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 +====== Paroles ======
 +===== Madball =====
 +==== Set it off ====
 +I see through 
 +bitter eyes and
 +The fact still remains
 +I read between your lies
 +You got beat at your own game
 +Take a trip with me for soon
 +I will sin
 +Without one regret
 +The pain will begin
 +As the knife got deeper
 +I won't go without a fight
 +But you know the price you'll pay
 +That price is with your life
 +Suffering and pain like nothing
 +In your past
 +I walk the walk, and my path
 +will be your last
 +==== Lockdown ====
 +Don't ask me 
 +nomore questions
 +Just get out of my face
 +I told you I know nothing
 +I'm leaving this fucked up place
 +You're trying to take my freedom for
 +Something that I haven't done
 +I'm not a fucking rat
 +So just go fuck yourself
 +Justice, justice
 +That word don't mean nothing to you
 +Fuck you, fuck you
 +Fuck you and your system too
 +You've ruined my life
 +There's no turning back now
 +If I don't rat I'll never get out
 +I know nothing, that's not
 +what I'm about
 +You locked me up an innocent man
 +Because I got some pride
 +I got some pride
 +Can't you see what you're
 +doin' to me
 +Locked me down when I should be free
 +I've done no wrong
 +I'm an innocent man
 +You don't give a fuck
 +You'll never understand
 +==== New York City ====
 +I see it every day
 +Everywhere I look they say
 +Another life has been taken away
 +It makes my stomach turn
 +But livin' here you gotta learn
 +Get used to it, it's reality
 +Say your prayers
 +Hope it won't happen to you
 +Mind you business
 +Do what you gotta do
 +Don't look for trouble
 +Sometimes trouble finds you
 +What can you do, what can I do ?
 +One on one fights don't exist
 +Fist fights are extinct
 +Nowadays people don't seem to think
 +They can't see how easy
 +It is to set a soul free
 +That decision is not theirs to make
 +Now you see what I mean
 +Protecting my family and me
 +What can I do ?
 +It makes my stomach turn
 +But livin' here you gotta learn
 +You gotta fight back when someones
 +Tries to take your life from you
 +==== Never had it ====
 +Don't tell me how 
 +Better it was in the 80's
 +Don't talk about the brotherhood
 +Lost within the scene
 +To me you were always a quitter
 +From day one, just like you proved
 +Me right in the long run
 +No longer you wear the crown
 +==== It's time ====
 +The time has come 
 +for all to hear
 +Madball's back so just beware
 +The time has come to
 +Set it all straight
 +Speaking the truth because
 +I got a lot of hate
 +To all who got beef
 +Get ready to fight
 +The battle begun
 +We'll show you who's right
 +We're takin' over and
 +We're letting you know
 +The crew is runnin' the show
 +It's time, time to
 +Set the record straight
 +Speaking the truth
 +Cause I got a lot of hate
 +In my mind you can't see
 +What's going on
 +We're taking over and
 +Now you're time has come
 +Time has come, I'm on the attack
 +Ball of destruction is bringin'
 +it back
 +Hardcore lives through me
 +The time has come for all to see
 +To all who got beef
 +Get ready to fight
 +The battle begun we'll
 +Show you who's right
 +Takin' over and we're
 +Letting you know
 +The crew is runnin' the show
 +==== C.T.Y.C (R.I.P.) ====
 +I still can'
 +believe till this day
 +That he's gone - passed away
 +His life was taken in the
 +Blink of an eye
 +All I can ask myself is 'why'
 +Cold as life harder than you
 +That's how he's remembered
 +In everyone's view
 +That's how he'd want it
 +That's how we want it too
 +Cold as life, colder than you
 +He was not an angel and that we know
 +But he had a heart, he was our bro
 +His life was taken in the
 +Blink of an eye
 +All I can ask myself is 'why'
 +==== Across your face ====
 +In your eyes we've 
 +Been the bad guys
 +Droppin' false knowledge
 +You're just full of lies
 +You've misled our youth
 +Distracting them with fantasy
 +But your plan backfired
 +Blewout into reality
 +I've taken on losers
 +Like you in my past
 +So why should I stoop
 +To your sorry ass
 +I thought you were my friend
 +But you showed me disgrace
 +I'll slap you with
 +reality across your face
 +==== Down by law ====
 +You wake up every 
 +In this living hell
 +Not knowing that
 +You're worst enemy is me
 +You never know what can happen
 +Within this cell
 +Betrayal is what I feel
 +Revenge is what I seek
 +No hesitation, no turning back
 +I gotta do it, I have no choice
 +Gotta do what I
 +Gotta do for the crew
