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> Skins, Brains & Guts (1982)


Walk the streets, you point at me, yeah hardcore pride is what you see Your insults are a parody, cos you're so fucking scared of me

(Chorus) We're skinheads, brains, guts! (2)

Call me ugly, I don't care, I feel good in the clothes I wearCall me dumb, I've gotta brain, when I'm hurt, I feel the pain


Smash this town to bits we do, no one's gonna mess with you Take 'em on we ain't afraid, angry kids so hear us say



Tryin' to fucking change my mind, just won't work - No way! I don't want your stagnant rules, they're for the fools - Not me! Total anti-government is all I plan to be No self-proclaimed authority will put their claim to me

(Chorus) No authority! Nobody's fool patsy No authority! I just wanna be -

Ain't a commie, fuck the nazi's, belong to no one's club No fucking war in any way could make me grab a gun All I wanna do is just be what I wanna be But I can't see no future in this lame authority

(Chorus) (2)



Narrowminded rednecks, such lame mentality Believe in old time standards, like guns and bigotry They say they're proud of their home This fine old U.S.A. But asked what color is the one, and see just what they say Just what they say (3)

(Chorus) I'm stuck in a redneck society!

Fools with age old morals, want the same old thing Money, war, racism, with nothing in between They don't want liberals in the way They just sit back and see Their power's in the White House and the moral majority Majority (3)

I'm stuck in a redneck society!


Romper room, you think it's fun, play your games on everyone Do your best to be a fool, think you're cute, think it's cool

(Chorus) Don't you be a bit surprised, that maybe soon they'll realize 3 of you, and you're the same, busy playing baby games

Run around like 2 year olds, the way you act is getting old Talk behind our backs, I say, monkey see's the only way



Do you think that all blacks are niggers? Ignorance is an attitude You wallow in your racist stupor Have you really stopped to think? Do you believe in the K.K.K., do you think White Power rules today? Would you like to shoot a white man dead, would you like to bust a black man's head - No way!

In England there's the National Front, headstrong bunch, these fuckin' cunts With Webster as their figurehead, they liberate Hitler as he lies dead They think they're so bloody tough, paki-bashing ain't enough Martin Webster like the K.K.K., map out all the plans his own way

(Chorus) Racism sucks (6) Racism fucking sucks!

Some black folks call the white race scum, cos they think we are the only ones Who only live in prejudice, while a lot of blacks live just the same Do you really judge a man, by the color of his skin You got the color, you got no right, to fuck up everybody else's life


Kill, kill the K.K.K. Destroy Martin Webster! Kill, kill the K.K.K. Destroy Ronald Reagan!


I don't need you to tell me, what I've got to do I'm counting all the days, till I'm rid of you Tell me what to do, tell me what to say But no more fuckers, just get outta my way

(Chorus) Cos this is - my life, this is - my life Stupid lame society, you wanna take control of me Parents wanna run my life, some girls act like my fuckin' wife

(Repeat 1st verse)


Get off my fuckin' back!



Prejudice throughout the land, don't look at us, we're anti-klan Black hates white, white hates black Tell me why, I don't understand

(Chorus) I don't want a fuckin' race war - No way! I don't want no segregated schools - No way! I wanna have the right to choose my friends - Fuck you! I don't want your narrowminded ways

Racial groups, they plan attack I guess they think we won't fight back I care about all human beings And not the color of their skin


We're anti-klan! (4)


I hate watching football games, baseball is so fuckin' lame T.V. sports they all suck shit Howard Cosell is a wimp

(Chorus) I hate sports, I hate sports I hate sports, I hate sports

I hate watching baseball games, boxing is so fuckin' lame Ali and his old aged fame, yeah he's washed up, he's fuckin' tame



We're gonna fight, we know who's right - Not you! Time to unite, we're havin' our say - Me, you! Oppressed us long, they've done us wrong - Dumb fools! We'll stand up tall, the future's ours - No rules!

(Chorus) Me and you, we're gonna fight the narrow minds Make our own rules, live your life and I'll live mine

4 long years, and thousands strong - That's right! We're not dumb, we're aware - Go away! Angry kids, rebellion rules - That's cool! We got our dreams, and we got our hopes - You know!



(Chorus twice)

We're gonna fight - Oh!

> Committed For Life (1983)


You lie with ease right to my face You look straight in my eyes No task for you, you cannot see Between truth and dishonesty Friends so long yet you still try To force feed me your fucking lies

(Chorus) I hear your lies, how come I'm the lucky one? I see your lies, glorify what you haven't done I hate your lies, stories different every time 5 years of lies, 1-2, 1-2-3-4!

You talk about the girls you know The asses that you've kicked Sometimes I sit in disbelief Wondering what you really think What I strive for, you laugh about Behind my fucking back no doubt



Drugs make you a man They help you understand It's a cheap escape and it's nothin' great But you do them when you can

(Chorus) Drugs make you turn on me! Drugs will not set you free!

Your money buys you dope Say you just can't cope But friends are cheap, when drugs can keep A buzz inside your head



You pay your money to get in You're ready for some fun But once you get in you're afraid To get close to anyone You dance around real tough and mean Got macho thrash appeal Your image here is what's at stake And not the way you feel

(Chorus) In the pit, you can't be yourself You're an image of what's cool And you ignore your friends Just another fool

The hole grows bigger by the second And soon there's no one left No arms in arms cos in your eyes It looks too fucking queer But what's wrong with our unity Friends having fun as friends That pit is just a barrier And soon we hope to end



Standing scared you've always been that way Fight your own fight Paranoia every single day Fight your own fight Afraid to take a chance and be involved Fight your own fight Your self pride is hanging on a rack

(Chorus) When will you stand up and help us be strong? How can you face life and live with yourself? Do you see justice in what they have done? You see confrontation and you turn and run

One of us gets beaten to a pulp Fight your own fight You just turn and look the other way Fight your own fight Unite we have, but you're too fucking scared Fight your own fight Commit yourself , you never fucking dared Fight your own fight


Fight your own fight!


Some year's gone by but I believe - Still! And in my heart I still feel - Real! I'd rather die before I'd call it quits Cos I can't feel the way that you feel

(Chorus) A commitment, that will remain inside Just something I will never forget Don't tell me, that it's just my pride, A built in part of what's inside my head

I've sacrificed alot and still feel strong - Still! But odds were that it wouldn't last for long - Wrong! Beliefs and views get stronger every way Tell me friend just where you stand today


People say I've changed, say I'm much different now I've lost friends, jobs, money so tell me why… Let me hear your reasons, cuz I shaved my head And it changed my head What about our frienship, you say I'm such a bore And I'm “too” hardcore Now you just ignore me, well fuck you man Are you happy now? Promises were broken, but who broke them first?


Tired of hearing us moan and complain Just cos you don't feel it Doesn't mean there's no pain Brought up then let down and run thru the course Able to fuck us and feel no remorse

(Chorus) This is a cry for the ones who can't fight We're just the bad seeds who didn't turn out right We'll get a chance and we'll break down the door This is the angry, the young and the poor

Turned on your own, kicked the dirt in our face We're stuck without money, no working, no pace Just think what you'd do if you were in our place Reality's waiting while you take up space





Got that crazy feeling Scared you don't know why Head is spinning faster Haze is in your eyes

And now you take a deep breath Wipe sweat off your face Your head and heart keep pounding Sets a frenzied pace

Now the wall gets stronger Bodies hitting hard Air is thick and heavy No room left to breathe

Now you feel the tension Eyes are open wide Nothing like this feeling Aggression deep inside


Buzz is in your head now Bones that start to ache Got that natural energy No more mental state now Something you can't fake

> The Crew (1984)


Hey it's 1984 With a glimpse of what's in store It looks like things are up to us No talk, just action in the streets That's what it's gonna take No calm youth in the U.S.A.

(Chorus) It's summertime, American riot! I can't complain, unless I try it! The heat is here, a teenage warning! To those who fear, here's your warning!

This could be the year That we could make some people think With smarter minds we'll hit the streets United we must make our stand Divided we will fall But it's up to us to take that step

(Repeat Chorus)

Complacent kids, that's all they want But if they want trouble they'll get it! Amidst years of youth unrest And now someone is pissed, right!

(Repeat Chorus)


Take your pick and make a stand With no regrets or change of plan Keep your head, don't be afraid Be proud of the choice you've made Support your scene, you must believe Never stop just move ahead

(Chorus) Oh Oh Oh! Definite Choice!

Be positive, no ignorance To mindlessness, we must protest 'Cause we're for real, we're gonna prove That our movement's on the move Fuck big business, church and war That's not what we're fighting for

(Repeat Chorus)


Man you've gotta problem, who made you fuckin' king A macho pig with nothing in your head No girls around you, their place is not at gigs Don't want 'em on the dance floor 'cos they're weak A woman's place, the kitchen, on her back It's time to change that attitude, and quick

(Chorus) Showing us your phobias, you're scared to see 'em think You'd rather dress 'em up in pretty lace All nice and colored pink You feel so fucking threatened When they stand out in front A stupid, passive piece of meat is all you really want

But it's: Not just boys fun (4x)

There's girls who put out fanzines, others put on shows Yet they're not allowed to get out on the floor Some make the music, well that you can accept Hell, maybe live you'll get some tits and ass You fucking moron, your brains have run amuck A girl's only lot in life is not to fuck!

