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 +====== Paroles ======
 +===== Rancid =====
 +==== MAXWELL MURDER ====
 +Maxwell can tell 
 +he's in hell he just wants you to visit him there same old game that he'
 +playing his rules are never fair nobody want to look back everybody want to get 
 +high tonight before they run out of time where's the felon the chargiale felon 
 +the name of the crook who committed the crime 999 if you really want the truth 
 +dial 999 if you can't see it through he ain't jack the ripper he's your ordinary 
 +crook calling maxwell murder for you maxwell got a hand in this plan he knows 
 +who you are in this plan chop the rock before you bought it sickness maxwell 
 +knows you caught it nobody want to look back everybody want to get high tonight 
 +before they run out of time where's the felon the name of the crook who 
 +committed the crime!
 +==== THE 11TH HOUR ====
 +Hey sister do you 
 +know what time it was when you finally seen all your broken dreams come crashing 
 +down your door they demand an answer and they demand it quick or the questions 
 +fade and the wasted days come crawling back for more do you know where the power 
 +lies? and who pulls the strings do you know where the power lies it starts and 
 +end with you the face of isolation well well this one you recognize well you 
 +can't get straight it's a lonely place and it's one you do despise boredom is 
 +for sale now and helplessness you feel it's a wounded dove and the hawks are 
 +above blood splattered on a reel to reel i was almost over my world was almost 
 +gone in a sudden rush i coul almost touch the things that i'd done wrong my 
 +sungle's made of concrete through silence i could feel my aim is true i will 
 +walk on through these mountains made of steel
 +==== ROOTS RADICALS ====
 +Took the 60 bus 
 +out of downtown cambell ben zandito he was on there he was waitin' for me all 
 +the punk rockers and the moon stompers are out on the wriers where they sparing 
 +for change i started thinkin' you know i started drinkin' you know i don'
 +remember too much of that day somethin' struck me funny when we ran out of money 
 +do you go now when your only is with the music execution and the talk of 
 +revolution it bleed in me and it goes give 'em the boot the roots the radicals 
 +give 'em the boot you know i'm a radical give 'em the boot the roots the reggae 
 +on my stereo the radio was playin' desmon dekker was singin' on the 49 bus as we 
 +climb up the hill nothin' incoming but the reggae drummin' and we all come from 
 +unloving homes why even bother i pick up the bohle hey mr. bus driver please let 
 +these people on rude girl carol was a mini-skirt girl my blurry vision saw 
 +nothin' wrong.
 +==== TIME BOMB ====
 +If you wanna make 
 +the move then you better come in it's just the ability to reason that wears so 
 +thin living and dying and the stories that are true the secrets to a good life 
 +is knowing when you're through black coat, white shoes, clackhat, cadillac the 
 +boy's a time bomb he's back in the hole where they got him living like a rat but 
 +he's smarter than that nine lives like a cat take him to the youth authority 
 +home first thing you learn is that you got to make it in this world alone now 
 +he's gotten out he's gotten free he's gotta go gotta car 21 years old he'
 +runnin' #'s from the bar his pager's beepin' he's got in deep in what ever he 
 +can move on in you know that kid's a creepin' in tears come from the razor 
 +that's been tattooed below his eye his mother cries she knows that he is strong 
 +enough to die he's rollin' in the cadillac it's midnight sunroof is down three 
 +shots rung out the herd's deal the new king is crowned.
 +==== OLYMPIA, WA ====
 +Hangin' out with 
 +lars on 6th street he knew i was in trouble i was feeling much like the devil 
 +there was something burnin' deep inside of me ran into three puerto ricans these 
 +girls took us to the funhouse where we played a lonely pinball machine hangin' 
 +on the corner of 52nd and broadway cars passin' by but none of them seem to be 
 +goin' my way new york city well i wish i was on a highway back to olympia...i'
 +having a hard time understanding it gets all too demanding she's all gone and 
 +i'm stranded something burning deep inside of me all i know it's 4'o'clock and 
 +she ain't never showed up and i watched a thousand people go home from work how 
 +many times will it take me before i go crazy before i lose everything something 
 +burning deep inside of me ran into three puerto ricans those girls took us to 
 +the funhouse i don't wanna be alone again.
 +==== LOCK, STEP & GONE ====
 +The ending isn'
 +here somethin' wrong but it's comin' real soon i lock step i'm gone i said the 
 +feeling isn't fear there's something wrong it's just telling you to move i lock 
 +step i'm gone a fire on the corner and it's never gonna stop killer in the 
 +neighborhood never got caught i lock up my door step out and i'm gone waitin' 
 +for the buses but the buses won't come all the docks are quiet there's somethin' 
 +wrong and there's no ships comin' in i lock step i'm gone where there once was a 
 +riot there's somethin' wrong there's a whole lot of nothin' lock step i'm gone 
 +the stop signs broken and the meters goin' down wild dogs are runnin' themselves 
 +into the ground everything was clear for that moment in time if i don't come 
 +back well throw me a line well the docks are quiet something wrong and there'
 +no ships comin' in i lock step i'm gone where there once was a riot there's a 
 +whole lot of nothin'.......