 +Down by law
 +What you did I can't
 +Forgive my so called brother
 +I can't let my feelings
 +get in the way
 +Why you turn your back
 +On the crew
 +We always had your back
 +We'd die for you
 +You ratted on your boy
 +Something you never do
 +Now his life is over
 +And yours is too
 +Down by law
 +We made a promise to eachother
 +A promise that you choose to break
 +We stuck together no matter what
 +My brother
 +You turned you're back
 +And proved you're fake
 +No hesitation, no turning back
 +I gotta do it, I have no choice
 +Gotta do what I
 +Gotta do for the crew
 +Down by law
 +What you did I can't
 +Forgive my so called brother
 +I can't let my feelings
 +get in the way
 +Down by law
 +You've left me no choise
 +The strenght of a gesture
 +A thought with no voice
 +The clock is ticking
 +You're time is up
 +Now's my chance, I gotta move fast
 +Our memories I put to rest
 +It's the law we chose to live by
 +You broke the fuckin' rules
 +You must die
 +==== Spit on your grave ====
 +All you wished was 
 +to block my goals
 +All you did was strenghten my soul
 +And what I wanted from you
 +I could not get
 +So dreading our deaths is how we
 +Choose to live
 +You're the one who feeds my rage
 +You're to blame fror endless pain
 +It's in your nature to
 +Destroy my dreams
 +It's in my heart to
 +Damage my means
 +Because I feed off your fire
 +Day after day
 +It's you who I live for until I shit
 +On your grave
 +You're the one who feeds my rage
 +You're to blame fror endless pain
 +So shall it be the last laugh on me ?
 +When you lay there to rot, I breath
 +You're the one who feeds my rage
 +You're to blame fror endless pain
 +==== Face to face ====
 +You say that 
 +you've been there
 +Think that you've seen it all
 +You keep frontin' like you know it all
 +You let ignorance set in and
 +Control your life
 +Runnin' your mouth into
 +Extreme heights
 +You chose to dis me and the crew
 +You played yourself like a fool
 +Showing pride's far
 +Beyond your might
 +Push came to shove
 +Now it's time to fight
 +Tell me how you're livin'
 +Face to face
 +Tell me how you're livin'
 +Is it in disgrace ?
 +Repeat 1st verse
 +==== The world is mine ====
 +Born into violence
 +Didn't know any other way
 +This life of crime he was destined
 +For, and this is his fate
 +From a broken home
 +Getting beat was an everyday thing
 +This is what is going down everywhere
 +And for him it's too late
 +can't blame him
 +There's nothing he can do
 +They made him take their abuse
 +And he's takin' it out on you
 +It's my turn, I'm takin'
 +It out on you
 +The world is mine
 +And no onecan take it from me
 +That's his mentality
 +That's why he got put away
 +Did his share of time
 +And he's out and back
 +To his old ways
 +Got wiser, became a leader and took
 +Control of the streets
 +Turned his gang into an empire
 +Now he can't get beat
 +==== Demonstrating My Style ====
 +Demonstrating my 
 +Lettin' it be known
 +Follow the path of no one else
 +It's all about being true to myself
 +I'll speak my mind, I won't keep it inside
 +The years pass and people change
 +But I'm stayin' true to my ways
 +Hardcore is my life, I'll carry the name
 +Demonstrating my style
 +Lettin' it be known
 +Demonstrating my style
 +We're not alone
 +Give respect where respect is due
 +To those who know what we've been through
 +We can all relate in our own way
 +To those who put us down, we won't see you around
 +Cause you're too scared of me
 +To those who've helped us out, you know what we're about
 +You'll get respect from me
 +Demonstrating my styl
 +==== Unity ====
 +Now - is the time 
 +for unity
 +Why - because it means a lot to me
 +We - can be strong once again
 +I've seen it before and I know we can
 +They - always tried to hold us down
 +We - are the ones who are still around
 +Why - because we fought for unity
 +That is something they don't wanna see
 +They'll always try but they can't hold me
 +There are many who have come and gone
 +I've seen the weak, I've seen the strong
 +But to those who are true, you know who you are
 +This is all about you and me, and our fight against society
 +Our time has come; we have to break free
 +Don't think that we believe your lies
 +We see the fear in your eyes
 +You can't change us so don't even try
 +It's time for us to make this last
 +We've learned our lessons from the past
 +I've seen it before and I know we can
 +==== Live Or Die ====
 +Live or die, are 
 +the choises I got
