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 +====== Paroles ======
 +===== Oi Polloi =====
 +==== GUILTY ====
 +Cops kill youth at the station riot breaks out at the demonstration you get nicked for doing a pig senile rich scumbag in a judges wig says guilty - of fighting back guilty - of a vicious attack guilty - of standing your ground guilty - you're going down 
 +b.n.p. scum march on your street a fascist threat that we must meet bricked and 
 +bottled they're soon stopped but now you're standing in the dock guilty - of 
 +taking no more guilty - of defying their law guilty - see the judge's frown 
 +guilty - you're going down cancer research - lies and fraud vivisection lab - 
 +booted down the door trashed the place till there's nothing left victory to the 
 +a.l.f.! guilty - of daring to care guilty - so you better beware guilty - free 
 +animals from hell guilty - your reward is a cell coming out the wine bar - rich 
 +scumbag in a bowler you take his money and trash his roller stinking rich 
 +parasite flaunts his wealth while you're living on the pavement in hunger and 
 +ill health yet it's you who gets locked up - your crime is being poor another 
 +prisoner of the class war rotting in a prison - social control for those of us 
 +in poverty and on the dole i said, i said who's next? it could be you or me 
 +support the prisoners - support the a.b.c. don't forget those on the inside we 
 +must give them all the support that we can provide motorway planned through 
 +ancient wood s.s.s.i.s could be lost for good in defence of our earth you strike 
 +on night blazing vehicles burning bright guilty - of defending the earth guilty 
 +- yours by right of birth guilty - now you're doing time guilty - who commits 
 +the real crime? yes we're guilty - guilty and proud guilty of standing out from 
 +the crowd guilty of caring - or just being poor to resist is our duty when 
 +injustice is law guilty - hate your laws and your system guilty - we're gonna 
 +resist them guilty - and if some get caught guilty - we're gonna give them 
 +==== BREAK THE MOULD ====
 +Another adolescent 
 +suicide - 'cos you don't look the part killed by the glossy magazines that 
 +brainwashed you from the start photos of models in expensive clothes designer 
 +haircuts and arrogant pose rammed down our throats time after time their fashion 
 +is a violent crime fit in - conform - pressured from the start freak - failure - 
 +if you don't look the part fit in - conform - be what you're told freak - 
 +failure - if you don't fit their mould six stone four not an ounce of fat tv 
 +made quite sure of that eat your food can't keep it down be like the images all 
 +around laxative abuse life's so unfair can't go out got nothing to wear don'
 +look in the mirror - it never lies can hide your body but not the pain in your 
 +eyes death diet death diet death diet - anorexia models on the page that we've 
 +all seen the ones on the adverts on the tv screen how come none look like you or 
 +me? they're trying to make us feel like freaks but their vision of perfection at 
 +which to aim is an airbrushed illusion you can never attain enough is enough we 
 +won't swallow the lie they're selling us a myth but we won't buy we won'
 +conform - we won't even start we just don't care - if we don't look the part we 
 +won't conform - we won't be what we're told we just don't care - it's time to 
 +break the mould
 +==== JOHN MAJOR - FUCK YOU ====
 +Left school at 
 +sixteen to become a banker well he can just fuck off - fuckin tory wanker john 
 +major - fuck you thinks he's fuckin hard but he'd be out of luck if he came to 
 +one of our gigs he'd get kicked to fuck john major - fuck you "classless 
 +society"? - what a load of toss fuckin rich scumbag - you can just fuck off john 
 +major - fuck you fuckin wanker
 +==== BASH THE FASH ====
 +Oi! nineteen 
 +nineties and the nazis are back family burnt out in an arson attack children 
 +lying in hospital dying of their burns it's about time that everyone learns (to) 
 +bash - bash the fash! germany in the thirties was the same a life or death 
 +struggle - not some kind of game learn at least the basics of some martial art 
 +then you'll be ready when the aggro starts b.n.p. scum marching on your street 
 +they even get elected when they should get beat beat off the streets that belong 
 +to us you won't stop them with chants and placards so just first they came for 
 +the jews and i did nothing to help them because i was not a jew then they came 
 +for the communists and i did nothing to help them because i was not a communist 
 +next they came for the trade unionists and i did nothing to help them because i 
 +was not a trade unionist and then they came for me and there was no one left to 
 +help me adolf hitler himself said that the only way the rise of the german nazi 
 +party could have been prevented was if its enemies had recognised it for what it 
 +was right at the start and had smashed it in its infancy with utmost force. for 
 +once we would agree with him - waving placards and chanting at fascists through 
 +megaphones accomplishes absolutely nothing. the only way to stop nazi scum like 
 +the b.n.p. is by physically confronting them and literally kicking them off our 
 +streets. nazi falls amidst a hall of fists and feet stomping out the rhythm of 
 +the cable street beat with our boots on the scumbag's head the only good nazi is 
 +one that's dead a.f.a. girls and boys block the fash escape route now we've got 