(Repeat Chorus)


So you're tired of hearing us moan and complain Just 'cos you don't feel it Don't mean there's no pain Some are brought up and let down Then run through the course While they're able to fuck us and feel no remorse

(Chorus) Oh Oh Oh! (4x)

Well you've turned on your own Kicked dirt in our faces We're left with no money, no work, no paces Just think what you'd do If you were in our place While reality's waiting, you're taking up space

(Repeat Chorus)

Are you happy? Are you proud? Then sing real loud!

(Repeat Chorus)


Yeah, you do drugs, you know I don't Yet it's a trend just 'cos I don't Leave me be, can't you see I hate the way it fuckin' smells I hate the way it makes me feel Thumbs down to all those drugs you need 'Cos I'll just stay high naturally Just more false starts, it tears apart Your heart, hour head, your soul, your brain It helps the feeling, eases the pain


You're beatin' up on your friends 'Cos you're so insecure You wanna be the toughest But we all know for sure You thrash because you know You're gonna start another fight But maybe when it's too late You'll finally see the light

(Chorus) You're tough, you fight, you win, so what! (2x)

You listen to the music It's the coolest thing to do But you don't ever listen To what it says to you Your boots don't make you bigger Your pose is nothing new Someday it's gonna happen When we watch you fuckin' lose

(Repeat Chorus 4x)


A street with bodies, filled with guts Child's world is such a mess One bomb could rip this place apart Yet who's to blame, where'd it start

(Chorus) America's! War! (2x)

Just one more war by '84 It's killin' me and killin' you These enemies want a little taste Of what's left of American waste

(Repeat Chorus)

Our government, they gave the world With non of our voices ever heard A silence first and then a scream So much for the American Dream

(Repeat Chorus 4x)


The older I become I can't help thinking hard about What's really gonna happen And what's in store for Us and them is bullshit And if we're gonna make it work We've gotta care together And see this too the end, see it to the end

(Chorus) It'll take some time to fix it up But that is something we must do With solid hearts and clearer minds We'll raise our voice and blast right through We'll stop the ones who fuck it up And show the world that they can't stop the crew The crew is me, the crew is you, yeah we're the crew!

The threat of war ain't over And yes I fear it's getting near With all this hate inside us It all may just start Here now will you listen Or would you rather just ignore You say we have no future Do we have a chance? Do we have a chance?!

(Repeat Chorus)


You say you're scared, we're not to blame 'Cos mindless violence ain't our claim A new breed's here, we're gonna stay And break down all your shallow ways

(Chorus) 'Cos we are the new kids We've got our heads We'll keep on fighting 'Til old ways are dead Clenched fists, black eyes! (2x)

We're aiming for a different goal Succeeding where the hippies failed But one thing's sure and you can bet We'll be more than a drugged-out threat!

(Repeat Chorus)


I don't feel that prejudice Can't see divided lines To me we are all just the same Our difference in our souls and minds You tell me that the difference Is red, brown, black and white A world of such variety To you becomes an excuse for hate

(Chorus) We've gotta learn, have hope, unite And care enough to end this fight You're hating with no real insight And burning crosses in the night

A hundred years of barriers Yet still we can't see fit To bring about world unity And learn to live with it Now I'm not just complaining And I won't preach to anyone But we should think about it 'Cos this war has not just begun

(Repeat Chorus)


What do you mean when you say We've changed our ways? Say we're just too political Or we don't have much to say The ones who criticize our reasons Always seem to disagree No matter what we do It's them we just can't seem to please

(Chorus) Forgot the things we've said We're only clones Not cool enough to make it on our own Judged by the elitist chosen few Their labels aren't for me Are they for you?

You say some years ago our songs were fine And our debut EP was just divine But now a shadow haunts us through and through And songs we wrote before you never knew

(Repeat Chorus)


How come everything you say is right How come everything I say is wrong You never ever open your mind You never seem to hear the things I say

(Chorus) 'Cos you're the boss, have a say Everything must go your way But count me out, I'm not about to listen!

You judge me from your “upper” point of view Judge from what I say and what I do Tell me that you understand, you care But when I speak you're never fucking there

(Repeat Chorus)


You waited long for 21 For me the fight has just begun You get in clubs, drink alcohol It makes you feel you're ten feet tall

(Chorus) I don't wanna grow up I'm never getting old I'd rather work from 9 to 5 Than drink to stay alive I'm gonna stay young until I die! (2x)

You grew up fast, now you'll die soon I'll never fucking be like you You finish college, grab a wife You're dead before you're 35

(Repeat Chorus)


Something's creeping up your way With cans of pain and things to say We wait until the dead of night Then nail everything in sight

(Chorus) We will attack in red and black Cover the buildings, the walls and the street We will attack in red and black Graveyard graffiti this whole fucking city

Lots of kids, with nothing to do Important in the eyes of few A town with nothin' for the young An so our crusade has begun

(Repeat Chorus)


Action's being taken 'cos of this You fucked with us and now we're really pissed A hundred times you tried to shut us out But silence isn't golden, hear us shout

(Chorus) Can't you see we're just too fast Youth we're made to last (2x) Youth we're comin'!


Hatred I can't stand it anymore The color of our skin we must ignore Do you feel the pain or see the hurt Or do you let it pass right by instead?

(Chorus) This fighting, dividing, y'know we'll only lose (2x)

How come we can stand for such a crime Racial hate, a real sign of the times We've gotta raise our voice, begin the fight And equal world held high is in our sight

(Repeat Chorus)

Is this prejudice a way of life, tell me! Do you wanna be just like your friends, pressure! Is it 'cos you just jumped by someone, is it? You're condemning those who choose to live, unfair!


All you talk about is you But we've got better things to do You're proving that you're tough and shit But we're for real and don't forget

(Chorus) We're fun, you're not We play, we fight You're off, we're not That chip is all you got!

You go out and fight the world Beat up boys and beat up girls And nothing's gonna change your ways You look at us, but we just say:

(Repeat Chorus)

Now another bully comes Beats your ass, away you run He'll be here to wear the crown 'Til another comes around

(Repeat Chorus)


Hey now I've this feeling That I've never felt before I know it ain't cool to say this now But I can't help the way I feel inside Around you I can be the way I am Be happy, pissed or sad But the things I always think about Are of feelings we have shared

(Chorus) 'Cos when we are together there is something That I have with you, Trust! And as we're growin' closer I can feel it Flowing out from you, Trust! I hope you can feel the same way That I do, Trust! If there's one thing down between us That's a must, it's Trust!

Look now, we can share emotion Something that we both thought was just too tough Aggression, love and honesty There could never be enough All I wanna do is just let you know that I care And when things get too hard for you Look back and I'll be there

(Repeat Chorus)

You inspire me intensely Without any doubt You keep me thinking, help me try Show that I can do without With you there's more foundation More than any other time And when it comes to you my heart is true Until the day I die

(Repeat Chorus)

> Walk Together, Rock Together (1985)


You wanna be the way I am But you could never understand You shave your fuckin' head Then you turn your back On your best friends

(Chorus) It's not just in my head It's in my heart (It's in my heart) And you're not gonna Tear this one apart

The way you look it fits How come your attitude is shit? You say you do it your own way But now I have the price to pay

(Repeat Chorus)

If I can give a fuck You better start, so… Use your head be aware Give a fuck!

The same routine, fuck up again You have no real regrets But this is not just something I can easily forget

(Repeat Chorus)

I can't believe you've come this far Yet still so unaware No cause no brains no fire inside When will you learn to care


I grew up with love and affection Know what it means to spread that infection No matter what may stand in my way This energy within, it guides me day by day At times when I feel there is no way out I'll bitch, cry, moan, whine, scream and shout But what I'd like to see in the world most today We've got to SPREAD IT! SPREAD IT! Now I know you must be thinking There is something wrong How could I have the nerve To write this song Well, it's like I've got this feeling Stripped away of pride A crazy mixed up feeling That I just can't hide Emotion is this great thing We've all got it, let it show If you can share emotion Then by all means let me know And if we wanna make a better world today SPREAD IT! SPREAD IT! THIS WORLD OVER! GO!!!


Listen to my story! It all began back in 1980 We were young, no direction, it was all so new Spending late nights in the basement Playing gigs in someone's kitchen So exciting, we had dreams and we still do And through the years our anger went Toward more progressive goals We had to overcome the barriers And plan a new direction Our main goal is to better ways And help communication With our positive commitment We can all succeed, and so OH!-OH!-OH! Part two of the story! Now I know that times are hard And giving in's easy But with work we'll get our message out To all the kids who care It's not too hard if you believe We've got to plan our destination Just live your life your way Make great your intentions And through the years…


It's not the way we look It's not our stance, our style, our hair Forget those stupid barriers Take down that “FLAG” you wear Just people living on With different hearts and different minds If we live in the same world Why can't we stand in the same line?