 +==== JUNKIE MAN ====
 +The common man 
 +doesn't suffer pain like this only the soul that has never been kissed let us 
 +adore our beautiful son he's ridin' on the river of babylon bootin' up, shootin' 
 +up bring on the brightness see the son of god is comin' up and i see a likeness 
 +internalize the lunacy of the misery is showin' when you're brought up you're 
 +caught up in a system that's goin' no one answers no one takes that call from 
 +you junkyman tell me what your story is... water i despise some parents house is 
 +on fire slowly the house gonna burn to the ground the neighborhood will watch 
 +will someone be a witness please tell me that he's crazy but he's not and they 
 +know that and they can't get him cause he's not crazy beat lock him knock him 
 +take him away his authority hit 'em, ship 'em, club 'em submitted conformity my 
 +hand went blind clairvoyant i make love to my trance sister my trance sister 
 +went on and my trance parents see from the balcony i looked out on the big field 
 +it opens like the cover of an old brief and out come the wolves their plans 
 +trampling the snow the asphalt i stand on my head and watch it all go away, 
 +bootin' up, shootin' up bring on the brightness see the son of god is comin' up 
 +and there's a likeness internalize the lunacy the misery is showin' when your 
 +brough up and caught up in a system that is goin'
 +==== LISTED M.I.A. ====
 +Stuck in the sewer 
 +beneath all the maggots i ain't foolin' i've been pursuing god damn it man i 
 +almost had it a way to get out of these dirty old ruins i'm checkin' out i'
 +never comin' back i'm checkin' out i'm listed m.i.a. god damn it man i almost 
 +had it threw me out the door and called me a faggot i ain't done i've only yet 
 +begun west oakland is the place where i'm comin' from god damn it man i almost 
 +had it well i did it again yeah i do it outta habit well i'm numb it ain't no 
 +fun i'm less than zero when you add up the sum i'm checkin' out yeah it ain't no 
 +doubt yea a courtship built from anger is what it amounts i almost had it i came 
 +so close man i almost had it i almost had it
 +==== RUBY SOHO ====
 +Echos of reggae 
 +comin' through my bedroom wall havin' a party up next door but i'm sittin here 
 +all alone two lovers in the bedroom and the others start to shout all i got is 
 +this blank stare and that don't carry no cloud at all destination unknown ruby 
 +soho he's singin' and she's there to lend a hand he's seen his name on the 
 +marquee but she will never understand once again he's leavin' and she's there 
 +with a tear in her eye embraces with a warm gesture it's time to say good-bye 
 +destination unknown ruby soho ruby's heart ain't bleedin' cause she knows the 
 +feeling is gone she's not the only one who knew there's somethin' wrong her 
 +lover's in the distance as she wipes a tear from her eye ruby's fading out she 
 +disappears it's time, time to say good-bye destination unknown ruby soho
 +==== DALY CITY TRAIN ====
 +He was an artist 
 +and a writer and a poet and a friend in a man's life he will take a fall but how 
 +low he goes it just depends he's shooting dope in the men's room at the station 
 +daly city train have you ever seen an angel well i know i have they'll stay here 
 +for a while and then they'll fly away jackyl had a beer in his hand last time i 
 +seen him when he rolled the dice he never thought twice never thought twice 
 +about being here some grown up and some grow old but what about the kid who 
 +never learned the rules spent all these years on this earth when you look back 
 +it's just a flicker of time jackyl was one of the one's that he was one of the 
 +one's that was already saved through all the evil and wreckage he maintained a 
 +sense of himself some men are in prison even though they walk the streets at 
 +night other men who got the lockdown are free as a bird in flight
 +Reconcile to the 
 +belief consumed in sacred ground for me there wasn't always a place to go but 
 +there was always an urgent need to belong all these bands and all these people 
 +all these friends and we were equals but what you gonna do when everyone goes on 
 +without you to the end i'll journey to the end started in '87 ended in '89 you 
 +got a garage or an amp we'll play anytime it was just the four of us yea the 
 +core of us too much attention unavoidably destroyed us four kids on tour three 
 +thousand miles in a four door car not knowing what was going years it would turn 
 +out like this hell no no premonition could have seen this my friend came from 
 +far away from new orleans into the east bay he said this is a mecca i said this 
 +ain't no mecca man this place is fucked three months go by he had no home he had 
 +no food he was all alone matty said fool me once shame on you he said fool me 
 +twice he went back to new orleans
 +==== SHE'S AUTOMATIC ====
 +The way that she 
 +moves well i was aroused empowered, impassioned by every move it's cold outside 
 +we need a place to hide go into the club to thaw out for the night she'
 +automatic the way that she moves she asked me if i would stand by her side like 
 +glue that i would till the end of the night my head was spinnin' a million miles 