 +But I refuse to go anywhere soon
 +Life is too short to keep explaining myself
 +My situation means nothing to you
 +Back to reality once again
 +I clear my thoughts and think about how much time I spent
 +Keep movin' on and try to do what I do best
 +I was always taught right from wrong
 +But who are you to be judging who's right
 +Doin' what I gotta do to get by
 +Will I survive; just look in my eyes
 +I gotta live my life day by day
 +No matter what type of bullshit is thrown my way
 +I'll overcome it with or without your help
 +Don't tell me, you can't tell me
 +How I choose to live my life
 +The way I choose to live my life
 +I was always taught right from wrong
 +But who are you to pint the finger at me
 +I have no need to explain myself
 +Cause your opinions I don't need
 +==== Pride (Times Are Changing) ====
 +Times are changing 
 +for the worse
 +Gotta keep a positive outlook
 +Growing up in such violent times
 +Have some faith and you'll get by
 +Thinking back when I was a kid
 +Times have changed so much since then
 +All grown up I gotta do for myself
 +I refuse to depend on anyone else
 +Life's hard, you struggle some times
 +In the end I'll get what's mine
 +But for now I'll deal with the times
 +Have some faith and you'll get by
 +Times are changing for the worse
 +Times are changing - I keep
 +I know my family is there for me
 +And without them where the hell would I be
 +But still I gotta try to be my own man
 +Make good of what I got - do the best that I can
 +==== Streets Of Hate ====
 +Walking through 
 +these streets of hate
 +And I can feel their pain
 +I see how this fuckin' place
 +Can sometimes drive you insane
 +But I choose to keep my sanity
 +Won't let anything bring me down
 +I gotta be strong mentally
 +Be quick to the schemes that are all around
 +When I walk these streets
 +I know that it's in vein
 +I've been told I should get out
 +Before I wind up a victim in pain
 +But I choose to keep my sanity
 +Won't let the bgad times bring me down
 +I gotta think of all the good things
 +And all the good friends I have around me
 +Streets of hate
 +Walking through these endless streets
 +And I can feel their rage
 +I see how this fuckin' place can sometimes drive you insane
 +==== Back Of The Bus ====
 +In a society where 
 +no one is free
 +Because you're judged by what they see
 +Affraid of what they don't understand
 +Putting you down whenever they can
 +Thought that it was better these days
 +But there are some people who will never change
 +Still a minority in their eyes
 +And when confronted, they will always deny it
 +Be proud of who you are
 +Fight for what you stand for
 +Together as a crew
 +There's something you can do
 +Be on-point when you take action
 +Never give them the satisfaction
 +Of watching you suffer for their lies
 +Still a minority in their eyes
 +==== Hardcore Still Lives ! ====
 +Hardcore still 
 +==== Nuestra Familia ====
 +Times are hard and 
 +getting rougher
 +Could never understand why my family had to suffer
 +May be it's because we're not as fortunate as others
 +At least we've got each other, and we can rely on one another
 +Working hard just to make ands meet
 +Through good and bad we refused to accept defeat
 +Trying to give us what they never could have
 +Not a day goes by that we don't thank god for what we have
 +Times are hard but getting better
 +We paid our dues but money doesn't last forever
 +Maybe it's because the money doesn't always matter
 +At least we have each other and we can rely on another
 +I thank my family for everything that was given to me
 +Being there no matter what, even willing to die for me
 +They're not at fault if I'm not as good as I'm supposed to be
 +They did their part and now it's all up to me
 +I thank god and all my family
 +Did their best and now it's up to me
 +==== 5 - 0 ====
 +I see the way that 
 +you're looking at me
 +You don't like what you see
 +Harrasing us every chance that you get
 +When the fuck are you gonna leave me be
 +I'm getting sick of your smart-ass ways
 +And I don't have to play your bullshit games
 +Now, hads against the wall
 +Don't fuckin' move - don't say a word
 +I look in your eyes, I know you're not much older than me
 +Going out of your way to impress your peers, and make a fool out of me
 +And then you wonder why some people just don't fuckin' care
 +Quick to lock us down, and when in need you you're just never there
 +Help - where are you
 +If this was you, what would you do