 +them cornered and they're gonna eat boot trying to escape but they just can'
 +manage our boots rain in wreaking terrible damage
 +==== THIN GREEN LINE ====
 +So here we are - a 
 +thin green line
 +Into the nineties, runnig out of time
 +Extinction of our planet has already begun but don't let them tell you nothing 
 +can be done
 +Some of us are angry & fighting back
 +Non-violent direct action is a means of attack
 +No, we're not giving up without a fight
 +No nuclar plant here - we're going to trash the site
 +Gotta be honest, gotta be blunt
 +If we really want to stop them we've got sab the hunt
 +Smash that bulldozer, watch the flames go higher
 +Pull the plug & cut the wire
 +We get beaten up & send to jail
 +But I don't care if that's what it takes to save the wales
 +Save our Earth, save the wilderness land
 +Are you for us or againts us? Time to make your stand
 +See that whaling vessel sinking into brine
 +Taken out by a limpet mine
 +See those trees standing so tall They've been spiked so they won't fall
 +See that excavator going up in smoke
 +Sugar in the petrol tank - that's no joke
 +Ecosabotage in the dead of night
 +Like mushrooms break through concrete in the moonlight
 +==== 23 HOURES ====
 +Arrested - beaten 
 +black and blue
 +Confession - beaten out of you
 +You didn't do it - but you still get the cell
 +In prison - institiutionalised hell
 +23 houres - banged up day and night
 +Beatings - given out left and right
 +By the screws who want to put you down
 +Degradation - they rub your face in the ground
 +How many are imprisoned for a crime they didn't do
 +Don't think for one minute that it couldn't be me or you
 +So if you feel you're tempted to just ignore this song 
 +Put yourself in their place and write to right the wrong
 +How many thousands of people all around the globe are imprisoned for crimes they 
 +never commited? How many more for their political beliefs? Or simply because 
 +they have fallen foul of vicious, opressive legal systems that serve only to 
 +protect the wealthy and powerful elite? What is perhaps the cruellest blow of 
 +all to these people is when those of us on the outside simply sit back and allow 
 +them to rot in the cells. Organisations like Amnesty International and The 
 +Anarchist Black Cross have shown that, by using our collective strength, we can 
 +get out many of these people. There is no excuse for inaction. At the time of 
 +recording, Martin Foran is on hungerstrike and John Perotti is on fast to death 
 +- How many more lives must be screwed up and wasted before we face up to our 
 +responsibilities and work to support our sisters and brothers in captivity? 
 +==== WHEN TWO MEN KISS ====
 +When two men kiss
 +Walk hand in hand
 +The fear of what
 +You don't understand
 +Explodes into violence
 +Screams break the silence
 +"The guy was a poof" 
 +"The guy was queer"
 +And living in fear
 +No, you're not thick
 +And you say they're sick
 +But the only sickness
 +I can see
 +Is the cancer of
 +What kind of society do we live in where the simple act of showing love and 
 +affection towards another human being results in this kind of sickening 
 +murderous violence? Intolerance, bigotry and hate - I say it's time to stop.
 +From nazi boneheads to Bad Brains - Warped attitiudes that we must change and 
 +it's not just homofobia - Rampant sexism, macho dancing, beating of woman - All 
 +this is rife within the "scene" - often closer to home than we care to 
 +acknowledge. It's time to stop sweeping things under the carped - Confront the 
 +problems - And act.
 +==== WHALE SONG ====
 +Once this 
 +magnificent animal swam freely in the seas 
 +But now held captive for human greed. 
 +A miserable "life" behind bars and concrete walls 
 +No companion killer whales to hear its calls. 
 +Yes. I'm sickened by what I've seen
 +And the mass Faroe Islands pilot whale slaughter is 
 +My eyes don't easily fill with the tears
 +But when I watched those whales scream and die
 +The tears ran freely from my eyes
 +To see them murded, hacked apart
 +Was like something tearing indide my heart
 +Yet one day such creatures might all swim free
 +Peaceful coexistence - no fear, no need to hide
 +Ourselves and whales together side by side
 +==== WHAT HAVE WE DONE ====
 +I'm lost for words 
 +when I think of the depths to which we sink
 +Sometimes there just seem to be no depths to which our species will not sink. 
 +Surely, in this day and age, we should be seeking to establish meaningful and 
 +constructive relationships with other higher intelligences like dolphins and 
 +whales. Instead, however, we seen intent on either exterminating them or roping 
 +them in to our sick, perverted power games. How anyone can take friendly, 
 +playful wild dolphins and cold-bloodedly turn them into drug addicted killing 
 +machines is almost beyond comprehension. Yet people do it.
 +Cold death flies from harpoon gun - The sea turns red - What have we done? 
 +A horrific death by harpoon - Scientific research? Blue whales, the largest 
 +animals on the Earth, have already been hunted to virtual extinction while sperm 
 +whales (who are also highly intelligent creatures with complex social 
 +organisation and even their own culture) have found themselves bruttaly 
 +slaughtered by rich scum like Aristotle Onassis, the sick evil scumbag who even 
 +went so far as to use the penises of sperm whales to make his luxury yacht'
 +Poison and kill - We are the ones - See what we do - What have we done? 
