are drawn in the dust With a gay bravado I'm taken into their trust Oh my boots they shine And my bowler looks fine But don't confide in my smile Because jokers are wild

Just like me

You say what you want to say You do what you want to do You be what you want to be You go where you want to go You say that you want to say You have what you want to have You live your own life just like me

Let's Dance

Girls in blue jeans boys looking mean Sinister dudes, got an eye on you Men in pink suits ladies in jack boots Guns running blues don't know what to do Let's dance Let's shake it up Let's dance Let's move it up

Love Sucks

All I want is to be with you All I need is the need for you All I need in my mind Is a little girl who's hard to find Love is blind Love sucks Love is blind I've had enough Love is cool That sucks I'm not a fool I've had enough Love Sucks


You don't look so good You don't look so fine Do you think that you've Gone too far this time O' I'll sing you a lullaby Is your head aching Is your body weak Is the floor moving Can't you speak How do you feel How do you know Do you wish you were at home But it's a long way to go Find a corner Go right down Go to sleep You won't hear a sound

Mary Whitehouse

She don't like pornography When it's on the BBC She won't even look at me Oh no no no she don't love me I love Mary Whitehouse She don't love me I love Mary Whitehouse She don't love me I know she ain't that wonderful She's only trying to be helpful When she sees all those nudes She'll speak out and say That's very rude Mary Mary they think you're crazy How does your mind work With silver bells And ….. shells You're digging up the dirt

Maybe, Maybe Not

Don't bother about worrying Why worry about bothering If it happens you know where you stand If it comes like somebody planned We're hoping for enough time Go to jail if it's a crime Another time we are wishing We can earn enough to make a living

Na Na Na

Remember you in Ultra Marine We take a drink sing Judy Teen Now it seems so long ago Here I am down on skid row Can't find my way out of this maze Pushed all the buttons but the screen don't erase Can't find my station on the radio Want to tune in to the good news show Didn't we move we slip and we slide No downtown hustler could take us for a ride Yeah we could show them how Won't you tell me where we are now I read the writing sprayed on the wall But the message doesn't reach me at all I'm running in circles round and around Spiral staircases taking me down I think of you in colorful moods Oh how we cried to All the Young Dudes I just here I need T.V. And it all comes back to me


I don't wanna be a number Just like being a prisoner I just wanna stay free Don't wanna be a number three O I don't wanna be a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Signing on the dot Got my name on a form Thought I had it made They treat you just insane You are just a number And I ain't got a name You are just a number And I ain't got a name Sitting in a prison cell Numbers on my chest Age is just a number Mummy does know best

Odd Couple

OOH OOH She came from France, wah wah oo. She taught me how to dance, wah wah oo. She started with the Tango and then it was the Pogo. OOH she wore all black, Me in a white suit, and bowler hat. We didn't look the same, But they all knew our names. Odd couple thats you and me Odd couple we're different, you and me. We watch the fashion trends, We laugh and joke with friends, You never see us pose, this everybody knows. Me and my girl from France. We started to romance, It started with the tango and finished with the Pogo. Odd couple thats you and me Odd couple we're different, you and me. Odd couple thats you and me Odd couple we're different, you and me. That's you and me.

Peculiar Music

Isn't it strange But it makes a change From the usual mediocraty Sing about big brother Or sing about some other Brave new world Medieval factions With nuclear reactions Make interesting subjects This is civilization Or imagination Or some old melodrama The future enslaves us Will something ever save us From a fate worse than life We don't understand But we should demand To know the reason Odd couple thats you and me Odd couple we're different, you and me. Odd couple thats you and me Odd couple we're different, you and me. That's you and me.

Put Yourself in My Hands

There is nothing to be scared of In my trap, frightened of love Don't try to fight me You might even like me Sends a shiver down your spine Told you that you would be mine Hush baby now don't you cry Don't you wanna die Put yourself in my hands I'll hold you tenderly Put yourself in my hands You'll be safe with me Sometimes it's hard to bear You can only stop and stare When your life unfolds And your soul is sold If you should walk the world alone You may never find a home Come on take my hand There is no promised land

Rockers in Rags

Hustle the money to get in tonight We don't work no we got that right Dedicated to our sounds that's how we get around Dedicated to our sounds that's how we get around Saturday comes and I get my dole cheque I'm straight downtown I'm getting wrecked I bought 5 LP's I'm totally skint My mum's gotta go without again

Rocking Wreaker

Late at night hear the call Of the danger to us all In the dark he hangs around In the dark he'll drag you down Rocking wrecker Rocking man Rocking wrecker he's wrecking man Man the lifeboat don't go under Hear him laugh hear the thunder You can cry you can weep He wants to send you to the deep Wrecking rocker Wrecking man Wrecking rocker he's wrecking man End the storm can you save Your body from a watery grave On the rocks he hangs around He just wants to watch you drown