 +Cause I won't help you
 +I can't trust you any more
 +Won't back down from you no more
 +You think that you're better than me
 +Give me a chance and then we'll see
 +Take off your badge, now talk to me
 +If you're the man you claim to be
 +==== Addict ====
 +All fucked up, now 
 +you turn to me
 +All this time I tried to help you see
 +Where you're headed is to an early grave
 +I don't want to see you go out that way
 +Help you, is what I try to do
 +But you refuse - what can I do
 +That shit you do is only killing you
 +It's blinding you - can't see the truth
 +Can't you see what you're doing to yourself
 +You're at fault, can't blame nobody else
 +Where you're headed is to an early grave
 +I don't want you to go that way
 +You're losing all your pride
 +And now it's time to gain it back
 +Get your self-respect
 +I can only help you out
 +If you want to be helped
 +Gotta help yourself
 +Life's not waiting on you
 +Gotta put yourself in-check
 +Get your self-respect
 +I can only help you out
 +If you want to be helped
 +Gotta help yourself
 +==== True To The Game ====
 +Livin' in a world
 +People try to be what they're not - but can't see the fantasy
 +Who's living a dream
 +It seems it's you
 +We know whose real
 +Your life is just a game
 +You don't deserve your fame
 +Living in a world
 +Where the fake get apid and the true get pushed around
 +True to the game I'll stay while for you it's the fame
 +I despise you and your selfish ways
 +You know I'm real and I know you're fake
 +==== Godfather ====
 +He was young at 
 +heart, been through it all
 +Seen all the changes, now it's time to move on
 +If it wasn't for him it just wouldn't be the same
 +He's not gone, in his heart it will stay
 +Pass the glory down
 +So pay your respect
 +Keep alive what he started
 +We'll make sure of that
 +If it wasn't for him
 +It just wouldn't be the same
 +He's not gone, in his heart it will stay
 +He moved on; that's the choise he had to make
 +Do what you gotta do, we're behind you all the way
 +Hardcore, that's all you're ever gonna be
 +I give thanks; you'll always be a brother to me
 +==== In Memory Of... ====
 +He had a life and 
 +so much to give
 +I'll never understand what he did
 +He had a family who cared for him
 +That was a selfish thing that he did
 +Life comes down hard on you sometimes
 +You gotta deal with it, give it time
 +I know he had a lot on his mind
 +Wish I could talk to him one last time
 +I know things are hard but that's no reason to end it now
 +I can't believe that it was so bad, that you had to take yourself out
 +Waste of life
 +I know times are hard
 +Why'd you give in
 +==== Ball Of Destruction ====
 +You wanna try and 
 +fuck with me
 +And disrespect my family
 +You wanna judge the way I live
 +And you don't even know me
 +You'll never understand our hate
 +It doesn't matter anyway
 +Never understand our kind
 +Try to disrespect what's mine
 +Your words don't mean a thing to me
 +Your living in a fantasy
 +Now we have no more to say
 +We'll get about it our way
 +Game has gone far enough
 +And it's time we put it to an end
 +We're comin' out with all we got
 +Time is runnin' out fast
 +Adn you're the only one to blame
 +We're comin' out with all we got
 +You won't forget our name
 +==== Spit On Your Grave ====
 +All you wished was 
 +to block my goals 
 +all you did was to strengthen my soul 
 +and what I wanted from you 
 +I could never get 
 +so dreading our deaths is how we choose to live 
 +you're the one who feeds my rage 
 +you're to blame for endless pain 
 +it's been in your nature to destroy my dreams 
 +it's in my heart to damage your means 
 +'cause I feed off your fire day after day 
 +it's you who I live for 'till I shit on your grave 
 +so shall it be the last laugh on me 
 +when you lay there to rot, I breath 
 +==== Never Had It ====
 +Don't tell me how 
 +much better it was in the eighties 
 +don't talk about the brotherhood lost within the scene 
 +to me you were always a quitter from day one 
 +just like you proved mi right in the long run 
 +no longer you wear the crown 
 +==== Across Your Face ====
 +So in your eyes 
 +we've always been the bad guys 
 +dropping false knowledge 
 +you're just full of lies 
 +you misled our youth to distract them with fantasy 
 +but your plan backfired 
 +blew out intro reality 
 +I've taken on losers like you in the past 
 +so why should I stoop to your sorry ass 
 +i tought you were my friend but you only showed me disgrace 