 +Not content with exterminating the most intelligent form of marine life, we are 
 +also doing a pretty good job of killing everything else in the sea as well. 
 +Radioactive waste, oil slicks, heavy metals, chemical spillages - We're turning 
 +the oceans into radioactive cesspit. There are already upwards of fifty nuclear 
 +warheads and nine nuclear reactors lost on the seabed. Pollute and kill - Is 
 +that all that mankind can do?
 +Safety rules - 
 +corners cut
 +Just to keep the profits up
 +Money saved - profits rise
 +But consequence is someone dies
 +Victim of a chemical spillage
 +Safety regulations breached
 +Critical concentrations reached
 +Money is saved but a live is lost
 +Loved ones left to count the cost
 +Tanker crashin the village
 +Death could from the spillage
 +No escape from the fumes
 +Peoples' homes become their tombs
 +In the face of corporate greed
 +Ecodefence is what we need
 +Read and act upon this text
 +Or you become the next victim of a chemical spillage
 +Never forget that one thing that motivates big business is profit. As far as the 
 +multinationals are concerned, there is nothing that they will not destroy in 
 +their insane drive for increased takings: forests, meadows, rivers, the sea - 
 +even their own employees are all seen as expedable. This kind of omnicidal 
 +madness is killing our Earth and can only be stopped by mass direct action. 
 +Anyone who advocates this of course is branded as an extremist - Yet what could 
 +be more extreme than the mass poisoning and polluting of our planet, the 
 +destruction of huge areas of rainforest and the wholesale slaughter to 
 +extinction of vast numbers of species of animals? It's time to stand up and be 
 +counted - If you're not part of the solution. You're part of problem. 
 +No compromise on defence of our Earth
 +==== ANARCHO - PIE ====
 +Pastry mixed veg
 +Red bean
 +Let's make a tasty anarcho-pie - Ace vegan food for you and I (x2)
 +Take eight ounces of pastry and, leaving a little bit aside, roll out two equal 
 +portions each a quarter inch thick. Then use one of these to carefully line the 
 +bottom of your chosen pie dish.
 +Cook the ingredients for the pie filling separately and then place these inside 
 +the pie dish on top of the pastry base. Wetting the top of the edge of the 
 +pastry base, affix the pastry cover to the anarcho-pie.
 +Now comes the important bit: Using the spare bits of pastry, decorate the top of 
 +the pie with a pastry anarchy sign - symbolising our never-ending resistance to 
 +the omnicidal system that perverts our lives.
 +After baking the pie in the oven for between thirty and thirty five minutes at 
 +approximately four hundred degrees farenheit it should be ready fir serving and 
 +by this time should have developed a good crust!
 +Mmm... uurrgh, i don't like mushrooms howay, pass them over - i'll have them 
 +aye, this pie, this pie's barry - it's almost as good as - as a singing hiney 
 +man! mmm... mmmm... alright john eh aye? aye barry! that's what it is - pure 
 +canny! uurgh, i don't like walnuts i'll have them mmmmm...
 +Aye, ye canny baet this vegan food, ken? aye, vegan food oh, it's the best pure 
 +dead brilliant man, anarcho-pie rules, ken? aye how long does this go on for? 
 +Who's doing the dishes? the wimmin! aaaahhh!! street cred gone! knife hi!! knife 
 +the anarcho-pie anyway aye man aye kin raj! aye etc. raj! aye etc.
 +As a black night 
 +fast approaches dawn
 +We gather in mist by the gnomon
 +As the stones are struck by the suns first rays
 +We feel the Earthpower in our veins
 +The awesome power that fills the stone
 +We feel it in our minds and bones
 +And as we dance around the ring
 +Joy fills our souls - We start to sing
 +Old power awakened and growing fast
 +An awesome force from deep in the past
 +But there are those who do not understand
 +And the stones are desecrated
 +By their hands.
 +One such group of stones facing desecration at the hands of these people is the 
 +standing stone complex at Callanish on the Isle Of Lewis in Scotland. Sometimes 
 +referred to as the "Stonehenge of the North", this unique arrangment of stones 
 +is facing the same kind of rape that happened at Stonehenge. There are now plans 
 +afoot to construct a hideous unsightly visitor centre there this ruining the 
 +whole aura of the place - along with the plans to build a bigger road and even 
 +to charge an admission fee. Who are these people who in their arrogance that 
 +they can deny the people access to our owntemples? Stone circles belong to all 
 +of us not simply to the powers that be. Remember: These are same people who 
 +seriously considered carpetting Stonehenge with astroturf and even considered 
 +constructing a plastic replica "foamhenge" beside real monument! Such people are 
 +not fit guardians of these places. Free the stones. Free the stones.