I got a girl she likes classical She likes Beethoven and don't we all I've tried to tell her to teach her to turn her on to Rossini With a bang and a boom and catchy little tune by Rossini We're music lovers well that's what they say But we're different in many ways Now there's Nigel, he likes classical He plays the fiddle and don't we all I've tried to tell him to teach him to turn him on to Rossini


I hear people talk I see people walk They seem so out of touch I wanna get away so much All the clockwork toys Are making too much noise It's the machinery It's breaking down O' can't you see Run runaway with me The picture doesn't change It's just a frozen frame I wanna break the ice I wanna go to paradise There is nowhere to hide I'll take you for a ride But not if you kiss and tell I don't mean on a carousel One day I'm To say my Three wishes come true Till then I pretend I'm Escaping with you

Saturday Night

Well the ravers and the groovers, just stood and stared. The Bohemians said they didn't but they cared. The lords and the ladies, felt they're gonna drag em down. The armagedon dance, that could never make a sound. Don't you know, its saturday. don't you know its saturday night. Don't you know, its saturday. don't you know its allright The heavy weight candidate, moved to one side. be a Mama gotta hunger, just lay down and die. Friends and lovers fall to the floor. Mr. Personality, suddenly a bore. Don't you know, its saturday. don't you know its saturday night. Don't you know, its saturday. don't you know its allright. Late nite kid, said my oh my. A mystery & Dennis walked by. Every head talked and every head turned. He was so hot that he burned. Don't you know, its saturday. don't you know its saturday night. Don't you know, its saturday. don't you know its allright


If I phone you up, and you feeling down. and nothing's going right tonight, Your sinking in the ground. Your so sensitive. If I say some thing wrong, you might start to cry I don't wanna get you down, don't want you to cry. Your so sensitive sensitive sensitive sensitive.


Last night last week A million years ago Today or tomorrow Freaky future show Someone Somewhere People near and far All men all mankind Look for Shangri-la Looking for Shangri-la Old man young girl little baby child Can you remember the words of Oscar Wilde Down in the gutter, looking at the stars All men all mankind look for Shangri-la

She's a Rocker

If you go down to that basement Where the rhythm creeps You may see a girl Bopping to the beat Swings her hips And swings her hair Sparkle in her eye Somewhere in the darkness She gets high She's a rocker And she likes to rock-n-roll Tenderly she holds you In her soft embrace All she wants All she says Is dig that dig that bass If you go down to that basement Where the lights are low You know she'll be there Stealing the show Like a fire burning She's hot she's hot Don't you hold back, baby Give it what you got

Shiney Shiney

Being Girls Being Molls You Got Nitro Nitrogen Rock & Roll Rocking Horse Kicking round the Killer Course Party Politics Erotic Egos Getting Kicks Shiney Shiney Gasoline Gasoline Sucking Honey Turpentine Broken Backs Fixed with Nails A Dieing Banshee Wails Kanine Kenny's Kennel Shiney Shiney Tick Tock Tick I Don't Know What I'm Talking I am SIck of Myself I don't Know what I ' M Talking About Wanna be some one Else. Saccharin Sumertime In Winters Lonely Line Get Me Out Get Me in Let This Fucking Life Begin Petty Polictics Erotics Egos Getting Kicks Shiney Shiney

Smart Alex

I'm Jack, Jack the lad I'm a nasty habit I'm the joker in the pack I'm the prize exhibit Alex they call him Alex Smart boy Alex They call him Alex I'm a dreamer, I'm a dream I'm a fantasy addict I'm a ghost in a ghost town I'm a derelict I'm Jack, the giant killer I'm your shocking filler I'm black I'm white I'm day and night

Songs of Praise

Sing to me And I'll whistle along Because I haven't learnt the language And I might get it wrong On Your face Is a profile of you I can see you know The right things to do Congregation words and music


She thought I had left her But I could never do that Now it's too late to tell her She was my only baby She used to drive me crazy Now it's too late to save her I didn't get the number As she was going under It was a case of hit and run.

Straight Jacket

Police pulled me in on a Saturday night Accused me of thieving and starting a fight Never did a job I swear, cops come from everywhere They're only picking on my generation They don't need any provocation Please the police please mister Get down on your knees mister You're going down for a long time Jack Better put on that straightjacket Caught me in a corner of a public lav Empried my pockets took what I had Waste of time all the pain Wrong man again They're only picking on my generation They don't need any provocation Chased me from here to the other side of there Another night inside but I don't care Beat me up in the rain Wrong man again They're only…..etc.