 +I'll slapp you with reality across your face 
 +==== Step To You ====
 +Here I'll put it 
 +to you 
 +before we fight 
 +I need to step to you 
 +to prove I'm right 
 +I never leaked a drop of loyalty 
 +i never lost my hate and purity 
 +you say you're down and out and I'm to blame 
 +but all there ever was 
 +was shame in your game 
 +never will we battle or bleed for you again 
 +never will we swallow our pride for your revenge 
 +i guess you never had it in your heart 
 +you never had our back you were destined to part 
 +you played yourself out 
 +flashing true colours 
 +proving that bit of doubt to your brothers 
 +sukers like you run in and out of jams and pretty soon your luck will end 
 +==== No Return ====
 +I'm tired of 
 +people taking with no return 
 +never giving back when it was my turn 
 +I'm done giving charity so leave me be 
 +I have nothing to offer and no one to feed 
 +only myself I'm the one in need 
 +forced to live this way because of your greed 
 +==== The Blame ====
 +What are you gonna 
 +do when they all turn on you 
 +is it worth for us to live their way 
 +it's their mistake and we're the blame 
 +are we to live by their rules and be told what to do 
 +we're not part of their society 
 +fuck their authority 
 +we're the youth of today and nothing can stand in our way 
 +we are young and strong with our new hopes we can't go wrong 
 +we'll live without conformity 
 +we got our dreams 
 +fuck authority 
 +can't you look around you and see the world of today 
 +they're all fucking hypocrites 
 +who lies to get their way 
 +we shouldn't feel this shame 
 +when we know we're not the blame 
 +we can't take their abuse 
 +they're full of selfish lies 
 +we've heard too many excuses 
 +when we know we're right 
 +the anger has grown inside us and we're out for blood tonight 
 +==== Smell The Bacon ====
 +No more fighting 
 +we've had enough 
 +we won't take any more of your shit 
 +you got the badge and you got the gone 
 +don't shoot us down just 'cause we're having fun 
 +==== We Should Care ====
 +What is this world 
 +coming to 
 +There's no faith, there's no hope 
 +People live in fear, and kill and 
 +ask why die? What is this world 
 +coming to I can't believe what you're 
 +trying to do you're killing people all time 
 +and not paying for your crime, what is 
 +this world coming to I can't believe 
 +what you're trying to do you're killing people all 
 +the time and not paying for your crime 
 +look at me and look at you you think we're 
 +all same but don't you know we're different 
 +in your own way Do you got that fucked up 
 +attitude? You say you don't care but 
 +we all need unity for all of us to share 
 +no faith, no hope, live, kill 
 +why die! Why don't you go fuck yourself 
 +and let me live my life. 
 +==== Get Out ====
 +I don't want you 
 +around - get out, get out 
 +I don't want you here - get out, get out 
 +I don't care what you do - get out, get out 
 +I don't care what you say - get out, get out 
 +Stay the fuck out!!! 
 +==== It's My Life ====
 +It's my life and 
 +I'll do what i want 
 +It's my life and I'll say what I want 
 +Its my life and I'll do what I care 
 +It's my life and I'll shave my hair 
 +You turn it around you turn it around 
 +your turn in my life up side down 
 +==== Ready To Fight ====
 +We won't take any 
 +shit and we're not about to leave 
 +Just cause you don't like who and what we want to be 
 +Who are you to say what's wrong what's right 
 +If it's what it takes, we're ready to fight 
 +Ready to fight, ready to fight 
 +Ready to fight, fight, fight, fight, fight
 +==== Friend Or Foe ====
 +Hang out with me 
 +then you stanb me in the 
 +Back- are you friend or foe 
 +See me on the streets you walk right by 
 +Me- are you friend or foe 
 +Tell me on the phone that i'm a fucking 
 +clone- are you friend or foe 
 +Why dont mind your own life and leave me 
 +alone- are you friend or foe 
 +friend, foe 
 +Are you my friend or foe
 +==== Can't Stop, Won't Stop ====
 +you are the blood 
 +running through my veins.
 +you are the streets that made me this way.
 +in you ive lost and regained faith but in my silence i'll never betray.
 +these are the streets where men are made.
 +where our values are sometimes plagued into temptation i dwell for days.
 +and i cant stop, wont stop living by the gun.
 +never one to run from my fears.
 +cant stop livin this way and i know what my life means to me.