 +==== FREE THE HENGE ====
 +Sticks and 
 +standing stones
 +Arrests and broken bones
 +Peoples' homes destroyed
 +Vicious thugs employed
 +By rulers alienated
 +From an earth they've devastated
 +Surround our temple with barbed wire
 +But in our hearts there burns a fire (to)
 +Free the Henge Free the Henge
 +Our culture is attacked
 +Our right are violated
 +I say its time to end
 +The restrictions they've created
 +Free the Henge Free the Henge
 +For thousands of years Stonehenge has been a sacred meeting place for people - 
 +Furthermore in 1918 it was gifted to the nation the then "owner" on the 
 +condition that there sholud be free access for all who wished to gather there so 
 +what gives you the right, the power to decide that the people's access to the 
 +stones will be denied? We won't be stopped by cops, four miles "exclusion zones" 
 +'cos we're coming through to liberate the stones
 +Free the Henge Free the Henge
 +The time will come again
 +When we'll be at Henge
 +To feel the Earthpower
 +At the solstice houre
 +Free the Henge Free the Henge 
 +Free the Henge Free the Henge
 +Winter solstice 1988 - Stonehenge - Bands playing, jugglers juggling, people 
 +breathing fire, gathering wood in the trees as the music echoed through the 
 +night air, laughing, sitting round the campfire talking and sharing food and 
 +drink - An amazingly friendly atmosphere - In the morning, gathering before dawn 
 +at the stones, dancing round the stone circle hand in hand - A little magic in 
 +the midst of our grey, drab world of concrete and exhaust fumes...
 +Summer solstice 1989 - Riot police, road-blocks, coming up against the full 
 +force of the state, chased through woods by the cops, hiding in the ditches 
 +while helicopter searchlights sliced through darkness to find us, fear, anger, 
 +determination - That they will not beat us, that they will not destroy our 
 +culture... A response: If they think they can stop us gathering together for 
 +free festivals they are wrong. Our response to our experiences was just to come 
 +and organise a free festival on Cramond Island near Edinburgh.
 +With the help of many others we made our own festival - And you can too!
 +==== NAZI SCUM ====
 +Standing outsides 
 +the primary school gates
 +With their leaflets stirring up race hate
 +Creeping round in the dead of night
 +Setting innocent people's houses alight
 +They stab and kill in radical attacks
 +Just how much more before ypu fight back?
 +Find them - Grind them - Grind them!!
 +Nazi scum - your time will come
 +A nazi rally planned for our town
 +But anti-fascists came from all around
 +Cleared the scum completely off the streets
 +Showed the fascists can and will be beat
 +And when they tryied to to gather in Hyde Park
 +Anti-fascists again made their mark
 +On the brainhead boneheads - Who they wasted
 +We must clear the streets of nazi scum
 +Make them safe again for everyone
 +No longer will we have to walk in fear
 +Of scum who have no place here
 +If we unite the battle can be won
 +Stop the problem before it's really begun
 +Find them - Grind them - Grind them!!
 +Nazi scum - your time will come
 +I asked them why 
 +the wilderness had to die
 +Their replay to me showed the reason was naked greed.
 +Mass action could stop them - But you've got to start it
 +World Park status for the Antarctica.
 +They rape and plunder whatever they find - Sea polluted and minerals mined. 
 +Poisoned animals slowly die as they suck Antarctica dry.
 +Cumoan chris - Gie it laldy ya raj!!
 +And the factory ships set sail - A death sentence for the whale
 +And as the sea turns to red yet more life blood is shed.
 +Park proposals are greeted with mirth by those who rape our Earth
 +So will you really just stand by and watch the last great wilderness die?
 +Antarctica - twelve million square kilometers of the last almost untouched 
 +wilderness left on Earth. It is thus vital that it is protected from greed of 
 +those who would turn it into a vast open-cast mineral mine. Unchallenged, such 
 +commercial exploitation will simply kill this continent. Toxic waste will be 
 +pumped into the seas (as the Americans are already doing at their base at 
 +McMurdo Sound), rubbish will be simply thrown away and the inevitable oil 
 +disasters similary to the Exxon Valdez in Alaska will ruin the coastal ecology. 
 +Then, goverments and multinationals will move on, leaving it poisoned and 
 +scarred - Only one thing stands in their way - You. 
 +==== DEALER IN DEATH ====
 +Hey there mr. 