Sure Looks Pretty

Never had no luck never had no dreams at all Never had a reason To feel the way I do When a soul train man Sings do do do do to me My heart is aching, baby And I know where I should be Never had no love For a thousand years or more Sometimes its easy Sometimes it really gets me down When a mowtown girl Cries a melody I'll know for sure, oh baby Somewhere someone waits for me Chased me from here to the other side of there Another night inside but I don't care Beat me up in the rain Wrong man again They're only…..etc.


What's the matter Is it jealousy Your silly games Don't bother me What's your problem Are you really insecure It it natural I'm not so sure See the doctor For a cure Keep your mind So sweet and pure One day maybe You'll get wise There's no good In hate and lies If you want sympathy, don't come to me You're stagnant No more changes It's your outlook You should re-arrange What's your problem Are you really insecure Is it natural I'm not so sure


Picked up umbrella Put on my bowler Looked in mirror Ready for the tango I phoned a taxi For me and Maxine She looked fantastic We danced the tango We drank champagne We danced again We had laughter And then after Face to face we danced the tango Cheek to cheek we danced the tango

Telepathic People

Their open minds are doing time Sucking on our space and time Destitute they'll find their goal Looking in an empty hole Telepathic people Looking in my mind Telepathic people I don't know what you'll find Private thoughts they try to hide When hopelessly they look inside Searching through your every thought To find something they haven't caught

That's Happiness

Drunks with drinks Druggies with drugs Sadists with whips Secret agents with bugs Politicians with lies Squirrels with nuts Jugglers with balls Butchers with guts That's happiness

This is Your Life

Unemployment life on the dole No work for me no work at all City and slums and poverty too Hanging about with nothing to do Go on back now nobody cares Just carry on with their own affairs And when someone else starts something bad Remember the trouble they've always had No red tape, no red book Eamon Andrews don't give a - Boredom boredom in your minds Hey you punks this is your life

This Week

Monday morning got that feeling Tuesday better be more revealing Wednesday halfway there Thursday we get paid Friday, another boring day Saturday no work, we play Sunday we pray Seven days a week, this week


There's a lot of sexy ladies Millions who have babies All that I've been looking for Is one that's free Got to go to Tokyo It must be in their cooking Or the way they bow to me I find Japanese ladies irresistible Take me on a fast train Take me on a jet plane Take me in a ……. Just take me there

Too Young

Too young to smoke, Too young to drink, Too young to do most, anything. Too young to laugh, Too young to cry, Too young to live and too, Too young to die. We're all too young


I wonder all over I wonder alone Adventure, romance Many I've known I'm just a troubadour I'm in love with you Traveled the world Seen all the girls I'm in love with me I know that you know that I'm looking at you I'll sing you a story And this one is true I look at you Look at me not a big star Boys and girl That's what we are

Two Timing Me

I heard it from a friend A friend of mine Could it be the end The end of time Maybe it's just Just pretend I don't know True love comes once in life I used to think it was sugar and spice Sugar and spice and all things nice I'm not man enough for a girl like you Is it her you love Well ain't that cute You left me for a lover of a different kind

Viva La Revolution

Into the Dungeon with evil men The people has risen we're free again Come out of the closet Come out of the hole Come out of the woodwork Come into the fold Rebels and fighters, a license to kill Unite with the bandits down from the hills Open your windows Open your doors Open your minds To a freedom of thought Raise our voices, raise our flag Smash the symbols of the life never had Long live the symbols Long live the scheme Long live our hopes Long live the dream Dance in the streets at the carnival Celebrate the victory now Drink the wine from the rich man's cask This revolution won't be the last

What am I to Do

Deep dark eyes That don't quite focus Like it could be hocus pocus Flowered clothes in unique style Intriguing words that beguile She is sexy in a way But I don't know what to say That voice is a mystery Is he a her or is she a he What am I to do is it really true What am I to do Should I take a chance on you

Who Spilt My Beer?

Walked in the Pub ordered a pint Put it on the table Oh oh oho.oh Put it on the table Stayed in there for an hour or more while I talked to Mabel Who spilt my beer, who spilt my beer? I'm asking you to tell the truth Who spilt my beer Second and third came to an end Its closing time again

Younger Generation

Start to moan when there's nothing to do Scream and bawl when there's nothing to do at all Wanna go out but there's nowhere to go Live our lives before we get too old, you know We're just the younger generation We want to have a good time We're just the younger generation And it's on our mind Think they're pretty think they're nice Think they're living in Paradise, it's not true

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