(Chorus x2) If we can walk together Why can't we rock together

No I don't care If you're into different bands No cause for so much hatred I’m just a different man Pull off the cover I will too And learn to understand With music deep inside We'll make world our unity plan

(Repeat Chorus)

A label is a label Definition, nothing more And because of labels we have placed We live in constant war Destroy all that tradition And live before you die Let's rock together, from now on And never be denied

(Repeat Chorus Slow)


I can't stand the way you treat girls Aren't they just people too? Something for you to do? You like to fuck them But their feeling don't mean shit to you With your many ways You've always got something to prove

(Chorus) Open your eyes 'cuz it's time you see It's time we were all treated equally Just when you think A woman's only there to take to bed You better think what's going on through her head

You were raised to think A woman's job is slave to man But I'm here to tell you different You probably won't understand Conditioning's got you fucked up So you crave the upperhand Just try to look within yourself And change it if you can

(Repeat Chorus)

There's no room for bruising egos Man you rate supreme But equality for humanity Is what I dream Girls are just the same as you. You're no smarter, you're no better And only when you realize We'll take it a step further


If what you see is what you get Just look toward us and never fret I'll sing this 'til I can't no more A part of what I'm waiting for It's there so strong and can you see A force, and what we have is strength


And what we have is STRENGTH! All we need it's what we got!

> New Wind (1986)


See you out there, it's like you'll dance the night away But the feelings aren't too good because you need to lead the way You call them friends, but now to you they have no air to breath And when the time is right you know you'll have to have the final say

(Chorus) Music makes you feel good, so why make it a drag Too boots, the fist, the stance, you're out to win a loser's game How hard is it, to take them, when size is on your side Too blind to see, it's just a shame, when music's played in vain

Big man with mean face now, are you bigger than you seem Find time to push around, and bring it down, until there's nothing left Our music and our message, out of love more than exists Are you there to hear it stop now, are you there to see it end


But it happens and it happens, and we can not be afraid There's so many still who give a damn, but the good ones always seem to fade Is our future in the hands of those who dance the night away Or are you with me as I sing this song, cause we've got more to say Take a look around, do you see what's goin' down Take a look around, don't pretend it's not goin' down


Excuse me, just wait one sec, have you ever really listened to a thing we've said You're not convinced that we could ever be a major force But just another youth subculture with a different song But for others, there's this other side, not really looking for some credit for the things we've tried Communication, it could work so fast Just cuz now you say it's over, does that make it past

(Chorus) We could be the new wind - oh, oh! We could be the new wind - Do you know, do you care? We could be the new wind - oh, oh? We could be the new wind - Will you try, will you dare?

A simple dream, no, not just that, can you just appreciate there's something we must find I'm not a “punker”, just a human being, with this urge to exercise What's in my heart and mind It's not me hiding, from reality, pretend that I can shine it, turn around and walk away The contradiction, seems to follow you, assuring that there is really nothing we can't do


I know I've cried so many times, by far I've had some doubts And faces, faces, faces change, but still I have to shout Things have had me worried, will I ever have to be alone Then closed up doors push forward, see a side I've never known - oh!

(Chorus) Somebody, somebody, somebody, help me scream Somebody, somebody, somebody, Help! Me! Scream!

Someone there to drown the fire, but a passion bonds a solid link Heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat, skipping faster as I sink Is this a stay of dedication, when it's time to bail out Tell me is that what life is all about - Oh!


Busy with this special thing that takes me far away Living for the music if the spirit's gone, why did it fade I see you every once in a while, so little I can say I know how things have gone for you, you seem so far away (2x)

(Chorus) Tied up, tied up in rhythm, that's my crime to you! And everything keeps getting tied up, tied up so tight, I don't know why

You walked beside me, every step, until a dream had found A spot that drove me harder, and harder I keep pushing on I hope you won't forget me, the way I treated you Until I slow down a bit, I don't know what to do (2x)


Dear shadow does it seem I've let you down Say lonesome, I never meant to let you down I'm sorry, I've taken for granted you'd be around


It's hard to tell you how I feel, exactly what do I say These feelings from within for now, they just get in my way It seems that lately for some reason, we've been torn apart A bond so strong at one point, has it been blown away

(Chorus) I'm gonna say this now and I won't hold back Have our hearts grown apart, do we still have a chance? Do we still have those hopes and dreams?

And then I feel like giving in, forgetting what's been said Pretend like things are just the way, they were when we were young To share emotions we have shared, in friendship, brotherhood


Daddy always told you, do it like a man, never get too friendly Some won't understand, friends have got you in on all those “hard” things that they've planned All your life they told you, never shed a tear, cuz boys don't crave affection Boys ain't got no fear But did they ever show you how to shut those feelings on then off again

(Chorus) And now you gotta hide yourself, hide yourself away Show you care and you might show the world that you're only gay Crying is for babies, for boys is it a sin To be a caring, sharing, loving, human one

Handshake show you're friendly, but don't get caught You gotta fight to prove you're not afraid, fuck just to prove you're not And all your life you play this game and it goes on and on and on and on Now you've grown into a man, proud as hell to be It's now your turn to raise a son, don't let him be one And you can teach him all the things you were taught yourself


He said, “Come along, that urge has come again and now I'm feeling strong” Expectations of you, don't care is you want to want along Love for those who make it without knowing how another feels The fact is, what you do is rape, it never crossed your mind before

(Chorus) An opinion of feelings It's just pride, no real depth Opinion of feelings Do those feelings mean anything at all

He's pulled you down, he's taking aim, you wonder what he's waiting for And he may get his way this time, but will he ever change your mind A sharp resentment, guilt, deep pain, all this in the act of love And now you're just a victim of his gain, a selfish game


Through troubled times, news of hatred, death and war Find signs of an end, but it may just seem to be okay And I'm not alone, when I say I feel enough to think I know there's dark in all things so I find the light and struggle on

(Chorus) Lead me with a grip so tight, I'll move ahead, I'll break the path I'll cross the line, and still reach out Wash my mind or stab my back but spirit stays my friend You can not sway what's on the inside

Messin' around, but if it feels like serious, I fall to the ground And I pick myself up, so I can face the days Learn on my own but I get so much from things I see these days Vivid, so clear, I can't see why it's hard to understand


I just got back to routine, it goes from day to day I've got this sneaky feeling, gets closer as we play After months and months of planning, hard work to hit the road No sense of “security” you get when you're at home

(Chorus) And just for you, there is a calendar, not just a need for the time But just 'cause you're on my mind It's made of days, this simple calendar But it feels like years going by, where do I cry

I've rearranged my whole life, such things are hard for two But still the music keeps me going and my heart is set on you We see so many faces, do cities look the same I'll take this voyage anyway, and hope someday you'll go


I keep thinking each and every day Have I really made a difference, have I made things change? In all these years of “growing up” and “standing strong” Has it made a single dent with all that is so wrong?

(Chorus) But if I haven't done a thing for world affairs At least I know I try and I'll show that I care 'Cause it's me that has to make an effort Or what can I expect to change That's where it starts, in myself Not just shifting all the blame

And as I'm growin' older, I can see the changes Yet history ain't history at all it seems I try to keep my head held high, eyes open wide And growing keeps me learning, yeah it keeps me free


What have you got to think that time will stop for you?


I guess the others turned their backs on what they now call shit It doesn't really matter cuz it's their words I forget If 'core is dead, they've moved along and now they're rockin' out But I have doubts they ever knew just what it's been about

(Chorus) But I still believe, I still believe, believe in myself (2x)

Watch them bite and clw now as they line up on the rack A method to success and now there ain't no looking back They're playing better music with a message aimed at other crowds And they don't include a lyrics sheet cuz what they say ain't proud


An empty pedestal and all these “heroes”, where'd they, go! go! go! When I find myself a hero, I'll be sure to let you know


I always think about you, alone or with the band Just having something very special now, can it last very long? Do you doubt just how I feel, can you tell that it's for real? Just sharing certain feelings we all know The truth down from within

(Chorus) Listen, but I can only show you, at times it's so hard with words We've gone this far and made it work You've got to know, that part is true Can you tell, that what I say, comes from my heart, it's taken time To put these words to music, I don't mind

You seem to doubt my sincerity, I'm hoping that you see Just try to look much deeper, then you'll know just how I feel Will you try to understand, sometimes I may get out of hand But knowing that you're by my side


I'm not sorry, cuz I started growing and I'm pushing on And I know I cannot turn it back or turn away! So many feelings moving faster as I live from day to year It seems that now I live a lifetime - in a day

(Chorus) Stand by my side, I know it's hard cuz we're afraid, I know I am Please understand, it's time to grow more than you know

Just a part of the same old story, it seems so old But tell me why I can't take hold I can't explain! Words go through my head and I ache for ways to see I guess this madness is the answer - I'm afraid!


This music from my heart, is it so different from before, it may seem so But it's just music from my heart Just! One! Day!

> Praise (1987)


On the screen, so many people killing people Mass confrontation, it sets our tone And the reasoning is simple, we've got to prove our might some way Gotta flex our muscles, flex our macho pride We know to make this nation a better place, leave no in betweens, no middle ground, while power starved, good soldiers force the show And we congregate to kill, while the nation sings along A patriotic praise for decisions that are wrong - Praise!

(Chorus) And I'm supposed to be proud, hold my head up high And act like I am worthy of respect I do not share Make judgments, condemnations, “We'll do the best we can” It's our nationalistic chance to silence fellow man - Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

So we fight our wars to win, and we gain our self esteem And our young will see strong victories in history Whether backed by foreign guns or trained by U.S. sons We're dyin' for a cause and a place in time But are the answers somewhere distant, do we find them here at home Why can't we can the blame, allow for peace, not call out names, Say do you wanna die? I know I don't wanna die, To end it in their power design Praise!