 +kipling exceedingly good cakes? you're a dealer in death your cost image is a 
 +fake mr. kipling - death dealer! mr. kipling - life stealer! we ask you this 
 +question how many creatures must die to provide the animal fat for your apple 
 +pie? in the slaughterhouse the cattle scream and bleed animals condemneded to 
 +death by the corporate greed that fuels war and exploitation and steals the 
 +earth from all of us but now your rotting facade is crumbling 'cos now we've got 
 +you sussed
 +==== OMNICIDE ====
 +You resurrect the 
 +corpse of war you take the food from the poor you kill this planet, mine by 
 +birth your death machines stalk the earth you create famine for starving 
 +millions your air attacks upon civilians your state police to make us bleed you 
 +are the leech of corporate greed and you will suck the planet dry as long as 
 +those who care stand by not long now till all has died we watch the global 
 +omnicide the gulf war we now see portayed on our tv screens like an obscene 
 +video game is the inevitable consequence of the greed of big business and a 
 +system which sees all life as subordinate to profit, a system which has 
 +countless hapless men and women brainwashed, then burned, maimed and blown apart 
 +on the battlefield. no war but the class war your system - stench of death 
 +omnicide - earth's dying breat fight back - don't stand by dont let your planet 
 +Kurds in iraq gas 
 +air attack choking death pain from saddam hussein victims of a gas attack 
 +victims of a gas attack choke in a ditch die for the rich mustard-gassed 
 +squaddie blistered dead body no i won't fight might isn't right fight your own 
 +wars there's no "just cause"
 +==== DIE FOR B.P. ====
 +Eighteen years 
 +old, screaming in a ditch amputated legs in a war fought for the rich but the 
 +bosses shed no tears as you bled and cried 'cos your butchery battle-proved the 
 +weapons they had sold to the other side time to stop the war b.p. ain't worth 
 +dying for orphaned children cry, screaming for their dad but when he comes home 
 +he'll be in a body bag another loved one is left legless, condemned to a 
 +wheelchair this is "precision bombing" with your great military hardware you 
 +make a tv game of slaughter and terror air attacks a video distration from 
 +recession and poll tax forget and fight for you? we're the people that you're 
 +screwing no, you'll only see us fight to give your bailiffs a good doing
 +Are we to go back 
 +to the days of victoria? will we so easily surrender the gains we've made so 
 +far? back to an age of repression, hypocrisy, and lies forced into the back 
 +streets as another freedom dies no! no return to the back streets christian 
 +fundamentalist - right wing nutter claim to respect life - soon show their true 
 +colors abortion clinic doctor gunned down in the street is this the "sanctity of 
 +life" they claim is their belief? thousands more will die - back street 
 +abortionist the bloody juman consequence if we do not resist the bombings and 
 +the terror - well what do you think? your future as a breeding sow chained to 
 +the kitchen sink? fight - or lose the right to choose
 +Kurds in iraq gas 
 +air attack choking death pain from saddam hussein victims of a gas attack 
 +victims of a gas attack choke in a ditch die for the rich mustard-gassed 
 +squaddie blistered dead body no i won't fight might isn't right fight your own 
 +wars there's no "just cause"
 +==== WHEN TWO MEN KISS ====
 +When two men kiss 
 +walk hand in hand the fear of what you don't understand explodes into violence 
 +screams break the silence "the guy was a poof" "the guy was queer" dehumanised 
 +and living in fear no, you're not thick and you say "they're sick" but the only 
 +sickness i can see is the cancer of your bigotry what kind of society do we live 
 +in where the simple act of showing love and affection towards another human 
 +being results in this kind of sickening murderous violence? intolerance, bigotry 
 +and hate - i say it's time to stop. from nazi boneheads to bad brains warped 
 +attitiudes that we must change and it's not just homofobia - rampant sexism, 
 +macho dancing, beating of woman - all this is rife within the "scene" - often 
 +closer to home than we care to acknowledge. it's time to stop sweeping things 
 +under the carped - confront the problems - and act.
 +==== THE ONLY RELEASE? ====
 +You wouldn'
 +believe the pain that's tearing through my head if you were in my place then 
 +you'd wish you were dead locked in a cage like a prison cell i'm living in a 
 +living hell all around screams of fear yet they fall upon deaf ears why won'
 +they leave me in peace? is death really my only release? no! tortured to death 
 +behind closed doors my cries for help are just ignored set me free - please! if 
 +it was you instead of me you'd be screaming to be set free set me free - please! 
 +animal liberation and your human rights it's all the same struggle it's all the 
 +same fight set us free - please! and now they're coming back to put me on the 
 +rack to put me through pain for their financial gain and you know that this 
 +ain't right so show you care about my plight 1-2-3-4 kick in that laboratory 
 +door! 5-6-7-8 liberate!
 +==== PUNX 'N' SKINS ====
 +Oi! oi! let's go! 
 +we're here to play oi! oi! music for you and in return here's what we want you 
 +to do come to our gigs - dance but don't fight punx 'n' skins unite! unite! 
 +unite and win - punx 'n' skins do you like our country being run this way? doyou 
 +like the government? and doing what they say? punx 'n' skins together we'll put 
 +things to rights so unite now and put an end to the fights no punx versus skins 
 +no us versus them if we stand together we'll beat the system punx 'n' skins 
 +united - you know that it's right unite now - can you see the light? oi rat! 
 +punx 'n' skins have got to unite eh? yeah, too right mate aye, 'cos if we're 
 +united then we can fight back against the system eh ken? and against government 
 +oppression yeah that's right - oi! fancy coming down the pub for some lager top? 
 +well i wouldn't mind a pint of merrydown myself yeah - and some dry roasted 
 +peanuts full of mother nature's protein that's if we don't get lifted on the way 
 +down there what? like we might get done by the pigs on the way down oh yeah too 
 +right mate ruin a good night's drinking aye let's go then...