 +i see theres things that shouldnt be,
 +i see theres still hope for me.
 +but i see myself in these streets and i try but i cants stop.
 +you say theres still time but i wont stop.
 +and i know theres still hope for me.
 +but i see myself in these streets.
 +i pray theres hope for me. 
 +==== Hold It Down ====
 +enough times been 
 +wasted and now im faced with our realities and whats to come 
 +of this scene.
 +so many come and go, some have disgraced it.
 +i think its time we take a stand show them what we mean.
 +you cant stop this, this thinkg of ours.
 +hold it down.
 +this things is ours, hardcore is ours.
 +time after time, line after line.
 +i must express the truth cuz that is what we stand for.
 +some live to lie they will defy and deny our roots i pay no mind.
 +you no who we care for.
 +and im not only speaking for myself i cant.
 +i hope i speak for everyone else out there.
 +cuz a lot of people think that we dont care.
 +but they cant stop what im bringing cant stop what im bringing.
 +tryin to make a change do what i can.
 +they cant stop what im bringing cant stop what im bringing.
 +you cant stop what we're bringing.
 +tryin to make a change and hold it down cuz we can
 +==== Fall This Time ====
 +you better think 
 +act fast before its time you take another blast.
 +you better think about where you stand cuz it seems youre on the wrong path.
 +used to look down, talk down.
 +now you walk down the same path blown out.
 +youre foolin yourself, youre not proud.
 +so lean on me to come down.
 +choose youre own fate, but this aint mine.
 +youve fallen from grace,
 +i wont let you fall this time.
 +out back to back days sniffin gak,
 +now youre really on the wrong track.
 +do you really want to come back?
 +are you losing yourself and do you want that?
 +i fall this time.
 +its not a necessity,
 +its just a fantasy and its too much for me.
 +too much of anything is not a good thing.
 +fallen and now i plead.
 +==== Everyday Hate ====
 +everyday i hate 
 +more and more cuz i know the truth.
 +its just a role you play and nothing more.
 +lifes a game to you.
 +but i live by another set of rules and i know jsut what it takes to prove.
 +that weak at heart is what youll always be.
 +your fake ass wont compete with me.
 +it must be hard to live in disgrace.
 +they know the truth and now who should you blame?
 +you have no fucking shame.
 +im the one so blame me.
 +everyday i hate i cannot relate.
 +youll never be a part of my scene.
 +youre just a sucka mc,
 +a fucking wanna be.
 +now come and throw joints with me
 +==== Done... ====
 +my memories of 
 +better days still stand in my way because no matter what i say i still play 
 +your game.
 +the frustration of wanting things that you cant see.
 +and its hurting you but its killing me,
 +its feeding my disbelief.
 +and i take back all that ive done.
 +i cant take back, whats done is done.
 +ive seen the pain in your face,
 +the pain in your eyes.
 +its no surprise to me,
 +i see what ive done wrong.
 +no sense in holdin on,
 +now standin side by side,
 +i hope i tried.
 +i realize its the end of our time,
 +the end of our lives together.
 +now theres no words left for me to say cuz i know that things wont change.
 +and theres nothin left to rearrange,
 +all thats left is the memory.
 +i cant take back all that ive done.
 +and theres nothin left for me to say because whats done is done
 +==== Say What? ====
 +say what you want 
 +to say - the same old thing.
 +say what you want to play - the same old game.
 +say what you want to say - i wont change.
 +say what you want to say - just look my way.
 +what you see is what you get.
 +this is who i am, nothing less.
 +you think youre better but you bleed red like the rest of us but are you willing 
 +now thats the real test.
 +who you know,
 +where youre from and what youve done in my eyes!
 +none of that matters.
 +staying true to yourself is what we strive for!
 +staying true to myself, now whos hardcore?
 +i say it now, i said it then!
 +for all those who always try to offend.
 +you paint a picture but you still dont comprehend one thing about me cuz you 
 +aint my friend
 +==== D.I.F.F.M. (Fuck You) ====
 +this song goes out 
 +to all the kids out there who are keeping it real and turning their backs on 
 +any hardcore bands that make any money.
 +fuck that man.
 +hardcore isnt about money,
 +its a way of life.
 +sure i live with my mom right now,
 +but id live on the streets if i had to.
 +and i know deep in my heart,
 +that one day, i'll go to college,
 +get a real job,
 +and forget all about hardcore.
 +but until then im gonna talk as much shit as i can.