(Repeat chorus)

It's your time to die, it's you right to die Demand it or see through it


Chastized for what we think, beliefs stand strong despite defeat Ridiculed for having our own views Forced to believe our thoughts are wrong, don't challenge old time ways To move in this world, you better take it slow

(Chorus) I betcha seen, it framed but in a different way Unto this time, slow fade Such crazy dreams, don't let them be ignored To future days - It's catching

“The uptight” says right is right, for them it may, for me it's not - Learn to be myself without their shine Hold on to things, antiquted things, that don't bend for the times Tradition, man, now can you read between the lines?


I'm caught but lookin' up


Don't you be ignored, don't fade, don't fade!


Where do we find it in us, just to be so hard, to be so cold When humanity pits itself against, emotion, dignity, control And tortured for some reason, like for instance you had thoughts within To rise above in your life's, got you dying in some jail

(Chorus) Does someone out there give a damn? Will anybody know? How long these crimes have carried on, where anything can go You're guilty of a crime of thinking, speaking for yourself And punishment was based upon a law that's long been shelved Your heart is good, your soul is free, but still you see no trial Attempts are made to break you all the while - Breakout!

So many months you've had enough, you wonder if you're gonna die Inside some darkened prison where you do your best to stay alive Prisoner of conscience, all you did was fight for hope and light And now that fight for freedom's got you fighting for your life



A world of constant need, what can I do to ease the pain Sometimes I think it's hopeless, I'm afraid Much hunger while there's many who can live the life in greed And then I wonder if we'll see another day

(Chorus) And even though we try, we're satisfied, in all the things we've done We think that since we've done our part there's nothing wrong We can convince ourselves, that it's not here but somewhere else, But are we convinced enough to try and learn?

What we need is close enough, but we push it away Too big or proud to let some love sink through Still hoping in a time when it's so cool to close our eyes I'm not convinced enough to think the world is through



I'm still hoping - Yes! Yes! Yes! Lookin' to love, let it be your guide Let it fill you, in spirt


Seems so easy, you never bat an eye Conscience pulled a disappearing act And you look out in the world And ignore the troubles seen As along as it’s not down on you Why should you care?

(Chorus) But it’s not easy, you should know And when it catches up to you, where will you go? You might find, that in your mind You simply don’t have time But no, you better wait, hey!

So much older than the rest Where knowledge can’t be found Wise enough to help, but have you tried Cause if the war ain’t in your home Or this small land that you own There's just no point in knowing what’s outside your door


Yet you gotta enough time waste upon yourself You better wait! No!

Say small mind, hey little man, I see you hiding out Afraid of your own shadow, scared of everything And you can pretend the pain and anguish is just a myth So it’s what you can’t see in your little world

> Ourselves (1988)


Still I couldn't find my way to sleep Lie still, awake, too much to think When will this sound inside my head Stop cuz it makes me cry Now I find I'm looking for something Some fact or clue that helps to bring A dizzy world, focused and straight This time I'm not feeling so This time I'm not feeling so This time I'm not feeling so great

(Chorus) Escape and run keeps going through my head For what I face it seems I'm better dead Escape and run keeps going through my mind Instead of moving up I'm falling far behind

In sleep this slow part fills my dream In black and white or so it seems I've seen myself fall down and die For in this dream I've lived a lie Down with me, breathe deep, plant your faith Look at the sky but don't you wait A hundred voices in the end This time I'm not feeling so…great



Hey man, I remember just a few short years ago Talked through letters, mutual interest We were always on the phone I have thought about you many times Even I didn't know Started crossing paths and sounds And how we understand the dreams that go-o

(Chorus) And even now you can be here Though you're far away All the times you lifted me so high I can't forget And different faces, different scenes Still seems so far away But it's always great to be with you again

Times have been so strange, so many people in and out Getting older in my age While these freedom thoughts stay young I can thank you for the inspiration and the honesty you gave And the times those feelings came to me During tough times where I thought of giving up, so



I'd like to think when I am old At the very end and looking back, That I was there, a child of love A child of peace, against all war And now I face, so many pains, but one that sticks In heart, inside, A pain that comes from hatred, from, to and for Our human kind

(Chorus) Stand with the others, don't be afraid To learn from each other, the life we make Spread to the masses, be black or white Be young or old Be woman, man or animal This story is so cold

When men are monsters, killing, dying I will work myself for peace

When times are shaded grey I still will find a way Together we can build it up A warmer, richer earth It's time to reach out any way And put back color where it's dark


The save ourselves!


Encouraged to speak, shown every sign Learned to never waste the time Taught to have an open…(mind) Why give me a heart, when you won't let it beat? And I'm not afraid, I've still got hope But now you tell me I belong Do I stay and sing this same old…(song) Why give me a key when you won't set me free?

(Chorus) And you listen, to our song And you wonder, what's going on You say that growth's okay, but do it by the rules But if I abide how will I grow or learn? Is this one big lie or have we been misled? It's time to practice what we preach It's time to move ahead

Now I've lived awhile Not much I haven't tried But tell me what to do and you'll see how high I can fly Why give me the space When you won't let me breathe? It's time to make things fresh Bring in the new Put our minds together And see beyond this tunnel view Why give me two eyes when you won't let me see?



Again we stand so silent Act like things are oh so great In love with thinking that we've ended racial Motivated hate But the truth is clear, just look around It's worse than it was before When another peace march triggers thought A perfect reason we must raise war

(Chorus) Erase this Begin to open up your narrow mind I wish I could help Dig it All the years you've been brainwashed I wish I could help

See America so proud and bold Yet comin' out behind her voice Conditioning so harsh and strong That it smothers out what's left of choice Can ya think back to the sixties? Not much has changed it's stayed the same Seems like we blow our chances To learn from life each time


You see it every day From prison, schools to the assembly line Another fans the flame Discrimination, segregation Comes from every side Which side of the fence do you stand on? Quick, choose your side When the wind blows, where do you fall? Tell us, if you can




Please believe me, I'm on your side Though I know I can't feel what you do Can't see what you see But my respect and love is deeper than you'll ever really know And I know it may be hard for me to ever really show What's here inside

(Chorus) Friend, sister, see through hungry times we see the most You're my family, I thank you for the time you chose To be part of my life You help me fight against the pain I'll see you on the other side

It never matters even when it's strained Together we can make the world seem like the place it could be And though the hate and anger come and goes We'll walk along this road Down a path where walls fall over And fall down upon our heads and wakes again


We gotta cross this crazy bridge again, yeah



All my days in so many ways I've seen it This prejudice I've seen it twist and turn I've cried at thoughts of not bein' able to stop it And now I ache away for it's here so strong today

(Chorus) What are you organizing for, put up another door Just stop and look around, say you must see The blindness we have here You say you've heard it all before And you'll hear it again Just go ahead and close us off But you'll still feel the pain that you create

Our peace comes from within and I think war does too Believe in love and you'll get what is due Skin, yellow, red, brown, black and white Can't stop to see that no, no Only single hearts and minds inside our heads


O Gandhi, when you look at us does your heart ache? How could you think that peace in this world has a place? “Well, I believe in peace not pride or race To set our future days, future ways And I can only hope we don't keep blowin' it all away”



Look at all the good things in this life That you have got You got security and comfort With a roof above your head Yet you may find it easy To sit back and complain I know I've done it many times When I've felt no pain

(Chorus) But what is right If we can't look around and face the facts Just go through life without a conscience or a care It seems it's dog eat dog 'Til you're the one they're all looking to bite Convinced that you're so justified But what is right, what's justified

Now things are getting clearer Day by day this feeling's strong And as we take a step It's hard to get along And just when I think it's over Oh, I feel that drive begin Cuz it's not what I take But what I must put in In my life


And as the story's told The problem's harsh and cold We've got to end it With warmth inside the heart And knowledge that's a start We've got to end it, yeah Push for change, why help suppress it? Realize you're not alone Honor life, why help regress it? Can't you see it starts at home?



When will we find a balance Such unfair things we see Small troubled nations crumble And freedom falls from dust to dust Remember people are just flesh and bone And blood and tears and soul Where the past's led us to the present Where the future will unfold

(Chorus) And I have some ideas, though I realize I might be blind I ask so many questions I keep leaving thoughts behind Still searchin' ain't like wasting time At least there is this bottom line We need to find some sort of balance Along the way Until they see the way it's meant to be on this lonesome soil I think it might take a while

The answers wait unanswered while we're Too scared to lift our heads War justifies some feelings Helps us find a taste for blood

I think the “enemy” is anyone Who has the guts to say That nothing's wrong That things are fine That there's no reason to complain


I think it might take a while But it's always free


See those kids, so young and free “I guess that's how it useta be” So caught up in themselves, they just don't see But “standing hard” gives us this right To put up walls and to prove our might And faster, faster must the music go

(Chorus) Farewell to seven years We bid a fond so long To seven years Why'd it take so long?