 +==== WE DON'T NEED THEM ====
 +Opened the paper 
 +what did i see? a load of complete rubbish staring out at me "oi man killed" so 
 +the headline read said one of oi polloi had wound up dead well we all knew that 
 +that wasn't true 'cos we're still here playing oi! oi! music for you no one of 
 +us had wound up dead hear our oi! oi! music pounding through your head we don'
 +need them - we don't need them we don't need them - don't need to read them we 
 +don't need them - so don't believe them oi! is dead so the music press say they 
 +seem to think that we'll all just fade away seem to think that oi! is over and 
 +done but i'm telling you straight we've only just begun there's thousands of 
 +folk like me and you we're still here and we're still true they can try to 
 +ignore us or smear us with lies but we'll fight on and our spirit never dies the 
 +papers have always got it wrong they try to deceive they lie and they con just a 
 +form of brainwashing by the ruling elite so what you read you shouldn't always 
 +believe but there's alternatives in the music scene who needs rags like "sounds" 
 +when we've got our own zines? yes we've got our own press doing things our own 
 +way and as for rags like "sounds" i want to hear you all say:
 +==== LOWEST OF THE LOW ====
 +Spreading lies and 
 +muck behind our backs a vicious cowardly attack a spiteful scheming slimeball 
 +with a huge ego your pathetic negative actions make me want to throw i can'
 +belive the depths to which you've sunk you've got some nerve to call yourself a 
 +punk but you'll pay for your trouble making and your deceit for as ye sow so 
 +shall ye reap you make me sick - you make me sick you're the lowest of the low - 
 +lowest of the low you've sunk so low down you've got nowhere to go you pass by 
 +the pickets on the front gate you don't care that you're letting down your mates 
 +i don't know how you dare to show your face scum like you are a disgrace 
 +deserting your mates sucking up to the boss has all your self respect been lost? 
 +you're only thinking of the money thinking of yourself well you're a dirty scab 
 +and you can go to hell you dirty scab - you dirty scab well now you really must 
 +take the prize you must be so warped and twisted inside to actually grass 
 +someone up to the pigs you wanted me in front of the judge in his wig you 
 +fingered me for that crime you stinking piece of slime scum like you are just 
 +the pits there's ony one description that fits you filthy grass - you filthy 
 +I want to have a 
 +drink i want to have a laugh i don't want no dodgy politics 'cos i ain't that 
 +daft don't need some nutter telling me what to do i can think for myself and so 
 +can you commies and nazis they're all the same they only want to use you for 
 +their own gain they lie deceive and try to confuse you commies and nazis they 
 +only want to use you right wing nutters spreading race hate communist loonies 
 +who want a one party state their extremist views are all too clear commies and 
 +nazis you're not wanted here commies and nazis what a shower they only want to 
 +use you to grab themselves power but once they got it they don't care about you 
 +commies and nazis give 'em the boot! commies and nazis - oi! commies and nazis - 
 +on yer bike! a fascist government you're almost better off dead! and it would be 
 +much the same under the reds more police more laws more prisons and the draft 
 +that ain't exactly my idea of a laugh and when there's no fun no freedom no 
 +future is marching round in jackboots really going to suit you or going on your 
 +parade waving your red flag if you're into that rubbish then you must be mad 
 +commies and nazis try it on with us but we tell them where to go 'cos we've got 
 +more sus than to be taken in by these scum we despise commies and nazis we can 
 +see through your lies commies and nazis they've got to be stopped they only want 
 +to use you to get to the top but once they're there they don't care about you 
 +they only want to give you orders and tell you what to do commies and nazis try 
 +it on with you but these people are plonkers they ain't got a clue try to flog 
 +your papers full of drivel and lies well i'm asking you now is it any surprise 
 +that these people and their ideas are so despised when they've nothing to offer 
 +to you and i they only want to use you as their tools so tell 'em where to go if 
 +you know what's good for you but if you think that it's smart, hard, or hip to 
 +be a commie or nazi then mate get a grip you don't want to be taken in by none 
 +of that drivel commies and nazis sit and swivel! we ain't thick and we won'
 +play your game our message to you will always be the same commies and nazis go 
 +take a hike! commies and nazis on yer bike!
 +==== SCUM ====
 +Dealers selling 
 +smack that will ruin your brain and bring you nothing but misery and pain 
 +teenage adicts dying - that's hardly very funny but the dealers are laughing as 
 +they pocket the money bring them down - run them out of town they'll screw up 
 +your body and they'll screw up your mind but as long as they're making money 
 +they think that's fine they just don't care as long as they gain folk dying of 
 +the aids outrage well that's just part of their game there ain't nothing that 
 +they won't do they want to make a junkie out of you so when the dealers come 
 +your way you've got to make them pay find the scum, bring them down run the 
 +dealers out of your town smack the pushers - oi! oi! oi! smack the pushers - get 
 +them boys!