 +an hour the chance i was takin' i get anxious around her she put her head on my 
 +shoulder i started to hold her swingin' and swayin' the morning began
 +==== OLD FRIEND ====
 +Look up you're in 
 +cleveland again a solid line that never ends i've got stories you'll never 
 +realize and i know it i wear it on my sleeve there must be somethin' about you 
 +that i liked but right here in the rain you know it just don't seem right i 
 +always go out i never hide but in cleveland i should have stayed inside good 
 +morning heartache your like an old friend come and see me again testify my love 
 +for you i know it runs deep through your body too from the cold blacktop to the 
 +hot concrete the old tan van it ain't so sweet somewhere in america in the city 
 +at night we were far from home but you know it was gonna be alright the 
 +unfortunate get prayed on by vultures eyes 86 cents in these pockets of mine
 +Business man come 
 +shake my hand show me numbers that i understand your my candle i'm your burnin' 
 +wick two sides comin' in quick say goodbye when you see me sign now i'
 +crucified crucify me the ground is fertile and the grass is green so many things 
 +to be seen so many bands to be heard just for once can i be ignored
 +==== THE WARS END ====
 +Little sammy was a 
 +punk rocker you know his mother never understand him went to his room and 
 +smashed his billy bragg record didn't want him to hear that communist lecture 
 +you know his mother tried to take him to war sammy now the war is over now we're 
 +at the wars end now it's time for you to leave home
 +==== YOU DON'T CARE NOTHIN' ====
 +A cat lies awake 
 +when it sleeps was she conscious of her own miseries will the amount of her pain 
 +win her to enlightenment and set conscience free do you really wanna know what'
 +happenin' do you really wanna know what's goin' on hey girl you better please 
 +take a look around you better explore your heart and find out for yourself jenny 
 +demilo you don't care nothin' about me i never really had a reason never had a 
 +use for one before but now i know that there's now a prize but for the wise and 
 +the unwise do you really wanna know what's happenin' do you really wann know 
 +what's goin' on hey girl you better please take a look around you better explore 
 +your heart and find out for yourself
 +==== AS WICKED ====
 +I saw an old man 
 +on the street he was in a dumpster lookin' for somethin' to eat he moved so slow 
 +like a dyin' dream like a machinist who got caught in the machine i saw this 
 +lady and she was cryin' she said it's hard when someone you love is dyin' i saw 
 +this kid who was about 5 years old he was in the park all alone he was cold 
 +there's something coming around as wicked as it may seem as wicked as anything 
 +could be i know this girl she's barely alive she's all haggard she's only 
 +twenty-five she said she never had a friend before i said "hey girl i'll be your 
 +friend but who's keepin' score" i saw this other little girl on the phone her 
 +mother comforts her from far from home the little girl was very hesitant her 
 +best friend lie dead on the pavement i always end up back on the hill lookin' 
 +down at the landfill i always go there when i can my friend marty said tim 
 +you're a lucky man
 +I figured out the 
 +problem but you can't take my heart it's in the city behind yea the problem is 
 +you you didn't see us comin' now there's nothin' you can do times are gonna 
 +change, change or step aside it's my point of view that took you by surprise the 
 +sun's comin up yea the new dawn arrives a new generation standing stand with 
 +anger in their eyes no love in the city because there's no connection been 
 +stricken with disease a racial infection i'm a battering ram comin' through to 
 +you in every alleyway on every avenue actions could erase all the fear that we 
 +suffer people segregated no one understands each other he's a different color 
 +but we're the same kid i will treat him like my brother he will treat me like 
 +his well an eye for an eye yea a tooth for a tooth brother against brother 
 +should be singin' with the group the inner cities burnin' yea it's screamin' 
 +black and blue the power and the passion of a million youth figured out the 
 +problem yea the problem is you you didn't see us comin' now there's nothin' you 
 +can do he's a different color but we're the same kid i will treat him like my 
 +brother he will treat me like his all the blood that spills of all the guts that 
 +fly the media paints a picture that stands pits dogs against cats now who is 
 +responsible the power in the issue the force is unstoppable
 +Pick me back up 
 +just to throw me back down apologies too like when you're up against the wall 
 +compassion heals while duplicity kills you say i'm different the only thing 
 +different is the way i feel about you you moved up the ladder at a very rapid 
 +speed we mived methodically and calmly when you got to the top you see enemies 
 +if i knew back then what i know that it would all turn out like this i'd sit 
 +back and i'd watch you squirm cause you say i'm different the only thing 
 +different is the way i feel about you....