 +d.i.f.f.m. fuck you! (x5)
 +==== Show No Fear ====
 +i will not 
 +if i wait, i give in to chance and i cant live life that way.
 +can you read my face,
 +theres no way i'll turn and walk away so just make your mistake.
 +so when the time comes i dont care,
 +when the time comes i'll be there,
 +when the time comes show no fear,
 +cuz its time and im right here.
 +i will not lose face, i'll save,
 +everything i am cuz thats just how i was made.
 +i will not hesitate,
 +if i wait i give into chance and i cant live life that way.
 +a wise man once said to me
 +“son, dont you ever back down to no one“,
 +cuz i'll be there, dont show no fear. 
 +==== Never Look Back ====
 +i know its hard 
 +for me to see,
 +the way things have come to be but i must leave it be.
 +cant keep looking back,
 +i dont know how to act.
 +i dont know where to start,
 +i know ive been here before.
 +my conscience still believes that it was on me.
 +my guilty heart bleeds dont want to feel this no more.
 +so tell me something since youve done nothing except you lied to me.
 +you said youd never leave,
 +after all this i wanted to believe that you still care about my life.
 +just tell me something so i can go in peace cuz we could not make that 
 +after all this i wanted to believe that you still care about me.
 +its hard to see, but it must be,
 +you take away a piece of me.
 +i never take a step back,
 +never look back.
 +ive come to face the facts and i know where you stand.
 +i wont take another step back, never look back.
 +==== Still Searching ====
 +new times draw 
 +upon me i cant forsee whats next.
 +but i feel free to do what i have to do,
 +i answer to, only g.o.d. i look up to. cant say ive changed,
 +cant say that im still the same.
 +i mintain through my mindstrains to figure out the next move without pain.
 +still searching for teh way to work it out,
 +soul searching cant do nothing about what lies next on lifes list,
 +will i live, will we ever get out?
 +trapped visions that i must believe,
 +so far away from i cant retreat.
 +sometimes i find a way to get mine,
 +other times im lost, im blind.
 +the pressure gets hard B,
 +i cant lose track its always on me.
 +i cant stray cuz it wont go away,
 +gotta figure out the next move day by day.
 +times out!
 +do or die, its my time, its my life, its my time,
 +do or die. do or die, its our time-its our lives.
 +times out.
 +==== Confessions ====
 +youre always 
 +talking but the things you say have no meaning,
 +they carry no weight.
 +take your time but dont waste mine.
 +go sell your stories im not looking to buy.
 +we all have flaws but this is your downfall.
 +talkin a game you cant even back up and youre so hollow you have no clue.
 +theres repercussions and theyre comin for you.
 +confessions-i leave it up to you,
 +i know where i stand.
 +oppressions-something i must choose to make you understand.
 +to make you understand i dont share your pains cuz i dont preach about pointless 
 +i only speak when i have something to say or i wont fake moves disgrace my name.
 +self pride-i cant throw away,
 +i have too much love for family.
 +self pride-i wont throw away,
 +raised to be real from the first day.
 +==== Thinking to Myself ====
 +beware of whats 
 +around you.
 +the elements of life will sometimes take you in.
 +bad things always surround you.
 +its your choice now to think.
 +crime is easy to come by and temptation is bound to bring you down.
 +corruption distorts your judgement and it seems you cant trust no one now.
 +thinking to myself theres a price to pay.
 +is it worth the pain,
 +the pain of someone taking your life away?
 +saying to myself there is a better way.
 +its not worth the pain,
 +the pain of someone taking it all away.
 +memories are here to remind you,
 +learn from your brothers.
 +dont make their mistakes.
 +trouble will somehow find you,
 +its your choice to contemplate.
 +crime dont pay in the long run.
 +money aint worth the risk of death or jail.
 +im not judging no one.
 +im just thinking, talkin to myself.
 +==== Semper Fi ====
 +i never backstab 
 +another to save mine,
 +i stand the time.
 +for me its do or die,
 +these are the rules i live by.
 +and i shed my blood for my brothers of the same mind,
 +of the same kind, who never leave a side.
 +see we never think twice,
 +and they shed their blood for me.
 +shos by my side, im by your side.
 +my blood is my loyalty,
 +my brothers are loyal to me.
 +who by my side, this is what we believe.
 +we stand for one another in hard times, in good times.
 +no matter what we find,
 +a way so we can get by.
 +and i shed my blood for my.
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