 +They fought in the 
 +war to keep the people free from the nazi scum who would invade our country 
 +fighting the fascist filth they risked their lives but now they're old and weak 
 +they're just left to die it ain't right - no way! it ain't right - they've been 
 +betrayed as soon as they're no use the government says goodbye they throw them 
 +on the scrapheap and leave them to die as soon as you're no use the government 
 +will say goodbye they're throw you on the scrapheap and leave you to die folk 
 +who've worked for society for all of their years given blood and sweat and toil 
 +and tears as soon as they're no use when they're too old the government lets 
 +them freeze to death in the cold on the pittance of a pension, struggling to 
 +survive freezing to death in the winter while the government stands by they 
 +don't care about the old but what did you expect? put your trust in government 
 +and this is what you'll get
 +If you go down in 
 +the gardens today you're in for a big surprise if you go down in the gardens 
 +today you won't believe your eyes 'cos every punk 'n' skin that ever there was 
 +is there today because because today's the day the punx 'n' skins have their 
 +picnic! picnic time for punx 'n' skins the punx 'n' skins are out to have some 
 +fun picnic time for punx 'n' skins having a laugh in the sun oi! merrydown and 
 +salad rolls in hand we come from all across the land skins and punx out to have 
 +some fun having a laugh in the midday sun punx picnic! punx picnic! punx picnic! 
 +oi! oi! oi! punx picnic! - in princes street gardens park attendants quake with 
 +fear 'cos the skins and punx are here they all know not to mess so come and join 
 +the fun with all the rest having a drink and having a laugh trading zines and 
 +tapes - and acting daft making new friends and palying the fool so come to the 
 +punx picnic if you know whats good for you!
 +==== MINDLESS FEW ====
 +Went to a gig for 
 +a good night out but of course it had to be ruined by some moronic louts we were 
 +all looking forward to a good night when for some stupid reason they started to 
 +fight picked on some folk and knocked them to the floor ten kicking one - oh 
 +very hardcore one poor kid got a bottle down the side of his face this ain'
 +punk - it's a bloody disgrace yet another gig wrecked by the mindless few broken 
 +heads and toilets is what they're out to do yet another gig wrecked by the 
 +mindless few they've got to be stopped and it's up to me and you for breaking up 
 +our concerts who needs the pigs? when there's idiots like these who smash up our 
 +gigs they gob on the bands and ruin the atmosphere well don't come back 'cos you 
 +ain't welcome here kicked in the toilets and smashed up the chairs just another 
 +venue with no punk gigs there and i bet they thought that they were really hard 
 +but the only result's another venue from which punk bands are barred oi 
 +meathead! so you've smashed up a toilet eh? hey, you must be really punky! big 
 +hardman eh? but of course toilets can't fight back can they? just like most of 
 +the folk you pick on at gigs. they're always weaker than you or else you've go a 
 +big crowd of your mates with you to back you up. hey! big hardman! you get your 
 +kicks out of smashing up venues and ruining folks' nights out - moron. think 
 +you're really hard but all you do is close down venues and muck up our scene. 
 +call yourself a punk or a skin? you're scum. folk like you make me sick - 
 +pathetic little creep. went to another gig out for some fun but it wasn't long 
 +before the trouble had begun group of idiots picking on folk on the dancefloor 
 +punched and kicked 'em about and then did it some more well it made me so sick 
 +that i couldn't stand back so i went to help some people fomr the mindless 
 +attack but no one backed me up so then i was kicked about if we don't want these 
 +idiots at our gigs we must all throw 'em out
 +==== UNITE AND WIN ====
 +Oi! oi! oi! unite 
 +and win stick together - punx 'n' skins! oi! oi! oi! unite unite! young and old, 
 +black and white oi! oi! oi! unit eand win stick together through thick and thin 
 +oi! oi! oi! unite unite! young and old, black and white
 +==== GO GREEN ====
 +Governments and 
 +multinationals corrupt and twisted women and men are going to bring this planet 
 +to a premature end with their selfishness and greed they destroy anything of 
 +worth are you just going to sit and watch their rape of mother earth? they just 
 +couldn't care less about the ecological devastation inflicted by their insane 
 +striving for profit maximisation we've got to fight back we've got to give 
 +resistance or they'll pollute or exploit our world out of existence industrial 
 +accidents and radiation leaks so babies are born as freaks like the re-chem 
 +babies with one eye or those who windscale called before their time and the 
 +petrol is full of lead so kids grow up wrong in the head and aerosols destroy 
 +the ozone layer no protection - now we're laid bare and nuclear waste is dumped 
 +into the sea a slow poison for you and me and what once was fertile land has now 
 +been turned to desert sand and acid rain pours from the sky so whole forests 
 +withher and die and dirty cities, grey and drab cover the land like concrete 
 +scabs and toxic chemicals are pumped into streams death where once life would 
 +have been the whole situtation has got out of hand so go green and make your 
 +stand and it seems that you couldn't care less that our world is in such a mess 
 +it makes me wonder how long it will take before you finally awake please, please 
 +you've got to open your eyes 'cos you've got to realise exactly what those in 
 +power have got planned this is the last chance to make your stand now that we 
 +see what's going on we've got to stop them and we ain't got long this isn'
 +something just to sing about 'cos our time is running out...