 +==== NIHILISM ====
 +Come in to the 
 +union district drive down on sharmon palms white ghettos paint a picture broken 
 +homes & broken bones i was so full of scotch i could not stand up i was hittin' 
 +the shots and i moved to a cup release me from moral assumption total rejection 
 +total destruction nihilistic feelings are moving if you try real hard you'll see 
 +right through them nihilism walking a path of self destruction not affected by 
 +the percussions lady on the billboard offer me a drink said not right now i need 
 +time to think nihilistic feelings are movin if i try real hard i'll see right 
 +through them
 +==== RADIO ====
 +Never fell in love 
 +until i fell in love with you never know what a good time was until i had a good 
 +time with you if you wanna get the feelin' & you wanna get it right then the 
 +music's gotta be loud for when the music hits i feel no pain at all warm summer 
 +night i was drinkin' with my dad he tried to give me love that i never had but 
 +he gave more love to his bottle of wine so i had to go out and find love of 
 +another kind here it is here i am turn it up fuckin' loud radio radio when i got 
 +the music i gotta place to go radio clash magnificent 7 i was a choir bot you 
 +showed me no heaven two tools surely lost no remorse ignoring the cost
 +==== SIDE KICK ====
 +I had a dream i 
 +was a vigilante's side kick my name is tim i'm a lesser known character i had a 
 +dream i was a vigilante's side kick fighting crime in the streets together down 
 +in oakland off of west grant st. joseph relief program a good place where good 
 +people get food help your fellow man a good thing to do government agency said 
 +be afraid of me i shut your doors down it won't phase me wolverine came through 
 +left the agent for dead opened up the doors back up, everyone was fed do not 
 +bill the abandoned buildings it's nice to sleep when you got a ceiling 
 +neighborhood watch said we gotta put a stop said we can't have people livin' for 
 +free call the cops here come the swat team & the m-16 shoot the walls in destroy 
 +the building wolverine was sad & it made him mad every single cop got a bullet 
 +in their head
 +==== SALVATION ====
 +There's a 
 +neighborhood called blackhawk where all the rich people hide i was down on my 
 +luck workin' for the salvation army the shelter is where i reside every day we 
 +drive in to blackhawk & we pick up the offerings microwave ovens refrigerators 
 +for the suffering i can't believe these people live like kings hidden estates 
 +and diamond rings i'm a rat on a mission i'm in your front yard under suspicion 
 +come on baby won't you show me what you got i want your salvation
 +==== TENDERLOIN ====
 +Realize you're 
 +dehumanised you criticize your existence it's your demise when no sun arise when 
 +you're paralyzed by your lack of resistance she knows she is she knows she'
 +goin' down below where the fire's glowing tenderloin the tricks she gets them 
 +she's not a victim she makes a list of them and reads them all alone for money 
 +she's walkin' down on larkin' in t.i. they're rockin all night long
 +==== AS ONE ====
 +War between races 
 +war between lies. war between something that was deep inside you were wrong all 
 +along i was right you lied u. to the n. to the ity. straight down too late can 
 +it kick the feelin' lookin' from the bottom i can't see the ceiling. shots rang 
 +out in the oakland winter. can't stand alone you can't stand together. no matter 
 +what they do they'll try to divide you. fear you up. what's inside you way down 
 +down down the scale hook the anchor to the gates of hell. once you realize that 
 +it was so simple. what you're given you can't take with you. i asked somebody if 
 +they had the same vision. he said yeah i had the same vision.BURN
 +red and white stripes flyin' white for skin & red for dying why can't i walk on 
 +through and not feel like one is in hell we don't need no water let the 
 +motherfucker burn we don't need no water let the motherfucker burn
 +Jimmy & johnny are 
 +two friends of mine skinheads what they claim outside similarities but they 
 +don't feel the same johnny thinks jimmy's a mod & jimmy thinks johnny's a punk 
 +jimmy listens to ska & johnny likes last resort jimmy & johnny in the trenches 
 +went down tonight drinkin' guiness smokin' sees once you're in the middle you 
 +feel alright skinhead tats and a fred perry there's a war in the cemetery start 
 +to fight stop drinkin' what the fuck were they thinkin' jimmy and johnny tell me 
 +what you're seein jimmy had his two tone girl on the back of his scooter that 
 +night johnny had a jacked up chevy that could blow you right off the line
 +==== I AM THE ONE ====
 +Are you gonna be 
 +ready to use it if you hesitate they'll pursue it put the gun to your dome no 
 +question now the holy ghost in question what about the banks when they say go 
 +standin at the top and can't let go standin can't take can't take that time when 
 +i try sometime i can't stay high are you gonna be ready to use it if you 
 +hesitate they'll pursue it good & evil me from above death peace eternal love 
 +bleedin' at the gates & i can't come in courage that abates a life of sin sure 
 +that it holds and it holds no other with the lies of the brave the kid don'