They're waitin' for old times again If they support, they'll understand Our message calls for unity not rage We see so many ways To vent the anger in our troubled hearts Without using it to smash up someone else


And it takes so long

> Soulforce Revolution (1989)


There's something in the air, y'know we breathe it every day A hatred twisting deeper, razor sharp it cuts its way A poison we're to swallow, I tried it once, I didn't like the taste Say Mother Earth I love you, as I watch you go to waste And we'll sing…

(Chorus) Na-na-na-na-na-na-na, hey! What happened to tryin'? Na-na-na-na-na-na-na, hey! Tumblin' down, fired up, fire away! (2X)

I'm scared cuz I still have so many visions in my head Bandwagon jumping's easy when you fear the dream is dead We're judged by what we look like, how we think and who we are Hey Mother Earth we hear you but we don't know where to start…



Na-na-na-na-na, Satya-graha (3X)

I wait for you to tell me when we'll reach the finish line I wash my hands of this hate, I won't embrace this thing so blind A soul force revolution, it could give us what we need Destruction ain't no option, it's the end at any speed


Come on now! Push! Pull! Push! Pull!


So many busy little people, running scared and piled high So deep in their corruption, that they can't see eye to eye From the weight of understanding, to the courage in their lies Knowing what they view as love, I think I'll pass, just walk on by

(Chorus) Take pride in acting cruel your pride has got you fooled You're off and running (2X)

I watch the way some people get theirs It's like the earth has dried away Respect for anybody's hard to find out there today There's no discount for our freedom, put your markdown gun away If I ever feel I need some help, I'll find my own price to pay


In your life, you'll find no difference… Makes the weight of the world grow around your shoulders!

Wo-oh! (4X)

(Repeat 2nd verse)



There's a million things to tell you but the words get in my way Coming here, I stand before you, with not one single thing to say You're the one that keeps me hopeful when my life has gone astray You're the kickdrum to my heartbeat, you're the words that I can say

(Chorus) Do you think I'm laughing, you know, you don't realize That when it comes to dealing with me, you know I can sympathize

Sometimes I feel like I'm your struggle, don't wanna be a time you've tried I'd rather be your never-ending, I'd rather be your deep inside When you cry I wish I could be, a salty tear running from your eye I wish you'd swallow me, so I could be So much closer to your soul





All that wraps around me, fills and breeds itself inside me Heart is pumping wasted years away It really doesn't mean that much to me Called out near the river, it ran as deep as you could see I felt alone and strange like many times My hand so still, it reached the sky

(Chorus) I wrote this in a notebook and I censored out the best I said I'll wish and wait and rest I said I'll hope you'll wait and rest, and I hope that there's more time for me than this

My family stands beside me, figured maybe there was truth to find My girl she holds my hand but I can tell she wants to jump inside Daylight faded quickly and the cold breeze never died We drank some water from the stream And then we hugged and sang and cried


It will make sense… just have patience It all makes sense… just have patience

Sometimes life can pull a fast one on ya… And sometimes you really dig it when it does (2X) Daylight faded quickly…


All along, the time, this feeble industry Let's over ride, your red cent, every band goes into debt I know the kind, cuz I got it on this page Let's break apart, let's break it free Let's break apart, do it for me Let's break apart, goddamn this sound Let's inside out and upside down


Hold my hand and listen close, hey Ma, I just want you to know That I love you and I hope that you feel fine For all the years, alone you raised us, thru lonely nights and Troubled days You took the time, you really held the light

(Chorus) And these hard times, you are always in our minds These hard times, in a world so damned insane You are shelter from the pain, it's been a long ride

We were taught to think, helped made aware Ma, the credit goes to you, I swear Encouraged to form opinions of our own You kept us healthy, warm and then You gave us brighter days ahead We knew someday, we'd look back and we'd smile





You tell me you're beaten, in search of a way To know when to leave and to know when to stay Here, people accept all the smart lies, confined Forget all that nonsense, let's leave it behind

(Chorus) I saw it and I see it, keeps getting closer yet This Freedom Landscape fades, oh To hold it, don't mold it, just place it on your heart This Freedom Landscape fades

This is my tribute to you my dear one Do you feel your skin burn while you pray to the sun I know there's a reason we scream on the phone I'd rather stand off than to stand here alone



Some houses feel warm, oh so good, I can see What's looming ahead in the future for me And hands make great comfort but will they be here When I'm reaching, waiting, as trouble comes near I will wait and if you give a sign I'll hold on until the end of time

(Chorus 2X)


Here we sit like we have many times, familiar feeling Hear the change of thousands pouring in Yea, dealers, bosses, white and black, there's eyes that watch us over If there is a hell, this must be it

(Chorus) Hope is all you started with, you've seen as you walk in Doubtful they could be your friends A game you can depend on, this wicked thing is sin It's ugly when you reach the end

The time is nonexistent, stranger people stay insistent You may win but do you win a thing? Old hands now black from filthy money Tickets from the pawn shops Back tomorrow, does this make much sense?



This town means nothing, this town will never grow This town's a ghost town, you really outta know

Wheels spin, the sounds of ringing, pain inside my head I think it's better just to find the edge It's safe up here, I'm staying, I'd rather watch some other's fail Like a king up on this Copper Ledge


A thousand books remind us, how the world drags on and on and on We've read those books but we don't grasp the meaning See between the lines Part truth, part tilted fiction, documents of endless history Predictions for the future, armeggedon seems to suit you

(Chorus) Don't wanna die, now do we? We're running in a desperate race Don't wanna die, now do we? Just take us to a better place

You're thinkin' funny things when you look over, see me standing here With words of hope, guess you could say, I'm looking for a brighter day Don't ask me for a reason, I can't tell you what you want to hear If all you do is criticize, you don't seem to realize


(Repeat 1st verse)



Maybe I'm just dreaming, I start before I sleep Stockpile of scenes, 5 miles high, and deep as they are surely wide Like a charge of some electric buzz, it comes crashing down inside

(Chorus) Will I… daydream tomorrow? Stay awake with me Will I… be there tomorrow? Stay awake with me

I've got my goals before me, and at night they seem to fade And you might think it's crazy When I say I'd like to make a difference in this band Those doubts can only hurt now, with my head down in the sand



It might be 4 A.M. in Texas, but I'm still dreamin' wide awake It's 4 A.M. in Texas, this thinking's growing in my head It's 4 A.M. in Texas, and I'm on the phone and you're not home It's 4 A.M. in Texas, Texas!


I woke up from a dream, I could have sworn I heard the phone Fan's blowing in the corner, like it does when she's at home Familiar desperate feeling, always cold and dark inside Y'know I'll probably sit here hoping soon that she'll be by my side

(Chorus) Saw her smile, it chased the blues away Her warmth can make it all OK But it's one to go and one to stay, guess it has to be that way I've found my kindred spirit Now she's with me as I sleep And it's in her hands, up to her Where she'll put my soul to keep

Out there in the hard world, try to blend into the day A thousand different faces stare, I try to look away But I can feel her move within me, and her voice is in my head Y'know, with that in mind, I seem to find, my way back home again



It's ragin' in the whole of us, like firespots fresh from the sun This aggression's getting heavy, so close in, tune up everyone

(Chorus) I'm hopin', and I'm walking and I heard you call my name There's still time to go, out alone But I feel so free, it seems to be that swansong in my head Hey it's 1989!

I remember, standing on the roof, in New York, it was summertime Below the streets, fell thick in rage, we smiled than began to fight


I'm walkin' and I'm talkin', but the truth is up ahead Hey we're not to go, anywhere We're busy playin' games and still that swansong's in my head Hey it's time to fly south!

It's a sure time, when it's your time Gotta feeling, and I'm reeling The sky is dark and you put your hand in mine There's some people at the corner, but I didn't know what to say If demands decide your fate The only thing to do is wait, and keep your spirits high Keep your spirits high, no, that ain't no lie, this Swansong has to end!

> Out The Shizzy (1993)


Hold out for the best one Dig in deep to Understand the routine Understand the problem Gotta shake foundations Need to shine reactions Only time will tell you All the things you'll go through

(Chorus) And the world, is your world

Will this feeling subside Time to take a ride through Different places, thresholds Can't be scared to try and Give a little Promise you'll feel better Any given moment There's a heart that's broken


1st verse again


Man's thrown all alone Wonders what he'll conquer Woman, she's the one Power's what she owns Didn't try, didn't hafta As man takes on the world

Man makes the mistakes Blames it on his mother She laughs then she cries She plans, understands Watches as he falters Man starts every war

(Chorus) And I wanna join Cuz I know who's side I'm on And I need to know What she thinks

His greed in history His is so inflated His way, go away He learned young To be strong At least his version of it Man I'm so ashamed

Uptight, might is right The proof is in the package Boys don't ever cry Sister teaches strong She's the pure creator She rules everything





A no-win situation It comes our way again We get up every morning Riding on the trains Why bother getting in one This time let's surf outside They'll call our parents crazy And say it's suicide This afternoon I ran into A group of kids from school The ones who play it dirty They'll play the biggest fools Tomorrow screaming headlines From the papers in the stands Will say it's just a new fad That's getting out of hand

(Chorus) No faith in anything we do The city drizzles shame I wanna hug the moving cars And bathe in happy rain

I haven't read the news But I hear rumours in my head Can't sleep with all the madness Guess I'll stay awake instead They'll bitch about what They can't change I think I'll just explode While waiting at the station You can feel the overload The way the rain comes down You know it always soaks my head The stink and dread around me Makes me wish that I was dead From time to time You'll hear about some kid And how he fell I hate to be so morbid Perhaps it's just as well



Have you noticed lately Or at any time at all These people running past you You might have a strong opinion But there's louder mouths around It doesn't have to phase you

(Chorus) Cuz we're free to seize Or ignore completely We're free to space Or face the music

Your need to be excepted Seems based around the myth That bigger's always better And a selfish twinge inside you Seems it's growing mighty quick Has got you on the downfall


If all you want is surface Get a grip then Grab it quick before somebody else does Cuz time is pointless When it's wasted Time is what you're needing more of

Our house feels so surreal I never think about it So funny, now we see The times we spend without it False pride and the violence I've got a sour taste in (in my mouth) No wonder, we wander Kick back and tell another Kick back and tell another….