 +You cough - they 
 +profit well i thought it was about mutual respect but your filthy smoke chokes 
 +me so am i incorrect? with your pathetic sick habit you pollute my air have you 
 +no respect for others? no, you just don't seem to care i don't like your selfish 
 +attitude one little bit you're just a hypocrite animals die in the laboratory 
 +forced to smoke over thirty a day don't think you can ignore them 'cos they've 
 +got no voice 'cos only you can stop it - only you have the choice like it or not 
 +they're murdered in your name while you continue to smoke you must live with the 
 +blame you think you're oh so sussed but there's something that you've missed and 
 +the big tobacco businessmen are laughing at this yes you actually pay to ruin 
 +your health while you suckers abuse your body they're just making more wealth 
 +you cough - they profit you choke - they profit you die - they profit you cough 
 +- they profit have you got the strength of will to stop it? stop it? stop it. 
 +stop it! i know you've got the strength of will to stop it
 +==== PUNX OR MICE? ====
 +You come to the 
 +gig and you think you're really big but to me you just look small as you cower 
 +at the back of the hall lacking even the guts to get up the front and dance it'
 +enough to make me cry are you punx or mice? are you punx or mice? they cheat 
 +you, they rob you, and they treat you all as fools and in their schemes of greed 
 +and power they use you as their tools and yet you sit and take it are you going 
 +to give up without a fight? it's enough to make me cry are you punx or mice? 
 +they're sick, they're wrong they've oppressed us for too long now it's our turn 
 +to attack we must fight back united, as one, together - you and i don't say that 
 +we can't do it are we punx or mice? are you punx or mice? are you punx or mice? 
 +are you punx or mice? are you punx or mice?
 +==== NUCLEAR WASTE ====
 +Nuclear energy is 
 +a con it's just a cover for making their bombs and it sends folk to an early 
 +grave so we want the power of the wind and the waves harness the wind harness 
 +the waves we don't need this filthy nuclear waste solar power - yet another 
 +alternative think of the boundless energy that the sun has to give then there'
 +hydro-electricity with trubines and damns and we can cut out consumption with 
 +conservation programmes harness the wind the sun and the waves we don't need 
 +this filthy nuclear waste the civil atomic energy programme is nothing but an 
 +alaborate cover-up for the real use of nuclear power - namely the production of 
 +fissile material for nuclear weapons. we call for an end to the nuclear power 
 +programme and properly funded research into renewable sources of energy. harness 
 +the wind the sun and the waves we don't need this filthy nuclear waste
 +==== THE ONLY RELEASE? ====
 +You wouldn'
 +believe the pain that's tearing through my head if you were in my place then 
 +you'd wish you were dead locked in a cage like a prison cell i'm living in a 
 +living hell all around screams of fear yet they fall upon deaf ears why won'
 +they leave me in peace? is death really my only release? no! tortured to death 
 +behind closed doors cries for help are just ignored set me free - please! if it 
 +was you instead of me you'd be screaming to be set free set me free - please! 
 +animal liberation and human rights it's one struggle it's one fight set us free 
 +- please! and now they're coming back to stick me on the rack to put me through 
 +pain they'll drive me insane they put their profit before my pain my suffering 
 +is their financial gain and you know that this ain't right so show you care 
 +about my plight is death really the only release? 1-2-3-4 kick in that 
 +laboratory door! 5-6-7-8 liberate!
 +Apartheid system 
 +fascist state when you buy south african goods this is the system you perpetuate 
 +this system based on fear this system based on hate this system which together 
 +we can and must annihilate go! yeeeeeeeaaaahhgg!!! a bullet-ridden corpse lies 
 +on the dusty track his only crime was that his skin was black we think apartheid 
 +stinx those who dare to speak out and question the laws end their lives creaming 
 +behind police station doors don't buy apartheid don't buy apartheid the 
 +apartheid system cannot be reformed - it must be totally destroyed. for this to 
 +happen, however, the south african regime must be isolated and starved of the 
 +external financial support that enables it to continue its vile existence. 
 +consequently, throughout the whole world, thousands are crying out for sanctions 
 +to be imposed against these evil racist slime - but here in britain the 
 +government does nothing - and is that really so surprising? for how can we 
 +expect thatcher's tories (who are renowned for putting profit before people) to 
 +take effective action when, every year, they receive millions of pounds into the 
 +party coffers from companies who invest in apartheid - companies like rowntree 
 +mackintosh, outspan, shell, b.p., i.c.i., cape, barclays bank, del monte, john 
 +west, rio tinto zinc, marconi, tescos - and the list goes on. these are the 
 +people whose money keeps botha's government in power, the people who finance a 
 +vicious, oppressive regime that humiliates, degrades, tortures, and murders 
 +people simply on the basis of skin colour. while those who rule uis refuse to 
 +act against this obscenity, we can and will take action against those businesses 
 +which, concerning themselves only with profit maximisation and completely 
 +regardless of the human suffering involved, continue to finance apartheid - 
 +let's hit them where it hurts - boycott the scum!! a brick flies through the 
 +window of a branch of barclays bank maybe someone thought their financing of 
 +apartheid stank
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