 +==== HARRY BRIDGES ====
 +Bloody thursday 
 +was july 6th the pigs killed three workers harry bridges grabbed the mic the 
 +city shut down july 6th the workers outraged it was a general strike the media 
 +claimed that the commies were taking over and some believed it was true 3 
 +uncompromising strikes paved the way minn sf. & toledo over and over again the 
 +doors are locked and the windows are broken eddie worked for general motors & he 
 +swore that he'd never lose his job again a union man who owned his own home in 
 +beautiful flint, mich. eddie lost his job and eddie lost his wife so eddie lost 
 +his self esteem last time i saw eddie he was livin' in the trailer park again i 
 +believe eddie forgave too much too soon i got a letter about eddie & it was bad 
 +==== BLACK & BLUE ====
 +I starred watching 
 +them all down the line keep steppin' & rejectin' all of the time they try to 
 +pull me in can't let that happen again they try to do it again all on me 
 +sedation through the nation we're screamin', we're screamin', black and blue the 
 +blind leading the blind they told me i was dumb they said their security system 
 +was too big to outrun but i broke away and i'm never goin' back for all the 
 +souls they broke mine never cracked
 +==== ST. MARY ====
 +She's got her 
 +ticket and she's waitin' at the station she's got to get away as far as she can 
 +her problems will arise as sure as the sun does shine she's got to get used to 
 +living on the line now mary's out the door with a loaded .44 in her hand 
 +shootin' down the law that shot down her dear departed man when i last saw her 
 +she was lookin' troubled she said this is the 90's i'm gonna be alright she took 
 +the greyhound in to salinas i got a letter then that she dropped out of sight 
 +shrouded in anger encompassed by pain he was your best friend and now you'll 
 +never ever ever see him again
 +==== DOPE SICK GIRL ====
 +Dope sick girl hit 
 +and run she took my money 87 dollars gone now she's running. how was i. i to 
 +know that girl could take my heart every where she go. dope sick girl. a rig and 
 +a ride she got no freedom little demon gonna hide inside she's gotta feed them. 
 +how was i. i to know that girl could take my heart everywhere she go everywhere 
 +everywhere she go. dope sick girl there she was at the methadone clinic drank a 
 +cup. she called it a base coat. swore not to get back in it how was i. i to know 
 +that girl could take my heart everywhere she go. dope sick girl gotta rig and a 
 +ride to new york city gonna run away gonna watch it burn in the heart of new 
 +york city how was i. i to know that girl could take my heart....
 +Back down no back 
 +down comin' up rise up no rise up showin' up lock down no lock down comin' up 
 +international cover up what about the state of union what about the games 
 +they're using what about the kids that don't matter what about a general strike 
 +you don't know what it's like what it's like what it's like... what about the 
 +cage gettin' rattled what about the international battle what about the kids who 
 +are dreamin' what about the kids who got stopped you don't know what it is 
 +==== SOLIDARITY ====
 +Solidarity love & 
 +unity set me free with a bullet & a gun you said it was nothin' i said it was 
 +somethin' it was no surprisin' i saw you cryin' about you - said it's a long 
 +time gone about you - said your life's too long didn't see it coming your fears 
 +were hunting 9 millimeter stops you running about you - said the pressure's on 
 +about you - said you can't go on about you - now you're long time gone about you 
 +- so what went wrong solidarity love & unity set me free with a bullet & a gun
 +==== MIDNIGHT ====
 +Midnight i know 
 +where i am that's right i know where i'm goin' shut down - vacant city ghost 
 +town - tensions risin' kick kick kick the door in look look look around and 
 +affairs affairs of the nation when the pressure came down sustain authority 
 +midnight - i know i can that's right - i ain't broken...
 +==== NAME ====
 +You don't know my 
 +name man you don't know my name paint a number on my head work me till i'm dead 
 +i can believe i've wasted all of these years i've tasted a million days & nights 
 +all this pain and struggle all for what i ask all the hate & trouble punch drunk 
 +from the punch clock opportunity never gonna knock no more blue collar all the 
 +unions gettin' smaller one million nights & all the pain and struggle all for 
 +what i ask all the hate and trouble...
 +==== 7 YEARS DOWN ====
 +There's a place 
 +where i like to go when i got no food or i got no shelter it's a house where i 
 +can get away for maybe three days to get off the drink and haze who's the 
 +opposition i'm 7 years down the human spirit prevails yeah i'm down down down 
 +woke up in the bushes 6:30 tuesday morning with an unopened heineken end ahead 
 +that was burning for 7 years i walked the same path dream
 +==== ADINA ====
 +I want to go where 
 +the action is i wanna fly through the urban blight i wanna live like a shadow in 
 +the dark and only move at night a story bought, a one story house that lets the 
 +winter bleed 21 years old and no money to read (chorus) how did she know the 
 +roof would cave in over and over again beat up bruised a record that's broken. 