(Chorus) …Story About our courage And we dismantle as usual Another weak link coming

The music, it's purpose Not here to make ya hateful It's effect on the scene And the converted faithful We're not down with the hate How did you choose this label (convenience) We look back, it's been real Sit down and tell another Sit down and tell another


And we still hear the crowd They want it fast and loud They wear the label proud Is that all you want You want it Then make the weak link strong


Weird thing this morning I felt down and so I stepped back to see if The trouble would grow Ran til I just couldn't Breathe very well Needed a friend, needed someone to tell

(Chorus) Reuben said I would see it Down the line He believed Reuben said I was ready Doublecrossed once again

A grudge like a mother And then I said Everything I had Stored up inside my head Meant for this nightmare To end like a dream Wish it would sink in Wish I could see





Laughing always treat things lightly But you'd be the last to respect People's views and their directions Bring them down create more tension Try to strip away their passion But all you do is fuck yourself again

(Chorus) And yet again If you'd only find your piece of mind Think you'd dig the things That you might find

Tell me I can't comprehend your Advanced mind Know what you're feeling Try to paint from your perspective You seem to feel it's more effective But really all you do is create Extra space reserved for hate again


Too bad you're So damned selfish Taking what you'd never give And leaving nothing Leaving trouble Schism, pain All bad, whatever The same old thing With no progression Based in greed And bad intentions You're leaving nothing Leaving pain So hard to understand your way



Say you're fed up You're so angry Found your way inside This vicious circle Now you can't stop Tried to tell you, Gave you warning But your stubbornness is king

(Chorus) That's why, it goes on Repeat, on and on That's why, it goes on Repeat, on and on

Hope might save you What you go through But it takes a bit Of tolerance and Selflessness I'm your friend, yeah Here to listen But I got limitations too


So sick of all that's going on Now what ya wanna do The action's what we're graded on Cuz talk is so see-thru


So sick of all…..


And when we talked It was decided That something had to be The guessing went too long Couldn't just carry on We worked it out Til it felt alright And everybody knew we had to Break off a little piece Sometimes it makes me mad At times, a little sad But it didn't mean too much

(Chorus) If something is missing I'm sure we'll find out We'll get together There is no doubt Something is draining All our time today Let's get together - hey yeah

Our expectations Build so quickly Let's not And say we do There's gotta be a way Some place where we could stay And find a little piece of mind

This common goal Seems widespread too bad Our talking's meaningless We're out here in the rain The scenery's the same And ally's gotta work again



And all this time when We believed we'd change the world some day There is nothing else I would rather do And all the time I Screamed and cried and Whithered deep in pain There was nothing else I could say to you

(Chorus) Go easy now my friend You'd better think straight Your everlasting dreams might fade away You're waiting for the chance To slow down and catch your breath This motion is the thing that we like best

Yeah, I'm your dreamer And your believer The one you've come to mother Find the road you want Don't let me slow ya down And while you're rubbing up against The ones that talk the loudest Try to be somebody Try to be yourself





Come on down Come closer Want you in a fisheye view Something tells me We finally connected And I'm ready to give This one a new try I'm ready to Get off on another side

(Chorus) We're naked Peel the skin away Huddled up inside an embrace Let's get fired Let the sun inside your head I love the breeze That hits my face

Feel so strong So ready Are you sleeping while you walk Lie down And see how deep we get together You seem to think I've got some kind of master plan I think I'm going insane Slowly






Hey we've got this brand new song It might not be your favorite I came to you to get advice You laughed alot you did your best My dreams are kinda fucked up lately My dreams aren't really dreams My dreams they almost fade out Sometimes dreams are what they seem

(Chorus) And half the time I'm waiting, I'm waiting For some kinda, some kinda sign And all day long I'm hoping, I'm praying Just stop me from being so blind

Since I got back into town I know I'm not your favorite And everybody hangs out here No life to live and nothing's clear My girlfriend loves all things about me At least that's what she says My girlfriend lies a tiny bit But it really all depends


1st verse again


> The Music, The Message (1995)


(Chorus) Let's do it for the frustration Aggravation, masturbation Let's do it for the attention Fascination, education

Alright then, let's forget our troubles Start over, act like nothing's wrong So great at piecing bits together Pretend that everything is strong


I like to listen to your stories You're good at listening to mine Sometimes we spend our lives just talking Become so good at wasting time





Talk about the past as if you own a piece of it Rattle off the words as though you ever gave a shit Yeah, you're the king, you always get around the truth You spend your life, you talk of how you lost your youth

(Chorus) Now the secret's out, got you figured out What you're all about, ain't much You're still droppin' names, think you'll always be the same Always cryin' such and such

Somehow you got lucky, found yourself an audience They hang on to your every word, it doesn't make much sense You're wasting time, it seems you'd change a thing or two But you remind me that you're only being you



Don't bother trying Too busy lyin' Your mom is cryin'

I like your band alot


I never had to think about it all that much It came to me so easily, then it became a crutch I took it all for granted, figured it would always be So solid, set, dependable, and always there for me

(Chorus) So much a part of us, so much a part of it We got the music, and the message So much a part of you, so much a part of me

We never cared when all those people criticized We had no problems spotting, what was real and what were lies Despite the changes that we went through, we were always down You gotta stand the strongest when dissention's all around


(guitar break)

(Chorus twice)


Out of the blue, could we ever really know? Sometimes ya need to, sit back and let it go Day after day, I feel the tension pull me down I'm starting to figure, I won't always be around

(Chorus) Don't you wish some day you wouldn't have that fear? No hate to see and there's no hate to hear

You always said, that you'd work toward better things Doin' whatever, maybe all that work would bring It's good to be hopeful, when your eyes are open wide As long as ya feel, so twisted up inside



(Chorus) She's the world to me In all honesty Yeah she's my gravity She's my gravity

I wasn't ready for it this time And soon I found myself crossing the line Yeah it was easy, I didn't have to try We somehow got together, her and I


There are those days, I can't hold up my head I can't get started, I can't get out of bed And then I see her face, it changes everything She's really down, yeah, she's so happening

(Chorus twice)


First off, I'm not doin' too bad Things could be much worse, for sure You're so full of nerve and yourself Pity someone who deserves Secondly, about your big plans Yeah I know, I've got em too It seems you need more motivation Little somethings get ya through

(Chorus) I'll bet, we'll have this same discussion Ignore the warnings, repercussions When all sincerity rings hollow See you sometime, see you tomorrow

Things are easy when you're younger Puppy brains and punching things But now we walk around so careful Fearful of the ugly things Deep thoughts count when there's compassion What I've witnessed, I'm amazed As we grow up, I'd hate to think that All this thinking's just a phase


(guitar break)



Don't you bother criticizing me and what I do Don't you waste your breath explaining what is bugging you Now run along and worry about your own life won't you please There are those who value what you say, but it ain't me

(Chorus) We've heard it for the past 10 years, it's gotten really old You bitch about the way we sound, even how we're sold Did you ever take the time to look into a mirror If we suck, hey move along, there's other things to hear

“Sellout” this and “sellout” that, at first it made us sore You called us that while we were sleeping on your girlfriend's floor We've made mistakes, some stupid ones, but “stayed true” to ourselves If you can't hang, don't sweat it, you can hang us on a shelf

(Chorus twice)


Hear the anger, turn and run Bitter rhetoric, ain't much fun I thought we could disagree Hear the words, then let it be Listen to another view Get a feel for something new

(Chorus) But it's different than you think When all you do is dish out what you hate You ain't nothing but a fake You couldn't handle trouble that you make

Entertainment's what you claim Harmless banter, that's so lame You're so good at dishing out But not good at the turnabout Cry when someone disses you Conspiracies are nothing new


(guitar break)



Sometimes I feel affected, then all that disappears The rain and clouds above my head, then it all disappears

(Chorus) I'd understand it, if I could grab it Another wish on my list

One more day we made it through now, got my list (3x) One more time we made it through, yeah, got my list (3x)

Some days I feel protected, then it just disappears We breathe as two but think as one, and it just disappears

I'd understand it, if I could grab it, another wish on my list


(bass break)


First ya told us, “express your mind” With no restrictions, no border lines So we just figured, we'd find our way Not push much into, the things you say

(Chorus) Then you slammed the door on us And flaunted your authority Had hoped to see us fail Acted like we were the enemy But we're here, no we never died So sorry you wasted your time

