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 +====Riot and Dance====
 +It's just another summer night
 +And you feel like dancing tonight
 +What's the idea of using your feet
 +When you can't even use your brain
 +You can go on rolling forever
 +The world outside will still be there
 +The government is taking the best
 +Wishing people all the rest
 + Riot and dance, riot and dance
 +Let's go down a few blocks further
 +And join another pitched battle
 +Can't hear the sound of pleasure
 +Cos'I'm craving for the crack
 +Former strikers urge you to emigrate
 +But you won't find a place to stay
 +Ancient rebels dream to be nowhere
 +But they'll be somewhere anyway
 + Riot and dance, riot and dance
 +It's just another summer night
 +And Joe is rioting tonight
 +Hurling some bricks ar the coppers
 +A taste of revenge is in the air
 + Riot and dance, riot and dance
 +====Stand Up and Spray====
 +Staring at the city walls
 +I feel human after all
 +Bricks and stones cheerfully painted
 +Show angry hearts and witty minds
 +When stranded in the tube train
 +There's a kind of smoulding hatred
 +Back home I'm lying in bed
 +Waiting for a ring in vain
 + Nobody really cares to read
 + And nobody wants to listen
 + When communication breaks down
 + Spraying hands are killing time
 +When watching the news on TV
 +I can't see or hear reality
 +And when the night is coming down
 +I'm planting bombs of my own
 +Seven in ten don't know reading
 +And nobody wants to understand
 +When communication breaks down
 +Spraying hands are killing the time
 +Drifting around in the rain
 +Jettisoning anxiety
 +Silent rantings brighten the streets
 +And clear up the foggy brains
 +====State Controlled Paranoia====
 +You gotta get their book of rules
 +And pray for a brighter future
 +Change was only meant for fools
 +And carried by politicians
 +When daring to say "never"
 +You're tagged as a troublemaker
 +If you don't toe the line
 +You're yet committing a crime
 + Bombs and blood and capital (x2)
 +You don't need to carry a gun
 +To be filed under killer
 +You might as well be a striker
 +Or refuse to be a soldier
 +Terrorism goes for a blind attack
 +But I can't see terror in a squat
 +the only mindless violence you get
 +Comes when the fuzz storms up the place
 + Bombs and blood and capital (x2)
 +Wars make a billion death banquet
 +And I'm laughing when a big shot kicks the bucket
 +Freedom and justice are only words
 +They can invest into poverty
 +Violent thoughts churning in my head
 +I won't go for resignation
 +There's a terrorist under my bed
 +I've got a terrorist in my brain
 + State controlled paranoia ! (x2)
 +====When History Goes Stumbling====
 +It seems we're back in History
 +Seeing again the same old movies
 +Corporations never had it so good
 +But bosses keep on running for more
 +They even indulge in giving food
 +Making you crawl for charity
 +They're making plans and regulations
 +Wiping out hints of revolutions
 +Axing the workers communities
 +Creating remote reservations
 +The city centre is like a decoration
 +Designed for the rich and the yankees
 + When History goes stum-stumbling
 + The people are going backwards
 + If the possible means subversion
 + We must only go forward !
 +Instead of just reading the news
 +You'd better learn some History
 +Instead of just seeing the facts
 +You'd better learn some History
 +Young and old we're the rejects
 +The ones with the crippled hopes
 +When millions have nothing left
 +Ignorance makes its come back
 +Thousands of flats are now vacant
 +For nobody can afford the rents
 +Meanwhile a whole population
 +Is haunting tube and railway stations
 +Troglodytes are back in the West
 +Invading cellars of council estates
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