 +adina's crying again beat up chevy with a trailer in tow is what they call home 
 +now one more hill or river to cross on on the way to another town crying in her 
 +beer and always running away maybe not so much running, but hoping for better 
 +days (chorus)
 +==== HYENA ====
 +I'm money broke 
 +it's no joke can't cope use the rope this time knuckle up, buckle up the ride'
 +getting rough but i will not lose my mind i asked them if i could come in and 
 +the first thing they said was no if i can't come in, that means i can't come 
 +back that means i got nowhere to go (chorus) i'm a hyena fighting for the lion 
 +share sometimes the lion share ain't there absent from political authority an 
 +animal i've become total disorder and confusion is the lifestyle that i run 
 +permit me to do what i want and i will i'm a nomad to travel concrete glass 
 +stone and gravel (chorus) every time i turn around it's the same sad story 
 +getting ganked i wish it would end and life's commissary i'm a bad missionary 
 +with a wicked message i send who could i trust in a world of green? what i'
 +taught to take and not give
 +==== DETROIT ====
 +I didn't know what 
 +time it was when the sun went down detroit, mission the bus downtown last i was 
 +fighting in the street but tonight i have a girl next to me in this cold world 
 +she brings me heat (chorus) i gotta good feeling in a bad city tonight i gotta 
 +good feeling that everything's gonna be alright some run, some fight detained in 
 +illegal custody spent the nite in jail with a drunken priest and a hooker $500 
 +bill nobody know who was standing in the street like that i hit the ground to 
 +make a sound (chorus) bus dropped me off and i had to cough i couldn't breath 
 +cuz i got ripped off i couldn't realize by being satisfied cuz it runs so thin 
 +and that's why i'm pissed off we had no money, we had no time she had the 
 +champagne, i had the cisco wine she said "do you want to come, you better hurry 
 +because we'll have hell to pay (chorus)
 +Knock, knock come 
 +in if you want to fight i'm gonna win i'll take you out in a minute step in my 
 +flat see what's in it i live in the land of the welfare state my flat used to be 
 +section p now it's a rat infested cocaine run my whole world plays like a broken 
 +drum (chorus) drunken bum rats in the hallway again set up get put go away & 
 +ride away sit up our bed up your bed to lay kick up our rip up this place apart 
 +even when i finish i'm back at the start i'm out of line on adeline st. heat 
 +don't keep this crooked beat 4 a.m. no waves breakin' what's left of the p.m. 
 +the a.m. has taken (chorus) outside my gate my crew is drinking a 40 oz. they 
 +asked me if there's still rats in the hallway i said some things ain't like the 
 +weather they never change for the better this girl came up to me she said she 
 +would do me no harm rolled up her sleeve and showed me the tracks on her arm i 
 +said, "what's your name?" she said "i'm mya." she said "tim i wanna take you 
 +higher." junkie drunken bum rats in the hallway again zombie walking kid out on 
 +his own with no moral mr. high leave the body in comes mr. withdrawal pain is 
 +the only thing the body will allow the kid wants to dance the gangster knows how 
 +johnny bought some shit down on market st. shoot up boot up the human target he 
 +hit the dirty spike when he hit the scene it's easy to stay dirty when nothing 
 +is clean johnny's a writer who tags up jackal jackel just clamped on unclampable 
 +shackles rout up shoot up some dope to go like legal currency it's money it'
 +like that rat tat tat kid got shot point blank in the back my land lord said not 
 +to be bumming he was a cocaine stoop and he had it coming he was only 12 years 
 +old he was in the blizzard he got shot for being cold it don't seem right 
 +tonight hit the lights alright watch the roaches run into the darkest room 
 +==== ANOTHER NIGHT ====
 +In the dark with 
 +the oakland skyline as i cross the city i avoid the landmines all i wanna do is 
 +make it through without dyin' all i wanna do is keep on tryin' (chorus) another 
 +night in the streets for me no sanctuary another night come and watch me bleed 
 +another night in the streets for me she wouldn't move until the coast was clear 
 +she always knew the final battle was near if you got a bag of dope she'll give 
 +it up for free if you got a song of hope it will help her see (chorus) in the 
 +dark lookin' up at the skyline...
 +==== ANIMOSITY ====
 +Break down the 
 +fear i got my animosity i'm gonna break it down armegeddon is comin' so you 
 +better start runnin' 'cause the big wave is comin' to the shore no surprise that 
 +you see thru the lies of the system that's rotten to the core high tech 
 +surveillance paranoia & violence keeping the city at a calm break down, break 
 +down tear it apart the thing's going off like a bomb (chorus) helicopter's come 
 +down on me tonight my brother's sellin' cocaine he knows how to fight hounded 
 +and harrassed in a power elite bought sun ain't arise so i abide by my route 
 +(chorus) i remember a cold december when i heard the revolution rock didn't hear 
 +what they were saying i ran thru the mayhem of a police state on my back high 
 +tech surveillance...