Why point a finger, at anyone Why look for reasons, when you've got none You'll never get it, still you pretend That you're above it all, my friend

(Chorus 2x)


Too bad, I feel for you, it's sad as hell to see You're runnin' with the blinders on, just stay away from me You blame it on your parents, yeah, your strict conditioning So bogged down in the ignorance, you're bumping into things

(Chorus) See the boy out running, born without a mind He's got his pride and everything, born without a mind

Maybe you're not out and open with your fucked up views And you don't use the “n-word”, that is something you refuse Intolerance that's quiet, makes it just as bad it seems It's one way or another, you can't have it in between





Here we are, right back where we belong again And all our friends, they're old like us but that depends This aging thing, so over-rated when you think Don't matter much, as long as your heart won't give in

(Chorus) Sometimes when I get sad, I think about my stupid dreams At times, I feel that all I've got to show for it is punk rock teeth These days, I'm standing back, reflecting on the things I see I'll be here when the others fade, yeah me and all my punk rock teeth

Staring out, I'm lost and out of place without This simple thing, the way I live's what I'm about I can't complain, but I don't feel good out in the rain Let's celebrate, no time to waste it all on hate





Her world is where I've always lived… Wo-oh-oh She brought me here and gave me strenght… Wo-oh-oh She helped make sense of everything… Wo-oh-oh Helped keep me farther from the brink

(Chorus) This is a girl song, not just another girl song Much more than just a love song, so simple, it's a girl song

My father never seemed to care… Wo-oh-oh Looked for him, he was never there… Wo-oh-oh As “dad”, my mom did pretty well… Wo-oh-oh She got us through a lot of hell



(Chorus 2x)


I can remember, the first time that we played Some redneck bar in Reno, guess we should've been afraid And after that, we'd play whenever we could plug it in We'd play until the cops or jocks would start some shit with Dim

(Chorus) I can remember (4x)

I can remember, the H.B. kids so well They'd bus to San Francisco, every gig with them was hell We'd dance along, and sing the songs, til we were black and blue And everything would go so fast, and there stood me and you


(bass break)

(Chorus 2x)


It's not hard to understand Don't let things get out of hand Promises aren't very deep When you start trouble in your sleep

(Chorus) We're not dumb, no, we're just stupid! (4x)

Here's an even better plan Use your head and not your hands Try it for a solid week Be a “rebel”, be unique



(first verse again)

(Chorus 4x)

> Good To Go (1999)


Both of us too fucking stubborn Neither is willing to give just a little Ramming our heads into nothing Winning a war that is non existent

(Chorus) Sooner or later will we work together Who knows! Or will we resign to the fact that it's Just how it goes?

You're seeing things in your own way While I'm seeing things in the opposite And we think we're so fucking different Unwilling to buckle or deal with it


(guitar break)

(Chorus) 2x


You say you hate all those kids now You can't relate to the things they say to you You feel you've grown far beyond them You don't remember when you were like them

(Chorus) And now you've grown up, you hate them A bad case of sour grapes? Who knows? You better get used to this picture Cuz there's way more kids waiting in the hall

You don't remember the problems You just complain like your parents did at you You swore you'd never be like them But now that you've grown up you're ten times worse



(Chorus) 2x


We're getting old, no big surprise You stress on it, and you despise The fact that someday we all die And daily we keep asking yourself why

(Chorus) Just try and do your best It's all just one big guess And make the best of things You better make it last

You're lazy, what's that all about? Try walking down some other route So many questions, too many doubts But you just let them take you down and out





Every day I find it kicking in I find that thing I need and then begin Inspired by a love that never ends I'm so glad that she is my best…

(Chorus) …friend (4x)

Sometimes I get so down and out, wo-oh! I wanna scream, I need to shout, wo-oh! But then the pieces start to mend With help and heart from my best…


(first verse again)



Hey there mister You look at me and you want an answer You don't think about it You take a lot but you give back none High expectations It's give and take but you're never giving It's time to listen Why do you ignore what your friends are saying

(Chorus) Wo-oh, slow down a second, hey what's your hurry? Wo-oh, take some time to get your head on straight Wo-oh, slow down a little, hey what's your worry? Wo-oh, before you regret it and it's too late

So where is your fire? You run around like there's no tomorrow Stop this bullshit Enjoy the life that's in front of you Your new life is calling You've got your goals but you're never happy Wheels are spinning But now that rut is keeping you from moving


(guitar break)



You live your life on the internet That's where you are day and night You talk your shit from behind that net Where you're safely out of sight

(Chorus) I think it's bad, yeah it seems so sad Cuz now we hardly ever talk You try replacing the human face With the one living in a box Why don't you go to a real life show It's something that you won't regret You'd rather be on the IRC And stuck behind your safety net

It shouldn't be so damn destructive Why not share some info, insight? You're way to caught up in the gossip You'd rather talk some shit every night



I never bother anybody I stick to myself and keep my eyes set straight Won't be the one to bring you down Cuz I know it just wouldn't make me feel too great Some people crave too much drama Caused by someone something all for what? A psychological trauma Without a choice sometimes that's all you got

(Chorus) Wo-oh-oh - change my ways, yeah I'm still trying Wo-oh-oh - it ain't easy, but I'm not crying Wo-oh-oh - change my plans and my direction wo-oh-oh - gotta change the key that makes this person me

I've learned that patience is better I take a breath and count real slow to ten Why don't we try it together We'll make mistakes, get up and start again Don't feel a need to be violent I'm working with this rage inside of me And I will never be silenced I'll try and use this rage to set me free

(Chorus) DONE

We don't have too much time now To say too many things Words all cramped up together We'll do our best to sing Wo-oh-oh-oh-wo-oh-oh-oh-oh! And now we're almost finished The end is coming soon Just one more verse and chorus But there is no more room Wo-oh-oh-oh-wo-oh-oh-oh-oh!


I said I'm not angry about it But you're not convinced of that fact You want to paint a depressing picture You think I'm down from the flack

(Chorus) But let me make this loud and clear I hope you'll finally understand Cuz this is just a song Another message from a friend

You're free to voice your opinion While I'm free to laugh in your face You can get along with no sense of humor You can't keep up with the pace





You ask me if it feels the same, wo-oh-oh You wonder if it feels alright, wo-oh-oh I ask myself that every day, wo-oh-oh Sometimes I feel so far away

(Chorus) I never will forget it, and I will not regret it 10 years from this day forward, wo-oh I'll try to keep my head up, fall down but I'll still get up Forever deep inside me, wo-oh-oh-oh No matter what it's everybody's fight!

You wanna know it compares, wo-oh-oh This old school-new school stuff who cares? Wo-oh-oh It's great to let your true roots show, wo-oh-oh You have to let those true roots grow



1-2, 1-2-3-4! No matter what you say No matter what you do It makes no difference at all to me You do all that you can To grab the upperhand But it won't make me change the way I feel

(Chorus) In this world of mine There is room for change But I'll still keep my history In this world of mine I will take the time To strip away the mystery

1-2, 1-2-3-4! I'm happy where I stand Things are looking up again I'll enjoy it while I can before it ends And you'll keep on being mad Talk of all the things you've had Maybe some day you will get them again

(Chorus) 2x


I'm sure I'll be here tomorrow I really have no doubt I'll live for today, find a better way Somehow I'll work it out I've contemplated the future No, it's no simple thing But I can't waste time predicting What the future's gonna bring

(Chorus) I know you find it hard to understand, wo-oh You see the flaws all throughout my plans, wo-oh I know it seems kind of strange to you, wo-oh But it's the way I have to see it through, wo-oh

You wanna forecast the outcome And what it means to you Aware of that something you can't touch And that something's haunting you I know you're worried, somehow in a hurry But why not try instead To work on what's in the present Before you end up dead





I watched you while you walked with her Made sure she played her part, demure She couldn't get a word in around you You ask her where she's going to And who she's spent time talking to But you don't care what she's been going through

(Chorus) Another trophy, tough guy! Someone to bully, tough guy! Now won't you hurry up, and die soon?

Your latest conquest, she's nothing more Your part-time punching bag and whore She knows her place and stays there, around you Surprised you even know her name You treat your women all the same Consistent in the pain you put them through



GO! Seems like the dark clouds have faded And all that frustration is gone I waited and waited for something

(Chorus) Now I know that I'm good to go I can move far ahead With this weight lifted off of me I can get out of bed

Go! Days that feel so thick and heavy They'll always come and they'll go It's best to get up and get something done Even if things start up slow

(Chorus) 2x


Always complaining It's something to do Constantly crying About the way life's treating you The routine is so ugly So boring and old Compared to some others At least you're not out in the cold

(Chorus) I could tell you that I care And that I truly understand But that would only be a lie I could wipe away the stain Pretend that I can ease your pain But that would only be a lie

You're selfish and silly Despite all that hype Forever bitching Yeah, there's no doubt you've got a gripe You're mad and defensive You're looking to blame Whoever is near you It's always the same


(guitar break)

(1st verse again)

(Chorus) 2x


It's been awhile And so much has happened The family has grown A chapter's been added And here we are It's so great to see We're on another mission, you and me

(Chorus) Still, after all the craziness we've seen Still here we are trying to realize our dreams We start up again and we'll just keep moving on Here we go again, let's sing along

We got through some bullshit And took care of business We worked through some problems And stripped off the excess And here we are And we're standing face to face At the starting line of this new fucking race


Here we go, here we go kids, time to help us sing along Here we go, here we go kids, can you make it loud and strong?

> Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over (2004)


It's a whole other story Is there time, can I tell? Just another adventure Will the end be the same?

(Chorus) 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, none Thought it all came together But it all came undone 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 What with all that I've done I'm just glad I'm alive

Maybe there is no answer And it pains me to think Maybe it doesn't matter In the world's grander scheme


(guitar break)



I always thought the world revolved around me And every word I said was listened to How you could underestimate my promise How could you really ever doubt my truth

(Chorus) First to take it, last to give in Step aside, do you think I'm playing? Believe this world was meant to be my own Go for broke and stop for nothing Move along, did you hear what I said? Believe this world was meant to be my own

You know my parents they raised me to be happy They always gave me everything I craved They never let the ugly things affect me They always made the bad things go away


(guitar break)



The troubles have fallen around me And nobody seems to respond What will I take from this situation? What will work when my goals are all gone?

(Chorus) I believe this is temporary It won't last forever, it's alright I have faced bigger challenges And bigger setbacks in my life I believe this is temporary It won't last forever, it's alright I have faced bigger challenges And bigger setbacks in my life

A kneejerk reaction is waiting For any who dare to oppose Talk of war, always praised, conversations Quickly turn closest friends into foes



I think our thing is good Not everybody should Made some choices, stuck with them Have never regretted Not one single moment, not one single minute Worked hard to find our way Fought just to have our say And we have you to thank for the years of support From deep in my heart I will never forget this

(Chorus) I sing this song for you This one goes out to my band and to our crew No better thing to do I give it up to my band and to our crew I sing this song for you This one goes out to my band and to our crew No better thing to do I give it up to my band and to our crew

It's been a long, long time Looks like it's turned out fine When we made the decision To follow our vision Would it have been better To bend under pressure? I'm glad we stuck it out Survived the floods and drought You might not understand I'm not sure that you can It's a family, a band Hope it all never ends


(guitar break)



I just can't stand around and play along like good dogs do Cuz when I live the lie I know my time here is all through We all try cutting corners, yeah we all prefer the ease But I can't see above the fray when I'm down on my knees

(Chorus) Don't worry, I'm still on it, on it Still strong and on it, on it This song goes on and on and on Don't worry, I'm still on it, on it Still strong and on it, on it This song goes on and on and on

I won't pretend to be some hardcore tough guy cuz I'm not But my strength comes from what's inside, my heart is all I've got It may not be too thug-like and I may not win the fight At least I'll know I've done my best and what I thought was right





Yeah, I'm glad that I came up when I did Had no choice, but to stay underground This band helped me get through all the bullshit Without music would I be around?

(Chorus) Say my thanks and be on my way I gotta feel it, hear it today When I look back, does it bother me I'll never let it get in my way Say my thanks and be on my way I gotta feel it, hear it today When I look back, does it bother me I'll never let it get in my way

Well, we mentioned the music, the message What's it mean, is it different for you? Do you hold it inside, keep it secret Does it just give you something to do?



You're really down, you've hit the skids You never seem to get ahead You blame us all, for your big fall You're pointing fingers everywhere But you don't care, you never cared You could hardly give a fuck You drain the life, you always try To take away the good things…

(Chorus) Before you take it all, I gotta keep some for myself Before you take it all, I gotta keep some for myself

You've always been, so selfish and You never care who it affects Impossible, oblivious You're so obnoxious, so direct You're never scared, you always get Exactly everything you need Out of control, you've got no soul It's really greed that fuels you…



Look into the mirror Do I like my own reflection Not the way my face is looking But the motives for my actions I can con my friends and family But the truth is ever-lurking Gotta face myself forever My decisions, my endeavors

(Chorus) In another world I could run away Not worry, not care Not bother, not dare I could stand here and just stare

And when I'm interacting Am I sincere, am I humble Do I take the time to reason Lend a hand when someone stumbles I can sing these songs, be happy But the sadness always lingers Find the passion that will feed me Can I grab it with my fingers





All of the promise but minus the knowledge Why bother now that they teach punk rock in college Co-opted culture, misguided intention Hardcore's extinction almost guaranteed So gifted and smart, everyone looks so pretty But where is the danger in hot topic city? Most of them never get past what's on TV This demographic has a new obsession This demographic thinks the singer's cute This demographic doesn't have a fucking clue

(Chorus) You say I'm bitter, I'm just jealous I just resent my lack of success Why should I even care about this? Why don't I give it up, accept this?

A shitload of talent, but there is no deep end Forget about passion, there's none in the bloodstream Follow a band, what's the point, what's the meaning Why does everybody fucking sound the same They played 15 shows now they're signed to a label See them look sexy on magazine covers Make-up applied and they're all photo-friendly This record label has the perfect roster This record label has a formula This record label made you an instant millionaire



The other day we talked so long About our history And all that had gone wrong Big hardcore mystery And images I keep So vivid, buried deep Of days and years gone by There is no reason why

(Chorus) A new day, a new time Why don't we let the kids give it a try A new way, a new plan Why should we get What we don't understand

Let all accomplishments speak loud Why shouldn't we feel proud A lot has happened since Big hardcore influence Some even tried to steal the name But it was not the same If our best days are behind Let's hope some kids will find…


(guitar break)



I thought it was over I thought I was dying Told myself I could get past the depression There was no water Yet I was still drowning Head full of cotton No, nothing was working

(Chorus) A part of me that never goes away I feel it's presence every single day Someday I'll find a way to break free from anxiety I've had this on my back for years This dread I'm feeling, dread I fear I'll figure out a way to break free from anxiety

So dizzy, unfocused I had trouble breathing Afraid all alone and to be around others The pain seemed so real But it's hard to fathom It's not in my body, it's all fucking mental


No time for the mind to wander Won't cave into the weight I'm under Small steps but I'm moving forward



Will someone make it happen Take time and work it out Will people stand together Who's gonna be the next to rise up, spread the message Spread the word? Somebody's got an answer Someone will found a way Who'll make the comeback record Who's going to be the one to make it all as great as it once was?

(Chorus) Don't you tell me I'm being nostalgic I'm not looking to go back in time Take it back, take it on, take it over Nothing more, just our core, re-defined

Somebody call somebody Get busy, do it now Don't wait another second No stroke of luck or miracle is really gonna help us now Forget about the fashion Forget about the fame Remember why we do this Why waste your efforts on the things that mean The least in this whole world?



(Chorus) We got the green light Nothing's in the way The TVs on and the bombing starts today We got the green light Nothing's in the way The TVs on and the bombing starts today

Sitting here but it isn't clear Does it make much sense to you? Once again pounded in our heads And there's nothing we can do Images of a hundred things Neatly edited and sold Tried to find just one ounce of truth And it's ass out, in the cold


Talking heads, tell a story See if we can catch the spin So good at painting pictures When will this shit ever end? A curve is thrown by a source, unknown Journalism at it's worst A race to see who makes history And who will make it first



Another deal is done I hope you get the things that you most wanted A price that we all pay Don't try and act like you are not the reason I'm almost glad it's happened Happy that you're gone, that you crossed over We're better off this way We never were that tight, you've never been my brother

(Chorus) You're just one friend that I never had in the first place One friend that I'll just consider a waste One friend too many, to make it healthy One friend too many, too many for me

The change was bound to come You gave yourself away with all your signs and symbols To each his own I say It doesn't mean I have to like what I see You say “no damage done” You find the right wing really does it for you You're having way more fun Your fucked up attitude is working for you


We can both co-exist in the same world Put distance in between us Truce on, what do you say? We're better off this way



Please give me a second of your time I'm not going to preach or place the blame on anyone I hope you know how grateful that I am to you So many have stay long, carried on The others have given up the life, hey that's OK Cuz here we are, we're here for good, we're here to stay

(Chorus) This is your parent's, this is your parent's This is your parent's hardcore! Hardcore! This is your parent's, this is your parent's This is your parent's hardcore! Hardcore!

Nobody here's perfect, we've got flaws I'm probably a bigger fuck-up than you'll ever be And yet we get through life together, peacefully Don't call it a comeback, cuz it's not Been here for years and chances are, we're staying put You do your best but you cannot re-write the book



Forget what I just said to you - it's meaningless Make like I'm not even here - I'm sure you can Like something that you might have dreamt - a secret kept I'd rather not get you upset

(Chorus) I just keep adding to your frustration - oh-oh-oh-oh-oh No wonder why you have your reservations - oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

And I have no excuse for my ways - I never have I could blame it on growing up wrong - like everyone I could say that this like isn't fair - ridiculous I could play on the fact that you care


(first verse over)

(Chorus repeat)


You better tell somebody Go on, you might as well Document your feelings It might be your last chance You can't tell Scream and shout about it Make sure it's good and loud If you're unsure about it It really doesn't matter anyhow

(Chorus) Who says there are rules to follow? Will you be around tomorrow? Time out, use your own expression You can't take this life for granted - Go!

Get your pens and pencils You better write this down Cuz soon enough it's over And when you're gone this part is around Work hard to rise above it You'll have to figure how A plain and simple message Why be another face amongst the crowd?


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