 +==== OUT OF MY MIND ====
 +You're workin' 
 +like a monkey who's been trained by a sick junkie on a mission to get money for 
 +a new suit and tie to where to a reception where they envy your deception and 
 +one compliments and praises to the ones they despise. practising your smile in 
 +the mirror all the while try to cultivate the style of the bastards in power i 
 +know what they're sellin' cuz their nervous twitch is tellin' you're comin' off 
 +smellin' like the pig of the hour i've got a lot of people tellin' me i'm out of 
 +my mind and i don't know why my brain was bleeding and my fingers were 
 +proceeding through a notebook i was keeping since the dawning of time senses 
 +were corroded you know that i was loaded you were dealing i was reeling from the 
 +feeling and the madness was concealing like a siren song people that i trusted 
 +would surely have me busted if they ever had a clue what was really going on. i 
 +got alot of people telling me i'm out of my mind and i don't know why
 +==== WHIRLWIND ====
 +Every cities got 
 +an artery where the blind breaks down an avenue or a boulevard and a boy who 
 +wears a crown indignant life styles implies simply lack of means dogmatical 
 +authoritarians dictate the cities remain (chorus) a promise to go to heaven 
 +won't put salvation in sight whirlwind is coming a promise to go to heaven won'
 +put salvation in sight whirlwind is comin' down on me when the factory shut down 
 +so did the place he lived blood money for junk bonds by a white collar fugitive 
 +all the tax free incentives ain't goin' to help him now generations of job 
 +security gone out like the horse and plow my old man worked his troubled life in 
 +a nowhere dead end he drank the pain away i'll be damned if that's me having my 
 +dreams robbed the working class cries a country that has been rotting inside for 
 +years the rigs cuffed my old man in the front yard i saw through my eyes of 
 +==== REJECTED ====
 +I could not fit in 
 +i was the one who got caught i was the one who got realized i was the one who 
 +got dropped shut out banished and locked away the knife that did me in i carry 
 +to this day (chorus) rejected- crossing bridges in the land of the forgotten 
 +rejected distrust existed that i never saw deep seated distrust i was victim of 
 +(chorus) unspoken among the more privileged or the so-called i was not good 
 +enough not good enough at all at first out of loneliness i tried to conform but 
 +all that bullshit left me all alone (chorus)
 +==== INJURY ====
 +Excuse me while i 
 +pull a knife out of my back how could i ever trust a person like that alongside 
 +the slow is someone moving faster behind the warm image is a cold cold bastard 
 +corporate liberal bullshit ruling class take your money and shove it up your ass 
 +take your lies i've had enough of you all the shit you put me through (chorus) 
 +i'm injured injury- i look for the truth it's getting hard to find money 
 +grabbin' dragon and the tie you hide behind i'm so fucking stupid with you i was 
 +a buyer i believed in you you deceiving liar--- set me fucking free
 +==== THE BOTTLE ====
 +Climb in, climb 
 +in, climb inside of me-pain another night of drinkin' another night of being out 
 +of my head and i don't know where i was last night drinkin' on an empty stomach 
 +or an empty mind it makes no difference when i'm way out of line things i can'
 +remember come back to haunt me alot of people out there who seem to want me 
 +climb in the bottle and never come out (chorus) i made no nothin' but i'm good 
 +at something i would drink until the sun comes up no more one of these days 
 +gonna come outta my haze better hurry up it's getting harder to come back
 +==== TRENCHES ====
 +1987, at a 7-11 
 +police out lookin' for problems but i'm no average hoodlum still runnin from the 
 +pigs so it seems to me this is not the land of love and liberty it's more like a 
 +waiting room in hell drink a quart and watch me dwell (chorus) i got it right 
 +out in the trenches tonight glass towers rise above the filth and the pain i'm a 
 +moral degenerate feel my pain passed out on a squat on a mission that night i 
 +was shocked in to submission straight down, straight down to hell i head system 
 +of sewers is where i lay my head people on their way are like on a different 
 +dimension i need no correction (chorus) some of my friends moved on a simple 
 +domestic life they're all gone only a few of us remain only a few of us want to 
 +keep it the same (chorus)
 +So i packed 
 +everthing i owned midnight christmas eve a kid could feel alone i drink my 
 +scotch my mind goes away midnight christmas eve starts out in a way (chorus) i 
 +cried when i had no shoes till' i met the man with no feet it's just a holiday 
 +sunrise i suddenly realized i got no alibis holiday sunrise relatives of mine 
 +said they were born again fucked up world has made me born against i'm a sinner 
 +and my soul should be cleansed i'll take my chances when i'm dead
 +Kick the kick drum 
 +increase the weight of the sound the dialogue of maximum decibels is enough to 
 +move the fucking ground i'm gonna amplify the rage of a class that's not 
 +inferior the message in the volume this song's a carrier (chorus) unwritten 
 +rules rules understood unwritten rules boomin' out the speakers and amps in the 
 +hood i like to drink beer play music and go to shows it's not about paying your 
 +dues if you do it out of love i'm not no jaded junkie runnin' dry i don't know 
 +anything else i'll be playing until i die (chorus)
 +==== I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE ====
 +She's got her life 
 +going she is still breathing it's not a proven fact it's just a feeling her old 
 +man doesn't own her like he did before he once was so clear but now he's a blur 
 +i'm not the only one who's not afraid of you the homeless child is no roll she 
 +played it is real as anything the system has made she's a monument forever 
 +standing inner city exposure can be extremely demanding the pattern is circular 
 +as we pass the wine she could no longer live with the lying her family tried to 
 +control her feelings it just gave her new life a deeper meaning either you shut 
 +up or you shut down i'm not the only one you mother fucker i'm not the only one 
 +who's not afraid of you
 +==== BATTERING RAM ====
 +Some people are 
 +rotten deep down to the core some people got the kick of a bull and the lies of 
 +a chronic thief in store some people try to take you out if they can but i'll go 
 +right through them i'm a battering ram been running my whole life and i'm still 
 +running integrity is something you never had reverence to your lies as a person 
 +you're bad falsified living on the truth you're gonna choke i'll just sit back 
 +and watch you cut your own throat back biting hypocrite you're a liar telling 
 +lies is what fuels your fire once you get discovered the bull**** ends i ain'
 +stopping battering ram right on right on right on right on thru to you some 
 +people got no reliance some people are **** some people got no validity not a 
 +bit some people want to break down what's inside if they can but i go right thru 
 +them i'm a battering ram been running my whole life and i'm still running the 
 +man who talked **** i shut him down he's through beat down the lies till they're 
 +black and blue he talked so much **** but not today i'm a siege engine get outta 
 +my way i disregard the attempt to take me out i curse the thought of another 
 +bout but it's my method i ain't stopping battering ram right on right on right 
 +on right on thru to you to ****ing you some people are rotten deep down to the 
 +core some people got the kick of a bull and the lies of a chronic thief in store 
 +some people try to take you out if they can but i go right thru them i'm a 
 +battering ram battering ram right on right on right on right on thru to you
 +==== THE SENTENCE ====
 +My life the 
 +blessing understand my aggression i don't regret nothing it's all been a lesson 
 +me and my friend got the music like a loaded gun we're gonna use it tell us we 
 +ain't **** i won't listen try to hit us but you keep on missing i knew the 
 +sentence then i knew it was gonna blow don't say i didn't warn you apocalypse 
 +radio sometimes i'm a total wreck i want to break someone's neck i get a 
 +subwoofer going four twelves get my blood stream going never saw it coming paid 
 +my price in time it's been ten years or more with all the battle scars in my 
 +mind i knew the sentence then i knew it was gonna blow don't say i didn't warn 
 +you apocalypse radio
 +Another show with 
 +a ****ed up promoter kids sent in by the media controller they arrived in a '87 
 +ford with a gun rack case of bud and stiletto blade it's the kind of show you 
 +end up at when you get stabbed by the blade big business made i wanna go boot i 
 +wanna go blade the main controller tried to buy me out but i didn't buy it some 
 +people did and there is nothing i could do about it they arrived in a '87 ford 
 +with a gun rack case of bud and a stiletto blade it's the kind of show you end 
 +up at when you get stabbed by the blade big business made i wanna go boot i 
 +wanna go blade the kids unloads his glock into the urban blight bullets sprayed 
 +the car as we drove into the night we lived to tell the story and i'm gonna tell 
 +you the state of the union of the state of california i wanna go boot i wanna go 
 +==== IDLE HANDS ====
 +Chaos discontent 
 +i'm a lunatic thirty days in the street is how i'm doing it a life of no money a 
 +quart of cisco the horses are loose i got mine let's go the enemy would not 
 +expect an attack at this hour the moon is a sliver the darkness gives me power 
 +come and find me i'm gonna be here come and find me i like it spent some time in 
 +a shelter down on webster you think i'm going back you must be joking if i ever 
 +forget how bad it was to be homeless i must still be high from the dope i was 
 +smoking last night i was thinking early morning drinking the devil's got work 
 +for idle hands spent some time in a shelter down on webster you think i'm going 
 +back you must be joking if i ever forget how bad it was to be homeless i must 
 +still be high from the dope i was smoking last night i was thinking early 
 +morning drinking the devil's got work for idle hands
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